Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is the most Pisces event of them all – and it’s the big story in the sky this month. Jupiter and Neptune come together approx. every thirteen years and this time it’s in the sign of their co-rulership. This makes this particular incidence of Jupiter conjunct Neptune a significant event. Planets are always more powerful – and noticeable – in their own sign. It’s like they’ve got a home game with a significant advantage over the other side.

Whenever the outer planets make a significant aspect to each other – and no aspect is more significant than the conjunction – It’s always tempting to think that this brings out the best in both of them. That’s not always so. This Jupiter conjunct Neptune event has a context. There’s a back-story going on here and it would be wrong to assume that all this Jupiter Neptune conjunction has to offer us are those things we yearn for – an escape from the mundane reality that surrounds us every day.

So, in this post, I’m going to try and pin down the main issues that are likely to arise when the face off between these two major players hits town.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: The Prologue

I’m sure you will have already read articles pronouncing this particular astrological occurrence to be a moment of peace and universal love. I want you to take a moment, look at the world around you and work out where that’s coming from. And when you’ve done that, I want you to bear the following in mind:

Neptune has been in Pisces for some time – as you will know from my posts on this subject. I’m nit going to go over that ground again but if you need to be reminded, you can check them out using the links below:

Has this Neptune in Pisces period of our lives (and world history for that matter) been the dreamy ‘love-in’ that we were promised? The answer to that has to be a resounding ‘no’. It’s been difficult to say the least – and for many people it continues to be so. The question you need to ask yourself is, therefore, what happens when Jupiter enters the frame? And to begin to answer that question, we need to remind ourselves of the meanings we attach to the ‘God of Excess’.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: The ‘Jupiter Rules’

When you’re interpreting Jupiter in astrology, the first thing you need to remember is that Jupiter makes things bigger. It doesn’t matter what it is, it gets bigger when Jupiter comes into view. So, whatever is happening in your life, if it’s touched by Jupiter then it will assume an importance that is often out of all proportion. If good things are happening, you may feel lucky. You may experience some dumb luck – and luck can be dumb. Sometimes good things happen for no reason at all.

However, if life isn’t going so well for you, then it may seem that things are even worse than you could have imagined – or wanted. Jupiter is associated with luck – there is no doubt about that – but luck comes in many forms including ‘good’ and ‘bad’. However, like all of the planets, Jupiter doesn’t do value judgements. Luck is luck, plain and simple, and the type of luck that may head your way when Jupiter calls cannot be guaranteed.

Even ‘good luck’ may be relative. Winning the lottery may be good luck – but so is surviving a major accident or a serious illness when the odds were stacked against you. Jupiter at best is often a ‘get out of jail’ card, or the cavalry coming over the hill in the nick of time. That’s great when it happens – but I bet you wish you had avoided that difficult situation in the first place. Jupiter is also associated with gambling. Sometimes you may find you have taken one risk too many,

So, Jupiter can be excessive, inflationary, disproportionate, do things on a grand scale, get you into trouble – and maybe bail you out of it if luck is running your way. On a personal level, Jupiter is like the friend who is great fun – but you know you’re going to be broke and suffer a hangover the next morning. Yet, the next time that friend calls you? You will do it again – because next time ‘it will be different’. Of course it will. Jupiter is great at making promises that no-one can keep.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: Delusion on a Grand Scale

From the end of the above section, you could be forgiven for thinking that Jupiter excels at telling you what you want to hear. And that, at last, is the truth. With Jupiter conjunct Neptune, however, we find ourselves in even more expansive and uncharted territory. Those promises, the risk taking, the dreams, the sense of entitlement, the arrogance, the hubris? The dumb luck? What happens to them when Jupiter combines with Neptune and Pisces?

Sometimes you need to be brought down to earth or keep your feet on the ground. With Jupiter conjunct Neptune, you’re unlikely to want to hear that – and you won’t be inclined to believe it if you do. Not only is there no control, there is no incentive for there to be any control and, as a result, things can easily spiral out of control – largely because you’re unwilling – or unable to see what’s happening around you. Or how your own behaviours may be contributing to the situation.

However, Jupiter conjunct Neptune is also a signifier for those moments when you feel enormous compassion for people who are suffering in the world. Right now, as I write this, there are millions more people who have fallen into this category, through no fault of their own. It is a planetary combination that suggests being deeply emotionally affected by events in the world around you – most often the things that are not in your control. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is not, however, a practical combination. Your ability to do anything constructive about those feelings may be limited.

There is something else. And it’s been something that’s been growing out of all proportion. We need to talk about wealth and greed. Why not? They are Jupiter to the core and it’s a truly big issue in the world right now. You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘oligarch’. It’s the term given to the multi-billionaires who jet around the world from home to palatial home, or spend their time on their luxury yachts, usually managing to avoid the little things – like paying taxes – as they do so.

If there is a word that symbolises Jupiter conjunct Neptune it’s ‘ Oligarch’. Vast wealth beyond most people’s dreams. Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Luxury living that transcends international borders. Jupiter conjunct Neptune. In some cases, vast wealth accrued as the result of fraud and embezzlement. Jupiter conjunct Neptune again. At a global level, this may be one of the biggest issues to hit the headlines during the period Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect. The truth is we’ve known this for a long time, but preferred to look the other way. Classic Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: The Significance

In those earlier posts I mentioned above, I wrote about some of the significant events that have been Neptune in Pisces related in recent years. I’m not going to cover them again, but briefly, they were the pandemic (2020) and the battle between truth and lies (2021). Look around you. Those things haven’t gone away….

The significance of this Jupiter Neptune conjunction is, perhaps, not that these things are still happening but that people are preferring – in some cases – to look the other way. There’s a reason many of us do that. The constant drip of events that are out of control – or not in your control – can be overwhelming. Being overwhelmed is classic Jupiter conjunct Neptune too. When you’re overwhelmed you may feel disillusioned about events in the outer world – or events in your own life. Often the two things are connected. Let me give you an example.

Oil and gas companies (Neptune) have made mega-profits (Jupiter), but the cost of filling your car or heating your home has increased dramatically (Jupiter) and you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it. (Neptune). You feel ripped off and victimised. Big time. And you feel disillusioned because you seem powerless to prevent it. And those who have power don’t seem to want to prevent it either.

What this conjunction is really doing is bring all of those Jupiter Neptune issues into the open – and that’s not easy with the conjunction being in Pisces. That’s important because it brings out another potential implication of this conjunction – and perhaps it is the most important one. Neptune’s traverse through Pisces has not been easy, but Jupiter may ultimately prove to be the ‘Great Benefic’ he is supposed to be.

Jupiter represents justice and justice is what happens when things are called to account because they can no longer be ignored. In that sense, Jupiter does represent that moment when the cavalry comes over the hill to save the day. When issues like vast inequality, or corruption and fraud – and the human misery they entail – grow to excess, Jupiter conjunct Neptune may signify the moment when a lot of things start to collapse under their own weight. The question Jupiter conjunct Neptune asks of us is “is this justifiable?”. You can work out your own response to that.

One of the things you need to realise about Jupiter is its tendency to throw a lightning bolt or two. If necessary, Jupiter blasts things to pieces, as brutally as Pluto or Uranus. The object of Jupiter’s destruction, however, is to improve things. Jupiter clears away those things that aren’t good for you, so Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces may prove to be a game changer. We won’t necessarily recognise it as such right now, but when we look back at this time, we may see this Jupiter Neptune conjunction as the moment when things needed to fall apart so we could build something better.

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    1. Hi – thanks for your comment. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction is trine my natal Venus – believe it or not I’ve spent the afternoon looking at wedding gowns! The Universe works in mysterious ways…

      1. Hi, there!
        This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will also be conjunct my midheaven. What might this mean for me? I am a language teacher who was just offered a new position and am anticipating an interstate move soon.
        I also have a natal Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 8-9 degrees Pisces so I’ve already had my Jupiter return this year… (DOB 4/15/74).
        Many thanks, I love this blog!

      2. Hello Maria – thanks for your kind comment and your question. I don’t usually answer questions in the comments section but I’m doing so as it seems the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is already answering the question for you! Jupiter returns push your life forwards – and that is happening for you right now. If your move is bringing you your ideal (Neptune) career (Midheaven) opportunity (Jupiter) then you have your answer right there. And your career is also so Jupiter! In true Jupiter-Neptune style – wishing you good luck in your new post! Sara

  1. I see both Elizabeth Holmes and Melissa Caddick have Jupiter conjunct Neptune getting closer by progression during their lives. Grand scale fraud.

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