The April 2022 horoscope reminds us that spring is finally here – though yesterday’s rain and storms were a reminder of how fragile that assumption may be. However, in astrology there is no room for doubt as we are now well into the Aries season and that marks a period of renewal for us all. But does it feel that way yet? It may be April but there is a heavy emphasis, astrologically speaking, on the sign of Pisces this month, with no less than four planets in that sign.

This is the month that Jupiter and Neptune come together for a rare conjunction in Pisces – a once in 150 years event – and Venus and Mars finally go their separate ways as they both leave Aquarius to enter the sign of the fishes. I’ll be writing about Jupiter and Neptune soon (I have now done so, the link is here) but for now, let’s focus on the April 2022 horoscope. It seems that this may be a month to go with the flow – and dream some big dreams – though watch out for things that may appear to be slipping away from you.

April 2022 Horoscope: Aries

For Aries, April – your birthday month – seems to represent a new beginning, and that’s true this month with the New Moon in your sign. The first half of the month sees you perhaps a little angry and frustrated. Something may not be going your way – or it’s turning out to be hard work – and that may be because you’re feeling unappreciated or unsupported by people whose interests do not align with yours. Trying to get people to agree with you may feel like hitting your head against a wall at times this month.

However, this is a month of two halves, and the Full Moon in Libra suggests that all will return to sweetness and light – in your close relationships at least. You may dare to dream this month – but beware of glossing over any details as a few things may return to haunt you if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on with your finances in particular. Thinking that everything is okay is not the same as the reality of the situation – and keeping a grip on reality may be hard during the latter part of April.

April 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

As the month begins Taurus, it’s a great time to clear out a few of the long held attitudes that may be holding you back. You’re a steady soul – but that doesn’t mean you can’t try anything new – and a new attitude may be the key to doing that. If work and career matters have been causing you some frustration this month – it may be time to ask yourself what you can do to change things – and that’s not easy for you as you’re not a person who welcomes change with open arms.

The Full Moon mid-month will help you with this, as you’re able to think clearly about what could be the best options for you, as you make that call in connection with your work-life balance. If you’ve not been getting it right then now is the time to ask yourself a few questions. It’s all too easy to sway one way and then another – the trick is to get things balanced – and with a Libra Full Moon you could be in luck. If your social life – or social concerns – have been uncertain of late, this month could see a new cycle begin where you’re able to expand your range without losing track of what you want in life.

April 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

Gemini, if your social life seems to have been cast adrift, now is the time to renew your acquaintance with the social world. You need space and light and this month, your frustration at being restricted in your movements may get too much for you. So, what better time to plan an adventure – even if you have to wait a little for the departure date. A work trip could also be a possibility this month – and if that is so, you may have to endure a few delays or upsets to your travel plans.

By mid-month, things will seem much more enjoyable as your pleasure zone is lit up – and that’s where we will find you trying to keep the balance between your own needs and those of everyone else. As usual, your own needs are likely to win – but you will be diplomatic enough to ensure that you share your passions and interests with those you are closest to. It’s also likely to be a creative month where your career is concerned. If you work with ideas, inspiration and communication that’s a good thing. If not, be prepared for a little confusion. You may not know quite how things stand with your boss or work colleagues.

April 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

If you want to initiate a new beginning in your career – go right ahead. The month begins with a burst of energy that may seem stressful at first as you won’t know where it’s coming from. Run with it because the signs are that you will also be feeling in need of making some major changes to your life. There may be a crisis that you need to deal with or maybe it’s an internal frustration that you’re no longer prepared to deal with. Whatever it is, you need to move things on and now is the time to do exactly that.

What you will have to remember is not to get too caught up in the little details. Small things can appear larger that they are and this may result in you spending too much time achieving little. The Full Moon in Libra will help you to re-balance because it will show you how you can make your base much more steady and secure. Once you’ve solved that half of the equation you’ll be free to think about the bigger picture. It’s a vision that may fall into place fast – but make sure that it’s what you want. It would be easy to be carried away and overlook the important things – like how to turn your vision into reality.

April 2022 Horoscope: Leo

The month begins with the New Moon in Fiery Aries – and that gives you a real boost in the adventure department. If your horizons have been limited, now is the time to wake up to that fact and think big; take action and expand your range. Leo is a fixed sign so change is not always easy for you. Be brave and go for something new and exciting – it could work out better than you think – especially if you involve your partner in your plans. Take note. Whatever plans you make together, they need to be rooted in reality otherwise arguments could result.

As the month progresses, you’ll be getting down to the nuts and bolts of making those changes work in your favour. Investing in the future is always a good thing – and you may be asking why you didn’t do certain things earlier, as they seem to be going so well. That may be true but don’t get carried away by over-optimism or appearances. The Full Moon in Libra mid-month brings up a few questions that suggest there are details that still need to be discussed. Fortunately Libra is a helpful sign, and any outstanding negotiations are likely to be resolved amicably.

April 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

The month begins with you turning a corner. For Virgo, the April 2022 horoscope is one that hints at the possibility of leaving the past behind. Moving on in some form may be the message to you this month. It’s not necessarily a drastic change, but it’s likely to represent a significant shift in direction – and it’s one you may have been waiting for. A new beginning is always a good thing, so if the opportunity comes your way to do that, take it with both hands. Whatever it is, it’s likely to affect your daily routines. Focus on what’s important. The rest will take care of itself.

The Full Moon in Libra shines on your house of resources mid-month and you may find yourself in discussions about your finances and how much cash you need to live as well as you would like to. As a Virgo you are naturally careful, but that doesn’t mean you should undervalue yourself. If you find yourself having discussions about what you are worth (and those chats could even be inside your own head), then go for a worthwhile figure. If you don’t value yourself and your abilities then neither will anyone else. That’s something to bear in mind this month.

April 2022 Horoscope: Libra

For Libra, the April 2022 horoscope suggests that relationships need to be looked at. The New Moon in Aries is always emotionally fiery so there may be a few harsh words as the month gets underway. They may (or may not) be directed at you, so brace yourself and deal with your partner’s outbursts in your usual calm and level headed way. Deflection is always a great tactic, so you may want to organise a few pleasurable events to take the heat out of the situation. Plan carefully, and if there is something you want to do then go for it.

When the Full Moon shines in your sign, you will feel that things have turned in your favour. The air will have cleared and it’s as if you’re able to make a fresh start. That may apply to your daily routines in particular. You may be busy during the latter part of the month, but you’ll feel that what you’re doing is both productive and enjoyable. There is also the hint of a financial gain, so if you’re in a position to make your job/life more rewarding – in all senses – now would be a good time to do so.

April 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

The April 2022 horoscope for Scorpio opens with the New Moon in your house of life and work balance. The New Moon always suggests that something needs closer investigation – so this is the area of your life that needs to be examined this month. If you’re not being as productive as you could be, then you need to start asking why. A personal ‘time and motion’ study could be what you need to do to get things back on track. And you may need to begin that process by looking at things a little closer to home…

When the Full Moon shines in Libra mid-month, you may begin to sleep more easily. Of course, that may have been the problem all along. It’s hard to do a good day’s work after a bad night’s sleep and getting life back into some form of balance will help you to achieve your goals far more easily than lying awake worrying about them. Also, you need to think about the good things in life, and fortunately later in the month you will have every opportunity to do so. Balance includes leisure and pleasure, so enjoy!

April 2022 Horoscope: Sagittarius

The month begins with the New Moon in Aries in your pleasure sector, so if life hasn’t been as much fun as you want it to be, then the April 2022 horoscope suggests that now it the time to tackle that head on. You’re an outgoing soul who likes a good time, so perhaps you need to get your head around the issue. This is a great time for brainstorming; your mind is likely to be sharp and focused this month, so get out there and make contact with a few like-minded people who enjoy mental stimulation as much as you do.

The Full Moon mid-month highlights your social life, so any efforts to reach out will pay dividends as the month progresses. However, for such a sociable person, you may find that your efforts work best when they are focused closer to home. Forget the foreign travel that is usually your ‘go to’ leisure activity, this month may be better for a house party with friends or a family celebration. You don’t have to travel the world for love, action and adventure – sometimes you discover it right in front of you. This month it’s that time.

April 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

The April 2022 horoscope for Capricorn begins with the New Moon in your domestic sector. The New Moon is a dark place, but does that mean gloom has descended on your home and family? Far from it. What the New Moon represents is the ideal moment to make a fresh start in some way, so if you’ve been thinking about a domestic re-fresh, now is the time to get started. Of course, such things don’t come cheap and, this month, the signs are you will need to balance a desire to spend with a need for budgetary restraint.

By mid-month, the Full Moon in Libra will light up some broader concerns. The Full Moon is shining on your career se tor, but it’s also illuminating your more personal ambitions and sense of where you fit into the world. And you may be feeling a little restless. Whether it’s gossip, something you read or a quiet conversation, you may feel that better opportunities exist elsewhere. Even those currently not working may feel they need a change of status in some way. Explore your options. Get your head around them. Then make your decision. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

April 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

For you Aquarius, the April 2022 horoscope begins with your mind needing a re-set. I’m not implying that you’re mad, but you may need to clear your head if a few things have been making you confused of late. Astrologically speaking, Aquarius has been hyperactive for some time, and this month you’re feeling under pressure to perform. It may seem like a ‘stop-start’ month for you, so the only way to deal with that is to focus on one project – or course of action – and go for it. It’s best not to be distracted and a strong focus will certainly help to get your head in the right place.

Mid-month, the Full Moon in friendly Libra will help you to put a few things in perspective. To improve our understanding of what’s going on in our world, we need to shift our position slightly – and you may need to look at a few things from a different point of view. Fortunately the signs are that this will be a good experience for you, as it helps you to think positively about your values and self-worth. It also combines with a tendency to spend a lot of cash this month. If you can afford it – great – and if not? You may need to rein in those purse-strings this month.

April 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

The April 2022 horoscope shows that, this month, your month opens with you needing to pay a little attention to your self-esteem. The New Moon in Aries suggests that you need to take action to become a little more comfortable in your own skin. This may involve looking closely at your value system. Are you living live in accordance with your deepest held values? Or are you swimming through life without any questions being asked? Only you can answer this, but the signs are you may be having a few sleepless nights. A period of inner work may give you a much needed break from your anxiety.

Mid-month, the Full Moon in Libra gives you that change of emotional scene that you have been waiting for – hopefully without any ’emotional scenes’. As Libra is a peaceful sign, that’s likely to be so and as the month progresses you’re likely to be much more at ease with yourself. In fact, you will be feeling optimistic and at ease with the world. The pile up of planets in your sign is giving you a much needed boost, and Mars here is also great for your energy levels. Make the most of this time to go for the things you want in life. There is no time like the present.

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