The First House: Introduction

The First House in Astrology is all about you. It’s about how you present yourself to the world and in this house, first appearances count. Everything begins in the first house – including you. The first degree of this house is the point at which you made your first appearance on this earth. so, is it going to be ‘me, me, me’, or are you going to stand back and take a good look at yourself?

So, what do you see – and how do your perceptions fit with reality? In this section, I’m going to set out all you need to know about this house in your astrological chart. If you have the Sun, Moon, Chart Ruler or a stellium of planets in this house, you will have a life where first house associations are an intrinsic part of your astrological make up and will feature throughout your life.

However, even if this house is not prominent in your natal chart, some of you may find yourselves living here from time to time. Planets may transit and station in your first house. You may experience a first house emphasis in your Solar Returns or Transits. Solar and Lunar Eclipses may take place in this house thus highlighting the affairs of this house when they do.

So, I’m also going to explain how this house functions in predictive astrological charts and provide you with the essential keywords associated with the first house to help you make your own chart analysis a little easier. However, I’m going to start with the basics to kickstart your introduction to the house where it all begins.

The First House: Key Qualities


The first house is an angular house and the angular houses form the cornerstones of our lives – self, family, relationships and status. They are the first houses in each quadrant of the chart and are where action takes place to move our lives forward. This house is the house of beginnings and it’s where we fashion our personal identity. It’s how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. It has often been known as the face we present to the world.


The first house is a fire house and fire houses are dynamic, active places to be. An emphasis on the fire houses in your natal chart is a sign of positivity and action and as the first house is associated with Aries action is the watchword for this house. It is the place where things begin, where we show initiative, and push forward in life. Nothing ever happens in the world without someone leading from the front and that’s what happens in this house. However, it’s worth bearing in mind, that this house is not the place for sustained growth – but it does get things moving that’s for sure.

The First House: Ruler

The first house is ruled by Mars and is associated with the sign of Aries. Mars is the action man of the heavens and its his active qualities that come to the fore in this house. Starting, doing, being busy, standing up for yourself (and others), making an impression, being forthright and sometimes forceful, the ruler of the first house gives this house impact. Things here make you sit up and take notice because that’s what they’re supposed to do. Angular houses are hard to ignore and with Mars in charge of the first house, if it’s emphasised in your chart? Its presence will be felt for sure.

The First House: Natal Astrology

There are no prizes for guessing what an emphasis on the first house will mean in your natal chart. As you will see from the keywords listed at the foot of this page, a first house emphasis is often all about you. Now before you begin to assume a first house emphasis results in a total egomaniac who thinks of nothing but him or herself, that’s not always so. However, there will tend to be a conscious preoccupation about how you appear to the world

Yes, a first house emphasis in your natal chart can result in vanity or even extreme self consciousness, but it can also indicate that concern with appearance is a desire to appear in the best possible light. Being well presented, for example, can be an outer expression of your attitude to life – and the same is true of looking sloppy. Sometimes our outer appearance can reveal more about us than simply the contents of next week’s laundry. However, sometimes our appearance is governed by the physical attributes we are born with – and that can be shown in the first house too.

A first house emphasis shows the world who we seem to be in so many ways – and that’s not just related to our appearance. Our approach to life is governed by this house. Generally speaking we tend to approach life in accordance with our rising sign (found on the cusp of the first house), however, a packed first house (particularly if it contains the Sun, Moon or chart ruler) makes this more emphatic. What you see may be what you get in terms of your inner self or emotional nature. There is no disguising it.

So, first house people tend to be themselves in all situations (unless aspects to the ascendant that indicate otherwise) and will tend to put themselves first. There is a lesson to all of us in this house – and it’s that you matter. We all need to assert our individuality and the first house is where we learn to do that. Unless you learn to express who you are, it would be impossible to develop your personal autonomy and grow into the person you are meant to be. The first house is where that process begins.

The First House: Predictive Astrology

In predictive astrology, the first house shares the fundamental qualities of the natal first house. However, there are essential differences you need to be aware of when analysing a predictive chart. These usually fall into two categories. First, predictive charts and the issues they raise are often temporary. Second, those who are dealing with first house issues in a predictive chart may not have this house emphasised in their natal chart so its associations may be new to them.

With the first house emphasised in a predictive chart, it’s often a sign you need to pay more attention to yourself. Putting yourself first isn’t easy for many people, but this is often a time you need to do that. Perhaps you need to develop your sense of self or maybe you feel a need to redefine yourself in the eyes of the world. It’s often said that a first house emphasis in a predictive chart is a time when people revamp their appearance or focus on some area of personal development. New beginnings are emphasised so if you want to make a start on anything from a new project to a new lifestyle – now is the time.

It may be your attitudes or approach to life that is up for inspection. You may be taking things personally during the year or you may find that life’s events prompt a major shift in how you see life – and how other people see you. On the other hand – you may be in for an active time. Sometimes a first house emphasis means you need to get off the sofa and do something. Be more proactive and assertive about getting what you want out of life. You know it’s what you should have done a long time ago.

The First House: Keywords

Action, Appearance, Approach to life, Attitude to others, Autonomy, Beginnings, Birth, Dynamic, Early Environment, Ego, First, First Impression, Fresh Start, How you wish to be seen, ‘I am’, Identity, Image, Individual, Initiative, Inner Self, Style, Outer Body, Outlook, Opinions, Mask, Mannerisms, Perceptions, Persona, Personal, Personality, Physical Attributes, Physical Constitution, Self Expression, Self Interest, Temperament, Vitality

The First House: Ascendant Signs

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