Aries: Introduction

Aries the Ram. If you have the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in this sign, you will have a lot of ram in your nature. Ruled by Mars, you are fearless, direct and enthusiastic and you will tackle almost everything in your life head on. When you want something, you want it now and and you will make sure you’re always first in the queue because, as far as you’re concerned, life really is a competition – and you intend to win.

In this section, I’m going to set out the most important facts that you need to know if you’re an Aries – or if you want to know more about someone in your life who was born under that sun sign. Whether you are new to astrology or have some prior knowledge, this section is designed to present you with a summary of all of the basic information that is relevant to your sign. Most of you who read this will most likely have the Sun in Aries, but if you have other planets or points in this sign, please follow the links where relevant.

Aries-type characteristics can also be seen in people who have a strong Mars in their natal Chart, for example, rising in the first house or in conjunction with the Sun or Moon. If this applies to you, you may want to brush up on your knowledge of Aries too.

Aries: Key Qualities

The basic orientation of each zodiac sign is underpinned by three factors: modality, element and polarity. Aries is a cardinal sign, a fire sign and a masculine or extroverted sign. So, as an Aries, what do those labels mean to you?


Cardinal signs are found at the beginning of each season. They lead the way. Those born with Cardinal signs in their charts are initiators and they get things done – and Aries is no exception to that. You respond to life’s challenges with energy and enthusiasm. You’re a natural leader, great at getting things started, and have huge amounts of energy. Aries influenced people know what they want – and act accordingly. You are rarely deflected from your chosen path and they don’t ever take ‘no’ for an answer.


Fire signs are creative, inspiring and spontaneous – and Aries typifies all that is associated with this element. You burn with passion – but passions can burn out quickly if misdirected or not reciprocated. Frustration can result in episodes of explosive temper that usually blows over as fast as it erupts. Ardent and highly sexed, you love the thrill of the chase, but once your prey has been caught you may find it hard to stay interested because you need constant excitement. Creating a spark – and keeping the flame alight – is important to you.


Masculine signs are active and and extroverted; you are conspicuously so, being self-confident, direct and assertive. However, such qualities are not exclusively ‘male’ in a traditionally gendered sense. Female Aries subjects are just as comfortable with expressing and asserting themselves as their male counterparts, and all Arians are competitive and active. Extroversion simply means that you are outgoing and socially confident; though there is always an element of self-centredness to Aries, this is a genuinely sociable, open and friendly sign.

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The Aries Myth

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It represents the beginning – and that’s a theme that underpins the whole Aries experience, From putting yourself first, being impulsive, showing initiative, taking the lead, ‘me first’ is a phrase that appears with regularity in the Aries lexicon. The image associated with Aries is the ram – and that’s an appropriate image for a sign that marks the beginning of Spring – the time of year when the lamb is so symbolic in many cultures. But why is this image so important to the symbolism of Aries?

Let’s start at the very beginning. In the ancient Greek myth, Aries was the golden-fleeced ram who carried Phrixus and Helle away from their murderous stepmother. Unfortunately Helle fell from the ram’s back and died, but Phrixus clung on bravely and was carried away to a far kingdom where he made a fresh start. Aries the ram was sacrificed to the Gods in thanks – and his golden fleece was kept in the temple of the god Ares (Mars), guarded by a ferocious dragon.

Fast forward a few mythological aeons and Jason (of the Argonauts fame) was in a similarly difficult relationship with his wicked uncle. He was given the almost impossible task of retrieving the golden fleece from the temple. Jason was determined to fulfil his quest and overcame numerous life threatening obstacles in order to do so. He had help from the Gods – and the sorceress/princess Medea – a powerful, dark, forceful and ambitions figure who was the complement to Jason’s noble, passionate – but flawed – soul.

The above is a mere snapshot of the ancient myths, but immediately you can see some of the themes we associate with Aries: new beginnings, bravery, determination, pitting yourself against the odds – and, underneath it all, being vulnerably human. There is also a dark side that is shown by the relationship between Jason and Medea. Medea kills anyone who gets in her way, as she seeks power and vengeance over those who have wronged her. The dark side of Aries – violent, reactive and motivated by blood lust – is part of this sign too, as the myths associated with this sign’s ruler make abundantly clear.

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Aries: The Ruler

Aries is ruled by Mars, known to the ancient Greeks as Ares. The myths of Ares show the God of War as a childish, aggressive figure who was bloodthirsty, provocative, wild, wilful, fearless, passionate and impulsive, leaping into action without any prior planning and with no thought to the consequences of his deeds. Needless to say, actions have consequences and failing to address those consequences often leads directly to conflict.

Mars is concerned with conflict and how you deal with it. Do you react with childish anger or violent aggression, or do you develop the strength of character to channel your aggressive, wilful Mars-influenced Aries energy with a sense of purpose and direction? Mars acts – regardless of situation, risk or danger – and it’s this dynamic that is seen so readily in the sign ruled by Mars. You take action to get what you want – and you don’t want anything to get in your way.

In astrology, Mars represents your ability to assert yourself – and that requires the courage to take the initiative, to take action, and meet the challenges of circumstance that would deflect you from your path. Mars represents our competitive side; challenges are there to be faced. There is no escaping life’s many challenges, so you may as well attack them head on. It’s a dynamic that underpins Aries energy – and makes this the most competitive sign.

Ultimately, we compete to survive; survival of the fittest is the Mars impulse in action. Mars represents forward motion and being obstructed in any way often results in ‘war’, the aggressive, explosive outbursts for which Mars – and those influenced by Aries – are renowned. The assertive and aggressive Mars function is the basis of the energy type that we associate with Aries – and those born under this sign have this at their core. Putting yourself first is often a notable feature of people who are influenced by Mars; that includes those of you born under the sign of Aries, or with other planets or points in this sign.

Aries Archetype

Each zodiac sign is associated with an archetypal figure and Aries archetype is the Hero. An archetypal figure is a universal representation of all of the features associated with a particular character type and the Hero represents the idealised, universal image of Aries. So who – or what – is the Hero? The hero figure is bold, brave, inspirational and aims to make the world, better, safer place. Think of Superman, Wonder Woman or Indiana Jones – those characters (regardless of the movies) follow an identical storyline – and it’s one that’s similar to the tale of Phrixus, Jason and the heroes of the Greek myths.

Heroes may appear to be brave, noble – and even superhuman – but they are also fundamentally flawed human characters. As with any archetypal character, the Hero is universal; the Hero represents the heroic in all of us, but it’s recognisable as the core character trait in those born under the sign of Aries most of all – and it may help to think of the Hero as someone like this: The Hero is the ordinary person who ‘steps up to the plate’ whenever a situation needs someone to do so. It takes courage, leadership ability and, on occasion, a disregard for personal risk.

The heroic archetypal character – as seen in the real world – is best represented by those who face danger for a living: for example – armed services personnel or first responders – people to have to take action immediately and unflinchingly in the service of a greater or noble cause. That’s the archetype. In reality, you may not be as brave as someone in uniform: you need to look under the surface to see the ‘Hero’ dynamic that plays out in your character. The best expression of the Hero archetype is found in those who are prepared to face up to their life challenges, take the lead and fight for the things they know to be right.

Aries Character

The Aries character contains all of the qualities we find in the Hero archetype – and in the positive and negative qualities we see played out by the characters in the Aries myth – and in the character of the God of War – Mars the ruler of this sign. You are fundamentally extroverted and assertive. Even the more quiet and reserved Aries characters (surprisingly they do exist…) will be forceful regarding their likes and dislikes and they will not be pushed around by anyone – in any circumstances. You are highly reactive, and will always make it clear how you feel about any given situation You really do put yourself, your desires and your interests first.

It is almost impossible to get you to do anything that you don’t want to do. This may make you seem selfish or self-centred on occasion, but you rarely exclude others from your activities. You’re sociable and enjoy the company of others – largely because you are easily bored. You need to be active at all times and your life may revolve around a packed schedule – and it’s a schedule that suits your interests and needs. Other people have to fit in with you, rather than the opposite. You can be rather firm about that – but your friendly nature means that you will always try and make time for someone, even if it’s on your own terms.

You relish a challenge. Many Aries people will find an outlet for their energy in the sporting arena, as that also suits your competitive side. However, not all Aries are found in the gym or the sports field, so your drive to compete will emerge in other ways. It’s not unusual for Aries subjects to compete with their partners, children, friends and relatives and you may seem overly demanding on occasion . You may deflect your energy into a hobby with a competitive element – or even compete with yourself. You need to pursue a passion. It is such an ingrained part of your nature to push yourself to the limit – whatever that limit may be.

You are goal oriented and this makes you a good, decisive leader. Even the most humble Aries (they also exist…) will ensure that they are in charge of something. You respond well when you’re given responsibility – though you may need someone in your life who is brave enough to tell you when you’re being rash or have gone too far. You don’t respond well to criticism; it makes you defensive – and attack is your preferred form of defence. What others see as rash, you see as enthusiasm – and it’s enthusiasm that makes you such a lively and dynamic person.

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Aries: Keywords

The keywords associated with this sign provide you with a useful checklist of all of the qualities we associate with Aries. The keywords are categorised as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and if you have planets or natal chart angles in this sign, the parts of your life that they represent will manifest in ways that accord with the keywords set out below. You will probably recognise many of those qualities in yourself.

Positive Keywords

Active, Adventurous, Affectionate, Ardent, Assertive, Bold, Brave, Candid, Child-like, Confident, Courageous, Daring, Direct, Dynamic, Eager, Energetic, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Explorer, Extroverted, Fast, Fiery, Forceful, Friendly, Incisive, Independent, Initiative, Intrepid, Leader, Passionate, Pioneering, Romantic, Risk-taker, Self-Starter, Selfless, Spontaneous, Tough, Urgent.

Negative Keywords

Aggressive, Antagonistic, Argumentative, Bad-tempered, Blunt, Brash, Bullying, Childish, Combative, Combustible, Crude, Daredevil, Demanding, Directionless, Dominant, Egotistical, Foolhardy, Headstrong, Impatient, Impulsive, Insensitive, Loud, Outspoken, Pugnacious, Pushy, Quick Tempered, Restless, Rude, Selfish.

Aries in Love

Aries is ardent in love. Pursuing your chosen love object with single minded focus, you enjoys the thrill of the chase more than almost any other sign. For you, love is exciting, a sport to be practised on a regular basis and boy, do you love to play. Charming, seductive and fast, you pursue aggressively, make the first move and sadly, for those caught in your headlights, you may move on to another lover at the same high speed. You love to love – but you’re also independent and when you play at love, that’s really all there is to it – play – nothing more.

However, when you truly fall in love, you fall hard and place your lover on a pedestal. I mentioned the words ‘love object’ earlier – quite deliberately. You can find it very easy to objectify your partner rather than relate to them as an equal. You can be intense, protective, jealous, competitive and often refuse to take no for an answer. However, once you have decided to commit, you are supportive, loyal, demonstrative and physical. Your partner will feel passionately loved, but he or she will also have to be prepared for some brutal honesty and displays of temper from time to time.

Aries & Family

Aries may be perceived as an independent sign, but you know the value of having a secure home base. Having somewhere safe to retreat to (on the rare occasions that you retreat) is important to you, as is the family or place that gives you your sense of belonging. Home and homeland are things you show no hesitation in fighting for, as you are passionate about your ‘tribe’. You are tribal in the broadest sense; you are in no doubt where you belong and will proclaim your allegiance forcefully – and at times aggressively – whether it’s in support of your local sports team, defending your homeland or being the head of a strong family unit.

Aries treats family like a sealed unit; bonds are as tight as those in a military squad – and discipline may also be enforced in a similar way. The rules may be your rules – and you may be the dominant character in the family – but in most cases you will be forceful but fair and often funny. Your approach to family life is protective and caring – but it’s also lively and fun. Your household (once you are in the position to call the shots) is energetic and active. You may be the dynamo who keeps everything going – you may feel that without your direction, your family would be lost. Aries – in a family context – can be a martyr to the cause.

Aries & Money

There are many Aries people who are enthusiastic about spending money – and many who are enthusiastic about making it. The trick for Aries is to be both – especially as you the impulsive spenders of the zodiac. The risk taking impulse that can enable you to be an entrepreneur, or simply focus on making as much as you can, as fast as you can, may also make you a gambler or financial risk taker in a less positive sense. Money to you is often a means to an end; you love the thrill of buying something new. Unfortunately, the novelty may soon wear off, so you may need to learn how to spend wisely to avoid wasting your cash.

There is another side to Aries financial habits; you may be more careful with your resources than is often assumed. If your goal is to be financially secure – that’s what you will aim for – just as long as you have some spare cash available to do with as you please. You may save as enthusiastically as you spend, however, there is the risk that you’ll become sidetracked by something new and spend the cash before reaching your original goal. It may be better for you to develop some short term saving strategies rather than put your eggs in one basket. That way, there will always be something left in the bank.

Aries Careers

Many Aries people have a traditional or conservative approach to their career. Your enthusiasm responds well to the clarity of a well-worn path or structure – particularly if it contains clear staging posts to advancement. It’s certainly how your career may begin. You are ambitious; you prefer a rapid result in anything you do and your energy and leadership skills may enable you to climb to the pinnacle of your chosen profession earlier than most. To become the boss is your aim – whether that’s of a large organisation, a department, a team – or simply of yourself. Getting hands on and close to the action is a must for you.

However, you may eventually tire of traditional corporate structures and set up your own enterprise. Though you work well in a traditional environment or established profession, you need the spur of new challenges to keep you going – and if your work environment cannot offer you that, then you will go elsewhere. You may succeed in business because you are prepared to take risks or show the kind of initiative that enables you to go further than less brave or pioneering souls. New business enterprises may attract you – whether that’s your own business or working in a new, vibrant sector – or both.

Aries: Things To Look Out For

Ruby, Red, Red Hair, Red Cars, Fast Cars, Speed, Racing, Chasing, Sports, Fights, Violence, Soldiers, Military, Weapons, Knives, Tools, Fire, Fireworks, Heat, Fever, Headaches, Head, Boss, Leader, First, Me, Number One.

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