Aries: Introduction

Aries the Ram. If you have the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Aries you will have a lot of ram in your nature. Ruled by Mars you are fearless, direct and enthusiastic, you will tackle almost everything in you life head on. When you want something you want it now and and will make sure you’re first in the queue because guess what? Life really is a competition as far as you’re concerned.

In this section, I’m going to give you the heads up on the keywords associated with Aries and the key things to look for if you’re an Aries Sun, Moon or Ascendant (Rising Sign). If you’re in love with an Aries and want to know what lights their fire – read on. Aries qualities can also be seen in people who have a strong Mars in their Natal Chart, for example, rising in the first house or in conjunction with the Sun or Moon.

Aries: Key Qualities


Cardinal signs lead the way. They are found at the beginning of each season. Aries heralds the start of Spring, the period when the world comes to life – and yours is certainly the liveliest sign of the Zodiac. Those born with Cardinal signs in their charts are initiators and Aries is no exception. Aries leads from the front with energy and enthusiasm, using the fiery and masculine qualities of the sign to propel life forward and stay ahead of the pack for Aries needs to lead and succeed in everything.


Fire signs are creative, inspiring and spontaneous and Aries is no exception. You burn with passion – but this can burn out quickly if misdirected or not reciprocated. Any frustration that thwarts their desires can result in episodes of explosive temper – which, mercifully, usually subside quickly. Ardent and highly sexed, You love the thrill of the chase but once your prey has been caught you will find it hard to stay interested if the object of their affections wants to settle down to a quiet life.


Masculine signs are active and you are conspicuously so, being self confident, direct, extroverted and assertive. However, such qualities are not exclusively ‘male’ in a traditionally gendered sense. Female Arians are generally quite as comfortable with expressing and asserting themselves as their male counterparts and all Arians are often sporting or competitive in many ways.

Aries: Ruler

Aries is ruled by Mars, God of War. This tempestuous deity is childlike, wild, wilful, fearless, passionate and impulsive, leaping into action without any prior thought and worrying about the consequences afterwards – if at all. Mars is concerned with conflict and how you deal with – and for Mars that means survival at any cost. So, it’s not surprising that Mars also determines how you go about getting who or what you want in life. Mars is utterly instinctive and a Martian’s instinct is to take action – regardless of situation, risk or danger. As you will see below, this can be either good or bad – depending on circumstance – however, the Mars ruled Arian will care little for the opinions of others.

Aries: Keywords


Active, Adventurous, Affectionate, Ardent, Assertive, Bold, Brave, Candid, Child-like, Confident, Courageous, Daring, Direct, Dynamic, Eager, Energetic, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Explorer, Extroverted, Fast, Fiery, Forceful, Friendly, Incisive, Independent, Initiative, Intrepid, Leader, Passionate, Pioneering, Romantic, Risk-taker, Self-Starter, Selfless, Spontaneous, Tough, Urgent.


Aggressive, Antagonistic, Argumentative, Bad-tempered, Blunt, Brash, Bullying, Childish, Combative, Combustible, Crude, Daredevil, Demanding, Directionless, Dominant, Egotistical, Foolhardy, Headstrong, Impatient, Impulsive, Insensitive, Loud, Outspoken, Pugnacious, Pushy, Quick Tempered, Restless, Rude, Selfish.

Aries Sun

The Sun governs your sense of self and with an Aries Sun, you really identify with Aries characteristics. They are essentially ‘you’. So, at heart you are thrusting and independent, need to be ‘first’ in all things. You love approval, hate authority (except your own), call the shots, are goal oriented and like to do your own thing. Thankfully, you’re also outgoing and sociable, though your quick temper and relentless honesty can be too much for some – subtlety and tact are not your strong points.

However, no-one can doubt your courage and ability to fight your corner – and the corner of those you feel are in need of need your protection – for you love to be admired as a brave and noble hero. Aries grants you a strong and forceful character and a desire for an exciting yet surprisingly uncomplicated life. You’re a simple soul really – the things you loved as a child well, you most probably have never grown out of – and never will.

Aries Moon

For such a tough guy (or gal) you are surprisingly easily wounded. With an Aries Moon, it’s your emotional make up that carries the Mars signature. This can lead you to use your Arian qualities to protect yourself as deep down you can be intensely vulnerable and this terrifies you as you’re really quite afraid of your own power. You can tend to take things very personally, one moment being the brave Arian you want to be and the next lashing out at something or someone who’s fired you up in the wrong way. You simply cannot disguise your emotional responses.

Heart on your sleeve. If ever there was a phrase to describe an Arian Moon – that’s it. With the directness and honesty of a child you see things in black and white and simply cannot understand the emotional complexities and undercurrents that seem to dominate the inner lives of other signs. For you, emotions may be simple but they are felt intensely and with great immediacy. This may make you seem impulsive and explosive to others but you more than make up for it with your emotional honesty and up-beat positivity.

Aries Rising

With Aries on the Ascendant, your Arian qualities were stamped on you at birth. You may have arrived into the world rapidly and noisily – and we usually start the way we mean to continue. For you, this means the full force of your outer personality is Aries personified and leaves no-one around you in any doubt as to who you are. So, this means you will be the most visible of Aries subjects. You may have red hair (or no hair), be heavily involved in sport, love a uniform, pick up too many speeding tickets…sound familiar?

You act, look and behave Arian – even if your Sun Sign is something else entirely. Aries themed things interest you because they come so naturally to you – and even if your Sun Sign is completely different you will often express it’s qualities with an enthusiasm and directness that reflect your Arian way of engaging with the world around you. Those of you with Mars in the First House will also identify with some of the traits of Aries Rising – though this Mars placement will be tempered by your own particular Ascending Sign.

Aries in Love

Aries is ardent in love. Pursuing your chosen love object with single minded focus, you enjoys the thrill of the chase more than almost any other sign. For you, love is exciting, a sport to be practised on a regular basis and boy, does you love to play. The words ‘playboy’ or ‘playgirl’ were formed with you in mind. Charming, seductive and fast, you pursue aggressively, make the first move and sadly, for those caught in their headlights, will just as often move on to another lover at the same high speed. Arians may love to love – but they’re also a very independent and when they play at love – that’s really all there is to it – play – nothing more.

However, when you truly fall in love, you fall hard and place your lover on a pedestal. I mentioned the words ‘love object’ earlier – quite deliberately. You can find it very easy to objectify your partner rather than relate to them. You can be intense, protective, jealous, competitive and often refuse to take no for an answer. However, once you have decided to commit, you are supportive,loyal, demonstrative and physical. Your partner will feel loved by an Aries – but you will also have to come to terms with some brutal honesty at times.

Aries: Things To Look Out For

Ruby, Red, Red Hair, Red Cars, Fast Cars, Speed, Racing, Chasing, Sports, Fights, Violence, Soldiers, Military, Weapons, Knives, Tools, Fire, Fireworks, Heat, Fever, Headaches, Head, Boss, Leader, First, Me, Number One.

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