The Eleventh House: Introduction

The eleventh house in astrology is the place where we join with others in common cause. That covers such a huge and complex set of situations that it can often be difficult to pin down the true meaning of this house. However, there is a fundamental theme to this house that needs to be borne in mind. It’s the place where we have a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than us – and it goes far beyond blood ties. It’s the house of our social world and it’s in that context you need to work out what’s really important to you.

In this section, I’m going to set out all you need to know about this house in your astrological chart. If you have the Sun, Moon, Chart Ruler or a stellium of planets in this house, you will have a life where eleventh house associations are an intrinsic part of your astrological make up and will feature throughout your life.

However, even if this house is not prominent in your natal chart, some of you may find yourselves living here from time to time. Planets may transit and station in your eleventh house. You may experience an eleventh house emphasis in your Solar Returns or Transits. Solar and Lunar Eclipses may take place in this house thus highlighting the affairs of this house when they do.

So, I’m also going to explain how this house functions in both natal and predictive astrological charts and provide you with the essential keywords associated with this house to help you make your own chart analysis a little easier. However, I’m going to start with the basics to give this important astrological house some context.

The Eleventh House: Key Qualities


The succedent houses follow the angular houses in astrology and they are the places we build on our base and sustain our lives. To do this we often need to be resourceful, creative yet realistic, aware of our physical and material constraints and potentials and use them to make life worth living. We structure our lives in the succedent houses and do so to make our lives secure. Stability, taking stock and enjoying the benefits that accrue from this are key attributes of the succedent houses.


Air houses are often the communicators of the zodiac as they are concerned with how we relate in the social world. The eleventh house is where we engage with like minded souls, expand our relationships and work out our ideals. Associated with the sign of Aquarius this house is where we join forces with others, engage with a society and discover the advantages of team work. We aspire to become more than we are in the eleventh house – and ideals, ideology, participation and contribution are key issues in this house.

The Eleventh House: Rulership

The eleventh house is ruled by Uranus and associated with Aquarius. Uranus is full of shocks and surprises, and is associated with progress. This house is, therefore, a progressive house and the place where we seek to out new experiences – preferable ones that meet with our ideals. This involves being receptive and active – and our activities can be fun, as it’s not all serious in Uranus’s domain. Uranus is associated with technology – how appropriate for the house of social networks.

The Eleventh House: Natal Astrology

What can you expect when the eleventh house is lit up in your natal chart? Whether you have the Sun or Moon here, or maybe a stellium of planets, a focus on this house is likely to indicate that society and the social world will play an important part in your life. The eleventh house is concerned with belonging in a communal sense, so planetary placements here will indicate the kinds of issues you will encounter in life through the medium of your social involvements.

When this house is an important one in your natal chart, it tends to be the place where you look to society and groups of people in order to find a deeper sense of personal fulfilment. You don’t seek to go it alone, but your relationships are ones based on principles and common goals. Whether it’s a hobby club or team, or a political or campaign group, you are willing to collaborate and combine to achieve more than you could do on your own. That’s often true with our friendship groups too. In the eleventh house, the notion of friendship or particular friends may have a greater importance than usual.

Eleventh house natives know the value of the collective when it comes to the things that matter to us all. Security, progress and a coherent vision of the future is important in this house. This is why this is a house where traditional values and ideals are challenged. Under Uranus’s influence we can sometimes encounter (or do) the unexpected here – but it’s also the space where you know people have your back (and you have theirs) because you are members of the same tribe.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of the eleventh house is that it’s okay to join in, to ask questions and follow your ideals. This is, in many ways the most difficult house to define. However, that is almost the point with this house. It’s the space where we test our assumptions and ideas and we make mental and intellectual space for new ones. This house enables you to keep up with what is happening in the world. Without the eleventh house the individual has no power to challenge authority or influence outcomes without an audience.

The Eleventh House: Predictive Astrology

The eleventh house in predictive astrology shares the fundamental qualities of the natal eleventh house, However, there are essential differences you need to be aware of when analysing a predictive chart. These usually fall into two categories. First, predictive charts and the issues they raise are often temporary. Second, those who are dealing with eleventh house issues in a predictive chart are not necessarily natal eleventh house subjects and will not necessarily possess the traits associated with this house.

In predictive astrology, the eleventh house offers a myriad of interpretive possibilities because, as astrological houses go, it can be so hard to pin down. However, it’s likely that during the timespan of the predictive chart, you may become more aware of social issues and more involved in the groups who are addressing them. Even if you are not a political animal, something may inspire you to make your feelings known during the year – and that will be done in a communal domain.

You may also join a hobby based society – of any variety – because you may feel happy in the company of those whose interests are similar to your own. There may be something you wish to share with the world, or you may feel lonely and in the need of new and stimulating company. This house also indicates you may profit from your past efforts in some way – though profits are not necessarily financial! Some of you may acquire step children or have issues with them. It may pay you to look at the wider issues during the year – and making a team effort may be a good way of dealing with things.

The Eleventh House: Keywords

Acquaintances, Affiliations, Altruism, Aspirations, Associates, Benefactors, Causes, Charities, Clubs, Colleagues, Collective, Community, Destiny, Friends, Fruits of labour, Foster children, Gifts, Goals, Groups, Group activities, Hopes, Humane, Humanitarian, Ideals, Idealistic, Internet, Love received, Meeting places, Meetings, Membership, Networks, Networking, Organisations, Philanthropy, Political parties, Professional associations, Profits, Shared activities, Step-children, Social awareness, Social conscience, Social consciousness, Social life, Society, Teams, Teamwork, Wishes.

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