Planets and points in Taurus express with Taurus’s typically steady release of energy, and that has a big impact on those of you who have a planet (or two, or three) in this sign, as well as those of you whose Ascendant or Midheaven falls in Taurus. Planets and points in this sign use their Taurus energy in accordance with the function that the planet or point represents in your birth chart. Having the Sun in Taurus will not be experienced in the same way as the Moon in Taurus or, for example, Saturn or the Midheaven (MC) in that sign, so it’s important to appreciate why.

The inner or ‘personal’ planets represent particular parts of your character that are easily recognisable to you, for example, the Sun signifies your inner self; the Moon your emotional side; Mercury your mind; Venus your desire nature and Mars your ability to assert yourself. When they express through Taurus, those areas of your life are secured by Taurus’s steady energy and this impacts on you at a deeply personal level. Similarly, the Ascendant and Midheaven are personal because they represent the ‘points’ at which your birth chart intersects with lived experience and reality.

The outer planets are less personal in their representation, and Taurus energy manifests through them in two particular ways: through the ‘social planets’, Jupiter and Saturn, Taurus energy influences your personal growth and development (Jupiter) and the ways in which you mature and take responsibility (Saturn). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the ‘generational planets’; by zodiac sign, they affect all of those born at the same time.

The dynamics of the outer planets by sign affect how each generation seeks to differentiate itself from the previous one by its social ideals and social progress (Uranus), by its cultural output and spiritual ideals (Neptune) and by its relationship with power and societal transformation (Pluto). As the outer planets have such lengthy orbits around the Sun, there is no-one alive who has lived under the influence of Neptune or Pluto in Taurus – but a new generation with Uranus in this sign are emerging into the light. Check out your own Taurus planets and points from the list below:

Sun in Taurus

The Sun governs your sense of self and with a Taurus Sun, you identify with Taurus characteristics, such as being patient, reliable and trustworthy. Deep down you are honest and dependable and know that if anything is worth having then its worth working for. You like to ‘plough your own furrow’ and really have your own ideas about how things should be be done. This can make you appear stubborn – but the flip side of stubborn is the kind of single mindedness that really helps you to focus and achieve your goals – unless, however, you get stuck in a rut.

What really stands out with you is your desire for ownership and control of your own life. You are a ‘giving’ generous person who has high standards and you demand the best from those you love and those you associate with. You strive for perfection and can be harshly critical if you feel someone is letting your side down. However, you are tribal and loyal and always want the best for those you love. Wanting the best is a Taurus characteristic that is at your core. When it comes to the good things in life, you’re rather indulgent, but you’re happy as long as your physical and material demands are met.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon represents our deepest needs, and with a Taurus moon, your needs and comfort zone reflect the characteristics of that sign. Emotionally you are a child of Venus and you need to feel secure. That means stability in your family, relationships and living situation, taking care of yourself physically and making sure you have enough cash in the bank. And of course, indulging yourself once in a while. With this moon sign, you may over eat or over spend if you’re feeling low. Conversely, when you’re content, you are generous and warm hearted to a fault.

While this seems laudable, remember the Moon is passive – and while you need stability, trust, creativity and calm at a deep emotional level, you may have to work hard at achieving emotional satisfaction as you have a habit of holding onto bad habits or emotional hang-ups, as you’re not at all flexible in your temperament. This is very important, for if you can’t satisfy your emotional needs you may feel as though your world is falling apart. More than anyone, you need to keep emotionally grounded and aware of your basic physical needs in order to let go of any attachments that are dragging you down.

Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in Taurus, the way you communicate and process information is Taurean in style – and with this placement you may communicate with more than just words. Taurus is a sensual sign and you’ll often convey information with your body, which gives you considerable stage presence. Taurus Mercury also gives you a down to earth approach to the facts – and strong opinions to match. A certain earthiness can often be expected, as can a considered approach to your verbal expression. You may have a preference for saying it like it is and you may be blunt, but you will often be charming with it. You have a good ear for music and may have a good singing voice.

Those with Mercury in Taurus are often accused of being ‘intellectual plodders’, however, that’s rather unfair. Regarding information, you like certainty and hate embellishment, often cutting straight to the chase. Many of you will have a good memory and excellent fact recall. Mercury in this sign is shrewd and a good decision maker. You’re also good at sticking to a task and seeing it through, as you don’t give up on things easily – if at all. Planning, working out the practicalities and assessing the likely outcomes are your core Taurus Mercury strengths – so make the most of them!

Venus in Taurus

Venus is Taurus is strong in one of her own signs and is renowned for a love of beauty – and a love of love. This is probably the most indulgent Venus sign and the most seductive too. Those with Venus in Taurus don’t need to be classical beauties to attract a lover – they possess allure, charisma and charm that makes them irresistible. So, if you have this Venus sign? Be prepared to be a killer flirt and one of the most sensual lovers in the zodiac. One thing: you may come across as decadent, but you never underestimate your self-worth or waste time on lovers who don’t appreciate you. You are always a class-act.

And with money? You love things. Beautiful things. Expensive things. And as you are the most indulgent Venus sign in the Zodiac, you have few limits when it comes to spending cash on the things you want. Jewellery, cosmetics, art, designer clothes – you could be the greatest spendthrift of the Venus signs. However, Taurus is the most material sign, so you never spend money without knowing you can afford to do so. You are prepared to save and invest more than most because you know that value is a far better measure of worth than price.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is the watchword for a slow and steady energy release. Taurus is in it for the long haul – and Mars in this sign is often assertive without being aggressive – unless someone makes the mistake of being persistently annoying. It takes a great deal of effort to make you see red. Mars in this sign is determined. You identify your goals and work hard to achieve them – and you do so in a sustained and steady manner. That applies to all of the usual Mars energy outlets, sexual or otherwise. You may appear slow to arouse, but once you get going, you’re an unstoppable force.

So what is the most productive use of Mars in Taurus energy? Taurus is a physical and material sign and Mars here is often directed towards a tangible result. You may be fired up by the long term goal of financial security, or creating something that belongs to you, such as a beautiful home, a garden or a business. The campaigning side of this placement may be directed towards the natural world; the buzzwords, ‘sustainable’, ‘long-term’ and ‘green’ may have resonance here – and you may become involved in projects in a practical ‘hands-on’ manner, as your earthy drives manifest at a literal level.

Jupiter in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

There is a new generation of Uranus in Taurus people who are in the early stages of their childhood. Some have yet to be born. Uranus was last in this sign in the 1930’s with its main voyage through this sign between 1935-1941. This was probably the most tumultuous period in modern history and those born during this period had their early years dominated by the ravages of political extremism and a world war. So, fast forward approximately 84 years to the current Uranus transit through this sign. What will those with this placement have to endure, courtesy of the God of Chaos? 

Let’s remind ourselves of the principles of both this planet and its sign. Taurus is about stability, the earth, the environment, security and our fundamental values. Uranus is up-ending the things we though were set in place and is stripping away the certainty and security that we thought would be so enduring. The result is instability, war and conflict. Conflicts over resources – and how we manage them – are likely to be a theme, as is money. Climate change, environmental stewardship, equality – Uranus will prompt us to discover innovative and idealistic solutions to those problems.

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune last visited Taurus between 1875-1889, and will return to this sign in 2038. Again, history has to be our guide – along with the principles that govern both the planet and sign. With Neptune, everything you assumed was solid and reliable may be undermined or revealed to be an illusion. How will nebulous Neptune’s affect rock-solid Taurus? From first principles, Neptune may undermine security in a financial sense and may also do so in terms of food security, as rising sea levels may inundate the land. Energy security may also be an issue, as energy is a resource and Taurus deals in resources.

Taurus is a material sign, but it’s also a sign that appreciates culture – particularly art and music. With inspirational Neptune here, the generation with this placement may be born into a period of cultural flowering. Impressionist art emerged during the last Neptune in Taurus transit. The misty, blurred painting techniques characteristic of this style of art, gave even the most everyday images an ethereal, neptunian quality. Everything the art world thought it knew and regarded as conventional (Taurus) melted away (Neptune). We see things differently with Neptune.

Pluto in Taurus

Pluto last visited Taurus from 1852-1883 and will not return until 2131. Owing to Pluto’s elliptical orbit, it will spend around thirty years in this sign when it does so. Maybe our grandchildren will be around to experience this Pluto placement, as it will occupy a considerable part of their lifetime. So, what kind of experiences are they likely to see with Pluto here? History repeats itself on a regular basis – and Pluto has a habit of dredging things up from the past. As the saying goes, let history be your guide.

If we look at Pluto’s previous visit to Taurus, this marked a period that really saw the beginnings of the industrial and business-oriented society we have today. Taurus themes like property ownership, natural resources and productivity were exploited and the relationship between workers and bosses became one of imbalanced power. Many people also transformed their lives for the better. Pluto’s term in this sign changed the world forever. Themes we associate with Pluto and Taurus are likely to repeat on Pluto’s next visit to this sign.

Taurus Ascendant (AC)

If it walks like a bull, talks like a bull then it must be Taurus Rising! Your ascending sign is often more visible than your sun sign, so your Taurus personality will be plain for all to see, You may have come into this world as every parent’s dream child. Placid, good natured – with only the occasional tantrum – you will have established your own coterie of favourite people and things, eaten and slept well and may even have been regarded as a sturdy and strong child with a very friendly and companionable personality. You will be appear to be a creature of habit with strong likes and dislikes. Your approach to life is consistent.

Taurus themed interests and activities – music, food, the arts, gardening – interest you because they come to you so naturally. If your Sun Sign gives you a completely different inner character, your Taurean personality means you will often express your Sun’s characteristics in a Taurean manner – steadily, practically, realistically and reliably. If your sun sign means you have an unreliable or changeable character – you will be reliably unreliable! Those of you with Venus in the first house may also share some of the traits of Taurus Rising – particularly if there is an Earth sign emphasis in your natal chart.

Taurus Midheaven (MC)

Your public persona is reliable, steady and consistent, and you may be the go-to person to keep things stable and secure. That applies to all parts of your life, but it’s particularly relevant to the way you are perceived by people who know you through your career, or professional and social involvements. Your reputation is usually solid, and you may be known for acts of public generosity or hospitality or simply as someone whose loyalty or trustworthiness are an example to all. It’s a reputation worth hanging onto – and you work hard to ensure that it’s one you deserve.

Your Midheaven sign often describes what other people think of you – and it’s based on the image you project in the public realm. That image is often based on your attitude towards your career, as well as society in general. You may appear conservative in your tastes or career path, or you may concern yourself with material and financial success. This is a great position for those in business – particularly property development, construction, accountancy – or in the artistic, culture and hospitality sectors. Any career that provides you with financial stability and security – or offers good, long-term career growth – is likely to suit you.

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