Planets in Aries: Introduction

Planets and points in Aries (the Ascendant and Midheaven) express with Aries’s typically urgent and impulsive energy, and that has a big impact on those of you who have a planet (or two, or three) in this sign, as well as those of you whose rising sign or Midheaven falls in Aries. Each planet or point in this sign will use Aries energy in accordance with the function that the planet or point represents in your birth chart. Having the Sun in Aries will not be experienced in the same way as the Moon in Aries or, for example, Saturn or the Midheaven (MC) in that sign, so it’s important to appreciate why.

The inner or ‘personal’ planets represent particular parts of your character that are easily recognisable to you, for example, the Sun signifies your inner self; the Moon your emotional side; Mercury your mind; Venus your desire nature and Mars your ability to assert yourself. When they express through Aries, those areas of your life are infused – and enthused – by Aries’s forceful energy and this impacts on you at a deeply personal level. Similarly, the Ascendant and Midheaven are personal because they represent the ‘points’ at which your life intersects with lived experience and reality.

The outer planets are less personal in their representation, and Aries energies manifest through them in two particular ways: through the ‘social planets’, Jupiter and Saturn, Aries energises and influences your personal growth and development (Jupiter) and the ways in which you mature and take responsibility (Saturn). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the ‘generational planets’; by zodiac sign, they affect all of those born at the same time.

The dynamics of the outer planets by sign affect how each generation seeks to differentiate itself from the previous one by its social ideals and social progress (Uranus), by its cultural output and spiritual ideals (Neptune) and by its relationship with power and societal transformation (Pluto). As the outer planets have such lengthy orbits around the Sun, there is no-one alive who has lived under the influence of Pluto in Aries – but a new generation with Neptune in this sign are about to be born… Check out your own Aries planets and points from the list below:

Sun in Aries

The Sun governs your sense of self and with an Aries Sun, you really identify with Aries characteristics. They are essentially ‘you’. So, Aries Sun, at heart you are thrusting and independent, need to be ‘first’ in all things. You love approval, hate authority (except your own), call the shots, are goal oriented and like to do your own thing without interference wherever possible. Thankfully, you’re also outgoing and sociable, though your quick temper and relentless honesty – and energy – can be too much for some. Subtlety and tact are not your strong points – yet you can be extremely kind to those in need of your support.

No-one can doubt your courage and ability to fight your corner – and the corner of those you feel are in need of need your protection; you love to be admired as a brave and noble hero. People with the Sun in Aries often have excellent leadership skills – just make sure ‘the boss’ doesn’t become bossy. Aries gives you a strong and forceful character and a desire for an exciting, yet uncomplicated, life. You’re a simple soul; the things you loved as a child probably set your course for life – and you will always follow that path with confidence and enthusiasm.

Moon in Aries

For such a tough guy (or gal) you are surprisingly easily wounded. With this moon sign, your emotional make up is volatile, excitable and your temperament is ‘temperamental’ in the most basic sense. This can make you overly defensive – and attack is often your preferred form of defence. You can’t help but get your shot in first if you’re feeling threatened in any way. You tend to take things personally, one moment being the brave Aries soul that you want to be and the next lashing out at something or someone who’s fired you up in the wrong way. You cannot disguise your emotional responses and you may become headstrong or childish if emotionally challenged.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. If ever there was a phrase to describe your emotional make-up that’s it. With the directness and honesty of a child you see things in black and white and you cannot understand the emotional complexities and undercurrents that seem to dominate the inner lives of other Moon signs. For you, emotions may be simple but they are felt intensely and with great immediacy. This may make you seem impulsive and explosive to others, but you make up for this with your emotional honesty and up-beat positivity. Try to channel your emotional needs and passions positively; you need an active outlet for your feelings.

Mercury in Aries

With Mercury in Aries, the way you communicate and process information is ‘Arian’ in style. You have a very direct way of speaking – and you’re unlikely to spare the feelings of your audience. You can seem verbally forceful and aggressive, however, it’s not always intentional and you don’t mean to offend. You have an extraordinary amount of almost child-like enthusiasm when you speak and often make the assumption that others feel the same as you. If you sense that’s not so, then you can become overly defensive and pointedly critical as a result. Mercury in this sign may have a sharp tongue but you’re also quick witted. Humour may be your best weapon.

You process information quickly and, though Aries isn’t considered an intellectual sign, you’re no mental slouch and are usually able to grasp things quickly. However, boredom is a key issue for you. Once you feel you’ve got all the information you need you’ll look for stimulation elsewhere. It’s vital for Aries Mercury children, in particular, to feel fully stimulated and engaged by their learning at all times. Disruptive behaviour – in both children and adults – can be the result of mentally switching off due to lack of creative stimulation. You need a lot of mental stimulation, excitement and action though mental ‘burn out’ could be an issue with this Mercury sign.

Venus in Aries

Venus by sign governs they way you approach love and money – and, with this Venus sign, your approach to both is likely to be enthusiastic and sometimes reckless. In love, you are attracted to – and attract – partners who are active, exciting and energetic. You’re spontaneous and impulsive in love – never indifferent. Venus here is surprisingly romantic, so you may pursue (or be pursued) with burning passion, but beware of passion that burns out as quickly as it ignites. If the feeling fades (usually because you’re bored) then you walk away without any regrets. You do, however, make a great friend – and that may be the best thing to be.

Where cash is concerned, you spend it as fast as you earn it. If you want something, you buy it – there is never a moment’s hesitation. You tend to spend on Aries related things, so a fast car, sociable sporting events, adventure holidays and anything that allows you to indulge your passions – they are likely to be the goods that empty your bank account. However, you’re not materialistic and you can be generous to your friends – even overly so. With an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to cash, you could find yourself frequently out of pocket. Financial restraint is not part of your nature.

Mars in Aries

This is the most powerful of Mars signs, as Mars is in the sign of its rulership. Highly competitive and highly sexed, Mars energy in this sign is expressed directly and forcefully. You are likely to be particularly strong-willed and impulsive. You won’t appreciate being thwarted in any way, as Mars in this sign likes to take the lead in everything and hates to be second best. Though you are likely to be outgoing and friendly, that may last as long as things are going your way; the downside of this placement may be that you are a sore loser. You may be easy to arouse in all senses – including sexually.

Though you tend to put your own interests first, you have an affinity with the underdog, so you are equally likely to find your passions aroused by situations that involve cruelty or injustice. To fight for a cause is a great way to channel your particular brand of Mars energy in a positive manner. So is engaging directly with any outlet that gives you a sense of purpose. You are easy to ‘fire-up’, but you may find it difficult to maintain your energy levels for the long haul; your greatest challenges may be to pace yourself physically and restrain yourself temperamentally.

Jupiter in Aries

Saturn in Aries

Uranus in Aries

Uranus last visited Aries between 2010-2019, so it’s useful to look back in history to see if any common threads can be identified that typify the Uranus in Aries experience. Associated with shock, chaos, upheaval and instability, those born during the years of the previous Uranus transit through Aries (1927 – 1935) were certainly born into a world of upheaval; financial crashes and the aftershocks of war left that generation looking to a future where peace could be guaranteed by organisations like the United Nations and NATO – the kinds of alliances that certainly resonate with Uranus’s idealistic concerns. 

The new generation of Uranus in Aries people have been born in an era of great technological change; maybe they will be the first generation to understand the benefits – and question the limitations – of our tech dependent society. Their world is also facing major challenges that will require changes in the way we live. Climate change, inequalities of all kinds, instability caused by radical shifts in the way we live and work have placed our societies under immense pressure. Perhaps it will be their generation who show the leadership associated with Aries to make those changes.

Neptune in Aries

Neptune enters Aries in 2025, so a new generation is about to be born who will experience Neptune here. Going back in time, what were the experiences of the previous Neptune in Aries generation, so long ago? This was a time when Aries themes, such as heat/war/action/leadership/bravery/initiative, combined with Neptune themes, such as drugs/medicines/alcohol/the oceans/compassion/the arts, to produce notable innovations and actions which are still recognised today, examples being the work of Florence Nightingale (modern nursing) and Louis Pasteur (pasteurisation).

In the modern world, it’s possible to imagine conflict (Aries) over water supplies, or gas and oil (Neptune). It’s also possible to imagine issues with drugs, alcohol and gambling necessitating action (Aries) as also happened in the previous Neptune in Aries era. Mental health and self-care will be an issue for this generation too – let us hope it will be due to enlightenment (Neptune) rather than Aries style aggression and Neptunian confusion. As an outer planet, Neptune’s effects in Aries are generational, so it will influence the attitudes and experiences of those born with it at a general and impersonal level.

Pluto in Aries

Pluto is a generational planet, so the themes that are found in this Pluto sign apply to all of those born under it. History is often the best guide to understanding the inner dynamics of Pluto in Aries. Pluto was last in this sign between 1823-1853 and brought us the transformational (Pluto) effects of the industrial revolution (Aries) that had its origins some years earlier. During this time, increasing industrialisation transformed rural communities into urban communes and massive inequalities in the conditions of the rich and poor became a notable social issue – as did the power imbalance between workers and employers, leading to industrial tragedies, violence and exploitation.

It was an era that signalled a shift from a rural, agricultural society to the modern world we know today. That was reflected in the art and literature of the time; the works of the novelist Charles Dickens, for example, provide a social commentary on the poverty, deprivation and twists of fortune that were characteristic of the time. What conditions will prevail when Pluto returns to Aries in 2068? The themes of power/wealth imbalances, unrest, and transformational social changes are issues that the next Pluto in Aries generation may need to confront. And as history reminds us, such transformations often come at a price.

Aries Ascendant (AC)

With Aries on the Ascendant, your Arian qualities were stamped on you at birth. You may have arrived into the world rapidly and noisily – and we usually start the way we mean to continue. This means the full force of your outer personality is Aries personified with the bold, forceful and direct personality to match. You may appear to be an Aries archetype with Aries visibly stamped on your appearance. For example, you may have red hair (or no hair), be heavily involved in sport, love a uniform, pick up too many speeding tickets and have more fights and arguments than average. Does that sound familiar?

Aries themed things interest you because they come so naturally to you. If your Sun Sign is a different zodiac sign (and that’s usually the case) you will express your solar nature with the enthusiasm and directness that reflects your bold and assertive approach to life. So, you’re likely to be the person who takes the initiative or who refuses to stand on the sidelines. You make a good leader because you push things forward with confidence and enthusiasm. You see yourself as a direct and honest person – and not many people would disagree with you on that – it’s how you live your life.

Aries Midheaven (MC)

Your public persona is volatile; you may have a reputation as someone who is prepared to take risks that others would shy away from, who is straightforward, self-made, self-directed or who has succeeded in life because of your refusal to back down from any challenge that you may have encountered along the way. Your reputation as a fighter can, of course, work both ways; assertion is not the same as aggression. You may have fought hard to gain and maintain the reputation you have. The MC shows what the world expects from us; you expect to be a pioneer; bold, incisive and leading from the front. You want to be number one in all that you do.

This is the attitude you apply to your career and professional path. You identify your career goals and you’re unlikely to be sidetracked by the worries or concerns that afflict more hesitant souls. Aries here suggests that not only do you approach your career with vigour, you need your career choice to be something that you are passionate about. Your energy would be well directed towards work that is project based, as this reduces the likelihood of boredom. Any job that enables you to show leadership, be competitive, independent and show initiative would suit your need for a challenging professional role.

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