Taurus: Introduction

Taurus the Bull. If you have the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Taurus you will have a lot of bull in your nature. However, many Venus ruled Taurus folks seem to be contented cows rather than rampaging bulls. So, how does this apparent contradiction manifest in Taurus? First, you have to remember that the bull will only lose it when sorely provoked. Most of the time you’re gentle, unassuming and stable, content to graze in the nearest sunny field.

In this section, I’m going to set out the most important facts that you need to know if you’re a Taurus – or if you want to know more about someone in your life who was born under that sign. Whether you are new to astrology or have some prior knowledge, this section is designed to present you with a summary of all of the basic information that is relevant to your sign. Most of you who read this will most likely have the Sun in Taurus, but if you have other planets or points in this sign, please follow the links where relevant.

Taurus qualities can also be seen in people who have a strong Venus in their Natal Chart, for example, rising in the first house or in conjunction with the Sun or Moon, or a heavily tenanted second house, as Taurus rules that house too. If this applies to you, you may want to check out some Taurus characteristics as you will possess many of them.

Taurus: Key Qualities

The basic orientation of each zodiac sign is underpinned by three factors: modality, element and polarity. Taurus is a fixed sign, an earth sign and a feminine or introverted sign. So, as a Taurus, what do those labels mean to you?


Fixed signs are stable, focused and never shy of commitment. The Taurus month marks the time when Spring comes to full bloom in the most beautiful month of the year. You, Taurus, love beauty and craftsmanship and you often create, or admire, practical and beautiful objects or spaces like a well maintained garden. You like to inhabit spaces – both physical and emotional – that are both worthwhile and long lasting. There is no other sign like Taurus for putting in a sustained creative effort while remaining totally grounded and aware of their impact on this Earth.


Earth signs are solid, reliable and conservative. You are happiest with your feet firmly on the ground surrounded by the people and things you love. Taurus doesn’t just love however, you needs to possess and own – and any threats to your sense of ownership are a red rag to the bull. Bulls and cows need security of tenure in all that they involve themselves with. ‘Fly by night’ is not your nature – you are in for the long haul in all you do. And you are notoriously stubborn – often refusing to change anything once you have made your decision.


Feminine signs are considered passive. However, that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. You’re simply not so pushy and assertive as masculine signs. However, the passivity associated with this sign doesn’t make you weak, after all, who ever met a weak bull? You have masses of willpower, ambition and determination and you express yourself with the kind of down to earth honesty that would scare many of the more outgoing signs.

taurus - image of highland cow
Image by Shad0wfall from Pixabay 

The Taurus Myth

In the ancient world, the bull was an important religious and cultural symbol, pre-dating the classical mythology of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations. Bull worship was widespread across the ancient world, particularly in the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa – and it was even associated with human sacrifice in some areas of the Middle East. On ancient Crete (an island south of Greece) young men and women are depicted vaulting over the horns of a massive bull – was it sport or sacrifice? We will never know – though the vestigial remains of bull worship remain in Spain and southern France, where bull fighting is still a popular – if cruel – sport.

The myth of the Taurus constellation draws on all of those ancient sources, but the worship of cows, in particular, relates to the goddess Hera (Juno), the wife of Zeus (Jupiter), king of the gods. Hera represents the conservative matriarchal figure, who dominates within the home, even if her husband is all powerful – or unfaithful – elsewhere. There are similarities between Hera and Hathor, the cow-headed Egyptian goddess who was associated with powerful women, beauty, music, dancing, sensuality and motherhood – many of the characteristics we associate with the sign of Taurus.

In the Greek myths, Zeus often disguised himself as a bull in order to pursue and seduce nymphs, goddesses and mere mortal women; Hera’s priestess, Io, was turned into a cow and seduced by him. The lusty qualities associated with this sign go back a long way. And so does the dark side; the myth of the Minotaur – part human, part bull – reminds us of the dangers of submitting to greed and lust; the results are dangerous. To be dragged into the labyrinth is a metaphor for allowing the lower nature of Taurus to prevail. The cure? Be strong and keep hold of reality – even the slightest thread will help you to find your way out of danger.

Taurus - image of the minotaur
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

Taurus: Ruler

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love, who was know to the Greeks as Aphrodite. Aphrodite became one of the twelve Olympians, the gods who were considered to be the most important and powerful in ancient Greek religion and culture, but she stood apart form the crowd. The myth surrounding her origins tells us why. It’s a long story, but the salient facts are these:

Before the gods existed, the world was ruled by the Titans, a race of fierce giants ruled by Ouranus (Uranus). Ouranus had children who hated him and they wanted to end his reign; his son, Cronos (Saturn) eventually killed him, castrated him and threw his genitals into the sea. The sea churned with blood and foam and when the storm subsided, out of the sea stepped the most beautiful goddess – Aphrodite. It seems as if love was born of hate.

The presence of Venus acts as a counterpoint to brutality and savagery. Venus was born of a violent impulse yet, through her love affair with Mars, her effect was to ‘tame the beast’. Venus, in the guise of love and desire, arouses lust and sexual passion (Mars), but Venus and Mars need to act together to give those feelings a satisfactory and productive resolution. Impulsive, lusty Mars was surprisingly faithful to Venus; Venus, however, had a tendency to follow her desires wherever she pleased: such is the power of love.

Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra, and where Taurus is concerned, it’s Venus’s earthy and material qualities that come to the fore. She is concerned with material desire, beauty and pleasure – and that can be sensual, bodily, physical pleasure – we encounter Venus in everything from making love to a relaxing massage. Venusian pleasures include the joy we take from engaging with artistic and cultural pursuits. Venus influences everything that makes you feel good – and that includes retail therapy. Shopping is Venus in action: fashion and beauty products are Venusian objects of desire.

Then Venus’s desires are thwarted, mythology tells us that the goddess of love can display a pretty mean temper; rage, jealousy and pettiness are some of the qualities of Venus when slighted – and we see those attributes on display when people fail to get what they want or – more accurately – when they fail to obtain something they feel entitled to. Feelings of entitlement are a sign Venus is not working well in your natal chart. Venus can also be envious of what other people possess; using charm to manipulate others into giving you what you want – or what they have – is another sign of the darker side of Venus.

Venus ruled – and influenced – people are often materialistic in their nature, whether that manifests as a focus on money and possessions, or physical and social pleasures, such as eating and entertaining, or cultural pleasures , such as art and music. Such traits are often evident in people born under the sign of Taurus, but they can be seen in those who have an important planet or point(the Ascendant or Midheaven) in this sign, or who have a heavily tenanted second house in their natal chart – as this is also associated with Venus and Taurus.

venus - image of the birth of venus painting by botticelli
‘The Birth of Venus’, by Sandro Botticelli (circa. 1485)

Taurus: Keywords

The keywords associated with this sign provide you with a useful checklist of all of the qualities we associate with Taurus.The keywords are categorised as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and if you have planets or natal chart angles in this sign, the parts of your life that they represent will manifest in ways that accord with the keywords set out below. You will probably recognise may of those qualities in yourself – both good and bad!


Affectionate, Aesthetic, Calm, Careful, Creative, Deliberate, Domesticated, Earthy, Enduring, Grounded, Generous, Hospitable, Loyal, Material, Measured, Musical, Natural, Patient, Persistent, Placid, Practical, Productive, Realistic, Reliable, Secure, Sensual, Solid, Stable, Steadfast, Steady, Thorough, Trustworthy, Warm-hearted.


Dull, Fixed outlook, Grasping, Greedy, Hedonistic, Inconsiderate, Inflexible, Jealous, Lazy, Materialistic, Narrow minded, Obstinate, Old fashioned, Passive, Plodding, Possessive, Self indulgent, Stubborn, Tight fisted.

Taurus Archetype

The Taurus Archetype is ‘Everyman’, a character type who seeks to belong, is down to earth, supportive and who believes in the evidence of the senses. That, to the Everyman archetype, is where truth is found. This idealised image captures the essence of Taurus; to connect with what is real and tangible. We all know an ‘everyman’; they are the ‘guy or gal next door’ types; solid, dependable, always there. The ones who have the right tools in their tool-kit, wash the car on Sunday and do the right things in life. Their lives may seem unexciting and dull, but the absence of drama can be a blessing if you love the quiet life.

There is an innocence about the Everyman archetype that comes directly from their ‘ordinariness’; they’re like you and me – they get on with life, they do what they do every day – and that’s something we can all relate to. We see ourselves in the Everyman archetype – and that’s why we also have expectations of how they should behave. We appreciate their steadfastness and capability in any situation that life throws at them; staying grounded and in touch with their origins is part of the Everyman deal. It’s no surprise that ‘authenticity’ is a big buzzword in the everyman lexicon.

This archetype can sense the real thing – and has no time for any kind of falsehood or fakery. Having a solid value system and knowing what you’re worth is what makes this archetype accessible to us – we know what we’re dealing with. But what if you don’t know what you’re dealing with? This archetypal character may be solid and dependable – but it has its limitations. imitations are exactly that – and while the Everyman may be at home in a routine situation, being challenged by change – or the unfamiliar – is not something that this archetypal character is comfortable with.

Taurus Character

The Taurus character draws a great deal on the Everyman archetype. There is all of the solidity and dependability you would expect, together with a great deal of steadiness and stoicism. To have a Taurus character means you are unlikely to be in a hurry about anything. Taurus energy is often characterised as slow, but the truth is that there is a great deal of deliberation in all that you do. As your energy is released in a slow and steady manner, it enables you to develop great stamina and endurance; that’s true in a physical sense (and Taurus is a physical sign) as well as being an accurate description of your approach to all that you do.

You don’t waste your energy – or your time. You set great store by your own reliability – and you expect other people to be the same. If there is something that makes you see red, it’s having to deal with people or situations that are impractical or unrealistic. You cannot comprehend why some folks insist on making life more difficult than necessary – after all – what’s so hard about living your best life? keep things simple and life will look after itself. You believe in a simple life; a life free of drama, where hard work brings the greatest rewards – and where you keep yourself to yourself. And you appreciate it if other people do the same.

You are naturally possessive of the people you love – home and family usually mean a great deal to you and you work hard to ensure those dependent on you are well provided for. This accords with your orientation towards stability; having a good grounding in everything is important to you. You rarely do anything that involves going beyond your means – and you may be reluctant to engage with things that lie outside of your previous experience. It’s one of the reasons that you can be called a ‘stick in the mud’. You may not be adventurous, but you don’t lack ambition; achieving material security is a long term objective, not a short term fix.

Many Taurus people are concerned with their legacy and you work hard to ensure you leave a good one behind. Whether it’s the home or the business you have built from scratch, or the garden you have cultivated, or an appreciation of the natural world that you have passed down to the next generation, he ultimate achievement for Taurus is to have left behind something that is of tangible value. To make your mark on this world in a physical manner is worth a great deal to you: it’s not real unless you can touch it, see it or hold it may well sum up your straightforward view of the world.

Taurus: April 20th - May 20th 1
Image by anned from Pixabay

Taurus In Love

Taurus is in love with love and why not? As the sign most concerned with sensory and physical pleasure it seems only natural that Taureans should place romantic encounters high on their list of priorities. And you do. You are patient when it comes to attracting the right lover – though that’s not to say you won’t play the field as you cannot resist beautiful people – or the opportunity for physical passion. As you are sensual and seductive, it’s usually easy for you to find a partner. You are possessive of your lovers and may demand their attention – though you are always generous and supportive in return.

When you decide to get serious, your standards are high. You prefer people who are familiar to you, maybe from the same area, social class or social group. In other words, you want people you know will be acceptable to your family and friends and who are unlikely to cause any shocks or surprises. Traditional in outlook, you want someone who will meet your expectations of creating a solid long term family unit. Your standards are high – as are your expectations. If the relationship becomes difficult, you are capable of keeping things together with your realistic outlook, loyalty and commitment.

Taurus & Family

Taurus parents always want the best for their families – and visibly so. Taurus is a material sign and you are happy to use your resources to ensure that your family has the best of everything – as long as it’s within budget. You will ensure that your home is well appointed, comfortable and as luxurious as you can afford, You ensure that your family are well dressed and well fed – and that your family present themselves well at all times. You want people to look up to your family and admire your efforts. Above all, you are the bulwark on which your family rests – and you expect to be appreciated in return.

If your background was restrictive or dull, you may give your own family the kind of encouragement you lacked as a child. You set out the ground rules, but as long as everyone complies, you’re a fairly easygoing and genial head of house. If you occupy a different position in the family unit, you’ll feel that your family is special in some way. You appreciate the effort your parents made to provide you with a good foundation in life – and you know this gave you a confident start. You want your family environment to be secure, creative and entertaining. You know you can always rely on your family for their steadfast support at all times.

Taurus & Money

Taurus is naturally careful with money, but Taurus can also be extravagant, so there are clearly some exceptions to this rule. The best way to appreciate your attitude to money is this: it’s strategic. You take a long term approach to your finances – and saving for the future is ingrained in almost every one of the Taurus herd. So, you tend to be careful with your everyday spending and financial commitments. You hate waste in most things – and you hate wasting money most of all. This can make you appear tight-fisted, but it’s all part of your overall financial strategy – you prefer to count the pennies and let the pounds (or dollars, or euro etc.) accumulate.

It’s all part of the long term plan. You like to know that you have something in reserve, but that doesn’t stop you from splashing out if something catches your eye. You can’t resist a bargain – especially if it also looks like a good long term investment. This can make you pursue the kind of big ticket items that other people would hesitate to purchase, because to you, spending on the kind of quality that lasts is a desirable financial outcome. You relish ownership – and your self-esteem is often connected to your material wealth or the things that you own. You want to leave something worthwhile for others to inherit – and that has a broad scope.

Taurus Careers

Taurus likes a career to provide security and some of the more obvious professions for Taurus include working in accountancy, banking and securities, property and construction. All of these align with Taurus’s material bias, but there is more to Taurus than money making opportunities or getting your hands dirty. Physical labour does attract you – even if you’re not the one doing the work; you have an appreciation of honest toil and good craftsmanship. This is also one of the nurturing signs; agriculture and its allied trades provide a natural outlet for Taurus’s sympathies – and working for environmental concerns may come naturally too.

The material side of Taurus may come to believe that greed is good, but consumption of all kinds can provide Taurus with a steady job – as long as it also has long term prospects. It’s a business oriented sign, so you may aspire to be a restauranteur, chef or work in the food industry in a business capacity. You prefer a traditional working environment or profession because you like to know what you’re getting yourself into – preferably before you start. You are risk averse in that sense, but you are likely to be financially astute; it’s one of the aspects of your character that makes you ‘a safe pair of hands’ and a valued member of staff wherever you work.

Taurus: Things To Look Out For

Accountancy, Money, Fund Raising, Expenses, Shopping, Clothes, Jewellery, Emerald, Green, Gardens, Nature, Nurture, Cultivation, Food, Chefs, Taste, Culture, Design, Music, The Arts, Patronage, Mentor, Investor, Investments, Insurance, Banks.

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