Taurus: Introduction

Taurus the Bull. If you have the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Taurus you will have a lot of bull in your nature. However, many Venus ruled Taurus folks seem to be contented cows rather than rampaging bulls. So, how does this apparent contradiction manifest in Taurus? First, you have to remember that the bull will only lose it when sorely provoked. Most of the time you’re gentle, unassuming and stable, content to graze in the nearest sunny field.

In this section, I’m going to give you the heads up on the keywords associated with Taurus and the key things to look for if you’re a Taurus Sun, Moon or Ascendant (Rising Sign). If you’re in love with a Taurus and want to know where you stand – read on. Taurus qualities can also be seen in people who have a strong Venus in their Natal Chart, for example, rising in the first house or in conjunction with the Sun or Moon.

Taurus: Key Qualities


Fixed signs are exactly that – fixed. Stable, focused and never shy of commitment, they build on the promise of each season – and you are no exception. Taurus is where the promise of Spring comes to full bloom in the most beautiful month of the year and you, Taurus, love beauty and craftsmanship.

Taureans often create or admire practical yet beautiful objects and like to inhabit spaces – both physical and emotional – that are both worthwhile and long lasting. There is no other sign like Taurus for putting in a sustained creative effort while remaining totally grounded and aware of their impact on this Earth.


Earth signs are solid, reliable and conservative. You are happiest with your feet firmly on the ground surrounded by the people and things you love. Taurus doesn’t just love however, you needs to possess and any threats to your sense of ownership are a red rag to the bull. Bulls and cows need security of tenure in all that they involve themselves with. ‘Fly by night’ is not your nature – you are in for the long haul in all you do.


Feminine signs are considered passive. However, that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. You’re simply not so pushy and assertive as masculine signs and yours is a notably passive sign, however Taurean passivity doesn’t make you weak, after all, who ever met a weak bull? You have masses of willpower, ambition and determination and express yourself with the kind of honesty that would scare many of the more outgoing signs.

Taurus: Ruler

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love. Venus is the feminine archetype and, let’s be blunt, she can often act like a spoiled princess who feels entitled to the best the world can offer. Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra and where you are concerned, it’s Venus’s earthy and material qualities that come to the fore.

She is all about pleasure – and that can be sensual, bodily, physical pleasure – everything from making love to a relaxing massage. Venusian pleasures include the joys we take from taking part in a wide variety of artistic and cultural pursuits. Venus is about anything that makes you feel good – and that includes retail therapy. She was born to shop and simply loves cold, hard cash.

Taurus: Keywords


Affectionate, Aesthetic, Calm, Careful, Creative, Deliberate, Domesticated, Earthy, Enduring, Grounded, Generous, Hospitable, Loyal, Material, Measured, Musical, Natural, Patient, Persistent, Placid, Practical, Productive, Realistic, Reliable, Secure, Sensual, Solid, Stable, Steadfast, Steady, Thorough, Trustworthy, Warm-hearted.


Dull, Fixed outlook, Grasping, Greedy, Hedonistic, Inconsiderate, Inflexible, Jealous, Lazy, Materialistic, Narrow minded, Obstinate, Old fashioned, Passive, Plodding, Possessive, Self indulgent, Stubborn, Tight fisted.

Taurus Sun

The Sun governs your sense of self and with a Taurus Sun, you really identify with Taurus characteristics – because that is essentially who you are. So deep down you are honest and ambitious and seem to know that if anything is worth having then its worth working for. You like to ‘plough your own furrow’ and really have your own ideas about how things should be be done. This can make you appear stubborn – but the flip side of stubborn is the kind of single mindedness that really helps you to focus and achieve your goals – unless, however, you get stuck in a rut.

What really stands out with you is your desire to own and control your own life. You are a ‘giving’ person but also have high standards and demand the best from those you love – partners, children, family – and those you associate with. In many ways, you strive for perfection and can be harshly critical if you feel someone is letting your side down. However, you are tribal and loyal and always want the best for those you love – and wanting the best is as Taurus as it gets.

Taurus Moon

The Moon represents our deepest needs, and with a Taurus Moon, you need Taurean stuff in your life – even if your Sun Sign is very different in character. Emotionally you are a child of Venus and with the Moon in Taurus, above all else, you need to feel secure. For you, security means stability in your family, relationships and living situation, taking care of yourself physically and making sure you have enough cash in the bank. And of course, indulging yourself once in a while…

While this seems laudable, remember the Moon is passive – and while you need these things at a deep emotional level, you may have to work hard at achieving emotional satisfaction if your basic character (the Sun) works against you. Fortunately this sign gives you the capacity to do so. This is very important, for if you can’t satisfy your emotional needs you may feel as though your world is falling apart. More than anyone, you need to keep emotionally grounded and aware of your basic physical needs in order to meet your emotional ones.

Taurus Rising

Well if it walks like a bull, talks like a bull… it must be Taurus Rising! For those of you with Taurus on the ascendent, you came into the world as every parent’s dream child. Placid, good natured – with only the occasional tantrum – you will have very quickly established your own coterie of favourite people and things, eaten and slept well and may even have been regarded as a sturdy and strong child with a very friendly and companionable personality.

So, you’ve grown up to act, look and behave like a Taurus – even if your Sun Sign is something different entirely. Taurus themed things – music, food, the arts, gardening – interest you because they come to you so naturally. If your Sun Sign gives you a completely different character, your Taurean personality means you will often express your Sun’s characteristics in a Taurean manner – steadily, practically, realistically and reliably. Those of you with Venus in the First House may also share some of the traits of Taurus Rising – particularly if there is an Earth emphasis in your natal chart.

Taurus In Love

Taurus is in love with love and why not? As the sign most concerned with sensory and physical pleasure it seems only natural that Taureans should place romantic encounters high on their list of priorities. And you do. You are patient when it comes to attracting the right lover – though that’s not to say you won’t play the field as you cannot resist beautiful people or the opportunity for physical passion.

However, when you decide to get serious, your standards are high. you prefer people who are familiar to you, maybe from the same area, social class or social group. In other words, you want people you know will be acceptable to your family and friends and who are unlikely to cause any shocks or surprises. Traditional in outlook, you want someone who will meet your expectations of creating a solid long term family unit. And if the relationship goes awry? You are capable of keeping things together with their realistic outlook, loyalty and commitment.

Taurus: Things To Look Out For

Accountancy, Money, Expenses, Shopping, Clothes, Jewellery, Emerald, Green, Gardens, Nature, Nurture, Cultivation, Food, Chefs, Taste, Culture, Design, Music, The Arts, Patronage, Mentor, Investor, Investments, Insurance, Banks.

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