The Year Ahead: Introduction

New Year’s Day sees the beginning of not only a new year but also a new decade. For us, however, 2020 is our astrological focus. In this astrology forecast I’m going to ask what kind of events can we expect to happen in the coming year? What will happen to us and to the societies we live in?

The answer is as large and complex as the number of human beings on this Earth, but the celestial movements, as ever, give us a clue to how things will unfold over the months ahead. One thing. It’s the year of retrogrades so literally everything is under the spotlight.

In this astrology forecast for 2020 I’m going to take a ‘month by month’ overview of the shape of things to come. So, if you don’t want to know what the heavens have in store, look away now – though you will miss some pretty huge stories being played out up there.

Astrology Forecast: January 2020

I’m going to start before the beginning as one of the things we need to look out for began last month when Jupiter moved into Capricorn. You won’t notice that too much this month however as the real fun will begin in a couple of month’s time. However, in January, the one to watch is Uranus which moves forward again in Taurus.

The planet of revolution (please don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed) will bring another round of blowing up those things represented by Taurus – our stability, financial systems, the things we value – even the ground beneath our feet.

So, expect earthquakes (of the metaphorical kind – but don’t rule anything out), more climate revolution issues and global financial shocks and surprises. Personally, many of us may feel a need to hold on to what we have – largely because circumstances may change so quickly. However, that may be hard to do as Uranus demands you adapt to changing circumstances – and fast.

The winds of change are blowing hard and those of you with planets in aspect to this Uranus transit may feel them more personally than most. Whatever happens, we may all have to embrace change – but don’t expect it to be easy.

Astrology Forecast: February 2020

This is the month things really start to move as Mars enters Capricorn mid-month. Mars is the planet of action and before February ends, Mars will have made a critical trine aspect to Uranus. When things happen it’s usually Mars that presses the button so do not expect February to be a quiet and peaceful month.

Capricorn represents our social structures and Mars has an aggressive and militaristic flavour. When Mars trines Uranus it could be very easy for conflicts to escalate, so watch out for the scale and nature of the establishment’s responses to the threat of revolution. I’m genuinely not optimistic about February and here’s another reason why…

We also have the first of 2020’s Mercury retrogrades. When Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces, (close to Neptune’s degree) on February 17th there could be a real issue with ‘fake news’ – as if we didn’t have enough issues already. Pisces is the sign of deception. Words may be misunderstood, the truth obscured or quite simply, we believe what we want to believe as the facts are distorted.

Mercury retrograde may, however, cause many of us to question what we are told – these are revolutionary times after all. One thing is clear – prepare to have your sanity questioned as the light at the end of the tunnel may be gaslight…

Astrology Forecast: March 2020

When March arrives the story begins to take on a sense of urgency. On March 10th, Mercury moved forward again. Those of you with keen eyes will have noticed the little planet of the mind moved backwards into revolutionary Aquarius. This seems so in tune with this year. When Mercury moves forward in this sign, how many of us will have seen the light?

Perhaps the lies will have been exposed and it will be time, as the month progresses and Mercury revisits Pisces, to look for a more peaceful discourse as a way or moving forward. Pisces is the sign of hope after all – but also the sign of delusion – and something tells me we will have to keep our wits about us.

One of the reasons for this is the really big story of 2020 – the approaching conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn which becomes exact towards the end of this month. We have all been experiencing the ongoing Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn for some time – and I’ve written about it in detail here – now Jupiter joins the mix. Jupiter makes everything bigger – he really is the celestial amplifier.

So, those irrevocable structural changes Pluto has been inflicting on us so far? They’re about to get huge. Jupiter is about the law, world view, mindset. I feel our existing view of the world is about to be tested to destruction. Or maybe we will have to accept now is the time to make a major shift in how we see the world. There will be no going back as this will be a tumultuous time.

One thing that adds to this in March is the presence of Mars in Capricorn too. Mars is the great initiator and in March is running with Jupiter and Pluto to really get things moving. There could be a big event that prompts a change of view – and if this conjunction hits you personally it could be an event in your own life – or it could be a major event in the outside world.

Capricorn is, after all, the marker of social structures. And what about Saturn? The God of restriction, hard work and time moves into Aquarius on March 23rd. Technically Saturn is still in orb to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn – but his presence in Aquarius means something. The revolution is reality. Get used to it.

Astrology Forecast: April 2020

So, after a tumultuous month, what can we expect in April? The month opens with two main themes. Mars and Saturn are Conjunct in Aquarius and Jupiter and Pluto remain conjunct in Capricorn all month – and you’d better get used to this as they will do so for almost all of this year. So, I’ll deal with Mars and Saturn first.

They are together as the month opens and what they usually indicate is the start of a period of consolidation. The old grouch Saturn is quite happy in Aquarius. He is giving form to new structures – so expect the foundations to be built to accommodate new ways of experiencing the world.

This will be necessary as the big story, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, becomes a major influence. Pluto has been conjunct Saturn in Capricorn for some time. Our society is in a process of being held up for examination and huge structural changes are happening all around in our politics, issues such as climate change and so on.

As I write this astrology forecast for 2020, Australia is being reshaped by devastating fires – surely as plutonian an event as we will ever see. Pluto brings change by devastation and obliteration – and Jupiter has the power to make that bigger. He is not always the benefic he is portrayed as being. Jupiter can also be brutal – and always means big, so whatever Pluto has planned for this year? It just got bigger.

Pluto also goes retrograde at the end of April – the first of the big planets to do so in what will be a very significant year for retrograde activity. Pluto retrograde may give us all a little breathing space to reflect and learn from the events happening to us. There are major power struggles and transformations happening – at both societal levels and at a personal level if your chart is affected closely by these transits. We will need to use this time to try and make some sense of it all – before Pluto marches forward again.

Astrology Forecast: May 2020

From an astrology forecast perspective, May is fascinating as the retrograde season really gets underway. I’ve been talking about the big planets so far but this month we have a Venus retrograde – and that only happens about every eighteen months. When Venus retrogrades – and this one is in Gemini – those of you in aspect to this Venus station may find yourselves having an extensive financial review, reassessing your appearance, style, relationships, likes and dislikes and so on.

And the bigger picture? This Venus station points to some potential economic instability around this time. There will be reassessment and discussions about money and economics – of that you can be certain. Though with Saturn moving retrograde in Aquarius, it may be difficult to reach agreement on finding the best way to go.

However, Venus and Saturn are not the only planets moving into reverse gear in June. Jupiter stalls in Capricorn and this really signifies that now would be a good time to learn from events that have gone before. This Jupiter retrograde intensifies the conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and it’s very likely that we will begin to see some of the results of the events of previous months become apparent.

This is when we are left in no doubt there are things we need to deal with right now – even if we find it hard to do so. We need to learn from experience – or learn the hard way when Jupiter and Pluto are in reverse.

Astrology Forecast: June 2020

So, here we are halfway through the year and we’re beginning to know what we’re dealing with. Jupiter and Pluto are now in close conjunction retrograde in Capricorn. Those big changes are taking shape. We are learning to live with the consequences of our choices or actions – or not, especially if they were imposed on us by others. The power struggles are immense and the potential for serious violence is there. It’s the big story all year as those in power seek to keep hold of it – and will do anything, it seems, to preserve their position in the world.

However, June also contains the scent of scandal. Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces has been noteworthy for altering our perceptions of truth and lies. Mars is also in Pisces at this time and as he approaches Neptune, is there a hint of sexual impropriety somewhere? Are sexual secrets about to be uncovered?

The theme of ‘kiss and tell’ is also seen as Venus, the planet of relationships and young women, moves forward again on June 25th in Gemini – and no-one likes gossip more than the twins. All may be revealed – this is especially so with Mercury turning retrograde in Cancer mid-month. We’ll be talking about a woman, wives, mothers and homeland. How secure will we feel?

Astrology Forecast: July 2020

By the beginning of July, another very significant even has taken place in the heavens. Mars has entered Aries, the sign of it’s rulership – and it will remain there for the rest of the year. The summer may be very hot indeed – and in more ways than one. Yes, there is a retrograde involved – but not just yet – and the symbolism is clear.

Heat, fire, aggression, rash behaviour, war – you name it – are all part of the Mars/Aries combination. So, incidentally, are bravery, leadership and independence. I feel we will see all of those things from this summer and into the months ahead. Danger or pioneering spirit? It could be both.

This month, Saturn drops back into Capricorn to resume his acquaintance with Pluto and Jupiter. This is the big transiting conjunction of the year. It may bring to a head some of the things the Saturn Pluto transit has been restructuring in our world. I keep on saying this but the theme is clear.

Huge and irrevocable structural change to our social structures and institutions is a real theme this year and July could be a significant month for this. Towards the end of the month, Jupiter also sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Is there some hope that good will come of this? Or will it be fake news on a massive scale? We may feel a sense of optimism at last – let’s hope it’s not misplaced…

Astrology Forecast: August 2020

The themes of last month’s big transit in Capricorn continue this month – but there is an added impetus. Mars in Aries has now reached the point where a very intense square aspect to those big planets in Capricorn is taking effect. Mars, Aries and square aspects share one thing in common. The need to take action.

A square also indicates a real clash. Something that’s not easily resolved – and there’s a lot of hot energy out there coming up against a need for power and control. This could get messy. Or exciting – depending on your point of view. The battle for supremacy is on and things could really kick off.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have Uranus going retrograde this month. Uranus is explosive and unpredictable. A change in his habits may be the last thing we need right now. Once again, restlessness and a need for freedom assert themselves and we find what’s left of our stability being challenged. It could be that we need to accept our notions of the world are outdated – but yet again it seems climate could be the issue and there may be more events that confirm the fragile nature of our world. It’s hot out there.

Astrology Forecast: September 2020

September sees Mars station retrograde in Aries and reinforce that really potent square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in particular. Mars retrograde can be great at doubling down and getting things done as the energy can be more focused – it has a habit of not stopping until the mission is complete – and this is true in your personal life too.

This is the time when tasks will be completed, whatever they may be. We may, however, have issues with our leaders, feeling they’re not up to the task – or many of us may feel we’re being driven in the wrong direction. Sparks could fly.

Jupiter also resumes forward motion this month. It could be time to work out whether the optimism we felt earlier in the summer was misplaced – the bigger picture could seem more clear but there’s no guarantee we will want to look closely at the scene.

The sextile between Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune may reveal how much we’ve been played – and how much there is left to play for. The game is a long way from over but the problem is, we don’t know when or how it will end. Perhaps Saturn moving forward at the end of the month will inject a little well needed certainty into matters.

Astrology Forecast: October 2020

In October the stress of retrograde Mars square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto continues. It’s the kind of tension that causes frustration and anger – and that seems to have been in abundant supply this year – as you would expect with this celestial configuration. Some people may be talking peace but it doesn’t seem to correlate with reality.

Wishing difficulties away doesn’t seem to be working and the untruths seem to be as numerous as ever. We’re having to pick our way through a minefield here – so be prepared to work hard at sorting out facts from fiction, holding truth to power and sorting out right from wrong. It’s a moral maze so try and do the right thing.

There is the feeling of being at a really critical time in history. The process of change – largely because it’s drastic, revolutionary and irreversible – is not an easy time to live through. With Pluto now moving forward, there is now a sense of inevitability about things we are powerless to resist. Many of us could simply feel battle weary by the time October comes around.

Some could feel like winners but the truth could be that no-one will secure a victory in the true sense of the word – there is simply too much anger around right now. With Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio mid-month, we may want to speak truth to power but we could be thinking, ‘what’s the point?’ even if we should be looking very close at who wants to be in power – and why.

Astrology Forecast: November 2020

So, we’re heading towards the end of the year – and how far have we come? During November that constant theme of power struggles for control of our hearts and minds will continue – but with Mars returning to forward motion in Aries, there is a sense that the final battle is about to be fought – and the final battle it must be.

Who will have power and control? What form will it take? What will be the ideology or mind set dominating our society or even personal lives for the foreseeable future? These are the real issues that this year has been about and it’s likely those issues will be fought to the end.

When Mars moves forwards there will be a final push to find those answers. However, you can guarantee that not everyone will like what they hear as only one side can win. There seems very little room for consensus when the large planets have us backed into a corner – and Mars has never been a planet of reconciliation – especially in Aries. This month’s station by the red planet directly opposes Venus in Libra as if to emphasise that point, while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto begin to tie up the loose ends.

Astrology Forecast: December 2020

We have reached the end of what seems to have been a turbulent year – yet already we can see the promise of change is in the air. Mars is moving quickly now as if there’s a sense of impatience to move things on – but the most notable shifts are from Jupiter and Saturn – the planets I like to call, ‘The Keepers of the Gate’.

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius begins this month – and it heralds the dawn of a new era. Of course, we have seen this happening all year with both planets in Capricorn. However, this is the month the conjunction becomes exact – and changes signs into Aquarius, the sign of all that is revolutionary and new. The job is done.

So what will the future hold? New ideas may need to take root, yet the upcoming square to Uranus is 2021 may throw up some unexpected challenges to our usual way of thinking and being. One thing is certain. We may be in uncharted waters and our systems may need a reboot but Aquarius is the sign of genius and inspiration. Let us hope the revolution brings forth a guiding light. There will remain so much for us to do. Happy Xmas 2020. Let us hope the best is yet to come.

© Sara Shipman 2019

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