It seems we can’t get enough of Aquarius if the February 2021 horoscope is anything to go by. The Sun, this month’s New Moon, a retrograde Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are crowding out this sign and leaving us in no doubt that this is the month for looking at life in a different way – and you may need to. That retrograde Mercury (and there’s a whole post on this Mercury retrograde here) means looking again and taking extra care of those parts of your life that resonate to Mercury’s wavelength – particularly as Uranus ruled Aquarius can be full of surprises!

However, the February 2021 horoscope is not all about Aquarius – though only just. Uranus is in Taurus and Mars is also racing through that sign. So, what we have this month is a tense stand off between Venus and Mars – so watch out for those arguments over love and money – and a much bigger underlying tension comes into play as that square aspect between two of the Zodiac’s ‘big beasts’ – Saturn and Uranus – becomes exact. You may be able to feel the tension in the air – and just about everywhere else too!

So, what does the February 2021 horoscope have in store for you? As usual, I focus on the major themes going on in the heavens – and how they could affect you at a personal level. You can read this horoscope for either your Sun sign or rising sign – or both if you prefer!


Dear Aries, your February 2021 horoscope really focuses on your ideals – and what it is you would really like to achieve in this life. This is an issue that’s been biting away at you since the beginning of the year – but this month it seems as if things will really come to a head. This is because you’re now being forced to acknowledge the reality of a few things – and that’s not always easy for a firebrand like you.

One of the issues you face is you are a real social animal – and to get the best out of life you really like to have some input from the world at large. This month, if you’re struggling to find a way forward, you’re going to have to bounce some ideas around with your friends. They know you well – sometimes better than you know yourself – so listen to what they have to say as they want the best for you. I know you find that hard to do, but this is a time to pay heed and take stock.

You will need to take action to marshal your resources this month Aries – especially if you want to move life forward. Whether those resources are material or any of your fantastic array of talents, making the most of what you have is the message that you need to hear loud and clear. That may frustrate you as you love to rush ahead – usually without making any plans – but now is the time for detail and preparation. I know. But you’ll thank yourself later.


Your February 2021 horoscope suggests that this could be an uncomfortable month for you Taurus. That pile up of planets in Aquarius is forcing you to take a good hard look at what’s important to you – and some of you are not going to be comfortable with that. Aquarius is a restless sign and as the solid, steady sign of the Zodiac, restlessness doesn’t sit easy with you – though with Uranus traversing your Sun sign you’ve had to deal with that itch you can’t scratch for longer than you care to admit.

Now, however, it really is all about you. If you’ve been feeling the need to start something new, now is the time you really need to be considering the details or the fine print. This is especially so if you’re thinking of major career changes or striking out on your own. You’re not an impulsive person yet this month you could feel the urge to do something that seems out of character – that’s the think that makes you nervous – though there. is no need for you to feel this way.

What the universe is trying to do is give you a shot in the arm. It’s all too easy for Taurus to be stubborn and stuck in your ways – and while it makes you stable it can also cut you off from good opportunities. However, this month you know they are out there so turn on the charm, think carefully about how you present yourself, get ahead of the detail and don’t let those opportunities pass you by. You need to take action – and now is always a good time to commit to that.


This month, Gemini, your February 2021 horoscope suggests your view of thew world is going through some radical alterations. We live in tough times – has your usual Gemini optimism deserted you? Or does your February 2021 horoscope suggest you can maintain a cheery facade as all about you turns to dust. Whatever position you adopt – and it could be both and everything in-between knowing Gemini – there is one thing you may be this month. Contrary.

Aquarius is the sign of the contrarian – and the focus on this sign during February could mean your opinions are all over the place. Quite simply, you may not know what to think about a lot of things right now – and unless you stop for a moment to take a deep breath (or two) this is likely to stress you out – and not in a good way. You could lose sleep as your mind seems incapable of closing down. So, what’s the answer?

The answer is, perhaps, to stop worrying about things so much. You actually have a great mind, but right now you may be overwhelmed by ideas and strange thoughts. Many of them may be okay as thoughts and ideas go. Pay close attention to those, let the others drift into the ether and give yourself a break. A little meditation or distraction wouldn’t hurt. Be still, stay calm and relax. Overthinking is an indulgence you don’t need in your life this month.


Cancer is a shrewd sign and the February 2021 horoscope suggests you not only know this – you’re preparing to make some canny investments this month. Of course, ‘investment’ can be interpreted in many ways – but the common thread for all of you will be a need to invest in your future and safeguard the things you already have. This may be something you’re considering in a very real material sense as in money, bricks and mortar or so on. Some of you may be making an emotional investment too. The two are often connected for Cancer.

Cancer is a very emotional sign – and your February 2021 horoscope points towards you having a real sense of how the future may impact on you in an emtional sense.. Financial security is always important to you – but this month your focus may be on financial independence too. You may be considering future generations – this may sound serious (and I’m sure you’re in good health) but there will be some of you out there who are concerned with your own legacy this month – and how that may affect others.

So, though you’re naturally a reticent soul, you may feel compelled to become more involved in social concerns this month. You may feel the best way to leave a good legacy is to share your ‘wealth’ (of knowledge, time, money, love) with others – and for the benefit of others too. You can’t take it with you – and maybe the times in which we live are reminding you of that too.


Your February 2021 horoscope is focused on some sensitive areas of your life – and they are parts of your life that have been giving you cause for concern for too long. That bunch of planets in Aquarius are going to focus your attention on your ‘one to one’ relationships, but, before you start getting too excited, this is going to mean some serious input from you. Mars and Uranus are going to be shaking up your attitude towards commitment – and what you want out of life – and you are going to have to take some affirmative action.

This is going to involve you looking afresh at your attitudes to relationships – of all kinds. According to your February 2021 horoscope, this month you’re going to have a great opportunity to look at things in a new way. This may be because of surprising new connections (understandable if that’s surprising in this day and age) or perhaps you’re surprised by your own, more revolutionary attitude towards connecting with others.

What is going to be notable, is the positivity you bring to your relationships and your willingness to take a risk – even when you’re uncertain how the relationship will evolve. Perhaps taking the risk is what you need right now – what is certain is that you can’t continue doing things in the way you have been used to doing them. It hasn’t worked – so what have you got to lose by doing something new?


Virgo, your February 2021 horoscope focuses on your health, lifestyle and personal organisation – and they are all things that are close to your heart. This is safe territory for you – so why do things seem so intense right now? The reason is the planets in Aquarius are challenging you to do things in a different way. You may be having to respond to changes in your routine that have been forced on you, however, you are the zodiac’s best organiser – so even though you’re having to get your head around some changes – you’ll cope admirably.

Your February 2021 horoscope shows you have the ability to initiate some far reaching changes in your life. They may seem radical to you – even if they seem like mere ‘tweaks’ to everyone else. Often, a change in your mental approach brings tangible dividends and, this month, you’re going to discover that a more cerebral approach to the challenges of your lifestyle will pay dividends. For you, it may be about thinking about things differently. ‘What if?’ could be useful question for you to ask.

So, this month, try a bit of ‘blue skies thinking’. If your usual ordered approach to life seems to be getting you nowhere then try a bit of creative chaos. If being cautious about your health and wellbeing seems to be too constraining – then loosen up (within reason of course…). You, more than most people, need a plan of action and a set of goals – the trick this month is to identify them but leave yourself some room for manoeuvre at the same time.


So Libra, what does your February 2021 horoscope have in store for you? For some time you’ve been looking for the thing that makes you feel life is worth living. Now, this month, There is a real stimulus towards doing something new and meaningful with your life. Aquarius is a cerebral air sign and the focus here this month is giving you a lot of ideas, a few crazy impulses and a desire to bring something new into your world – especially when it comes to your own creative expression.

Your February 2021 horoscope could, therefore, bring you a few surprises – especially as there is a real drive to move your life into a new phase and leave the past behind. And, once more, you’re going to see exactly how contrary Aquarius can be. Things you previously enjoyed may seem stale to you. You may discover you like things you previously disliked or want things you previously dismissed. Libra is always famously of two minds but this month? If only your choices were limited to two…

Part of the reason for this is the stress you’re feeling about making choices and decisions about how to move things on is prompted by a real desire to get more satisfaction out of life. It’s about more than finding a new hobby or having more ‘me time’ though. For you Libra, it’s about finding satisfaction at a deep soul level and knowing that you ned to develop a real sense of not just who you are – but who you want to be.


This month Scorpio, your February 2021 horoscope suggests a bit of upheaval on the home front. Now, many of us will have seen a lot more of our homes over the past year than we would normally have expected to – and as a result of this you may have decided to make one or two changes to your domestic scene. For some of you, this may come as a result of a push from your partner. This could be in a positive way if you’ve decided to make a real effort to create the home you want.

Of course, this could also be in a negative way – Mars and Uranus in your February 2021 horoscope suggest there could be a little friction on the relationship front – though hopefully this won’t be any more troublesome than a heated discussion over the choice of paint colour or wallpaper pattern. What is going to be helpful is to focus that fierce energy where it’s most needed – and that is by taking action to get the job done.

Working in partnership with someone is always better than working at cross purposes and there are signs that some of you may want to relocate and be somewhere else, somewhere different – and make a big change to your relationship and family life in that way. If that is so then this is the month to think hard about that and come up with a plan – ready to be implemented when the time is right. Your partner’s views on this may shock you – but keep an open mind.


For Sagittarius, your February 2021 horoscope may be making a few of you feel a little crazy. Fortunately as an expansive, optimistic person, ‘crazy’ never seems to worry you too much and, this month, that’s just as well. Your mind will be buzzing. New ideas, new contacts, surprising communications, unexpected events in your neighbourhood or unexpected short journeys – this is the month for you to embrace differences in language, communications and people – because if you don’t, you could feel a little uneasy.

One of the things that’s been bothering you for a while is that you’ve been feeling unsettled. We’ve all had to adjust to changes in our lives but, mentally, it may have affected you more than most and, as you’re usually an adaptable soul, it may have come as quite a shock to you to realise that. Your February 2021 horoscope suggests you may need to take action to come to terms with the radical changes going on inside your head – and one of the best ways of dealing with the issue is to admit you need to deal with those changes in the first place.

For you, Sagittarius, nothing keeps you happier than keeping your mind occupied and, fortunately, that won’t be a problem for you this month. You’ll be feeling the urge to keep busy and put a lot of energy into thinking about how best you can get out there and make contact with a world that for some of you may seem more out of reach than usual. So, if you can’t get to the world? Bring the world to you – a change of mental approach is perhaps what’s needed now.


For you Capricorn, the February 2021 horoscope suggests you may be feeling a little uneasy about the things you value in life. You’re an ambitious, if steady sign, you have high standards, value hard work and a good reputation – yet this month there is the potential for some of the things you value to be turned on their head. Aquarius is the sign of the great disruptor and you may feel more receptive to a little disruption than you normally would.

One of the issues you have is that you may be feeling that a lot of the pleasure has gone out of life. In truth, that’s a feeling that’s been building for a while but this month things may come to a head as you realise the way forward may be to make some drastic changes to your value system and work out what really matters to you. If you’ve been focusing on the financial or material side of life to the exclusion of all else – you may be forced to admit it’s not so important to you after all – especially if you’re simply not enjoying the daily grind.

Of course, we all need to earn to survive and Capricorn’s February 2021 horoscope suggests you may be reconsidering how you do that and incorporate a little more fun into your life while you do so. If your talents are being underused or under-appreciated (mostly by you I have to say) then use this time to look at them afresh. There is a lot of energy available to you this month to do something a little unexpected and discover where your heart will be in the right place.


Aquarius, whether you like it or not, this is going to be a month of new beginnings. Your February 2021 horoscope has everything stacked in your Sun (or rising) sign so there is simply no way you’re going to be able to ignore events over the next few weeks. For many of you, this will be because you have taken the initiative to make some changes in your life – though maybe that’s because you’ve had to react to circumstances rather than because of any proactive decisions on your part.

I’ll say this again. Aquarius is a contrary sign. Attuned to everything that’s radical and new, you can be surprisingly stubborn and set in your ways – especially where your attitudes are concerned. What you really like is to be a revolutionary – as long as you’ve got a secure and firm foundation or home base to work from. Your February 2021 horoscope shows that this month you may be feeling less secure than you would like – so a change in approach may be called for if you’re going to get things back on track.

Fortunately, tapping into Aquarius’s weird and wonderful energies is easy for you to do – and this month you’ll become aware of them in abundance. You’re going to have to take a good long look at yourself and be completely honest about what you see. Looking at yourself with fresh eyes is more than just a useful exercise – you need to feel fresh and renewed right now so use this time to get in touch with who you are – and present a new face to the world if you need to.


As a Pisces you’re usually more than comfortable in the world of make-believe, however, your February 2021 horoscope suggest that this month, that world is not quite as comfortable as you would like it to be. If there is a time for sleepless nights this month could be it as there seems to be so much buzzing around in the dark hours that you don’t seem to be able to get any respite from it at all – and for a peaceful soul such as you that’s quite something.

One of the reasons for this is that you may be unusually angry. This could be at a personal level – you may have unexpectedly harsh words with someone – or be on the receiving end of someone’s sharp tongue. You may feel stressed if you have inadvertently caused someone some anger or distress – and if you feel guilty in any way then that would undoubtedly disturb your usual equilibrium.

However, your February 2021 horoscope shows that not all is lost. There is a real opportunity here for you to do some work at a deep soul level and identify some of the things you have been hiding from – or some of the secrets that may be being kept from you. Aquarius has the habit of shining the light in the darkest corners and revealing things that we may find surprising or even uncomfortable. This month those dark corners may be in your psyche – so before spring arrives, try and have a good clear out. You know it makes sense.

© Sara Shipman 2021

Image Credit: Image by sunflair from Pixabay 

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