Aquarius: Introduction

Aquarius the Water Carrier. If you have the Sun in Aquarius, an Aquarian Moon or Aquarius is your Rising Sign, you will probably be used to your Sign being known as Aquarius the Geek, Aquarius the Genius or, most likely, Aquarius the all round crazy person. All of this is unsurprising to those of you under the influence of Uranus. The surprising thing would be if you were considered to be normal. That would be bizarre as Aquarius is considered to be the most intellectually independent, quirky and original of all the signs – and some would say Aquarians will go out of their way to be so. Provocative is their middle name.

In this section, I’m going to alert you to all things to do with Aquarius including the Keywords associated with this sign. If you have an Aquarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant, you may also spot a pattern with the things that seem important to you, or keep appearing in your life. If you’re an Aquarian in love – or one who loves an Aquarius – you will also need to know how to spark their romantic imagination. The qualities found in Aquarius can also be found with those who have Uranus strongly positioned in their natal chart, for example, close to the Ascendant or Midheaven, in close conjunction with the Sun or Moon, or in the Eleventh House.

Aquarius: Key Qualities


Air signs are known for their intellectual approach to life and Aquarius is the most intellectual of the Air Signs. Coming at life from left of field, Aquarius possesses the spark that originates the concepts, hypotheses and abstract ideas that push our intellectual limits ever further. So, Aquarius, you are never bogged down by accepting things as they are because you are always looking to the future – and the future, to you, is a realm of endless possibilities filled with the products of your brilliant mind. Regardless of intellectual capacity, Aquarians will always surprise because of their ability to look at life from a new and different angle. That, Aquarius, is your greatest gift.


Fixed signs are exactly that. Stable, yet stubborn, loyal but stuck in a rut, nothing could seem less appropriate for Aquarius, the sign that initiates and strives for change and new experiences more than most. However, Aquarian fixity is detached, independent and cool – appropriately so as the season associated with Aquarius is winter – and usually the harshest part of the winter. So, Aquarius, your fixed nature holds within it the promise of new life and new beginnings. It is the period of stasis we need to allow new life – and ideas – to germinate. Aquarius knows we need the dark to enable new things to germinate and see the light of day.


Aquarius energy is masculine yet it can often seem asexual in many ways often lacking the physical aggression of more obviously ‘male’ signs. However, Aquarius is often mentally and intellectually aggressive – though I would prefer the term ‘pioneering’ – and Aquarians can be very dogmatic in their views. Don’t believe me? Try getting into a ‘discussion’ with an Aquarius. They will stick to their guns in driving their point home and are very unlikely to be sidetracked by any rhetorical tricks you throw in their way. Their gender is irrelevant – and Aquarians often prefer it that way, having no truck with socially conditioned gender expectations.

Aquarius: Ruler

In myth, Uranus was the primordial God of the sky, emerging out of chaos and existing before the time of the Gods. And chaos is the key word here, for Uranus is the shock jock of the Universe, the one who upsets the established order for the sake of it – and who really does not care what happens next. Uranus does not have a plan – for Uranus, the act of disruption is thing. The results of Uranian disorder are for lesser Gods and mortals to make sense of. In other words, Uranus is about tearing down what is stale and out of date to allow something new to emerge – as Venus emerged from the waves following Uranus’s own castration. Chaos sows the seed for something new.

Aquarius: Keywords


Clever, Conceptual, Fair, Free Thinking, Future Oriented, Humanitarian, Idealistic, Independent, Innovative, Intellectual, Inventive, Objective, Progressive, Rational, Reasoned, Reformist, Revolutionary, Scientific, Sincere, Sociable, Technological, Unconventional.


Abrupt, Aloof, Chaotic, Detached, Dictatorial, Emotionally Distant, Erratic, Extreme, Fanatical, Impersonal, Inflexible, Isolated, Opinionated, Perverse, Rebellious, Revolutionary, Stubborn, Tactless, Unpredictable.

Aquarius Sun

The Sun represents your core self – the things that make you who you are – so you really identify with Aquarius characteristics regardless of the influence of your Ascendant which is more than likely to be in a completely different Zodiac sign. For you Aquarius, this means being true to yourself – and that can take many forms. Being independently minded you value your personal freedom above all else and will not countenance believing in anything or behaving in any manner that betrays what you feel are your core principles.

If this makes you seem selfish on a personal level, so be it. However, Aquarius, you are deeply concerned with fairness and equality at a societal level. Social justice, humanity and the wellbeing of people and the planet mean a great deal to you and you can become – in both big and small ways – an activist for the rights of others and wellbeing of all. You are conscious that society matters and in your conscience you believe such matters cannot be ignored – even if all you do is give vent to your opinions on social media from time to time.

Aquarius Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone and the things that keep us content. It’s our emotional centre and there lies the rub if you have the Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius Moons are not that emotional and express their emotions in an intellectual way. This is completely normal for an Aquarius Moon – they hate emotional display and are far more comfortable with considered intellectual responses rather than an emotional outbursts. It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t feel things – they do. They just process it differently – and that’s fine by them.

So Aquarius Moon, in your life you have a need for Aquarian things. Once the world has come to terms with your lack of emotional display, you can concentrate on acquiring tech gadgets, spending hours on line, indulging in singular but meaningful hobbies, and developing your interest in social issues – and your social life too. These are the things you gravitate to quite naturally. For you, Aquarius, having a social life is more than just party time. It usually involves you being part of a collection of like minded souls who perhaps find more connections with strangers who share their particular interests than they do with their own flesh and blood.

Aquarius Rising

With Aquarius on the Ascendant you probably entered the world unexpectedly – and possibly with a little technological assistance. Once there however, you would have been an independent natured child with lots of interests and you didn’t really care whether anyone shared those interests – or not. It’s fair to say, though Aquarius Rising is a sociable person, you’re also more equipped than most to cope with life on your own. You find solitary time useful to recharge your batteries and usually have your best ideas when alone.

You act, look and behave like an Aquarius – which means you have the freedom to create your own persona and be whatever you feel suits you best – regardless of your Sun Sign. You are comfortable with Aquarius’s intellectual approach to life and your express the qualities of your Sun Sign in an Aquarian manner even if your underlying character is somewhat different. So, regardless of Sun Sign you will hold firm opinions and not be shy of expressing them. You will be intellectually creative, an outrider for whatever is new and exciting and will be known to shock from time to time. Those of you with Uranus in the First House will share similar traits.

Aquarius In Love

One thing is certain about Aquarius in love. It has to be a meeting of minds. And it has to be a relationship that allows the Aquarian partner space to retain their sense of freedom. So, Aquarius how does that work? It works because Aquarius people are tolerant of difference. Being notably individualistic themselves, they recognise what makes others so special too and treasure each person for who they are. The downside is that Aquarians can be tribal and more likely to be interested in someone who is one of their ‘gang’ than an outsider. Their fixed qualities make them less flexible than would be presumed.

However, that aside, once smitten they are loyal and fairly resistant to change – even if a little undemonstrative in the traditionally romantic way. They are full of paradoxes as they love nothing more than to be part of a partnership – even if they play the rebel. It’s not that they aren’t loving – of course they are – but it’s in their own way. An Aquarian in love will see the value of being a true friend first and bouquets come a long way down the list. So, if you’re the type of person who is high maintenance with a need for hearts and flowers, an Aquarian is not for you – and all Aquarians will be relieved to read that!

Aquarius: Things To Look Out For

Sky Blue, Blue Sky Thinking, Brain Storming, Electricity, Electronics, Information Technology, Video Games, Social Media, Academia, Scientists, Freelancers, Freeloaders, Alternative Lifestyles, Technological Solutions, Humanitarian Organisations, International Co-operation, Political Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Activism, Upgrades, Updates, Social Justice, Social Scientists, Science, Innovation, Invention, Independence, Revolution.

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