The February 2023 horoscope arrives at what is often the coldest time of year in the northern hemisphere. My morning walk today was icy, so I’m glad to be home and warm as I write this. Astrologically, it’s been an interesting start to the year to say the least. The major retrograde season that began last year has ended – and we’ve been seeing some fallout since both Mars and Mercury turned direct last month. A lot of things have been coming to light – and I suspect those involved wish they had remained hidden. There has definitely been a theme of ‘unravelling’ in early 2023.

In February, however, there’s a sense of some forward momentum – unsurprising as all planets are direct – but there’s also the feeling that there is a lot of work to do, particularly in the middle of the month, when the Sun and Saturn join forces in Aquarius. This could be a critical month for many of us, in ways large and small. With Pluto reaching the last degree of Capricorn, many of you may feel as if you’ve reached a turning point in your lives. If you’re ready to leave the past behind, be brave, be bold and – most of all – be unafraid. As ever, you can read the February 2023 horoscope for your sun sign or rising sign.

February 2023 Horoscope: Aries

Your head is racing this month, as the mental blockages and frustration you have felt since last year are now being blasted into orbit and replaced with more ideas and information than you can handle. Some of you may be having a belated ‘I told you so’ moment, while others are spending a lot of energy catching up with people, places or parts of your mind that have been under wraps for a while. Why is that? The Full Moon may make you feel as if you need to put yourself first for a while and focus on what you want to do to make yourself happy.

In addition, Pluto is really going to make you sit up and take notice of the things that really matter to you – particularly where your career is concerned. Events in that arena may make you decide change direction. If that’s so, it would be better if it were your decision rather than someone else’s. If you have been contemplating a major change – it may be now or never. However, you may be surprisingly hesitant about reaching out; don’t let that stop you. It’s the quality of your contacts that counts – not the quantity.

February 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

Taurus is an acquisitive sign and this month, you may be putting a lot of energy into getting your finances straight. For some of you, there may be some monetary irritations – or impulse buying – and you may have arguments over cash this month as a result. The Full Moon early in the month shines on your home and family – and this may explain where some of that cash is headed. On the positive side, you may find that you’re going to be rewarded for some hard work – though you may have to assert yourself in order to gain the most benefit from this influence.

Hard work is certainly a theme for you this month. That’s not a problem for you as you’re the type of person who usually gets on with the job – and this month you may be required to do exactly that. It’s possible that you will feel weighed down by responsibility – but it’s also possible that you will be recognised as the best person to take control of a major project or assume a more senior position in your career. If it’s the latter, you may feel that this has ben a long time coming; that may be so, but this month marks the moment when your horizons are about to shift – and there will be no going back.

February 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

For Gemini, the February 2023 horoscope marks the moment where you feel as if your ‘mojo’ has returned. The past few months have been difficult; you may have felt exhausted, frustrated or as if you were unable to make things happen in the way you wanted them to. All that has now changed and you now have the opportunity to push ahead after a period on hold. Yours is the sign of the mind, and the Full Moon this month shows how much you rely on being well-informed.

Now is the time to move into another gear; your own personal belief system may be limiting your chances of expanding your life. The universe has so much to offer – if only you’re prepared to engage. So, if you want to transform your life, you may have to work hard at developing a deeper understanding of how the world works. Do this, and you may find that you discover more about yourself than you thought possible. It’s a process that could be highly beneficial – especially to your career. The New Moon opens up a world of possibilities for you at the end of the month.

February 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

This month begins with a few sleepless nights for Cancer – and you prefer your nights to be uninterrupted. As Mars stations in your subconscious this month, it stirs up a host of petty (and not so petty) annoyances that you hoped had been resolved. Sadly, that may prove not to be the case, so you may find yourself being irritated or worried about things that you feel unable to deal with. That’s not going to make you happy, so watch out that you don’t resort the typical Cancer reactions like passive aggression (if you can’t get your own way) or retreating into your shell if you feel that things are going to get the better of you.

The Full Moon, however, suggests that you will have the resources to deal with this – and you may have to be resourceful during this month, as the Sun and Saturn are demanding you pay them some attention in the sector of ‘other people’s stuff’. You may spend this month dealing with other people’s problems. They may be personal, or financial – or just difficult, but fortunately you have the sensitivity to know how to tackle even the most difficult situation. Some of the issues may relate to your partner; you may have to be more supportive than usual this month – especially if your partner is faced with a major decision.

February 2023 Horoscope: Leo

For Leo, the February 2023 horoscope puts you out there in front of an audience – and that’s a relief for you, as you may have felt stifled in recent months. This month you have the energy to reach out and make contact with some like-minded souls – and the Full Moon in the first week of February puts you in the spotlight. What transpires around then may be the result of time spent under the radar, but putting yourself in a position where you’re going to be noticed could pay dividends this month. Your aim should be to turn that corner – and you’ll know how to achieve that by the time of the New Moon later this month.

Everyone has a part of their life that needs some work – and for you that means paying attention to your relationships. For some of you, you may find that relationships solidify in a good way; commitment may be the name of the game this month. However, for some of you, you may need to work on establishing (or re-establishing) some boundaries – and ensuring the lines of communication are clear will be a good place to start. Pluto is going to be asking questions concerning your lifestyle, health and wellbeing, so if you know you need to make some improvements, do so now.

February 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

The February 2023 horoscope tells us that this is a month you need to focus on your career. After a few months of frustration – or having to work hard just to stand still – this is the month that you’ll feel some momentum starting to build. You may have a renewed sense of direction or feel as though your aims and ambitions have been revitalised; either way, it will be good for you to set yourself some targets to achieve over the coming weeks and months. The Full Moon in the first week of this month may reveal something that was hidden to you – and it may be that your own attitudes have been preventing you from getting ahead.

Self-improvement comes naturally to you. You’re the sign that knows the best is yet to come – but only if you work for it. This month you will have to work for it – and it may be the month that you decide to tackle a few things that you’ve been neglecting in recent weeks or months. All things catch up with us in the end; use the energies this month to sort out your priorities and make progress with those things that are most important to you. There is some deep transformational work to be done – particularly in the arena of personal satisfaction. Give yourself some space to enable that process. And trust your instincts.

February 2023 Horoscope: Libra

For Libra, the February 2023 horoscope sees you heading towards a new challenge. If you have felt the desire to get more out of life – now is the time to take action. The only risk you may have is one of over-enthusiasm. That and taking a risk in the first place; what are you waiting for? The answer to that is that you, perhaps, need a little encouragement. Libra is not a lone wolf. You need the company of others and events around the time of the Full Moon this month will show you how critical other people are to your understanding of the world around you.

Unless you know which questions to ask, you will always get the wrong answer. Taking advice may be a theme for you this month. For some of you that may involve taking legal advice – so take care that it’s for all the right reasons. The whole foundation of your life is being transformed – and this may affect your home, family and domestic situation this month. The decisions you make now will affect this part of your life for years to come – so some deep thinking will be needed. Getting your act together may be long overdue; the New Moon late in the month shows that it will be time to start making some improvements.

February 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

Sometimes you need to move things onto another level; the February 2023 horoscope suggests that this is that time. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction, but this month you’re likely to be the one who shows the initiative needed to make some major changes that may affect all parts of your life. That’s what raising your game tends to do – and that’s what you need to do now. The Full Moon suggests that the best place to deploy that energy is in the context of your career. If the opportunity arises to move up – or move on – then it’s something you should take seriously indeed.

Getting serious is a theme for you this month. Stability is essential in our lives – and securing a firm foundation is the basis of a good life. That’s something that’s up for inspection this month; making your home or family more secure may be on way in which this energy works out. Another way in which it could work may be to ensure you get centred and remain grounded in the face of life’s many challenges. Fortunately it will take a lot to knock you off course this month; your insight and gift for reading between the lines will benefit you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

February 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

The February 2023 horoscope suggests that Sagittarius people are going to have an active time on the relationship front this month. If you’re single you may feel the need to partner up more strongly than usual right now – there’s a lot of sexual energy in that zone this month! However, that can also lead to arguments; partnerships mean more than just romance and good times – if things get heated between you, it may be that you need to use that energy in becoming active together in some way, rather than having a fight. The Full Moon may lead you to distant shores – perhaps an adventure holiday would do you both some good.

Fun times aside, there is a serious side to February. This month you need to focus and become more serious minded than usual. You may be sending – or receiving – some important communications. I hesitate to use the words, ‘bad news’, but be prepared to have to get your head around a few things that you would rather not have to deal with. However, if that happens to you, the only thing to do will be to get on with whatever is required of you and work things through. It may not be fun, but you’ll feel a sense of ‘job well done’ at the end of it. You’ll discover exactly how resourceful you can be.

February 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

For Capricorn, the February 2023 horoscope tells us that things are going to need you to be both practical and hard-working; fortunately that’s how you prefer things to be. if any thing needs to be sorted out, this month you will be the ‘go-to’ person. In fact, you will actively seek out areas that need improvement – and you’re likely to start with your own life. So, if you decide to start a new exercise regime, deal with any niggling health issues – or simply decide to get more out of each day – now is the time to do so. the Full Moon early in the month will reveal the things that need to be swept away.

Your ruler, Saturn, is in aspect to the Sun this month – and this adds a serious note to your main area of focus. If you have been guilty of neglecting your finances or accounting records, now is the time to make sure that everything is up to date. You may also have to focus on your resources in other ways; being resourceful is about more than being able to pay your way – you may receive news that requires you to dig deep in other ways too. You may feel as if you are personally transformed by events that happen this month – there may be a lot to get your head around.

February 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

If you’re going to get the most out of life, you’ve got to be in the driving seat; that’s how you feel as the month begins, as the February 2023 horoscope suggests that it’s time for you to put your interests first. Life should be fun, and this month your energies are going to be best deployed in making it so. If you want to start a new hobby – or blow the dust off an old one – now is the time to do so. It’s also a time for showing the world what you can do in the best sense; you can be confident that when you take the lead, others will follow. And that’s especially true of your partner.

During February, you may appear more self-assured than usual – and that’s saying a lot for an Aquarius. You certainly appear more serious than normal and some of you may seem quiet or rather less sociable than we are accustomed to. It’s all part of the personal re-structuring process that’s been going on for some time; Pluto is about to purge the things you cling onto when the going gets tough. The truth is you’re tough enough to deal with most things that life throws at you. So let go of them – you’ll be okay.

February 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

What is it with family? The February 2023 horoscope is homing in on your home zone and suggesting that there are things that you need to do. Everything from DIY to major domestic restructuring will grab your attention this month – and re-structuring isn’t always about the four walls and the roof over your head. You may need to be mindful of the needs and opinions of those you live with, as your energies may appear to be rather a blunt instrument – great for getting things done, but great at causing arguments too. That may happen if you try too hard to convince folks that your way is the only way.

Put your zeal to use at making some improvements to your own life, rather than blaming others for your own mistakes – Pisces can be to good at playing the victim. An issue you may have is not being entirely in touch with your inner needs. That’s unusual for you as you’re usually so sensitive. This month there may be blockages – and they may prevent you from sensing what is really going on. I hesitate to use the term ‘paranoia’, but you may wonder if someone, somewhere, is working against your best interests. However, you may be overly sensitive to honest criticism. And it may come from your friends.

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