The January 2023 horoscope is the last post I’ll publish this year (2022) – and what a year it has been. On a grand scale, we have seen major events like the death of Queen Elizabeth II (I did say in the Big 2022 Horoscope that September would be a month for big news) as well as a host of other issues like inflation and the war in Ukraine. They were written in the skies well before the tanks rolled over the border and the price of everything went through the roof.

I’ve just put the Big 2023 Horoscope out there and predicted a year of great change; it seems to begin in much the same way as 2022 ends, then there will be a period of disruption and transition followed by some cautious optimism as the year (2023) ends. However, this January 2023 horoscope is not about the big bad world, it’s about you, so sit back and enjoy (I hope) what the first month of the new year is going to bring to you. Regular subscribers will know that you can read this horoscope for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

January 2023 Horoscope: Aries

There’s someone looking forward to the challenges 2023 will bring – and that’s you. Jupiter has just re-entered your sign and that has you fired up and raring to go. You’re naturally enthusiastic and positive – but this month you’ll be even more so. However, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo the optimism, or get mad at those who aren’t as upbeat as you. If someone is asking you to slow down and not rush things – they may have a fair point. With Mars still retrograde, accidents could happen and an argument is only a moment away.

One area that may need your attention is your career. With Mercury retrograde in this sector of your chart, it’s time to review your ambitions and perhaps inject a note of reality about what is possible – and what is not. This will help you to transform your long term objectives and become more comfortable with where you feel you’re headed in life. The New Moon late in the month will help you with that process as it will sow the seeds of new ideas and some possibilities that you hadn’t previously considered.

January 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

There’s a subtle change for you this month, as you begin to make sense of a few things that have been bugging you for a while. There are always things we cannot explain, but this month you may find that your imagination is in overdrive as you seek explanations for some of the restlessness that has been such a feature of your life since Uranus entered your sign. The truth always lies within – and often the truth reveals nothing more than we already knew. So, although you may feel like blaming yourself for any of your imagined faults, the best solution is to let go and move on.

Mercury retrograde is helpful to you this month as it focuses your attention the deeper things of life. Developing our understanding of the wider world is the key to knowledge and if you feel that your perspective has been limited – then try looking at things from a different angle. You may spend time looking for somewhere to get away from it all – that will be time and money well spent – particularly in the early part of the month. If you can’t travel immediately – make plans, as Mercury retrograde is good for that too.

January 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

The new year puts some zing into your social life – and that’s always good with you. However, it’s going to be easy for you to overdo things, so try and be selective about your social involvements this month. The time will also be right for some of you to start something new – particularly if there is a cause or group that you would like to join or become involved with at a deeper level. The year opens with you thinking more deeply than usual about what’s important to you.

Unusually for Gemini, you may be minded to cut out things that are frivolous and focus on the necessities. That, unfortunately, may be cash related so if that’s the case, the New Moon in fellow air sign, Aquarius, may help you develop a clearer understanding of what needs to be done – and the mental energy to develop a whole new approach to the future. If this sounds like the seeds are being sown for a personal revolution, then that’s simply a reflection of the things that have been lingering in your unconscious for quite a while now. The energy is there; use it.

January 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

It’s a powerful month for you Cancer, as the Full Moon shines in your sign in the first week of the New Year. The Full Moon brings things to a head, but be prepared to make a big decision as a result of events around this time. There will be some strong feelings involved – and whatever transpires may affect your closest relationships. Things may reach a turning point – particularly where your commitments are concerned – and one reason for this is that Jupiter in Aries is lighting up your Midheaven – so your public image and/or career come into sharp focus.

Whatever is causing the issue, the onus will be on you to take charge and be the person that other people place in high regard. There are a few times in our lives when we reach an exalted status – and this could be your moment in the spotlight. Your ambitions may also be fuelled, so make sure you behave with the grace for which you are known as it would be easy to become arrogant under this particular celestial influence. One more thing; Mars is still retrograde and making you slightly uncomfortable about being in the limelight. You have no reason to feel this way, so use that latent energy to refuel emotionally when needed.

January 2023 Horoscope: Leo

This new year sees you more interested in taking a holiday than is usual for you at this time of year. You love the sun, not the snow, but maybe this year, the thought of winter sports has more appeal than usual. For those of you who truly hate the slopes, you may be actively seeking out a hotspot to enjoy later this year. In general, however, you will feel more assertive than normal – make sure that this doesn’t tip over into aggression, as you may be more easily triggered than usual during this month.

Unfortunately, if that happens it may occur with one of your friends. Sometimes we need to prune our contacts list – and this may be one of those times. However, there is another side to this; put your energy into working out where you want to go in life. It’s the time for resolutions, so working on a comprehensive and radical personal proposal would be a worthwhile use of your energy. You need to think hard about how productive you are; sometimes even a small adjustment yields a big result.

January 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

A new year means a new you. This month it’s time to make some important changes – particularly the kinds of changes that can move your life onto a new level. That’s where your focus is – and that’s unsurprising as Mars retrograde in Gemini is making you work hard to not only identify, but also set in motion the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. That, helpfully is also where the Full Moon is going to shine this month, and you may find the opportunity to move forwards comes sooner than you thought it would.

In some ways that’s not surprising, as your sign is noted for it’s hard work and productivity; hard work will be a theme this month, though you should find it enjoyable and you will be amply rewarded. The New Moon later in the month suggests that things will begin to fall into place as far as your working life is concerned; Mercury retrograde is often beneficial to Virgo people as it increases your – already legendary – focus and application. This time around it’s helping you to become who you really want to be – and being yourself is the best route to success.

January 2023 Horoscope: Libra

For Libra, the January 2023 horoscope sees Jupiter move into your house of relationships. Jupiter likes to move things on, so expect failing partnerships to end and be replaced by new – and more helpful – relationships of all kinds. Even those of you who don’t experience such major shifts will see improvements of some kind – though Jupiter’s ‘improvements’ may come in many guises – and may not seem like improvements at first. It is, however, time to move life forwards and move on.

You need to focus your energies on new opportunities; early in the month, the Full Moon shines on your career sector, so make sure everything is in good standing there. You’ve also been forced, lately, to focus on your home and domestic situation. Mercury retrograde is causing you to make a lot of plans – but wait until Mercury moves forward before putting them into action. Whether it’s a house move or a home improvement you have in mind, use this time to work through your ideas – after all, mistakes can be expensive in more ways than one.

January 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

For you Scorpio, Jupiter’s move into Aries signals it’s time to become more productive. If you need to be more, do more, look after your health and fitness and boost those energy levels after a period of sloth and idleness, now is the time. A gym membership is not just for Xmas, so use the energy that’s currently trapped in the sector of lasting change, to make some meaningful improvements to your health, wealth and happiness this month. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient – even if it’s difficult.

Fortunately, your mental application will be well directed this month. Mercury retrograde can help you to focus on exactly what you need to do – and the Full Moon will give some wider context and application to your ideas. If you’ve been searching for a way to increase your understanding or involvement in the world – now is the time to make some progress with that, as will be revealed by the events of the Full Moon. However, it may also make you restless and long for new horizons; you may be reminded that the journey is often more important than the destination.

January 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

The January 2023 horoscope for you is filled with positive, fiery energy on one hand and a few financial red flags on the other. As a Sagittarius, you’ll be used to both of these situations, so I’ll begin with the one you like best. The first one. As the year begins, Jupiter in Aries is going to make you feel like the King of the World, but that may tempt you to throw your weight around if you feel that things aren’t going your way. However, for most of you, the month will begin in an active and fun way – though you may have to work out some frustrations in partnership matters.

Mars’s extended stay in Gemini has made you focus on your relationships with more energy than usual. Hopefully this will have been amicable, but if you’ve been trying to keep things together, there is still some hard work ahead of you. As the year begins, Mercury retrograde in Gemini suggests you’re going to have to be resourceful – and Venus and Pluto’s presence in the same sign gives a financial overtone to this. Shared resources may be an issue this month, so be prepared for some tough negotiations. Around the time of the New Moon, you may find yourself having to drive a hard bargain.

January 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

There is a lot of action on the home front for you this month. Jupiter’s return to Aries will give you a real boost if you’re considering any domestic projects – or even a relocation. That’s a positive way to use this energy – unfortunately there may also be some ‘lively’ debates at home. However, it’s a time for you to focus your energy on improvements of all kinds, so hopefully disputes will be kept to a minimum. The Full Moon early in the month shines on your partnership zone; it’s possible that they will be the focus of change rather than you – and the signs are that you may be the one holding your tongue.

January is also a month to be resourceful, as your money sector will be occupied by Venus and Saturn. You may be feeling the need to rein in your expenditure after the holiday period – who doesn’t? – but it’s a sign that you may be counting the pennies – or the cost – for other reasons too. In a positive sense, there may be something that you want, but you need to save for – and that’s the kind of thing that comes naturally to you as you’re a careful kind of sign. The New Moon in this sector later in the month tends to support this analysis rather than a more negative outcome.

January 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

The January 2023 horoscope suggests that this month you will be saying like it is. Aries is characteristically blunt and, with Jupiter’s return to this sign, there’s going to be a big impact on the way you communicate. Fortunately, it’s not all about arguments. This month, your mind will be sharp too – and the Full Moon will enable you to put that to good use. If there is anything in your life that needs improvement, you’ll have the mental vigour to attack any problems head on. Finding solutions could be a major theme for you this month.

The new year begins with Mercury still retrograde in Capricirn – and that will put your sixth sense to good use too. The ability to sense undercurrents is a great gift – and early in the month you may decide to make an important financial or romantic decision. It’s more likely to be based on a hunch rather than anything else – so you may wish to think things through in the cold light of day rather than rush into anything that may turn out not to be such a good deal after all. By the end of January, you’ll be enjoying a new, stable beginning after a period of personal turmoil – enjoy the moment.

January 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

The year begins with you in the mood to spend, but the question is – what are you going to buy? Jupiter in Aries may be loosening your purse strings, but Mars retrograde in Gemini is focusing your energy on making changes to your home and family situation, so it seems you have a few choices to make. You can focus on spending the cash on your physical home, or something new for your home – or you may want to gift some cash to a family member. You’re a generous soul, but – whatever you do – make sure the purchase gives you pleasure. It’s always better to spend cash on something – or someone – you love.

Pisces loves to share and this month, your mind will be on sharing in a big way. If there’s a cause you feel the need to support, you may donate or become involved in some way. As an emotional sign, you’re easily touched by the plight of those who are less fortunate than you. Although this is a good month for thinking about, or becoming involved with, good causes or communal projects, you will need to be mindful of your own mental and emotional wellbeing, as it’s easy for you to become overwhelmed by demands on your resources. Use this month to firm up your boundaries in a good way – events at the New Moon will show you how.

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