Tonight it’s a Full Moon in Aries – so in keeping with that sign, this will be a quick post! I’m usually up to speed with my blogging, but It’s been a packed few weeks as ‘my husband and I’ have just been married – appropriately during the romantic Libra season. After a honeymoon in Paris, I’m back at the keyboard – and in true Aries style, I’m going to jump straight in…

Full Moon in Aries: The Essentials

Let’s keep this direct: the Full Moon and is found at 16˚32′ Aries and reaches it’s peak at 20:54(UT). Full Moon’s mark a time of culmination; things come to a head or reach peak intensity and the Full Moon’s light shines on things that would normally remain in the shadows – and with Aries we need to be alert to becoming aware of things at speed. It’s also a sign associated with new beginnings, so a culmination this time around may signify a transition from one mode of being, to another – and this may not happen without a fight.

Aries is ‘in your face’, and given the Moon represents the emotional and sensitive nature, feelings may be running high about something that’s come to light and simply cannot be ignored. So, in our personal lives we may become aware of issues that provoke a strong emotional reaction, and that’s more likely to occur for those of you with important planets or points in aspect to this lunation aspect – particularly the conjunction.

The Moon is personal – so your feelings may relate to events that are personal to you or your loved ones. However, in mundane astrology, the Moon represents all of us, so events of a public nature may provoke a similar strong reaction. Aries is warlike and expressive; in mundane astrology it represents how nations assert themselves. As you know with Aries, there’s ‘forceful’ and there’s ‘brute force’ – which is maybe something we will need to think about at this time…

All lunations come with a chart, so does the chart for this one back up the assertive Aries nature of this Full Moon? Let’s take a look.

Full Moon in Aries: The Chart

Full Moon in Aries: October 2022 1
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The chart is an active one, with a ‘t-square’ involving Mercury, Mars and Neptune (retrograde) however the lunation is not involved ‘directly’ in this configuration. All Full Moons are a Sun-Moon opposition; in this case, the Sun is Conjunct Venus and the Moon conjunct Chiron, with the Moon also sextile Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn Retrograde is also square Uranus in Taurus – and that has been a major – and stressful – feature in our heavens for some time.

I mentioned above that the Moon is not involved directly with the ‘t-square’, however, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the other dominant aspect pattern in this lunation chart – the ‘grand trine’ between the Sun, Mars and Saturn. It’s an air trine (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) that functions on a mental, communicative and relational level.

In predictive astrology, trines represent things that are ongoing (there’s nothing new there) or they indicate things that happen fast because there is nothing to prevent them happening – either because you’re powerless to prevent something happening to you or you have already set things in motion at an earlier time. A ‘grand trine’ joins all of those dots; it’s reputed to be beneficial but can indicate inertia or a stalemate situation.

So, the trine and t-square provide the background noise to this lunation – and, in a departure from my usual practice, I’m going to look at the background noise first…

Full Moon in Aries: The Background Noise

I’ll begin with that grand trine. Stasis. Inertia. Stalemate. We’ve all been there enough times to know a deadlock when we encounter one. An air trine shows that there may be ideas, negotiations or discussions that have run out of road. Going ‘around the block’ only brings you back to the same place. Saturn’s presence is indicative of something that has been going on for too long – and Venus and Mars? Always relational in some form or other.

Relationships come in many forms. At a personal level, a grand trine involving Venus, Mars and Saturn may indicate a relationship that’s become stale or dull. In more positive terms, it may indicate a relationship that’s been a long time ‘in development’, or where you’re feeing inhibited about making that move… It’s not necessarily a bad indication but it’s a situation that needs a jolt in order to move things forward – one way or another.

Similarly, less personal relationships would benefit from that dame dynamic; some of you may experience a situation where persistent (Saturn) negotiations (Mars and Venus) seem to be getting you nowhere. It’s frustrating (Saturn) and annoying (Mars), yet you may feel as if there is some kind of inevitability about the situation.

In all cases, action seems necessary, and as the grand trine is connected to the t-square aspect pattern through the placement of Mars, action is what it will be, However, Mars is in Gemini and is approaching its own lengthy retrograde period in that sign. And that’s either an argumentative placement or a time when quick thinking will be required. Given that Mars is in Gemini, it’s likely that both of those positions will manifest – as well as all of the potentialities in between.

So, What is it that ends the inertia and drives things forwards? An argument or some new ideas? A t-square demands action and the planets in the t-square suggest the nature of the issues that are involved. Mercury and Neptune are opposed, with Mars at their midway point. Mercury-Neptune aspects are tricky because they suggest that there’s a mismatch between what you think you know and what you’re being told.

Mercury-Neptune is the classic gaslighting combination, but it’s also a romantic one too. As I sure many of you will know, the line between those two positions is often vanishingly thin. Whether you feel as though someone is misleading you – or whether you’re not seeing things as they truly are – something has to give.

And this is where Mars takes effect. Whether things come to a head (the classic lunation effect) because you ‘blow-up’ or take the initiative – that’s what this combination is suggesting needs to happen. With Mars being trined by the Sun, there’s a lot of energy available – and there’s nothing to get in the way. And at the time of the Full Moon in Aries, that’s the message that’s going to be coming at you, loud and clear.

Full Moon in Aries: The Aspects

So, there’s potentially one heck of a back story to this Full Moon in Aries, and that’s what you will become conscious of as the moonlight reaches peak intensity. One way or the other, there will be significant emotional impact – Aries does impact, collisions and urgency like no other – and if you need to ‘face up’ to something around this time then you will certainly have the courage to do so.

Full Moon Opposite Venus

With the Full Moon opposed by Venus (conjunct the Sun), you may find yourself having to tread carefully where your own feelings are concerned in respect of a particular relationship – and that applies to relationships of all kinds, as well as financial or legal commitments or business partnerships. It may seem difficult to get what you truly need – the stasis I described earlier – and it may seem as it the gap between what you want and what you need has reached breaking point.

The Full Moon in Aries means that it’s time to draw the line – one way or another. You either take the initiative and start paying attention to your real needs, or you take the easy way out and give in to someone else’s demands. The choice is yours – but you may only have yourself to blame if you feel unhappy as a result. Yet, sometimes a degree of unhappiness is the price we pay for the easy life that is associated with Venus – particularly Venus in Libra as it is in this lunation chart – and that’s emphasised by the following aspect to the Full Moon…

Full Moon Conjunct Chiron

Chiron is the wounded healer, and Chiron’s presence in this lunation suggests a degree of compromise may be necessary – whatever the circumstances – personal or otherwise. A Full Moon in Aries is dynamic and active – but it also wears its heart on its sleeve. Brave and bold Aries Moon may need to acknowledge some vulnerability during this lunation – and hurt feelings may play a part in whatever transpires around the time of this Full Moon in Aries..

That’s not to say, however, that rage and broken hearts are all that’s on offer; to heal an emotional wound requires that wound to be acknowledged in the first place. Often that requires immense bravery – particularly if you’re required to be open and acknowledge the extent of your own pain. This is where the Aries Full Moon excels; being emotionally direct, taking that risk and being unflinchingly honest will be the best options to pursue at this time. If you can heal yourself through stepping in to help another – that’s even better.

Full Moon Sextile Saturn

Finally, this lunation opens the door open to some form of emotional stability and maturity. If that’s what the end result is of the events that transpire around this time – then it will be worthwhile. However, it may not feel like that at the time. Sometimes, when the universe gives us a push, we feel resistant towards it – even if it’s long overdue and well-intended.

Sometimes you need to work hard to get the result you need. In truth, we usually get the best results from sustained efforts and our rewards seem so much more satisfying if we have worked hard to achieve them. One more thing; it’s possible that the law of ‘unintended consequences’ may play a part in the climactic events surrounding this month’s lunation. New and fortunate circumstances may place you in the right place at the right time – and with an Aries Full Moon, you may be quick to recognise that the thing you’ve been looking for is staring you in the face.

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Picture Credit: Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

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