This month’s New Moon is a solar eclipse in Scorpio and, as that moment approaches, I think we can already feel a sense of something existential heading our way. At a time when the world faces the possibility of some kind of nuclear ‘event’ and radical politics seems headed for confrontation and meltdown, it seems appropriate that a solar eclipse is Scorpio is likely to be the harbinger, if not ‘of doom’ then certainly of significant, far reaching and dramatic change in some form.

I used the word, ‘meltdown’ and that seems as if it could be a great description of the events that transpire under a solar eclipse in Scorpio. So, in this post, I’m going to look at what the chart for this particular solar eclipse foretells, but I’m going to begin with a brief run through of what solar eclipses mean in general. So, get into the bunker, blow the dust from your hard hat and prepare for Armageddon…

What is a Solar Eclipse?

if you take a look at the picture at the top of this post it shows in diagram form, the physical reality of a solar eclipse. I explained the detail of this in a previous eclipse post (see ‘Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 30th 2022) but, briefly, The Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned so that the Moon lies between the Sun and the Earth and it blocks out the light of the Sun for a short period of time. That’s the basic astrophysics, but in astrological terms, blocking out the light of the Sun symbolises a ‘seeding time’ when things are underground, waiting to emerge.

This is a partial solar eclipse as the alignment along the ecliptic isn’t quite 100%, so to speak, but in astrological terms, what does that imply?

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: The Energy

With a solar eclipse in Scorpio, the things that emerge following the eclipse are likely to burst forth with a degree of power that can be both shocking and transformational. I listened to the newscasts this morning before writing this post and, as usual, a politician made a speech. He used the phrase, ‘battle for the soul’, and this hit home as it seems a most appropriate form of words to describe a solar eclipse in Scorpio.

Scorpio functions at a deep, soul level. It expresses the kind of energy that causes us to look deep within and realise that in order to move forward, some things need to be left behind. Casting off, shedding our skin or making those important, critical, life-changing decisions is something best done voluntarily.

Unfortunately, the plutonic energies associated with Scorpio have a habit of coming at you from the outside, and when they do so, you may find yourself having to pick up the pieces – if there are any left to collect. Obliteration is a word I would associate with this solar eclipse, but before you reach for the iodine pills, let’s consider what ‘obliteration’ really means…

It seems we have two choices here; to ‘destroy completely’ or ‘to conceal’. With the solar eclipse in Scorpio, the impetus will be to go for either of those options. Something you thought you had may be be taken away from you – and over the coming days or weeks that may be revealed as a cataclysmic event – or the result of some subterfuge or secret activity.

At a personal level, those of you with important planets or points in aspect to the solar eclipse may need to make an important decision that involves those kinds of process or procedure. At a less personal level, we can’t escape the fact that this Scorpio theme is going to be emerging in public events over the coming weeks – and maybe months. Yet those events will have significant personal impact. Scorpio works that way.

Prepare to be shocked, scared and feel powerless. That sounds hard but take heart – if this period represents a low point, then it also represents a turning point. Things can only get better – and that’s something contained in the solar eclipse energies too.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: The Chart

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: October 25th 2022 1
chart from

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: The Aspects

The solar eclipse chart shows that the eclipse makes a number of aspects. It is conjunct Venus in Scorpio and so forms a powerful stellium in that sign. The stellium is squared by Pluto, Scorpio’s natural ruler, so the lunar eclipse in this sign is given extra dramatic tension by that aspect.

Then there’s a trine aspect to Mars. Rash, fast and often violent, an eclipse in aspect to both Pluto and Mars is likely to be fraught with danger somewhere along the line. That line shows where we need to tread carefully, especially as the contact with Mars feeds into the grand trine that dominates the solar eclipse chart. It’s an air grand trine involving Mercury, Mars and Saturn – and it’s the background noise to this solar eclipse.

Last – but certainly not least – Jupiter is currently retrograde in Aries; it’s time there has signalled a highly explosive time for the world, and though Jupiter is about to drop back into Pisces, there will be an awkward inconjunct (150˚) aspect between Jupiter and the solar eclipse before it does so. Something is going to erupt and put us in uncharted territory for sure.

Let’s look at the aspects in detail:

Solar Eclipse Conjunct Venus

Venus is intimately connected to this solar eclipse in Scorpio, and that means the things we associate with Venus will be part of the picture that emerges in the days and weeks to come. Venus is shorthand for relationships and money – and with Scorpio, there are big financial implications. Huge scams may come to light and the general economic picture may be cataclysmic – but Venus here may affect some of you more closely than that.

For some of you, your financial commitments may need to be clarified in the period following the eclipse. Deals may be broken at short notice and contractual obligations may need to be studied carefully. This is not a time to take things on trust. Trust is a big Scorpio buzzword – and it usually means, trust no-one. Make sure all. your dealings are watertight as far as you can. Negotiations may be prominent at this time.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans may go up in smoke around now. That applies to contracts of all kinds – but also personal relationships. Used well, however, relationships of all kinds can be moved onto another level. Sometimes we need a push – or even a jolt – to get things moving in the right direction. This solar eclipse will certainly provide that.

Solar Eclipse Square Pluto

The solar eclipse in Scorpio is square Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler – and that’s a tense and dynamic aspect. It’s dark, destructive and dangerous – but it can also prompt actions to restore and refocus on things too. However, the actions prompted by this aspect are often uncompromising and final; restoration is often preceded by demolition – and though you may be thinking of this in a physical sense – it’s true in an emotional sense too.

Given the relational nature of the solar eclipse through its contact with Venus, relationships and associations of all kinds may be subject to this extreme transformational dynamic. Those of you who are particularly affected by this eclipse may notice this outcome more than most. However, it may not be your primary relationship that is affected, and the outcome – if handled well – may ultimately result in improved conditions after the initial destructive phase.

Cause and effect are the things to look at over the next few weeks – and in public life we may notice extreme forms of power play, ‘Machiavellian’ behaviour (scheming, plotting and political warfare) as well as the more obvious plutonic issues of extreme wealth, exploitation and criminal activity becoming major issues. Often there will be events that contain all of those themes, spewing out into the public domain.

Solar Eclipse Inconjunct Jupiter Retrograde

So far, Jupiter’s tour of Aries has ben everything we would expect it to be. Almost all of the things you would associate with this fiery and bad-tempered sign have been amplified by Jupiter’s presence; war, high-risk strategies, threats of all kinds, extreme heat – you name it, we’ve seen it. However, Jupiter is now retrograde and about to drop back into Pisces – but before it does so – there’s the small matter of the aspect from the solar eclipse in Scorpio…

When transiting Jupiter turns retrograde, the consequences of profligate and expansionary behaviour become evident. When Jupiter is in Aries, it’s as if all of the things or behaviours you were warned about – because they were high-risk or the product of ill-placed confidence – come home to roost. We are suddenly faced with the consequences of our actions. Unfortunately, Jupiter’s natural ‘boosterism’ makes it hard to accept responsibility.

That happens at both a personal and societal level and in all instances the message is clear; we are where we are because of the things we did – or believed – earlier. And now what? Finding yourself in an awkward or difficult situation is classic inconjunct (150˚ aspect) territory, and with the solar eclipse inconjunct Jupiter, all of us may be having to adjust to the results of such behaviour – whether that’s at a personal or social level. Jupiter is so huge that whatever happens it’s likely we will all be touched one way or another. It’s a social planet after all.

However, as this is a ‘seeding time’, watch out for the potential for storing up trouble further down the line. As Jupiter re-enters Pisces, there is the potential for major confusion and a certain blindness. Lies and deliberate misinformation could also be ‘sown’ around this time.

Solar Eclipse Trine Mars

I’ve gone against astrological protocol to save this aspect to last as it ties the solar eclipse in Scorpio to the air grand trine that’s dominating the skies as we speak. A grand trine in predictive astrology speaks of existing conditions; there is nothing new – and it may also indicate stasis or a stalemate where things appear impossible to resolve or move on.

However, the solar eclipse and its aspects may show a route to resolution – or perhaps just some actions that shake things up – one way or another. Whatever happens, the solar eclipse trine Mars suggests that events will happen quickly, or something will be put in place that unravels fast.

With Mars, there is always the potential for violence – or violent disagreement – and with Mars in Gemini, I suspect the latter is most likely to be in evidence in the days and weeks following the solar eclipse. Air trines function on a communicative, mental and awareness level. This implies that – whatever happens – it’s going to be polarising (inevitable as the solar eclipse is in Scorpio) and also divisive.

Taking sides seems to have been a constant theme this year – whatever happens around the time of the solar eclipse, we’re going to see that theme on repeat – regardless of what happens, except now it’s going to appear to be existential. And existential is what Scorpio is about. This is really going to be a ‘battle for the soul’.

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