Happy 2021! This is your January 2021 horoscope and the New Year dawns with Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius – giving that real ‘age of Aquarius’ vibe to the month – and potentially for some time to come as we enter the new age – and there is no sign more ‘new age’ than Aquarius. That’s likely to be something to think about as Mercury is also is Aquarius and touches ‘The Great Conjunction’ mid month marking a dawn of realisation if ever there was one.

The January 2021 horoscope does, however, indicate this will be a tense month. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are squared for much of the month by Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus – Uranus on its own is tense enough – but when Mars enters the ring then sparks really fly. Will a brief trine from Venus mid-month bring any joy? We shall see. This month’s New Moon in Capricorn is also a testing one as it’s close to Pluto – the planet of no return. Looks like we will all have to make some touch choices around the middle of the month. Lets hope the Full Moon in Leo at the end of the month brings the right kind of drama…

So, what does the January 2021 horoscope hold in store for you? As usual, I focus on the major themes going on in the heavens – and how they could affect you at a personal level. You can read this horoscope for either your Sun sign or rising sign – or both if you prefer!


So, Aries, your January 2021 horoscope sees some serious tension between your bank account and your social life. Are you going to indulge in some impulse spending in the New Year sales? It certainly looks like it’s a possibility as sudden and unplanned expenditure is starred for you this month. It may come come, however, with certain conditions. A friend could ask you for a loan – or encourage your spending in some way.

This is likely to give you something to think about. Are you going to be responsible or throw caution to the wind? It’s your call. Alternatively, you may feel compelled to contribute more to society – this could be your time, money or creative talents. The beginning of the year is always the time we consider making big changes – and as an Aries you don’t wait to be told what to do.

When the New Moon conjuncts Pluto mid-month you may discover that in order to move forward you must leave the past behind. You have a real need this month to express yourself and get the most out of life – and if you feel you have been missing out lately (and haven’t we all!) this will be a real push towards a more fulfilling time in your life. You need change – and by the time of the Full Moon in Leo you will be your old playful and energetic self.


Your January 2021 horoscope shows you have a bit of an issue this month – and it’s between how you see yourself – and how the world sees you. You’re a steady and practical sign Taurus – and not given to change – but this month you may be thinking seriously about changes to your career, life direction or reputation and you may be concerned that those changes are being forced on you rather than being your own choice.

The challenge for you is that you’re being asked to push yourself harder and be more assertive than you would normally feel comfortable with. Sometimes, you need to go for the things you want in life – and this January you may feel more inclined to do just that. Of course, as a Taurus, you may need to be persuaded and, stubborn as ever, you hate to be pushed into anything. If this happens there could be a ‘red rag to the bull’ moment or two.

The main issue you have this month is your need to be grounded. You need stability – especially in the domestic sphere. Mid-month you may find you need to develop a whole new perspective about this – and for you it may be a change that’s long overdue. Thankfully, the Full Moon is likely to shine on good times at home – and you may feel your best efforts are directed towards a more fulfilling home and family life. It will be a change that’s welcome.


There is something chewing away at you Gemini – and you can’t quite put your finger on it. The January 2021 horoscope shows that, as the year opens, you’re thinking hard about how you can bring more of the world into your life – the problem is that you haven’t yet worked out how. This can be a great source of irritation for such a versatile soul as you – and you may have a few sleepless night as your subconscious tries to sort things out.

The problem you may have is getting your endless mental energy and hyperactive nerves to work together. Much of this month they could be at odds – as if you’re overstretched somehow. However, there is the potential to get things back on track if you learn to manage your stress in a positive manner – and it will be a stressful month one way and another with a lot of demands on your mental and emotional resources.

Fortunately, the New Moon prompts you to get to grips with this as you decide enough is enough. You will have the opportunity to really say how you feel and express yourself in no uncertain terms. Words are your ‘go to’ release valve – so whether you say it, read it or write it, you’ll feel more able to access your ideas and come up with the workable solution you were looking for. There may be compromises to be made, but by the end of the month, you’ll know where you stand.


I’ll begin with the big news. Your January 2021 horoscope shows you’re at a real turning point in your life – and it’s something you’re keenly aware of. We all go through phases in our lives – and for you, some long awaited changes are becoming real. There may be financial implications, however, and you’re likely to be discussing those during the month. You may be in new territory but you know you have to make it work for you.

This is just as well as you may be feeling the need to take charge of your future hopes and dreams. You can’t wait to get on with creating a future that’s more in line with your own ideals. Whether that means you become involved in social concerns – or you simply ramp up your social life, that’s up to you. What is clear however, is you’re going to become frustrated if things don’t happen as quickly as you would like – and for many Cancer subjects that will seem rather out of character.

However, you are not alone. The New Moon shows you are in this together and the changes in your life involve your closest relationships too. You will need to place a relationship on another level – whether it’s a personal or business relationship thats up to you. Remember, some things must end so other things can take their place – and change is not always a bad thing. By the end of the month you’ll be pleased you have enough resources at your disposal – and you’ll be inclined to celebrate that fact.


Dear Leo, your January 2021 horoscope suggests you’re going to start the year with a bang as far as your career or reputation is concerned. Or at least – that’s what you want to happen. Your ambitions are rocket fuelled as 2021 dawns as you have decided that, this year, you’re going to throw everything at making your future secure. Your motivations could be your sense of worth or sense of pride – whatever it is you are determined to go for it big time.

So what’s holding you back? The realisation you can’t do it alone. Sometimes you need advice, a consultant or simply a helping hand to get you on your way. So you may need to develop a relationship with someone who understands where you’re coming from – and where you want to go. However, you know this already Leo – so put your pride away and reach out to others who can help you to reach your goals.

The New Moon mid-month can help you as you’re forced to let go of some of the habits and routines that may have been counterproductive in your life. It will be a great time to reassess how well you’re functioning in the world and develop more efficient practices that support your aims rather than undermining them. The Full Moon in your sign at the end of the month (how good is that?) places you in the spotlight so make sure you’re looking good and maximise any opportunities that come your way.


So, Virgo, the January 2021 horoscope suggests a month where you’re thinking seriously about overhauling your daily life. It takes something big for you to notice you’re in a rut – and that may happen this month. Something – or someone – puts a rocket under the way you have been looking at the world – and you find yourself looking at life with a whole new perspective. This could be work related as you may find yourself settling into a new routine – hopefully by choice.

You will certainly be thinking about your work or job stability and you will beed to take action to accommodate a potential new schedule or demands on your time. You like an ordered life Virgo and you may feel some unease because either the bigger picture is stopping you from getting down to detail in the way you prefer – or being mired in responsibilities is stopping you from being able to explore the possibilities you know are out there waiting for you.

Fortunately, the New Moon mid-month enables you to let go and start expressing your more creative side. There may be the beginning of a dramatic change in that area – and it’s something that could impact on the way you relate to your own inner child. We all have one – even you Virgo – and it’s good to get in touch with the things that make you feel alive. This could be the month you decide to invest in your own creative ambitions – and be rewarded for your efforts.


For you Libra, the January 2021 horoscope shows a real clash between the things you want to do – and the things you feel you have to do. At the beginning of the year you may feel your obligations to others are irksome – yet, in true Libran style, you do your best to find a good compromise that seems to suit everyone. Give and take may be the order of the day for you – and fortunately there is no sign better equipped to deal with that than yours.

There are real indications of potential tension, however in the areas of money and/or love. Serious discussions about getting your act together may arise due to a pressing need as new circumstances make an impact on your life and financial prospects. This may sound serious but remember – often we take actions and turn our lives around because of happy events. However, be aware that you could be dealing with something unexpected that throws your life in a different direction – so be prepared.

Mid-month that new Moon has some potential for upset at home – but also the potential for renewal too. Libra is the sign of beautification so – if you’re planning to refresh your home or even carry out a more major project or relocation – this could be the time to draw up your plans. By the end of the month, the Full Moon in Leo sheds a kindly light on your future prospects and you’ll begin to feel more confident about what life has in store.


The January 2021 horoscope for Scorpio suggests you’re going to be dealing with the important things in life this month. Relationship matters are something you can’t ignore and with Mars and Uranus being involved – things could develop quickly – and not entirely as expected. Astrology doesn’t do value judgements so events could be upsetting for some or simply hyperactive for others. There’s a real dynamism where your relationships are concerned – of that you can be certain!

What is also certain is that you will be having thoughts and conversations about your domestic and family circumstances. There will be some big decisions to be made and you’ll discover it’s best to work with those dynamic energies than frustrate them, so your emphasis should be on finding practical and forward looking solutions to whatever issues come your way. And please remember there are two sides to every argument.

The New Moon mid-month certainly suggests some intense discussions around that time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it also seems to suggest you will need to let go of some outdated ideas that may have been holding you back. It’s likely to be an intensely emotional time for you in some ways too. However, by the end of the month you will be delighted you have opted to commit to something you may have resisted for some time.


Sagittarius is never the most organised of signs and your January 2021 horoscope is going to stress that in ways you may not expect. You may encounter something unexpected in your job, your health or your daily routine that forces you think seriously about whether the way you are dealing with your responsibilities is as good for you as you seem to think it is. After all, you do tend to travel through life on a wing and a prayer…

This month, you have two options. You can work it out for yourself and make the radical changes you need to make – recommended – or you can wait for one of those sensible types to tell you where you’re going wrong. Whatever you do – you may find that mid-month the pressing issue is one of cold hard cash. Taking care of it is always a good thing as you’re being pushed not only to be resourceful with what you have – but invest in your own wellbeing too.

This all seems a bit heavy for you Sagittarius – but actually no – you have the gift of being forward looking and by the end of the month you will feel the stress of the early days of 2021 have been worthwhile. In true Sagittarius style you’ll be back to your old optimistic self – and hopefully this time it will have more of a base in reality than in wishful thinking.


Capricorn’s January 2021 horoscope suggests you start the year with a real desire to express yourself more creatively. That may sound a little extreme for steady old Capricorn but really it’s about injecting a little more pleasure and fun into your life – as you may have felt that’s been lacking recently. Help may be at hand, however, as your loved ones may surprise you – it is your birthday month after all.

What may surprise you even more is your tastes may change – and not necessarily in a Covid-19 way! This month beware of splashing out on something you think is exciting and new – only to discover later that it was an expensive mistake. I’m not suggesting you keep your purse closed – just take a moment to think about your choices and if you need a second opinion from a trusted friend then just ask.

It’s all part of creating the ‘new you’ and that becomes apparent mid-month. You need a change – so whether it’s your hairstyle, the way you earn a living or the way you express your talents – the key thing here is you need to be yourself and that’s a program you’re determined to ‘get with’ as the year opens. By the end of the month you’ll begin to see some results – turning the corner is just what you needed to do.


For Aquarius, the January 2021 horoscope sees you thinking seriously about your place in the world. If you’ve had a period of doubt about yourself, how you see yourself or how people regard you – then this is the time to do something about it. Self image is important to us – and this is the time for you to begin to rebuild your sense of who you are. It could be hard work as you make a new beginning for yourself – but this month you are determined to go your own way.

However, there could be some friction. Outwardly, there may be family members who are not happy with your decisions. Upheaval at home is certainly starred for you this month – though that can manifest in several ways – and not all of them are bad. You may feel as though your home no longer represents who you want to be or what you want out of life and so you decide to make changes to suit your new requirements – whatever the cost.

Mid-month you will know the real reason you feel the way you do. It’s about letting go of the unconscious fears and past attachments that have kept you from letting go of things you no longer need. It’s not easy to do this but you’re going to have no alternative but to put the past behind you. And you’ll be glad you did. By the end of the month, your January 2021 horoscope shows you’ll be looking at the possibilities of joining forces with another. Business or romance? Only you will know the answer to that.


Your January 2021 horoscope shows you in a contemplative mood – even for a Piscean. You are one of the worlds dreamers – and this month it seems you’re in a position to make your dreams come true. Now, before you rush off to open yet another box of fairy dust, I want to bring you down to earth a little. This isn’t about making the impossible real but it’s more likely you are going to appreciate how you can include a little more love and kindness into you life in very practical ways.

Some of you will be shocked at that realisation – after all, are you not one of life’s good guys? Yes you are but you can be forgetful too – and sometimes you forget life is not all about you. Be prepared for some unexpectedly harsh words (maybe even from those you love) that may challenge what they see as your inability to get real about things that really matter to other people. You can’t live with your head in the clouds all the time.

Mid-month you’ll be reminded that you’re part of the human race too – and you may find you have to respond to some surprising emotional news about a friend. You may also be deeply affected by issues going on in the world right now – you are a charitable soul and you may feel a need to become involved with those in need. What this month does is wake you up to more pressing and real concerns. By the end of the month? You’ll feel happy you came back down to earth.

© Sara Shipman 2020

Photo Credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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  1. Thank you, Sara — I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about 2021. Still, there seems to be lots to work through for most of us. Astrology helps to prepare for and weather what lies ahead. Your posts help me put things into perspective!

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