We can look forward to Jupiter in Aquarius from December 20th and, for many of us, that day can’t come soon enough. Apart from a surge into Pisces between May and July, Jupiter spends most of next year (2021) in Aquarius. So, what does it mean when the god of thunder takes up residence in the sign of lightning? There are a couple of things we know about the transition into this sign. At the outset, Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in the same sign and together they signal the dawn of a new ‘Age of Aquarius’.

I’ve written extensively about both of those events (see the links above) but what I want to focus on in this post is how Jupiter in Aquarius represents a radical forward-looking shift from what we have experienced previously. The great ‘logjam’ of planets we have seen in Capricorn during 2020 signalled the time was right for major changes in this world. Cataclysmic events have underscored that need – and we ignore the message at our peril. So what is Jupiter in Aquarius going to point towards in the coming months? To answer that, I’m going to run through a few of the meanings we associate with both Jupiter and Aquarius and look at how they work together.

Jupiter in Aquarius: An Optimistic Future?

This seems such an obvious one it almost goes without saying. Jupiter in Aquarius screams about hope and optimism (Jupiter) about the future (Aquarius). However, often the most literal interpretations of this placement can prove to be the most complex – and so it is here, not least because Aquarius is such a contradictory sign – and Jupiter always sees what Jupiter wants to see. So, there is a question that needs to be asked. If you are optimistic about the future – is your optimism well placed?

The problem is there is no one view of the future. We each have a subjective viewpoint (Aquarius being the sign of individuality) and Jupiter here inclines us towards seeing the big picture. So, while this is great for exploring big ideas and endless possibilities (some of which are more possible than others) it’s not always so good for getting down to detail and making things work. However, that’s not what Jupiter or Aquarius are about. Jupiter in Aquarius often looks at things in the abstract, i.e., how things could be in an ideal world. And that brings another question. Who defines ideal?

During this year, we are more than ever going to discover (Jupiter) that one person’s ideal (Aquarius) is not necessarily shared by others. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary – and Jupiter here can be overcome with messianic zeal. That’s fantastic for firing people up with a sense of purpose – and much good can come of that as you recruit allies to your cause. However, it can also be deeply divisive. The challenge with Jupiter in Aquarius is, therefore, to carry people with you without alienating them (Aquarius) by your sense of moral superiority (Jupiter).

Jupiter in Aquarius: The Big Revolution?

This theme of ‘rallying to the cause’ features prominently with Jupiter in Aquarius. However, before you start making a placard and get ready to hit the streets you need to remember that riots and demonstrations are but one way of expressing a need for ‘big revolution’. Revolution really means seeing a need to do things in a different way – and doing so radically and quickly – and there is no more revolutionary sign than Aquarius. You would be right to assume that ‘s not always an easy process, however it can be an exciting process – if you get it right.

Wars and confrontations may be revolutionary – but exciting? Not so much. Technological and scientific change is often exciting (and ultimately beneficial) but it can cause confrontation – and a backlash – too as people are confronted with situations that can make them feel uneasy, threatened or excluded. Change is not always easy – radical change especially so. That’s not to say, however, that those changes are not sorely needed. Every genius – from Leonardo da Vinci to Sir Tim Berners-Lee (look him up if you’re not familiar with the name) responds to a human need – and it’s usually a need we never knew we had – and then can’t seem to live without.

This can apply to our personal lives too. Jupiter in Aquarius is there to make us aware of the need for our own personal revolutions, be they large or small. Enlightenment comes in many forms and waking up to our own potential is a good way of using the energy that will be available to us in 2021. Whether it’s a big flash of genius (very Jupiter and Aquarius) or simply that dim lightbulb moment in the night, you may have the opportunity (Jupiter) to advance (Aquarius) your own life in the areas touched by this placement.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Growth Through Innovation?

So, if we look at the more positive side (Jupiter) of revolution (Aquarius), what do we find? There is a spirit of generosity and openness about Jupiter that makes us receptive to things that are different and new. That often means doing things differently but, surprisingly, it doesn’t mean we have to scratch our heads while we wait for a bright idea to emerge. It’s not unusual for us to discover new applications for old ideas – simply because we start to look at them in a different way. A shift in mind-set (Jupiter) can work wonders when allied to changes in circumstance (Aquarius).

Jupiter in Aquarius is likely to provide the radical change of perspective needed to discover innovative solutions to some of the problems facing us after such a tempestuous 2020. If we have learned anything over the years – and last year in particular – it’s that old solutions to old problems are no longer valid. We will discover that our old structures and certainties have fallen away and we need to come up with some pretty smart strategies if we’re going to be able to navigate our way across uncertain seas. Moving forward successfully depends on using our brain power. This is a clever – even intellectual – combination. Experts may be fashionable once more.

However, we know, deep down, there are many issues that we’ve failed to address and situations that need a radical new approach. Aquarius is the sign of science and technology and we may be looking to them to reshape our new world. However, we may also need to be careful with this course – and this brings me back to the beginning of the article. Science and technology are of great value but they may not have all the answers. During this year we may need to curb our enthusiasm for a technological solution to everything – we are human after all.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Belief in Society?

With Jupiter in Aquarius, society is the place where these themes and questions are likely to come together. It’s also likely. to be the focus of Jupiter’s gaze over the coming months. It has become increasingly apparent that one of the fundamental questions we need to address is the shape of the society we want to live in as we head into our brave new future. Aquarius is concerned with society and social issues – and there is no getting away from the fact that we are all on this Earth together.

Through 2021 it’s likely that this question will be subject to considerable debate. If the pandemic has raised our consciousness about anything, it’s (potentially) the value of society. With Jupiter in Aquarius, that’s likely to be a big issue. We are likely to be more aware of how ‘Jupiter issues’ affect society – and here’s a reminder of what they include. Greed, excessive wealth, arrogance, and self interest have meant many people feel as if their future has been gambled away.

Conversely, many others see an opportunity to improve all our life chances by improving education, or using the law (Jupiter) to protect all our rights and freedoms (Aquarius) so we may all enjoy the opportunities afforded by a more egalitarian (Aquarius) world. Fundamentally, however, the main issue is likely to be simply this. How much do you believe in society? Do you want things to change – or are you more philosophical about it? Regardless of where you sit on these issues there is the sense of the baton being handed over – though we are far from the end of the race.

Jupiter in Aquarius: The Final Word

The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius will be relatively brief, especially when compared to its marathon journey through Capricorn, but it’s just as important. What Jupiter will do in this sign more than any other – wherever and however it touches our lives – is sow the seeds of a new tomorrow. That is the essence of this planet – to push us further than our limits. Jupiter’s function is to open our eyes and look towards a further horizon – what Jupiter doesn’t do, however, is tell you what’s at the other side.

Jupiter in Aquarius will not provide us with the answers but rather stimulates the process where we may begin to ask the right questions – and this is really what this Jupiter in Aquarius transit is about. Being receptive to change is the first step towards implementation. Of course, being the god of thunder, when Jupiter rumbles it’s advisable to listen. And, of course, we always have a choice. We can run with Jupiter’s ‘advice’ to create a brave new world. Or ignore it – though we would choose this at our peril. When Jupiter says ‘jump’, it’s best not to ask ‘how high?’.

Finally, although this post is about Jupiter, I can’t ignore the fact that Saturn is in Aquarius too. Even though they will part company soon (as the Great Conjunction ends) they will, as ever, continue to work in unison. How? Well, if Jupiter is the ‘Lord Mayor’s parade’, Saturn is the dustcart… I’ll be writing on Saturn in Aquarius soon – and will provide a link to it here as soon as it’s available. Meanwhile, be receptive to Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021. You know it makes sense.

© Sara Shipman 2020

Picture credit: Image by sethink from Pixabay 

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  1. Nicely done! An exciting exploration. You might want to add that the real Age of Aquarius is about precession, and not exactly about Jupiter being in Aquarius. Still a few hundred years away before it’s in full swing I suspect.

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