Gemini: Introduction

Gemini is symbolised by the heavenly twins, Castor and Pollux. If your natal chart is influenced by this sign, you will know all about twins, or duality, because you, dear Mercury ruled Gemini, are in two minds about everything. Mentally and physically agile, you are able to juggle more than one thing at a time. In fact, it’s your default position. Have you ever seen someone in a grocery store routinely put two of everything in the basket? That, dear Gemini, is most likely to be you. Duality manifests in the most routine of places.

Gemini, like the other zodiac signs, describes how energy is released. In this section, The myths, ruler and archetypes associated with Gemini tell us a great deal about how that energy is released, and how it influences the character of those born under this sign. The keywords associated with Gemini and the key things to look for if you’re a Gemini will show you how this energy appears in your life – both internally and externally. Gemini qualities can also be seen in people who have a strong Mercury in their natal chart, for example, Mercury rising in the first house or in conjunction with the Sun or Moon.

Gemini: Key Qualities


What does it mean to be influenced by an ‘air sign’? Air signs live in the realm of ideas. Expressive and communicative, they are the intellectuals and idealists of the zodiac. Gemini people live through that element. For you, everything exists to be observed, investigated, discussed, written, blogged or texted about. There is no subject too large – or small – that escapes your attention. You cannot wait to pass your thoughts on to whoever will listen to you.


Mutable signs are found at the end of the seasons when the universe is preparing for change. They find it easy, therefore, to be flexible and accept change as, intuitively, they know nothing is permanent; we must all adapt or die. If you are influenced by Gemini, you achieve this by processing ideas and information and by making sense of things that have gone before. In so doing, You make connections between concepts that appear to have no connection and you use those connections to formulate ideas and make sense of the world.


Masculine signs are active and Gemini is active on the mental plane. You don’t wait to be told, You make it your business to find out what’s going on and tell everyone else about it. Whether it’s their business, your business or nobody’s business – it doesn’t matter. Masculine as a gender concept is really irrelevant here – all Geminis have a need to, and are confident in, communicating about whatever interests them. Without you, the world would be a quieter place. And less well informed.

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The Gemini Myth

Gemini is the sign if the twins – and in the heavens, the constellation of Gemini is named after the myth of the twins, Castor and Pollux. castor and Pollux were the sons of Leda – who had been seduced by shape shifting Zeus in the guise of a swan. Pollux was immortal, but Castor was not – yet as twin brothers they were inseparable. They were archetypes of noble Greek youth, trained as soldiers and brave in battle, however, during one battle, Castor was killed – and heartbroken, immortal Pollux found it impossible to live without his twin.

Pollux asked Zeus (Jupiter) to make Castor immortal and offered up half of his own immortality in exchange. Zeus agreed to this – and placed them in the constellation Gemini for eternity. As demi-gods, they would spend half of the year on Mount Olympus , the home of the Gods, and the remaining six months in the underworld, as a mark of their part-humanity. It’s a simple myth, and it encompasses the duality of this sign – the emphasis is on ‘half’ and maintaining a line between one place (or condition) and another.

Duality is internalised by those who are influenced by this sign. There is almost a complete inability to contemplate of any aspect of your life in a way that precludes second options, or opposing or different actions. To make a choice to pursue a course to the complete exclusion of any other – or that would exclude your twin – is not something that anyone influenced by Gemini finds easy to do. the result of this is often seen in difficulties with commitment or making decisions. The phrase, ‘half-hearted’ may have been coined for Gemini.

Gemini: The Ruler

Unsurprisingly, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger God. Mercury is – quite appropriately – one of the planets ruling two signs, Gemini and Virgo. With Gemini, it’s the ‘airy’ qualities of Mercury that come to the fore. Mercury flies between the gods and mere mortals, delivering the news from one to another. However, Mercury is more than just a mouthpiece. The cherub with winged feet was probably the original spin doctor – Mercury knew how to present the facts according to his audience and was not averse to embellishing them when necessary. This made Mercury a great storyteller – or an artful propagandist – and many of you have the innate ability to be one or the other. Or both.

Greek mythology tells us that Mercury used his charm, good humour and ‘gift of the gab’ to wriggle out of difficult situations – and the tale goes something like this: the Sun God, Apollo, owned a herd of precious cattle. One day, the cattle went missing and Apollo was perplexed at what could have happened. No one had witnessed their disappearance and there were no hoof prints to follow to show where they could have gone. It was as if they had vanished into thin air. The only being who had been anywhere near them, was the infant god, Hermes (Mercury), a day old baby in his crib…

Gods are not like mere mortals. An infant god, it seems, is more than capable of deciding he wanted the cattle, of devising a scheme of how to take them and of hiding the evidence of the crime. In short, Mercury stole the cattle, disguised their tracks and when he had hidden them in a cave, he sacrificed two of them to the gods – perhaps as an insurance policy against being caught. From their horns and gut, he made a musical instrument – the lyre – which he taught himself to play. It was the sound of that instrument, that gave the game away…

To cut a long myth short, Mercury was caught, lied about the theft and had to explain himself before Zeus, King of the Gods. Zeus found the infant God’s tale, cunning and inventiveness amusing, and Apollo was so enchanted by the music of the lyre that he forgave Mercury for his transgressions – on condition he let him have the musical instrument. However, Zeus recognised that Mercury’s propensity for lies and mischief could be a problem. Mercury promised his father that he would not lie again if he made him his messenger – and so he became the divine herald, negotiating between the Gods – and this world and the next.

So what do we take from this legend? The traits we associate with Mercury and – by extension – Gemini, are evident. The positive Mercurial traits – wit, intelligence, perception, communication, transaction, ‘deals’, negotiation and mobility, come with a less positive flip side that includes deceit, lies, slipperiness, a willingness to be all things to all people and propensity to say what you think someone wants to hear. Mercury is two faced – and acknowledges that duality – but Mercury also connects and often operates between the lines.

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Gemini Archetype

The Gemini archetype is the Trickster – or Jester. How appropriate for this sign to have an archetype that has more than one name and for whom duality is the defining characteristic. In days gone by, Jesters were found at the courts of Kings and Emperors. Their role was to entertain, but their clever words and witticisms contained a secondary meaning – and enabled them to speak truth to power in a non-threatening way. Unlike those who sought power as an end in itself, the Jester was no threat. By remaining the messenger – and poking fun – the Jester provided an alternative perspective – and saved his head.

The Jester lives by his wits – and that is true of those who meet the Gemini archetype. You may not be a genius in the true sense of the word (though some of you will be) but you are likely to be ingenious – skilful and inventive, with a flair for cleverness and a facility for bright ideas. The Jester does not take life too seriously – on the surface at least – and those who align with this archetype are often accused of being superficial. This apparent lack of depth may be misleading; lightheartedness may be mistaken for being shallow – but the Jester is happy to let people draw their own conclusions.

The Jester uses playfulness and humour to navigate and explore boundaries. Comedians are well known for pushing convention to its limits – particularly where language, perceptions and ideas are concerned. Humour is used to reframe the narrative; it takes a natural storyteller to challenge the way we thing about things without causing offence. There will be occasions that the Jester causes offence, but even a bad reaction to your words or ideas is a form of feedback. The ability to ‘shape-shift’ and play to an audience is typical of the Jester archetype – and it’s a core component of the Gemini character.

Gemini Character

Gemini is a natural reporter or journalist. After all, what does a reporter do? They share information, gossip and news – a core Gemini trait. Gemini is the ‘middle man’ of the spoken or written word. Gemini is the consummate salesperson. Gemini tells people what they think they need to hear, and sometimes what they want them to hear. . Re-read those words if you need to, because they have something in common. They sound duplicitous and two faced. When William Shakespeare referenced the two-faced Roman God, Janus, in Othello (and other plays) he used this figure to describe the worst characteristics of Gemini.

Lies, deceitfulness, evasiveness, duplicity, insincerity and hypocrisy are not, perhaps, the characteristics you want to be known for, yet they are associated with those who have Gemini influences in their natal chart. That potential is part of the Gemini character, so it’s fortunate that the positive Gemini traits are the ones that grab our attention first – and that’s because Gemini subjects like to make a good impression on whoever they are with at any given moment. This is the most adaptable of signs and adapting to other people is a good way of keeping the communication channels open.

This makes Gemini spontaneous – especially in the mental realm. Your quick wits and rapid physical reactions are indicative of your flexible approach to life. It’s a flexibility that can also make you seem changeable and indecisive. However, it’s also true to say that you hate being pinned down. Commitment, by its nature, means the exclusion of other possibilities – and ‘other possibilities’ are the things that keep life interesting. So, Gemini may need a ‘cover story’ more than many people – and that leads to the charge of duplicity and deceit. So, is this underhanded behaviour intentional?

Gemini would claim that it’s not that way at all – it’s simply your perception of the situation. Gemini knows that there are two sides to every argument and this makes Gemini a skilful debater or interrogator of the facts. Gemini loves facts, but may have an issue with presenting them without introducing ambiguity or further questions into a discussion. The issue may be this: there are always a number of threads to an argument and a variety of directions in which it may travel. Keeping track of multiple possibilities is a challenge – but it’s a challenge that is there to be met..

The Gemini mind has space for a vast amount of information – and that’s useful as you learn quickly. The issue may be a question of how that information is stored and organised. Some of you are notoriously mentally scattered, forgetful or unreliable; others are assiduous note takers, on top of the detail and have instant recall. It’s worth noting that Mercury also rules Virgo, the sign of order and precision, so it’s in keeping with Gemini’s duality that either form of ‘Mercurial’ may come to dominate your character – and both may surface from time to time.

At heart, the freedom to explore and ask questions, to be intellectually curious and be multi-faceted, is essential for Gemini. It keeps you light on your feet and enables you to adapt to changing circumstances of all kinds. However, Gemini energy is a nervous energy, and although you may appear to deal with fluctuations and shifts with ease, your body may reveal inner tensions. Physical mannerisms , such as fidgeting, foot tapping, finger tapping or an inability to sit still or be quiet reveal some of the stress that occurs when your energy doesn’t have an outlet.

More serious conditions like rashes or headaches, eye strain, nail biting, over-thinking, mental burn out or problems with your nerves, breathing or hands, may reveal a Gemini under severe stress. Gemini is known for being ‘highly strung’ or excitable, so a regular ‘time out’ with a good book could calm things down. Gemini also rules the respiratory system, so deep breathing exercises are likely to be beneficial. Many Gemini people need to keep their hands occupied and they are often dextrous or skilled at handicrafts. Keeping busy in in this way improves your focus – and gives your mind a welcome rest.

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Gemini: Keywords

The keywords associated with this sign provide you with a useful checklist of all of the qualities we associate with Gemini. The keywords are categorised as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and if you have planets or natal chart angles in this sign, the parts of your life that they represent will manifest in ways that accord with the keywords set out below. You will probably recognise many of those qualities in yourself.


Adaptable, Busy, Clever, Communicative, Curious, Dextrous, Duality, Expressive, Funny, Independent, Intelligent, Interesting, Learns quickly, Lively, Mentally agile, Quick witted, Smart, Sociable, Talkative, Versatile.


Changeable, Diffuse, Distracted, Duplicitous, Fickle, Highly strung, Inconsistent, Indecisive, Liar, Moody, Nervous, Nosy, Opinionated, Restless, Scattered, Superficial, Two-faced, Unemotional, Unreliable, Unsympathetic.

Gemini in Love

When Gemini is in love, the question many of you will ask is, ‘How can you tell?’. How can you possibly know ‘this is the one’, when there are so many possible partners out there? For you, making a choice does not come easily. And yet, you are so attractive. You enchant potential mates with your sparkling, fun personality. You’re great to be with, but heaven help the suitor who tries to tie you down. You need air – your sign’s element – and that means you hate to feel confined. Ensuring that you have your own space within a relationship is your greatest challenge and, if your partner can’t handle that, freedom is always an option.

However, the day will come when even you feel as though something is missing from your life. You need lovers – usually more than one – but to capture your heart, a partner has to first capture your interest and then your mind. You need to have a partnership that allows you to pursue your myriad of interests, maintain your independence and best of all, your chosen partner must be capable of introducing you to new and interesting experiences. For you, mutuality and reciprocity are the keys to a good relationship. It must be two way traffic – or the road to your heart will be permanently blocked. Or not. Who can tell?

Gemini & Family

Gemini in a family situation is remarkably organised – you would have to be to keep track of everything that’s going on around you. As in most parts of your life, you need space and air – and you find it in creating a stimulating, yet nurturing, family environment. Your home is likely to contain a few bookcases, a lot of chatter and every member of the family is likely to be connected to the internet much of the time. Communication is important in the home – and it’s likely that the family members will touch base with each other frequently as there will be an interest in keeping up to date with family news – it’s a nurturing activity in your household.

Hobbies may be an important part of family life; writing, crafts, studying – anything that requires manual or mental dexterity – all of these will be carried out in the family home. There is space to be both serious and lighthearted and family members are likely to embody the ‘Mercurial’ in some form. The home may be a busy place – you may even work from home, which gives your residence a dual function – also in keeping with this zodiac sign. Are there twins in your family? There could be, but it’s more likely that the home and family provide a base where you feel grounded without being constrained. It’s a neat trick if you can do it!

Gemini & Money

It’s often assumed that Gemini is an ‘air-head’ when it comes to money, but often the opposite is true. A quick mind and the ability to follow multiple issues and follow complex interactions, makes Gemini a shrewd operator when it comes to handling financial matters. A Gemini will make it their business to know where the best deals are and which bank accounts offer the best interest rates. Their natural duality makes it easy to keep track of income and expenditure. Many Gemini people have a good head for figures, so book-keeping and tasks like ‘double-entry’ accounting may come naturally to them.

That may be just as well as Gemini can be an impulsive spender – or have the habit of purchasing two things at once. Gemini in the supermarket will often buy two of things – and not just on the ‘2 for 1’ deals. Does that mean you spend more money than you need to? Possibly – but there are certain things that will always be on your shopping list; books and newspapers were traditional areas of expenditure for this sign – but information is now more expensive with the advent of information technology. Cellphones, laptop computers, tablets, and TV subscriptions don’t come cheap – you need to know where your money goes to keep pace with it all.

Gemini Careers

Gemini needs a career with variety and stimulating contact – day to day drudgery is not for you, unless you have a job that allows you to gossip or provides social interaction. That may ( just about) make up for any mundane that come with the job, as it allows your mind to be elsewhere. For those of you need more stimulation, a career that keeps you on the move – either mentally or physically – may be an essential requirement. Changes of scene feature in your career world – largely because you can become easily bored. Changes of job – or career – may occur for those reasons.

Gemini is a dual sign, so many of you will be committed to a career that provides mental and intellectual stimulation – as well as the opportunity for variety and the engaging personal interactions that are a must for the Gemini career experience. You make connections; any career that enables links between people, knowledge, information and ideas, or enables deals and transactions to occur, or acts in any capacity as ‘the middleman’ is suited to Gemini’s inquisitive and restless character. Teaching, journalism, commercial agency of any kind – Gemini is always on the move and needs to network more than most.

Gemini: Things To Look Out For

Books, Magazines, Blogs, News, Journalists, Public relations, Marketing, Sales, Teaching, Lecturing, Writing, Mail, Postmen, Telecoms, Mobile phones, Email, Texts, Messaging, Couriers, Counsellors, Mediation, Couples, Twins, Doubles, Doppelgängers, Mirrors, Comedians, Commentators.

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