Before I wrote the July 2023 horoscope, I looked back at my forecast for the month in the annual horoscope I published back in December 2022 for the forthcoming year. You’re welcome to look aback at it too, but my takeaway from it was that this month is one of shocks and surprises, crises and events (potentially financial) and a gathering of clouds that could produce conditions for ‘a perfect storm’ – in other words a combination of unfavourable factors come together to cause conditions that no-one can do a great deal about.

So, it was with a sense of foreboding that I began to strike the keyboard to prepare this month’s forecasts. Of course, the big annual horoscope focuses on exactly that – the big picture. The monthly horoscopes are much more personal, so how will they stand up against the prevailing celestial conditions? This coming month sees Venus turn retrograde in Leo – joining Saturn and Pluto who are already in reverse gear.

Venus retrograde has the general effect of making you take another look at matters of the heart – and the contents of your bank account. I’ll be putting out a Venus retrograde post soon, but its impact on the next few weeks will form part of the mix found in the heavenly bowl that contains the July 2023 horoscope. As usual, you can read this horoscope for your sun sign, rising sign or both. Whatever your forecast, have a great month.

July 2023 Horoscope: Aries

Let’s begin with the big ticket item: early in the month, the full moon sines at the top of your chart and that signifies something important is coming to a head. In your case, it could be of significance to your career or public status – and it speaks of a major commitment or advancement of some kind. If you’ve been working hard at building something, now is the time you begin to see the fruits of your labour. That may come as a welcome relief, as you may have been feeling fenced in for some time. Saturn retrograde is going to calm things down for you; if you’re not aware of that now, you’ll be glad of it later.

As July moves forwards, the focus moves closer to home. Your thoughts are going to be applied to addressing your own needs. Working out how to satisfy your own desires may seem like a pre-occupation this month, and as Venus slows and then turns retrograde, there’s going to be one question you need to ask yourself, “what do I really want?” Only you can answer that – and it’s likely that the new moon in Cancer, that occurs mid-month, will trigger some reflection. That may seem very ‘un-Aries’ like, so use your energy to make this an active process – your ruler, Mars, is well placed to assist.

July 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

Early this month, the full moon in Capricorn brings an earthy reality to your sense of adventure. If you’ve been planning on expanding your life in some way, then start the month by making it real. That, of course, is your natural inclination; you appreciate things more when you can see exactly what you’re getting – so this is going to be a good time to finalise any ideas you may be having about travelling long distance, taking up an educational opportunity – or getting to grips with the realities of a situation that other people may be finding too large or complicated to handle.

Your mind starts the month on overdrive, as there may be a lot of information to take on board and a lot of people may be demanding your attention – you may have to ration your social engagements as you can’t be everywhere at once. As the month makes progress, your ruling planet, Venus, draws to a halt in the most private sector of your chart and that signals a need for a little ‘TLC’; time spent making your nest more comfortable – in whatever way suits you – would be time well spent. Now is the time to get your head around that – but be prepared to change your mind a few times on the way.

July 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

When Saturn went retrograde last month, it signalled that you’re going to be concerned about some serious matters for a while: your career, status, public image – all of these need some long term work. Unfortunately, progress is slow – and that’s a drag as far as you’re concerned. However, early this month, the full moon brings a decisive moment: whatever conclusion you reach, it will change things completely – so think long and hard about your choices – and what you may have to leave behind. Things are going to take some working out – so what’s the best approach going to be?

Your ruler, Mercury is moving quickly this month – and so is your mind. To get some clarity, let’s break things down a little: you need to think about what’s practical and ‘do-able’, work through the possibilities and settle on a course that provides you with the most secure base. Venus retrograde is going to give you a really positive slant on things – and you may be tempted to go for the easy option – but it could be better for you to make the adjustments you need to make to avoid the error of chasing an unrealistic dream. The new moon in Cancer may remind you hold on to the things you truly value above all else.

July 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

Many of you with this sign will have a birthday this month – and there is the feeling that this is your time. However, there are a few things to contend with that may make you feel as if it’s raining on your parade. There is the sense that all of those big ideas you may have had, and even your perspective on life, are being tested to destruction. The full moon in Capricorn shines some light on the reasons why you may be feeling this way – the time may have come to let go of some of the relationships or commitments that are making your life imbalanced – and as a Cancer you find ‘letting go’ really hard to do.

What you need right now is clarity of focus and a fresh start – at least that’s the idea. Getting your head around that should be a logical process – but you tend to go with the heart and not the head. Fortunately, Venus comes to your aid by making you think really deeply about what matters to you most. For some of you, Venus is also going to make you think about financial reality. If you’ve been riding your luck where cash is concerned, you may need to become more resourceful with what you have and perhaps look at a better and more enjoyable way of making money. Use your gifts to maximum benefit this month.

July 2023 Horoscope: Leo

The full moon in Capricorn early this month is all about work – not just the work that you do, but what works in your life – and what does not. Saturn is retrograde is confronting you with an uncomfortable truth: if you want things to change, you’re going to have to get real and face up to the hard work of making it happen. The alternative is that you accept that you have to let go of a few things and focus on what is achievable. Of course, this has been at the back of your mind for some time: perhaps it’s about time that started thinking afresh about your self-image and how you can make best use of your talents.

The New Moon in Cancer certainly seems to trigger this process. What it’s asking you to do is address the ways in which you can be your own worst enemy – and that’s by refusing to recognise just how competent and talented you are in so many areas. Seeds planted now will flourish if well-tended, and when Venus turns retrograde, you will have ample time to refresh your image and grow in confidence – if you use your energy in the right way. You will attract goodwill – and as Mars changes signs this month, you can capitalise on that by reaping some tangible, material benefits.

July 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

The full moon in Cancer occurs at the beginning of this month and it may see you in relaxed mode – something that doesn’t always come easy to so many members of the Virgo tribe. The spotlight on this part of your life may come as a welcome relief to some – if you’ve been overdue a break then enjoy yourself and make contact with your inner child – sometimes it’s good to shake off the shackles of responsibility. However, Saturn suggests that all may not be well in your personal or business relationships; limitation may be a feature this month. The overall message from Saturn is that your relationships will need to be worked on for some time to come.

It’s not all bad news, as contacts with friends and acquaintances are well starred. The new moon in Cancer will set the seed for some new emotional contacts – and that may be critical to the way your future plans evolve. Some of you may embark on a new or secret love affair – or simply be attracted to someone – even if the relationship remains unrequited. The important thing to take away from this is that you’re going through a process of having to confront your own desire nature – it may prompt you to let go of people or situations that are no longer valuable in your life.

July 2023 Horoscope: Libra

The full moon in Capricorn shines on all things domestic this month. Your home life, family ties and sense of belonging are all up for scrutiny – and some fairly powerful feelings may come to a head. That may have both good and less good manifestations, so lets focus on the upside- what there is of it. Saturn is making a few things seem like hard work, but you may have the opportunity to take charge of a certain family situation or be seen as ‘the adult in the room’. You are naturally conciliatory, so this may involve ensuring that a potential family conflict is headed off at the pass. Upsides take many forms…

The downside may be that you find yourself carrying the load for some other family member. If that’s so, maybe it’s time to ask what you’re getting from that situation. Your career is also giving you food for thought this month; you may make some important contacts or hear some important news – whatever it is, it may give you some new ideas about where your future lies. This is likely to be seeded by the new moon in Cancer – Venus retrograde may set you thinking about some potentially lucrative – or more pleasurable – future opportunities. That may include being introduced to a new partner – either personal or professional.

July 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

The month begins with some news – and being a Scorpio, you prefer news to be something you’ve anticipated before it arrives. On this occasion, the the full moon in Capricorn sheds its light on something you may have long suspected or were trying to keep under wraps. That doesn’t make it a bad thing – in fact it may help you to gain a much more complete understanding of a certain situation. Whatever the prognosis, you’re likely to have something to say – your words carry a certain weight this month – and Venus turning retrograde at the top of your chart suggests that you may be able to charm your way into the top job.

That sounds easy – but there are a few caveats. You may be disappointed if you think that things are going to go your way without you putting in the hard work. You need to love what you do – and have served your apprenticeship – in order to be taken seriously. Fortunately, this month you know where your focus needs to be. The seeds of your future expansion are going to be sown by the new moon in cancer – a fellow water sign. Let this take your imagination to new places – and use your intuition to guide you on your way. There is a lot of ambition in you this month: this could be your time.

July 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

This month, it’s all about the money. The full moon in ambitious Capricorn shines on your personal resources, so do you have enough of them, or are they slipping through your fingers at an alarming rate? Money is one thing and – one way or another – it could be an area of concern this month. You tend to have an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to most things, but this month Saturn retrograde suggests you may need to get your serious head on and keep it there for the foreseeable future. Being discipled and resourceful may be qualities you need to develop, and it’s likely an event – or events – pushes you that way.

The net result is that you are going to have to contemplate some form of change. Sagittarius is a mutable sign so you’re usually okay with a change of course, and as the month progresses, you’re going to have some big ideas about the direction that change could take. The new moon in Cancer is likely to kickstart the process: Venus stations and turns retrograde in the house most associated with your sign, so you’re going to feel confident about the avenues that are open to you.You may sense opportunity is in the air – especially financially – but if you have the chance to travel or have some fun – I suspect that’s what you’ll do.

July 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

The full moon falls in your sign this month, so that makes it hard for you to avoid scrutiny. Everyone seems to be looking to you for something – but what? Your sign is ruled by Saturn and that planet turned retrograde last month. You’re likely to start feeling serious about a few issues – but constructively so. If you have worries or concerns about anything, now is the time to have that important discussion – especially if you’ve been avoiding doing so. As the month begins, it’s likely that the subject of discussion may involve your relationships – of all kinds.

There may be made important decisions to be made as the month moves on – and they need to be joint decisions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as you have the opportunity to take the lead and ensure that the subject of debate stays on course in a measured and sensible manner. That may be essential as you may need to make a financial decision of the larger variety – if you have major loans or investments, you may need to examine the terms and conditions with care. The new moon in Cancer is a sign that your aim is to make your partnerships more secure and the time to start engaging with that process is right now.

July 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

This month, you may feel as if you’re being pressured to draw on all of your resources. That can manifest in many different ways, from material and financial resources to the more abstract and emotional variety – and they are usually connected. Retrograde Saturn is responsible for this – and will be so for some time ahead, so dig deep and try to reduce your exposure to risk as much as you can. The full moon in your transcendent space may give you some relief; it’s important you remain spiritually connected right now. If you need to rise above or seek solace from something, that will be available to you as the month begins.

Mentally, the month opens with you focusing on things that need to be done. immersing yourself in the practical side of life is well starred this month – the new moon in Cancer gives you the opportunity to start expressing your needs in a way that acknowledges the reality of the situation you are currently in. Good communication with your partner is also vital this month; there is a lot of pleasure to be had from your relationships but if you need to work on getting the balance of your relationship in the right place, Venus retrograde gives you the time and space to make that happen.

July 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

Saturn turned retrograde last month, and this month sees a continuation of the consolidating influence of this planet in your sign. You may be more serious than usual or see yourself as having achieved a certain ambition; perceiving yourself as an authority on something is often a result of this. It may (or may not) be well deserved. This month, you may have to convince others of your opinions, as the full moon in Capricorn falls in your sector of social allegiances. Friendships are important, but this month, something comes to a head in your social network. It’s likely to have been building for some time – so don’t act surprised…

Fortunately, you’re feeling intellectually confident this month. You’re likely to say what you want to say, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s useful to take others with you, otherwise you may appear self-centred at times. As the month progresses, you’re likely to take a more pragmatic view of things; Venus turns retrograde and you may be forced to look at a few mundane issues – your living costs and issues like effective budgeting may come up for inspection. This may appear to put a damper on the month but, in reality, it’s going to help you get more out of life – not less – even if those pleasures are found closer to home.

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