The New Year has begun with Jupiter in Pisces. Of course, we have been here before. Jupiter first entered Pisces between May and July last year. It was a brief visit – but what did we learn from this excursion? First, I think we learned that the big dreams of peace, love and salvation that we had hoped for were simply that – a dream. The pandemic remained the big feature in most of our lives (very Jupiter in Pisces) though many of us (by the summer) found social restrictions lifted – and that seemed like a big moment of healing and release which was just what we needed at the time.

So, in this brief memory of what happened back then, we can already see some classic Jupiter in Pisces themes emerging. The desire to escape (Pisces) in a big way (Jupiter) from the restrictions and misery of the pandemic coupled with a need for healing and optimism. Jupiter in Pisces in 2021 gave us a moment of brief respite from what was proving to be a difficult year – but it certainly wasn’t the ‘cure-all’ that many of us hoped it would be.

As Jupiter turned retrograde in July, eventually dropping back into Aquarius, the seeds were sown for another upsurge in the pandemic. Jupiter has certainly played its part in the global spread of something that respects no boundaries (very Pisces) and it also did a great job with those huge rose-tinted sunglasses that were so fashionable last summer. In this post, I’m going to look at what we can expect with Jupiter in Pisces in 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces: Themes

First, I’m going to run through some of the basic meanings we associate with this planet in this sign – and I’m going to begin with some of the great things we associate with Jupiter. Wisdom. Understanding. Optimism. Luck. Good fortune. Improvement. Magnanimity. Jupiter is associated with a desire to be bigger and better than we are. It’s an adventurous and positive energy that makes us feel as if all things are possible.

In Pisces, the positive and optimistic vibe that Jupiter projects appears boundless as Pisces is a boundary-free zone. This is when we need to look at some of the downsides to Jupiter. Over-optimism. Arrogance. A know-all attitude. Extravagance. Inflation. Entitlement. Greed. These are simple words but they are also capable of describing a whole number of real issues we may observe with Jupiter in Pisces – and to appreciate what they may be, I’m now going to remind you of a few buzzwords and concepts associated with that sign.

Jupiter in Pisces energy is expressed in accordance with the sign Jupiter is in. Jupiter is ‘what’, Pisces is ‘how’. So in Pisces, Jupiter’s energies go largely unchecked. Pisces is associated with altered states of consciousness. This may be anything from spiritual enlightenment, emotional engagement to mental confusion caused by difficulties in ‘seeing’ or perceiving the world around you. Lines become blurred in Pisces. And they are easily crossed as a result.

So, combine the two and what do you have? Optimism is unchecked, expansion seems boundless, Positivity may be confusing – in fact the way in which we see the world may be confusing at present because confusion itself has been made bigger by the presence of Jupiter in Pisces. As the year begins, what kind of issues are we going to notice? Or will we notice much at all? Pisces is a deceptive place.

Jupiter in Pisces: January – May

Jupiter entered Pisces on December 30th 2021, and that’s appropriate as it will have certainly helped to influence the feel of this year from the very beginning. There can’t be many of us who did not start the year with mixed (confused) emotions. Glad to see the end of 2021, wanting to believe that 2022 will be much better but not sure how (or if) it will be – especially with Covid (Omicron) cases surging worldwide (no boundaries there).

That’s one manifestation of Jupiter entering Pisces. Another is the mixed messaging and uncertainty that surrounds this new virus. It’s more infectious (very Jupiter in Pisces); we were told that it seems to be able to evade the vaccines (also very Pisces) but it may not be as lethal as the earlier strains of the virus, although no-one knows that for certain just yet. But the signs are that it may not be so dangerous. So here we have some classic Jupiter in Pisces. Confusion and uncertainty laced with dose of much needed optimism.

Is this making us feel better than we were, say, in 2021? In truth, the answer is probably yes. Jupiter in Pisces may have its faults but it’s not a cynical energy. Quite the opposite. Sometimes we need a touch of faith and hope for the future – and Jupiter in Pisces has this in spades even if many of us are crossing our fingers behind our backs as the year begins. This combination of faith, hope and optimism is an important one – and it’s the reason why Jupiter in Pisces is the most important ‘background noise’ in 2022.

So as Jupiter progresses through Pisces, what can we expect? Jupiter and Pisces themes in abundance. As I’ve said above there will be a lot of pandemic news both about the illness itself and developments to combat it too – don’t forget that Jupiter is an intellectual planet that loves to explore and push the boundaries of human understanding. What Jupiter does is also open our eyes to the truth – and as I’ve mentioned before, ‘truth’ will be an important feature of 2022 – particularly given the distortions and cover-ups we have seen in recent years.

There are a few other things we can already see happening with Jupiter in Pisces. Inflation – of the economic type – so higher prices and higher bills may affect us thus year. On the upside they may be more job opportunities and higher wages – but in true Jupiter-Neptune style, what is given with one hand may be taken away with the other. So let’s not delude ourselves that we are going to strike it rich this year. Even if it feels that things are improving, ultimately they may not do so. Politicians words may not match the reality of your bank account.

We are also going to see Jupiter in Pisces manifest in other areas too. In the first part of my big horoscope for 2022, I wrote about how Jupiter in Pisces can be a healing influence – but it’s also a cultural influence too. Expect to see more optimism and creativity in the arts. Culture is a healing force for the soul – so expect to see content that reminds us of our frail humanity. The year started with Don’t Look Up on our screens – that show is surely Jupiter in Pisces in TV form, with a large dose of Neptune (wilful ignorance and denial) thrown in. It’s a strong message.

So, when we look at Jupiter in Pisces in the first part of 2022, we can’t ignore the conjunction with Neptune in Pisces that’s waiting for us in April…

Jupiter in Pisces Conjunct Neptune

April heralds a particularly special time for Jupiter in Pisces because during this month, Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces becomes exact. Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions occur every 13 years and the last one was in 2009, in the sign of Aquarius. So what happened then? Again we see the combination of inspiration, optimism and illusion that seem to be the hallmark of that combination. Here’s a brief reminder of recent history:

2009 saw the rise of US president Barack Obama. Charismatic figures often emerge during a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction so we may notice leaders who are considered to be inspirational take the stage more than usual during this time. We may see a completely new figure emerge from obscurity. A word of caution. Aquarius was the sign influence in 2009 and Aquarius signifies things like social concerns, social reforms, the legislature and organised government. Pisces will be different.

This time it’s Pisces – and Pisces has the potential to be a much more subversive sign because of its associations with swaying the masses, secrets and lies. The charismatic figure may not be a politician. Religious figures or philanthropists would fit the description this time around. So will we see a particular ‘billionaire philanthropist’ become influential – or will their influence be questioned? Will we see a particular ideology or a cult figure gain prominence – or be found out to be a fraud?

Let me remind you that the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also brought a major global (Jupiter) economic crash caused by greed and gambling (Jupiter) with nebulous ‘ponzi-schemes’ and opaque financial instruments (Neptune). It’s entirely possible that someone’s ‘house of cards’ will come crashing down this year. When Jupiter contacts Neptune, something big often vanishes into thin air – usually because it was revealed to be a fiction or fraud in the first place. The scales may fall from our eyes. Watch out for things that fit that scenario.

Jupiter in Pisces: October – December

Between May 11th and October 29th, Jupiter moves into Aries. I’ll be doing a post on that transit later this year, but I want to say a couple of words about it here. When a big planet changes signs there is a change of emphasis – so prepare yourself for a lot of fiery Jupiter in Aries themes in the middle of the year. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries on July 29th, it’s pointing out that there’s some unfinished business that needs to be attended to before it leaves Pisces for good.

What kind of unfinished business will it be? A resurgence of the pandemic? Always a possibility. A new variant? Again, I wouldn’t bet against it. In addition, there may be unfinished business to do with ‘big lies’ as the truth has to come out some time – whether that’s an undercover scoop, or the results of an official enquiry into a cover-up or similar activity or legal action being taken. Jupiter is the planet associated with the law and legal process. And big lawsuits may feature this year.

As Jupiter moves forwards once more on November 24th, will there be a feeling of closure? We may feel more optimistic moving forwards but that feeling may have to be tempered. With Jupiter in Pisces, much of this year may feel like a voyage into the unknown. For some of you, what you discover during 2022 may be confusing – and you may be left feeling angry or in limbo as a result. However, for many of you – at a deeply personal level – that ‘voyage of discovery’ may be be exactly what you want – and need – from this transit.

Jupiter in Pisces opens up the prospect of ‘release’ – of going somewhere or doing something you would not have contemplated previously. If life is going to be different than it was before the pandemic (and a few other things) then I suspect many of you will take the opportunity (Jupiter) to re-make your life in a way that is more inspirational or spiritually satisfying (Pisces) than it was before. Change may be voluntary or forced – but opportunity comes in many guises, so be receptive to things that come your way – even if you don’t recognise them at first.

One thing is certain. When Jupiter re-enters Aries in time for New Year 2023, we had all better get used to the idea of new conditions. Big time. And it may be a wild ride.

© Sara Shipman 2022

Picture credit: Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

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  1. Iv just today 25th April reread what you posted in January and what you see had all developed. Amazing how the universe has it all mapped out for us all . 13 years ago Jupiter was in my 4th house and I moved .13 years later it there again and I moved again hopefully this will be my last move . Thank you for a very interesting read . There’s more to follow and I be keeping an eye on the dates

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