2022 Horoscope: January – June

As I began to write the 2022 Horoscope, I looked at the horoscope I wrote for last year. At the time I wrote that, we had had our first year of the pandemic – there was no widely available vaccine at that time – and it looked as if we were heading into the unknown. A lot of things seemed to have changed, yet the indications were that 2021 was going to be a tense year. How right that was.

Any year that began with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius was never going to be plain sailing and the Saturn-Uranus square foretold a great deal of tension in 2021. Wherever you live in the world, it’s not hard to see how that’s been working out. That transiting aspect is now playing out its grand finale and, as I write, the final contact between those planets is bringing us news of the ‘omicron’ variant in, what we hope, will be the ‘final act’. But will that be so?

The big celestial stories in the 2022 horoscope seem to be mixed. Unlike the past two years, which have both had some heavy-duty astrological influences, the situation appears more fluid. Things seem transitional and subject to change – often rapidly so. However, most of the planetary action takes place in the first half of the year, so that suggests that things may settle down as the year progresses. How that shapes up is something I’ll be taking a close look at when I write Part 2 of this forecast.

As usual, the 2022 horoscope shows the astrological trends throughout the year. This is the astrology forecast that gives you the ‘big picture’ for the coming months. I take a ‘mundane’ astrology approach when I’m preparing this forecast so it’s concerned with trends and the ‘big messages’ at a global level. For your individual Sun sign horoscopes throughout the year, sign up to receive your free monthly horoscope – and lunation reports – using the subscription form at the foot of this page.

PS. This is a long read which is why I’ve divided this year’s forecast into two parts – July through to December will be along later in the year – so grab yourself a coffee and enjoy! Happy New Year to you all.

January 2022 Horoscope

When I looked back at my forecast for December 2021, I discovered that I’d made the following prediction; ‘the season of goodwill is not shaping up to be that good‘ and certainly here in the UK that seems to be coming to pass. So as we move into the New Year, with Venus retrograde in Capricorn, Mercury turning retrograde in Aquarius and Jupiter newly arrived in Pisces, it may feel as if we have been here before.

To unpick the messages contained in those celestial movements, I’m going to begin with Jupiter moving into Pisces. We experienced some Jupiter in Pisces last year, before that planet returned to Aquarius for its final appearance in that sign. Jupiter returned to Pisces just before the end of December, so what does that signify this time? If last year’s Jupiter ingress into Pisces gave us some optimism that the pandemic would soon be over, then that optimism may now look to have been misplaced.

Jupiter in Pisces in January may be emphasising the global (Jupiter) nature of a disease that knows no boundaries. Very Pisces. Will hospitals (Pisces) be overwhelmed (Jupiter)? That’s one example but as Jupiter is often interpreted as ‘big’ or ‘expanded’ and Pisces is associated with epidemics, health matters and hospitals, then it may not be a bad judgement call. It seems to be exactly as we feared last year but on repeat – though there may be some cause for genuine optimism this time around.

Retrogrades always signify the need to look again at things you thought had been dealt with and the month also opens with Venus retrograde in Capricorn – and it’s a retrograde that began with Venus conjunct Pluto. In mundane astrology, Venus represents things like money, the economy, the arts and leisure and the things we do for pleasure. With Venus retrograde and conjunct Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, our experience of such things in January may be limited – and may even be limited by government regulations. Again, many of us have been here before – remember 2020 and 2021?

Midway through January, Mercury also turns retrograde in Aquarius, so the focus is definitely retrospective rather than forwards. Aquarius is the sign of society and social concerns, so Mercury in this sign implies we’ll be looking again at how we want society to be. It may seem as if a lot of old arguments are going to be revisited. However, it’s a very rational placement especially as Mercury also contacts Saturn this month.

So, there may be serious news – though that doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad news. By forcing us to look again at a few issues, there is always the opportunity to find constructive solutions. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and conjunct Saturn is always a sign that things need serious consideration. Hopefully there will be some constructive ideas put forward and some constructive dialogue. And we may need that constructive dialogue as…

Mars in fiery Sagittarius is square that ever awkward Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus shakes up the things we thought were stable and secure. Mars is aggressive and assertive – and in Sagittarius it’s a direct, assertive energy that is expansive and bold. Mars is this sign is also a rather ‘blunt instrument’ so there may be issues with diplomacy and overstepping boundaries in January 2022. A few things could be shaken up – with unpredictable results – as this is an angry and impulsive combination.

January 2022 horoscope summary: Look for increasing optimism but increased confusion; medical/scientific announcements; restrictions or changes to the way we socialise and/or conduct business; economic difficulties; diplomatic arguments and maybe some internationally aggressive actions. Impulsive, surprising or dangerous actions.

February 2022 Horoscope

The 2022 horoscope for February brings with it one of the transiting aspects that most of us want to be blessed with. Venus and Mars meet up in Capricorn and stay together through this sign (and Aquarius) for the next two months. We always associate this pair with love and romance and the formation of passionate partnerships – great news for singles as they will be conjunct over Valentines Day!

At a personal level that may be great – but what does this transiting conjunction imply for the bigger picture? I’ll be writing a post on this soon, but briefly, the main take aways are as follows. Venus in Capricorn looks for traditional ways of co-operating and reaching agreement and Mars in this sign is more restrained than usual. Together they signify ‘active partnerships’ or even a combination of fighting and peace-making. We all know relationships like that, so the Venus-Mars combination is not necessarily as romantic as it’s reputed to be.

Capricorn is the sign associated with Governments and Heads of State, so there may be some ‘relationship’ issues on the world stage. It’s the kind of combination that may imply difficult relationships between parties – regardless of the type of situation concerned. It also implies concerns with traditional or conservative values, the economy (Venus and Capricorn are business and financially oriented) and these may be connected to disputes and conflicts (Mars) that occur this month.

There is also the potential for Jupiter in Pisces to expand any feelings of discord as the planet of growth – strong in boundary-free Pisces – makes contact with Uranus in Taurus. It’s a sextile aspect which is often considered beneficial – but what it may do is simply provide the opportunity to expand Uranus’s disruptive influence, particularly where the economy is concerned. The door may be open to a few financial or economic shocks and surprises this month.

Some of those financial shocks may be pandemic related. I feel that during the part of the year that Jupiter is in Pisces that recurrent waves of the Covid-19 virus (in whatever mutation) cannot be ruled out. The sextile from Jupiter in Pisces to scientific Uranus in stable Taurus may, however, also indicate the potential for a hoped-for breakthrough that will enable us to feel more optimistic about being able to have a ‘normal’ future before too long. Though that may be a new and different ‘normal‘ to what we were used to.

February 2022 horoscope summary: Look out for political in-fighting and power plays; diplomatic spats between governments; economic uncertainty; financial surprises; fraud and corruption; figures who embrace ‘passionate conservatism’; uneasy alliances or passionate arguments between powerful figures; scientific discovery and ‘break throughs’ promise to return us to ‘a new normal – but not just yet’.

March 2022 Horoscope

I told you at the outset that the first part of the year was busy – and so it continues into March. This is the month when the Venus-Mars transiting conjunction makes two important contacts – a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn at the beginning of the month, and a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius at the end of the month. It’s an important time as this transit moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, with a real change in emphasis around the time of the transition.

However, Venus and Mars aren’t the only astrological players in town. Jupiter is moving rapidly through Pisces and is approaching a conjunction with Neptune in this sign. Both Jupiter and Neptune are strong in Pisces – Neptune rules this sign and Jupiter is also the ‘traditional’ ruler of this sign. Faith (Jupiter) and hope (Neptune) may be in abundance(Jupiter) this month, but so could big lies, empty promises and wishful thinking.

There’s a great deal to unpick astrologically as far as March is concerned, so let’s begin with one of the big features of the 2022 horoscope, the Venus and Mars conjunction. It begins the month conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – and this signals the moment when Venus finally leaves the ‘shadow zone’ after the retrograde motion that linked 2021 and 2022. Venus’s final contact with Pluto signifies drawing the line under something once and for all – and Mars in this instance may signify the beginning of something new.

The combination of Venus, Pluto and Capricorn has financial and economic implications, so the financial issues that erupted earlier this year appear likely to continue – and may reach a critical point at the end of the month. Fraud and corruption may continue to be a concern and financial secrets may be revealed. However, there is also the possibility of issues facing female leaders or heads of state – and changes and issues affecting women and society may also surface this month.

There is the sense of a transition from an ‘established order’ or leadership to a new power structure (Saturn in Aquarius). As Venus and Mars change sign, the focus turns from the old (Capricorn) to the new (Aquarius) and it may feel more like a ‘new year’ in March than it did in January. Change is always in the air when Aquarius is involved – and it’s often radical. Is this the moment we return to a semblance of normality? With Jupiter approaching Neptune in Pisces, there will be a lot of faith (Jupiter) and hope (Neptune) to spare…

When Jupiter and Neptune meet, literally anything is possible. The conjunction does not become exact until next month but, this month, the March 2022 horoscope suggests there will be hints of the possibilities that lie ahead. The clue? They will often be things that would have been considered impossible or extremely unlikely to occur had anyone asked you the question not so long ago. Be prepared to be amazed, confused – and maybe uplifted too.

March 2022 horoscope summary: more economic news that could cause unrest and anger; economic and financial contraction; growing concern about the wealth gap; fraud and financial irregularities among those in power; financial pressures; transition to new power structures; women in power and women’s issues; the dawn of hope; everything is up for grabs.

April 2022 Horoscope

This month sees the big one – and what a month this may prove to be. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s extremely powerful because of the connection both planets have with this sign. If we look back at its previous manifestations, it’s a combination that carries a lot of inspiration. On the face of it, that sounds like a good thing – but there are a few things we need to bear in mind at this time.

First the good news from the April 2022 horoscope. The arts, creative and cultural sectors have suffered during the pandemic. This month may mark a renaissance for this sector. That will be great news for those of you whose careers may have suffered over the past couple of years as growth in creative inspiration often accompanies this conjunction. Of course creativity and inspiration extend beyond the cultural sector so look for a general ‘opening up’ as the boundaries come down – which they may do this month.

When Jupiter conjuncts Neptune there is often a theme of healing and this may be an important one this month. We tend to think of healing in a medical sense – and if we find that the pandemic is starting to recede then there is the chance we will begin to feel an emotional and spiritual sense of healing that comes from that. There may well be a collective ‘sigh of relief’ this month as we dare to dream and look forward with some degree of optimism.

We may realise how important our medical and clinical services have been over the past two years (although they are important all the time) and maybe there will be some recognition of that. There may be a recognition that underfunded and overstretched health services are unsustainable and improvements (Jupiter) to the health care system (Neptune, Pisces) – wherever you live – are essential. Watch for this as a subject of debate around this time.

There is, of course, another sense in which healing may be required this month. This is an astrological moment that tends to break down barriers. As society has become increasingly polarised, many of us will be aware of the need for bridging those divides. However, divisions may be brought to our attention this month in a big way. Neptune’s transit through Pisces has not been an easy one; confusion, lies, gaslighting and ‘alternative facts’ have been more prevalent than peace and universal love.

Jupiter has the habit of making things bigger, so when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, the scale of deceit may become overwhelming and hard to hide. There may be something that is brought to our attention in another way. Where Neptune is the great dissembler, then Jupiter is ultimately the seeker of truth. There may be a contest between truth and lies this month. Who will win? There is always an element of justice and the law with Jupiter, so will some people be brought to justice because the law (Jupiter) has caught up with them? That will be something to watch out for.

In mundane astrology, this is a combination that suggests things that were being kept secret (particularly in a financial sense) may now be uncovered. I’m sure many of us would agree that this – at least – would be a good thing. However, don’t expect it to be an easy task. Venus and Mars have gone their separate ways, but this month, Mars remains in a separating conjunction with Saturn. Anger, division, frustration and delays are the take-aways from this.

There is also something else to watch out for this month. A healer may appear. I say that with my tongue in my cheek, but charismatic public figures may claim to have all the answers and there is the potential for many people to be susceptible to those whose message may not be as ‘healing’ as they claim it to be. Again, we may be back in ‘big lie’ territory. Of course, there is also the possibility that a leader who speaks the truth will be the one getting attention – and it may be truth itself that becomes the healing force by bringing us together.

So, the April 2022 horoscope suggests we have a potential standoff between truth and lies and this could be the time when things come to a head. This is also the month of a solar eclipse in Taurus – and eclipses have a reputation for bringing forth the kind of events that have been hidden. April will be a month to watch, that’s for sure – and it ends with an approaching sextile from Jupiter to Pluto…

April 2022 horoscope summary: barriers coming down; creative and artistic opportunities and growth; a sigh of relief; dare to dream big; a sense of justice; the contest between truth and lies; an even bigger lie; financial impropriety revealed; charismatic figures; a sense of healing; the importance of our health services and those who work in them.

May 2022 Horoscope

May is often a beautiful month, but this year it’s a month that’s hyperactive in the heavens. Jupiter has raced through Pisces and this month will enter Aries but, before it does so, it makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is usually regarded as a positive aspect – bringing success and good fortune – but we have to place this transiting aspect in the context of what has been a difficult period in world affairs – and the uncertainty and fluctuating fortunes that seem to be marking 2022.

It’s an aspect that has the potential for things like enquiries, trials, judicial reviews etc., the kind of official investigations into wrongdoing or maybe preliminary investigations into government or official actions to assess whether certain things could (or should) have been done differently. Over the past two traumatic years, there have been more than enough issues to merit such an enquiry (or two or three enquiries) so, wherever you live in this world, I suspect your local news headlines will be carrying this type of story during May 2022.

Getting things into the open is often beneficial (Jupiter)and cathartic (Pluto) and this may be part of the ongoing healing process we have seen of late. However, there’s also a dark side to this aspect as there may be an opportunity (Jupiter and the sextile aspect) for treachery or violence (Pluto) that puts a few things into a different light. Sextile aspects are not always as easy or beneficial as they are popularly supposed to be (and neither is Jupiter for that matter). Sometimes the things that bring people together and herald profound change are not moments of great joy.

Mars is also active this month as it transits through Pisces – and conjuncts Neptune on the way. Mars conjunct Neptune is always an awkward combination. The planet of action and the planet of inaction are not easy bedfellows. They can, however, be an intensely romantic and glamorous duo. Is this the month for celebrity gossip or revelations of secret (Neptune) sexual liaisons (Mars)? Could be, but there are many other ways of interpreting Mars conjunct Neptune. Mob violence is one of them. As is undercover military action. There could be a number of Mars-Neptune themed occurrences this month.

Mars is also the trigger planet. If things kick off? Look to Mars. The red planet makes a number of aspects as it heads towards Aries – a powerful position as it will be in the sign of its rulership. Before it gets there, it also makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars and Pluto is a violent, volatile combination. It’s a short, sharp encounter (and watch out for short ‘sharp’ events at this time) but the important thing is the timing.

Just after the Pluto encounter, Mars enters Aries and connects with Jupiter, newly arrived in that sign. A quick word about what happens when planets change signs. A cusp (between signs or houses) is a sensitive point. When major planets transit over a cusp, things happen that accord with the meanings of the planet and sign. So, expect a heatwave when Jupiter enters Aries. Or large fires. However it manifests, the heat will be turned to to the maximum setting. And when Mars enter the picture, it’s as if someone fires the starting pistol.

As if that isn’t enough, Mercury also turns retrograde in Gemini this month, heading back towards Taurus, making a trine with Pluto as it does so. Retrograde periods are the times where we re-visit old arguments or review old states of being. With Mercury strong in its own sign of communicative Gemini, there may be news that we have heard before. There may also be a need to re-examine some issues because something is clearly amiss. Wires may be crossed in more ways than one.

As Mercury retreats towards Taurus, values and finances come under scrutiny. In the wider world, trade may become an issue – particularly trade (Mercury) agreements – and we may see such agreements fail or be re-negotiated (Mercury retrograde) because of their importance to the economy (Taurus). Trade and communications may be difficult at this time – and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio may not help. It may be hard to see a way forward or a way of resolving matters at this time.

May 2022 horoscope summary: a national enquiry; a transformative trial; beneficial catharsis; not all lucky opportunities seem lucky at the time; scandals come to light; peaceful transformation; fanning the flames; a major new beginning; feeling the heat; something kicks off.

June 2022 Horoscope

Suddenly, it’s quiet – in astrological terms anyway. As June opens I suspect we will be dealing with the fallout from the previous months. It’s been strenuous. There have been good things – and less good things – happening in the world. The June 2022 horoscope signals a time when the world seems to pause for breath as Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius. I have written about Saturn retrograde in Aquarius here, as Saturn has been transiting this sign since the Great Conjunction of January 2021.

Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has been instructive – and so it’s likely to continue. Saturn demands hard work – and when Saturn turns retrograde, that’s exactly where the focus is. As we approach the mid-point of the year, there may be a period of reflection. Things slow down. There is a need for accountability. There is a recognition that things need to change – or by this particular Saturn retrograde, we may even be acknowledging that things have changed and begin to put new structures in place to address those changes.

One thing seems certain. The process of change that began with the Great Conjunction is well underway. We are now having to learn to live with the consequences of the pandemic, economic uncertainty and the realisation that our existing social structures and way of living have been tested and found wanting. From this month onwards, we need to own and direct events rather than having them direct us.

That’s a noble aim but it’s one where we need the ‘powers that be’ to pull in the same direction too. There will be questions asked, such as who is really in charge at the top? In whose interest is the country (all our countries) being run? Aquarius is a revolutionary sign, so we may see issues with power and control. We may find new restrictions imposed on our lives and we may see rebellions against those in authority.

It’s all part of the turbulent process of change – but what is the trigger event? It may relate to last month’s ‘fiery’ themes ( I suspect it will) or it may run deeper than that. The great reconstruction may start here – let’s hope so. It may need to. Have a very Happy 2022 – and see you in six months for Part Two…

June 2022 horoscope summary: a period of reflection; a period of reconstruction.

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