full moon in gemini november 2023 - image of full moon over a river in winter

Lunations 2023 | Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini aspects Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Frustration and rage are combined with visceral emotion. What could possibly go wrong?

saturn in the solar return fourth house

Saturn in the Solar Return Fourth House

Saturn in the Fourth House brings family responsibilities and reminds us of the passage of time. In this article I look at how Saturn in the Solar Return Fourth House brought that home to me.

jupiter transits taurus - an image of a large bull is at the top of this post.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: Is The Price Too High?

When Jupiter transits Taurus, it asks questions about how we use our resources. Is your life sustainable, or is the price of excess too high?


Pluto: What Fresh Hell Is This?

We need to talk about Pluto. As Pluto approaches Aquarius, there is no time like the present to befriend the Lord of Darkness.

full moon in pisces blue moon

Lunations 2023 | Full Moon in Pisces: The Blue Moon

The full moon in Pisces is the second full moon of this month - a blue moon. It's big, bold and unmissable - and it may change your life. Read on...

full moon in aquarius - picture of full moon over water

Lunations 2023 | Full Moon In Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius culminates on August 1st. For all of you who have important planets and points in this sign, it's going to be a big one...

Venus retrograde in leo - image of woman wearing sunglasses

Venus Retrograde in Leo: July 23rd 2023 – September 4th 2023

With Venus retrograde in Leo, it's time to ask a basic question or two: are you happy? And if not, why not? Use this retrograde to find the answer.

the sun in cancer image of beach in sunlight

The Sun in Cancer: Stranger on the Shore

When you are born with the Sun in Cancer, what are you aiming to be? Celebrate the Sun in Cancer: an extract from my latest book, The Planets in Signs...

full moon in sagittarius

Lunations 2023 | Full Moon in Sagittarius

This month's Full Moon in Sagittarius is known as the Strawberry Moon - will it be sweet or acid? You won't know until you've tasted it. Read on...

saturn in the solar return third house

Saturn in the Solar Return Third House

Introduction This year I have Saturn in the solar return third house - and boy, do I know it! An X-ray taken at my local hospital confirmed my suspicions; yes, I have arthritis developing in my knees. Young subscribers may wonder what the fuss is about - older subscribers may get the physical reality and … Continue reading Saturn in the Solar Return Third House