This month’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio comes in a packed astrological week that has seen Mercury turn retrograde in Gemini and Jupiter make its ingress into Aries. So, there’s a shift in perspective and we’ll be focusing on information that requires a second look. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio signals a moment of transformation and change – that is the message contained in all lunar eclipses – and as Scorpio is the sign of transformation and change, it’s a message that’s being doubled down on this month.

For those of you with significant placements – planets or points – in the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius – especially if those placements fall on (or close to) the degree of this lunar eclipse – 25˚ – you may experience this lunation as one that signals a change that has been a long time coming, and it may be a transformational change that signifies a transition between one phase in your life and another you have yet to experience.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Overview

What makes a lunar eclipse so powerful? A lunation (a new or full moon) marks the moment when we sow the seeds or reap the harvest – and an eclipse is the most powerful of lunations. A lunar eclipse symbolises endings in general – and in order to make a new beginning a line has to be drawn under things that have happened in the past. When a lunar eclipse occurs we often need to consign our present experiences to the past too; life has to move on and what you have now (conditions, jobs, relationships etc.) may not be the things you need to move your life forwards in the best way.

This is especially so with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of renewal. Of course, many people assume that a lunar eclipse is in Scorpio means a gut-wrenching cataclysmic event will occur in their lives. Personal renewal may seem more like more a question of survival rather than an issue of personal evolution. Trauma may occur to a few unlucky souls, but remember that Scorpio is an intuitive water sign. Scorpio senses that that it’s time for change; an event that occurs at the time of the eclipse may be that inner voice that says, “Enough is enough. Move on”.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: The Chart

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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: The Aspects

The chart for this lunar eclipse in Scorpio contains a powerful t-square with Saturn in Aquarius, trine aspects with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries, and a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. So, it is connected to the major astrological players and the celestial events that have been playing out above us. As ever, all things are connected – and to appreciate how that works, let’s take a closer look at the aspects.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: The T-Square with Saturn

A fixed t-square – particularly when it involves Saturn – shows that something has been in the making for a long time. Fixed signs love stability and hate change. Saturn takes an age to do anything, yet a t-square aspect always demands action. There is huge potential for this aspect to signify frustration – and with frustration, you either endure it (and often complain bitterly about it) or you get off the sofa (reluctantly) and do something about it.

Saturn is about time (and something may happen that’s ‘about time’) but it also concerns structure and authority. It’s about taking responsibility and it’s about dealing with things that are important. It may feel like a grind, but it’s got to be done. Saturn features when we are faced with things we need to work our way through. Saturn also ‘calls time’ on situations that have become stale or counterproductive. Saturn likes progress – even if it’s slow progress.

With Saturn square the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and the fixed signs emphasised, it’s going to be time to move on and leave some things behind. You need to do something, anything, as the alternative is fraught with negativity. It’s not always an easy process – but it’s a process that many of us will need to engage with. For some it will be time to get serious, to play by the rules and get some structure in their lives. For others it may signal a reality check. With Saturn in play it’s also a practical lunation. Finding realistic solutions may be what is being asked for at this time.

With the lunar eclipse’s reputation for completion or culmination, It’s possible that something that has been worked on for a long time will start to produce results, or things may come to a head. Scorpio is especially good at releasing tension if things have been brewing for a while – and despite that sign’s reputation, that’s not always a bad thing. With Saturn in Aquarius, it’s about time life headed in a new and more exciting direction – or at least a direction that looks forward rather than back.

Lunar Eclipse Trine the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Stellium

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has been a major feature in the heavens for the past month or so. The conjunction – originally in Pisces – is now separating and Jupiter has also entered Aries, so while they are still close, it’s now a disassociate conjunction as they are in different signs. That puts a different emphasis on a few things, as Jupiter in Aries is a more outwardly active energy than it was in peaceful – yet deceptive – Pisces.

In addition to that, Mars is now in Pisces and is in an approaching conjunction with Neptune. Together, all three planets form a powerful stellium – and with Jupiter in Aries and the presence of Mars, it’s now an assertive combination. Mars is a ‘trigger’ planet; the potential for things to happen is often sparked by a Mars contact – and the ‘event’ (and it may be an internalised or external manifestation) will carry the flavour of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

So, what can we expect? As that conjunction is now a disassociate one with Jupiter in Aries, that shows a real potential for significant beginnings and endings to occur together. For example, Neptune in Pisces can be read as a moment of release. Though Neptune in Pisces has not been an easy transit, I think we need to get back to basics and look at the symbolism that both Neptune and Pisces contain. Escape. Letting go. Healing. When Mars contacts Neptune, it’s likely that something will trigger those feelings.

And at the same time, there is Jupiter in Aries. In the sign of new beginnings, Jupiter represents optimism and faith. When we let go of whatever is holding us back, a massive burst of enthusiasm is the thing that we need to move life forward. With a trine to the lunar eclipse, that burst of courage is available for all of us who want to use it. Encouragement is a great thing; without it we would achieve little. At the time of the solar eclipse in Scorpio, a little encouragement could be life changing. Give encouragement where you can; it may be the key to a better life for someone – and that includes you.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Sextile aspects are often overlooked as a kind of ‘weak trine’, however, that’s not really so. I prefer to think of sextiles as (1) aspects of communication and (2) aspects of opportunity. They are like an open door – you simply have to walk through. The downside is, you have a choice – and you may choose not to do so. On this occasion, with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio sextile that sign’s ruling planet Pluto, that choice may be a big deal.

During its long transit through Capricorn, Pluto has been restructuring a lot of things in this world – and it’s not been an easy process. Pluto has torn down many of the structures that we took for granted – and their replacements are yet to be built. In our personal lives, the same dynamic occurs. The door is open for evolutionary change – yet that change may seem terrifying and irreversible. Or terrifying because it’s irreversible.

But think about it. When we decide to change things we tend to run with them. We rarely go backwards and we usually wake up one morning and wonder what the fuss, or the resistance to change, was all about. Okay, sometimes you may have regrets – but you can never change things. What’s happened has happened. It can’t be undone. With Pluto, the opportunity that presents itself is likely to be of the ‘all or nothing’ variety. It can’t be undone. It’s an opportunity for lasting change – if you decide to run with it.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Conclusion

So, the message seems to be clear as far as this lunar eclipse is concerned. There is real pressure for change; it’s not a time for sitting on your hands and doing nothing so if you have an ambition you need to satisfy, or if you have have a situation in your life you need to resolve or improve, this is the time to do it.

Let go of the things that hold you back – more often than not that can be your own attitude or internalised fears. Look forward to re-creating your own future with positivity and optimism and, most of all, when you see that open door? Walk into the room. And remember, if you want something new in your life you have to make space for it. Make that space.

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