As Jupiter transits Aries, can we expect a long hot summer? The rain outside of my window this morning may suggest otherwise (where I live at least) but heat comes in many forms, and as Jupiter transits Aries, the the dial is always going to be turned to the maximum setting. Jupiter rules the fire sign Sagittarius, so will feel comfortable in fiery Aries.

There is more than enough going on in the world for us to be feeling the heat one way or another and any increase in that may not be entirely welcome. However, as Jupiter transits we will discover that this transit is about significantly more than that. So, in this post, I’m going to ask how we got here, how transits work – and remind you (and myself) of the potentials there are for improving our lives when Jupiter transits Aries.

Jupiter Transits Aries: How Did We Get Here?

Before I take a look at what we may experience when Jupiter transits Aries, I want to remind you of how we got here. Jupiter has left Pisces, a sign in which it was domiciled through its traditional rulership of that sign. This means that Jupiter was powerful in Pisces and though Jupiter’s voyage through Pisces on this occasion was relatively short, it was also eventful – with the Jupiter – Neptune contact reminding us that a sense of proportion is truly a gift of the gods.

Jupiter is one of the social planets, and Jupiter’s transit through Pisces certainly reminded us that confusion, deception and duplicity have been a major – and even overwhelming – concern in public life. I would like to think that Jupiter’s recent Pisces sojourn also increased awareness of that – and deepened our understanding of the need to remain vigilant to the dangers of being duped. Jupiter is a seeker of truth so maybe we should be thankful for that.

After 2021’s brief ingress, Jupiter’s journey through Pisces has lasted less than five months – though there will be a final farewell during Jupiter’s retrograde period later this year. It will serve to remind us that Jupiter in Aries is an altogether different beast. Jupiter entered Aries on May 10th at 23:22(UT) and my own response to it was pretty immediate…

With Jupiter approaching Aries, the sign on the cusp of my own twelfth house, my night-time ‘overheating’ and insomnia have become worse. Aries on the twelfth house cusp is, in any event, a cruel placement for those who need a good night’s sleep – and I can confirm that Jupiter’s expansionist tendencies seem to be working as well as ever… The real message is, however, that I should think more deeply about this problem and why it’s happening – and deal with it now. No delays.

That’s a small, private observation but I’m simply making the point that as Jupiter transits Aries, we will all experience a shift in consciousness in the parts of our lives that are touched by the sign of Aries, and this may be especially so for those who have significant planets or points in that sign.

Given that we all have Aries affecting something in our natal chart, does this mean that the next few months are going to be marked by a marked increase in rage, sleepless nights, impulsive acts, accidents, incidents of violence or another major war? I hope not, but as Jupiter transits Aries it’s a valid question.

Jupiter Transits Aries: How Transits Work

To begin to answer that one, we need to remind ourselves of how transits actually work. Transits are constant. The planets travel around the ecliptic and pass through the zodiac signs the whole time. The universe does not stop for a meal break. Most of the time, transits take place without us even realising it. They are the background noise in astrology (particularly so in predictive astrology) yet they make their presence felt – and do so when the time is right.

The right time tends to be when the transiting planets encounter sensitive points in our natal charts. They cross a house cusp or make a close aspect to a personal planet (the Sun through to Mars tend to be the most noticeable) or their journey takes them into a new sign. A change of sign changes everything. So, as Jupiter shifts from Pisces and transits Aries, we will all notice this shift because it will expand our awareness of everything that is influenced by Aries, both in our personal lives and in the world around us.

Jupiter Transits Aries: What Does it Mean?

So, let’s turn the focus back onto Jupiter. How do Jupiter transits work? What do they do? Jupiter transits often provide an opportunity. Jupiter appears in your life and brings a chance, a change of fortune, a change of options available to you – and maybe more important than anything else, a shift in attitude or perspective. When a Jupiter transit makes its presence felt in your chart, Jupiter may appear in your life in one of his many disguises. It’s unlikely to be a white bull, but rest assured, someone (or something) with a Jupiter imprint will often manifest.

The purpose of this? Often it’s to reinforce your faith in world – and in your own ability to successfully navigate your way through life. Sometimes you will have a little luck – but that luck may be well disguised. However it manifests in your life, Jupiter may encourage you to move on from a poor situation or get your life out of that rut. Jupiter transits often present the opportunity to achieve that aim – and as Jupiter transits Aries, you may discover that aims matter. Jupiter’s energy – expressed through Aries – needs to be pointed in the right direction.

In astrology, we get the best out of a transit when we work with the prevailing energy, rather than against it. Jupiter is no exception. When Jupiter is in Aries, Jupiter’s energy is fired up and what transiting Jupiter represents becomes impossible to ignore when it makes contact with your natal chart. Jupiter wants more out of life and, as Jupiter transits Aries, you may feel impatient to enlarge the scope of your life. There may be some frustration if you haven’t yet worked out how to do so.

So what can you so about that? Jupiter represents your knowledge base – and in Aries you may be driven to take action to increase your knowledge. Jupiter represents understanding gained through experience. Jupiter represents optimism and positivity. With Jupiter in Aries, those qualities need to be expressed with courage and initiative in the parts of your life influenced by Aries. They need to be embraced with enthusiasm. And it needs to happen now. It’s no time for indecision. Or the faint hearted.

Why? Aries is going to be ramped up. With Aries in overdrive, we may feel an even greater sense of urgency in the parts of our lives influenced by this sign. We may feel a sense of independence, or rebelliousness or a reluctance to take heed of warnings or advice – especially as Jupiter may make us feel as if we know best. When Jupiter expands while transiting Aries, courage and initiative may grow – but so may impetuous behaviour and rash decision making.

Jupiter in Aries: Where Will it Take Us?

So far, I’ve looked at this transit from a fairly personal perspective. Transiting Jupiter’s energy is going to present a challenge to all of us until (or unless) we learn (a good Jupiter word) to harness its positive potential. It may be common to feel angry or frustrated in the early stages of this transit – particularly if a sensitive part of your natal chart is touched by Jupiter in Aries at this time. It’s also likely that many people will feel a burst of energy – if that’s you, beware of the dangers of being over-enthusiastic and perhaps having that energy dissipate just as quickly as it appeared.

The object in a personal sense is to move life forward and make improvements – that is what Jupiter is about – and in Aries, a rapid result is most welcome. That does not imply, however, that this will be an easy process; take the opportunity to move your life forward if it’s presented to you – if you fail to do so then Jupiter may do the job for you and, be warned, Jupiter can be harsh. He is not always the jovial old sky-god we suppose him to be. As Jupiter transits Aries, the lesson may be particularly hard – and fast.

However, Jupiter always challenges us to look at the bigger picture – and that’s what I’m going to do here. Jupiter transits also affect the world in which we live. We experienced this with the transit through Pisces – and this transit will be no different. There may be a significant increase in anger in the public domain. Giving vent to frustration may feature in the coming months. The reasons for anger are, sadly, all too numerous right now. Jupiter’s associations with truth, improvement, prosperity, education or freedom may prompt violent protest – especially if those things are in short supply.

There is also a more symbolic set of meanings we associate with Jupiter in Aries – and it’s one I’ve mentioned in previous Jupiter posts. In so many ways, the dynamics are similar to those we experience in a personal sense – they simply play out on a bigger stage. At the beginning of this post I suggested we would ‘feel the heat’. If applied to the wider world, it’s a phrase that suggests a wide variety of things, from increased military aggression, public disturbance, rising fuel bills to climate change and its impact on our weather systems and environment.

Aries symbolises a need for rapid action and Jupiter tells us that need is overwhelming. Such issues could become even bigger than they already are over the next few months – and of course, all of those things are connected. Failure to deal with any of those issues means we could all be feeling the heat in the months ahead. Let us hope that Jupiter in Aries manifests with initiatives to foster deeper understanding and not in furtherance of war, aggression and self-interest. Things could easily spiral out of control. Jupiter can do that too – and in Aries it’s likely to set fire to the house. Remember, we only have one home.

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Picture credit: Image by DeSa81 from Pixabay