The Full Moon in Virgo culminates on March 7th 2023 at 12:40 (UT). For some reason, I always associate Full Moons with cold winter weather and – as if my personal bias needed any additional conformation – a mass of cold arctic air is set to give my location what I hope will be the final taste of winter on the date of this lunation. Those of you who read my lunation reports may feel that I’m obsessed with the weather. Yes, it’s a quirky British trait, but as an astrologer, I know that we are tuned into the rhythms of the universe – and on this earth, that includes the natural world in all its many forms.

The phases of the Moon act as the biggest reminder of our connection to all life and our place in a cosmos that is so vast and complex it stretches our comprehension beyond all earthly limits. However, Virgo is an earth sign and hopefully that will keep our feet on the ground in the coming weeks. And that’s where they will need to be. This Full Moon is ‘edgy’ owing to its contacts with Mars and Uranus, so expect some unusual, unplanned and rapidly moving events to appear from left of field around the time of this lunation. Virgo energy may be exactly what we need to pick our way through whatever the Full Moon brings to light.

Full Moon in Virgo: The Essentials

The image that always accompanies Virgo is’ The Virgin’, and that figure is usually shown as sorting the wheat from the chaff, and thus symbolises the qualities of refinement and purification that are associated with this sign. As the Full Moon brings things to a head, this implies that there may be rather a lot of things to sort out – both literally and metaphorically – in the days and weeks following this lunation. Sifting our way through information, trying to make sense of a situation or trying to determine the best course of action – these are the dynamics that are coming with the Full Moon in Virgo.

With each lunation – whether it’s a full moon or new moon – it’s always worth spending a moment to think about the energy that’s typical of the Moon’s sign. I often use keywords in my work as they act as a useful ‘aide memoire’ to the concepts that are so integral to each zodiac sign. This Full Moon in Virgo comes with a focus on detail, diligence, organisation, practicality, pragmatism, precision, intelligence, analysis and duty. These are the kind of buzzwords that may dominate the airwaves over the next few days – but there may be cynicism, criticism, scepticism and a lot of fault-finding too.

Those of you most directly affected by the Full Moon in Virgo (mostly those of you with important planets or points in the mutable signs) may discover a few things in your lives that need ‘sorting out’. For many of you that may prove to be a practical exercise – perhaps some personal re-organisation or perhaps being clear-headed when those around you seem to be losing it – but bear in mind that Virgo is also associated with health and wellbeing, so any symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere are probably worth taking seriously – in true Virgo style – as you can’t be too careful.

Full Moon in Virgo: The Chart

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Full Moon in Virgo: The Aspects

Looking at the chart for the Full Moon in Virgo enables us to drill down into the detail – how appropriate is that for Virgo? And at first glance, the chart reinforces everything that’s been said so far. We may think of Virgo as a quiet and sensible zodiac sign, but this is a dynamic lunation with a lot of action contained within its walls. There is a t-square aspect pattern involving Mars. T-squares demand action and Mars is the planet of action, so expect some fireworks; let’s hope Virgo has the fire service on standby.

There is also a ‘lesser trine’ (the trine/sextile combination) involving Uranus. Uranus is predictable unpredictable and – like Mars – is a signifier of fast moving events. Unexpected developments and things not going as expected are the order of the day. Such things require adjustment and that’s reflected in the other aspect to this lunation, an inconjunct (quincunx) aspect to the Venus-Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries – another dynamic fiery sign. So there’s a lot of fire, inflammation, hot air and scorched earth to come to terms with in this lunation. Let’s look at the aspects in detail:

Full Moon in Virgo Square Mars in Gemini

Mars is still in Gemini, the sign where it has spent the last six months and – as it’s a trigger planet – I think we can safely assume that there are a few arguments left to be had before Mars eventually leaves Gemini for Cancer towards the end of this month. With Mars in aspect to the Full Moon in Virgo, there are bound to be a lot of emotional outbursts – think of them as verbal explosions – and there may be a lot of what Shakespeare would have termed, “sound and fury”. Outrage – whether it’s about something or nothing – is the order of the day.

This Full Moon in Virgo is one where people let off steam (remember, the Sun is in Pisces), but what are they letting off steam about? Again , we need to look at the symbolism of the planets and signs. The Virgo-Pisces axis represents the tension between order and chaos. This lunation, being a Full Moon, brings this into sharp focus. You may be faced with a simple choice. Do you want order or chaos? And that may be the focus of both personal and societal crises that manifest around the time of the Full Moon in Virgo. In public life, the things that are going to grab our attention will emphasise that stark reality.

It’s something that will have an immediate impact because it’s so unmissable. And don’t forget, the new Moon in Virgo will reveal the reality of chaotic situations – not the other way around. And that’s especially so where there’s been a cover-up, or an attempt to disguise what’s been going on. Often it’s the revelation that makes us more angry than the event itself – but not always so. In your personal life, the words, “why didn’t you tell me?” may figure – and generate more of a reaction – than the thing you’ve just learned about. In public life that may also be true – though not always, as two wrongs do not ever make something right.

Full Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus

Whatever it is that people are going to get agitated about, it’s going to arrive in the public consciousness at breakneck speed and – whatever it is – it may seem crazy too. Uranus presents us with things that are everything from shocking, through weird, to inexplicable. Uranus is the stuff of happenings that are so crazy you couldn’t make it up. That’s what we’re dealing with here – and the trine aspect tells us that ‘events’ – whatever they may be – are going to have the hand of Uranus in their making.

So, this is how things may unfold or – more accurately – unravel or explode. Uranus is in Taurus – and has been for some time. It’s been upending all of the things we thought we knew and took for granted. It’s been shaking us out of our safe and secure rut and going a great job of revealing the fault lines in the global economy, the environment, issues of trust and our sense of what we value – and who we can rely on. So – yet again – Uranus is going to spring a surprise. Even if you thought you had shock fatigue, there will be revelations that make you sit bolt upright – in both the public and private domains.

What could those events be? Again, we need to look at the information carried in the lunation chart. In mundane astrology, planets, signs and houses represent very specific aspects of the world in which we live. The Full Moon in Virgo is shining its light on matters like public health, civil servants, working people and those who represent them – and the Pisces end of the lunation is where secrets and obscuration lie. Those words may resonate with UK subscribers who have been keeping up to date with current events – and I suspect that, wherever you are, you will recognise the currency of those themes.

Full Moon in Virgo Inconjunct Stellium in Aries

So, how are we going to adjust to such things? Whenever something impacts on you, you need to adjust – that’s as true in astrology as it is in the laws of physics. The inconjunct aspect from the Full Moon in Virgo homes in on Venus in particular – and that suggests your value system is in play. Our capacity for outrage or annoyance often depends on how much we feel we have been taken for fools. With this stellium in angry Aries – capacity on this occasion may be significant and patience wearing thin. The Full Moon in Virgo may prompt the question, “Why am I (or we) putting up with this?”

Venus forms a stellium with Jupiter and Chiron – and Jupiter represents the truth. Truth is absolute, not relative; and it’s often painful too – and pain is represented by Chiron’s presence in that stellium. It may be painful to discover that things were not what you assumed they were. That takes some getting used to – but you need to deal with it. Sometimes, rage is cathartic. Getting something out of your system can be part of the healing process, particularly if it’s a big issue. And particularly if you have to accept that some of the blame is going to attach itself to you. Passivity or ignorance is never the ‘get out’ you think it is.

This stellium shows the importance of resolution. And that’s the adjustment that has to be made. Resolution means finding a solution to a problem – and moving on. If you’re in a situation that’s letting you down? Accept your part in that, but let go and move on without recrimination if at all possible – especially self-recrimination, as that will undermine your future effectiveness more than anything else. Excising things that are unhealthy – in all senses – is the message contained in the Full Moon in Virgo – if it takes a shock to get you to take action to do that, then so be it.

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