Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Introduction

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is upon us and I’ll admit it’s more noticeable for me this time around as it goes retrograde on the degree of my Sun. As Mercury has been slowing down in the pre-retrograde shadow period I’ve found myself re-engaging with old hobbies, projects put in drawers a long time ago, rewriting and editing huge swathes of my next. book and making a promise – at last – to write more of the info pages on this website.

There’s a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio theme going on here and it does involve a lot of going back, revisiting ideas (if not people and places) we thought we had a certain view of, looking again at direction we thought we were headed and correcting our course if that’s what we need to do. I’m half expecting my aged mobile phone to die too by the way – so in this post, I’m going to look at the detail of this particular Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to get a steer on where it’s going to take us over the next few weeks.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Retrograde Phase

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio goes into reverse on October 14th (or 13th depending where you are in the world) when the planet reaches Scorpio 11˚ 40″. I focused on personal stuff in the introduction as it’s how it’s feeling to me right now – but there’s no denying that it’s hitting a truly critical time in world affairs too. Scorpio always implies that there’s some really serious stuff to get through – whether that’s personally or in the world at large.

Whether it’s personal or in the public realm, the themes remain the same – even if they’re played out differently. Of course, those of you with this retrograde in close aspect to your Sun, Moon or ascendant – particularly in conjunction, square or opposition – will feel this retrograde most, as will those of you who have the retrograde touching an important planetary aspect or configuration in your chart So, what are the big stories coming out of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio? Let’s take a look at the chart.

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When we look at the chart for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, the standout is the ‘T-square’ aspect between ‘that’ stellium conjunct in Capricorn and the Sun in Libra opposing retrograde Mars in Aries. I’ve written enough on this huge transiting aspect that’s been torturing us all through 2020, however, what it does tell us is that there’s a lot of tension yet to play out in the coming weeks. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio isn’t part of that aspect – yet there are connections as we shall see.

Mercury Retrograde Opposite Uranus

The Mercury retrograde/ Uranus opposition shows there is the potential for unexpected news. I appreciate many of us may be numb to shocks right now, but this could be on a personal or you could be reacting to outside events – particularly if they impact on your life. Uranus in Taurus likes to shake things up and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can be very critical so don’t be surprised if arguments flare up because someone, somewhere has had enough.

There’s the feeling that change is in the air as Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio gets underway. You will be reviewing plans and ideas – and maybe coming up with some new ones – although now may not be the time to put them into action. This is the aspect where the scales can fall from your eyes and you begin to see something in a different light. Things seem different – and that’s because they are – and you may have decisions to make. When Mercury drops back into Libra take your time to look at all your options.

In public life? Well, where do you begin? The pandemic is still with us and is winding up for its second wave. Arguments rage about the best way forward, the US has a bitterly contested election due on November 3rd and Certainly here in the UK there are major questions being asked of how politicians have handled the crisis. The aspect between Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Uranus does, in fact, suggest interrogation of the facts. Uranus is big on truth – and maybe we need to look closer at the things we have been told over recent months.

Mercury Retrograde Sextile Moon/Venus Conjunction

The big question. Does this softer aspect take the stress out of the Mercury Retrograde opposition to Uranus? The Moon and Venus are conjunct in sensible Virgo and this shows a real emotional need and desire for stability and organisation. Practical decisions may need to be made about our health, homes and finances. It’s connected to the stress that many of us have been experiencing this year – and the personal review and drastic changes many of us are thinking about right now.

There’s a real need for stability and comfort – and for some of us, they may be issues we’ve not really thought about before. Reviewing your personal circumstances so you can cope better with the strange times in which we live could really be the message carried in this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. You may find yourself doing a job you would not have considered doing before – simply because of financial necessity and keeping a roof over your head. Being flexible but getting the basics right is what you need to think about now and self care is a priority.

And in the world out there? There’s the feeling we don’t need any more shocks and surprises. Comfort, security and pulling together should be on the agenda. Many of us will be reflecting on the desirability of order, financial stability and looking after the important things in life – maybe that’s something that will be taken on board when Mercury retrograde turns direct in Libra in early November. Libra is the sign of justice and collaboration so there may be some important negotiations taking place during this time – though they may seem to be getting nowhere as the subjects being discussed may be a major source of confrontation..

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Forward Motion

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio drops into Libra and turns direct on November 3rd (25˚54″ Libra). There is no longer the opposition to Uranus, however, the tense square to what seems like that everlasting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto stellium in Capricorn is still in play – and the tightest aspect is the square to Saturn.

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Mercury Direct Square Saturn

Whether it’s in the private or the public sphere, this is the time for serious discussions. On a personal level, some of you may feel a little low, even depressed, as this Mercury contact highlights conditions that may have been hanging over you for some time. Whatever the situation is, you will need to apply yourself mentally to resolving it. Saturn is a great indicator for the things we tend to avoid doing and when Mercury goes direct, facing up to things and getting your head around a few things can’t be avoided – largely because the thing you need to do will be overdue to say the least.

This sounds like a case of hard truth, or things that need to be said (and that may happen) but Mercury direct in square aspect to Saturn can often be the kick up the pants you need to start thinking seriously about life. Don’t forget, Jupiter and Pluto are still in play here and in square aspect to Mercury too, so ask the right questions, don’t take no for an answer, get on with those big plans and make them real. This is your opportunity to make a difference – and remember, you don’t get anything unless you work for it.

In the big bad world out there, we can’t ignore a certain election day. Mercury in square aspect to that stellium does imply a certain amount of verbal and communicative tension. That’s hardly surprising and regardless of where you are in this world, there may be issues with delays, challenges, contradictory opinions, verbal power plays, serious words, the bitter truth and legal opinions required (especially so with the Mercury Jupiter square). It’s likely there will be some kind of reality check and a need to get to the bottom of things. Watch out for those who promise more than they can deliver. The devil will always be in the detail.

© Sara Shipman October 2020

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