Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. There is a tendency to think of Venus purely in terms of relationships as Venus is, after all, the goddess of love. Your Venus sign does tell you a great deal about your approach to relationships – and love relationships in particular. Venus shows who and what you find attractive, but to focus on this to the exclusion of all else is selling Venus short. Your pleasures, values talents and gifts owe themselves to Venus according to her sign and house position in your natal chart.

By sign, Venus governs your personal tastes, is an indicator of your artistic and aesthetic inclinations as Venus loves to create beauty and order – some of which may simply be in the eye of the beholder. And Venus is, of course, happy to splash cash to do so. Your Venus by sign is a good indicator of your attitudes to material things – especially money – and her house position shows where you may be spending it.

In this section, check out your Venus Sign. This will give you insight into how Venus expresses herself in your chart.

Venus Keywords

Adaptable, Aesthetics, Affections, Artistic, Attractive, Attractions, Beauty, Charm, Charming, Compromise, Demanding, Desire, Dissatisfaction, Enjoyment, Erotic, Fashionable, Fashion, Finances, Glamorous, Graceful, Generosity, Happiness, Harmonious, Hedonistic, Indecisive, Intimacy, Love, Money, Music, Musical, Peace, Peaceful, Pleasure, Price, Relationships, Romance, Romantic, Rivalry, Seductive, Self-esteem, Self-worth, Sensual, Sexual (female), Sharing, Sociable, Tactful, Throat, Voice, Values, Voluptuous, Young Women and Girls.

Venus in Aries

Venus by sign governs they way you approach love and money – and, with this Venus sign, your approach to both is likely to be enthusiastic and sometimes reckless. In love, you are attracted to – and attract – partners who are active, exciting and energetic. You’re spontaneous and impulsive in love – never indifferent. Venus here is surprisingly romantic, so you may pursue (or be pursued) with burning passion, but beware of passion that burns out as quickly as it ignites. If the feeling fades (usually because you’re bored) then you walk away without any regrets. You do, however, make a great friend – and that may be the best thing to be.

Where cash is concerned, you spend it as fast as you earn it. If you want something, you buy it – there is never a moment’s hesitation. You tend to spend on Aries related things, so a fast car, sociable sporting events, adventure holidays and anything that allows you to indulge your passions – they are likely to be the goods that empty your bank account. However, you’re not materialistic and you can be generous to your friends – even overly so. With an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to cash, you could find yourself frequently out of pocket. Financial restraint is not part of your nature.

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Venus in Taurus

Venus is Taurus is strong in one of her own signs and is renowned for a love of beauty – and a love of love. This is probably the most indulgent Venus sign and the most seductive too. Those with Venus in Taurus don’t need to be classical beauties to attract a lover – they possess allure, charisma and charm that makes them irresistible. So, if you have this Venus sign? Be prepared to be a killer flirt and one of the most sensual lovers in the zodiac. One thing: you may come across as decadent, but you never underestimate your self-worth or waste time on lovers who don’t appreciate you. You are always a class-act.

And with money? You love things. Beautiful things. Expensive things. And as you are the most indulgent Venus sign in the Zodiac, you have few limits when it comes to spending cash on the things you want. Jewellery, cosmetics, art, designer clothes – you could be the greatest spendthrift of the Venus signs. However, Taurus is the most material sign, so you never spend money without knowing you can afford to do so. You are prepared to save and invest more than most because you know that value is a far better measure of worth than price.

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Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini loves to talk and is attracted to those who have a way with words. Witty, funny and intelligent, you like to hook up with someone who is as mentally active as you. You hate routine and a relationship that settles into a predictable is likely to be difficult for you. You need variety – and that can mean you are ‘unreliable’ in love. However, once smitten, you still need the relationship itself to be stimulating and full of new experiences. Choose your partner with that in mind – as you are easily bored.

When it comes to money, your attitude is variable to say the least. You may value the mental freedom that enables you to take an interest in so many things, but unfortunately for your bank balance you tend to spend spontaneously too. You may not always splash out on big ticket items but you’re likely to fritter money away ‘here and there’. At the end of the day this may result in significant expenditure that you are unlikely to either be aware of or be able to control. Impulse buying is something you really need to address – the problem is that your resolve may be as short as your attention span.

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Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer is empathetic and kind, and emphasises the feminine aspects of your personality – regardless of your sex. You connect at a deep level and you are not at all interested in any relationship that does not have the prospect of being long term. This can have the effect of making you ‘clingy’ in relationships, as you’re not the sort of person who can easily let go. You prefer to make every attempt to make a relationship work rather than walk away at the first sign of difficulty. Don’t let your empathetic nature and desire to do the right thing make you vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Where cash is concerned, however, you are the hoarder of the Zodiac. Holding on to what you have extends to your finances too, and you will never waste money on things you deem to be non-essential. However, ‘essential’ has a broad definition where you are concerned. You are often a great ‘collector’ and oddly enough the financial restraint you show in other areas does not seem to apply to the things that you really feel you need – and collecting is more than a need with this Venus sign. One more thing. You love to take care of the things you have – and that extends to people as well as objects.

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Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is the original party girl. A love of drama, glamour and life itself is a mark of this Venus sign – and that (of course) extends to love. Venus here has a great sense of fun and will not settle for anything – or anyone – that they consider to be dull – or beneath them. In many ways that makes this seem a rather shallow sign. Not so. You may get through a remarkable number of lovers but in your eyes you’re simply on a quest for the best. Sadly, that means that you may be attracted to partners based on their looks and net worth rather than their true worth. Still, it will be fun while it lasts.

Your desire for life to be fun and dramatic does lead to high levels of expenditure. Lavish and excessive are just two of the words we could use to describe your attitude to your personal finances. You’re not materialistic in the classic sense – but you love what money can buy. You’re also generous to a fault and a great gift giver to those you love. You value looking good and playing hard – and this may mean you need to work harder than most to cover your costs. You may not find that easy to do as Leo can be notoriously lazy. You need to learn that the show needs to be paid for.

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Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo has standards that are the most exacting in the zodiac. You love it when your life has a sense of order and is well organised. This extends to your personal appearance; you may have an air of stylish, understated elegance You know what works for you – and what does not – and you’re unlikely to waste money on ‘disposable’ fashion. You’re also a perfectionist in love. You would rather be single than settle for less than the best in a partnership. However, when you fall in love, you’re likely to take a pragmatic approach to your relationship. It needs to work – and so does your lover.

Financially, Venus is Virgo is sensible – up to a point. Unfortunately, those high standards come at a price and you are more than willing to pay whatever it takes to maintain your sense of self-worth. However, the up-side is that you are great at setting priorities. And budgeting. The old-fashioned notion of saving in order to spend still has currency with you, and you will happily cut back on some things in order to spend on the things you really want. You do, however love a good deal – to the extent you may change your bank account regularly (or have more than one). Virgo is a flexible sign in more ways than one.

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Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is in one of her own signs and it’s often the most sociable and attractive Venus we see on display here. Libra Venus loves to relate and will reach out and maintain those social and personal contacts that make us feel loved and worthwhile. Engaging with the social world is important with Venus in this sign; it makes you feel balanced and comfortable – and that’s important to you. You also like to be seen with the right people; the quality of your social contacts is important to you and you need to connect on an intellectual level. Relationships need to be harmonious and easy-going; you go with the flow.

A love of harmony is apparent in all aspects of your life. You have an enhanced aesthetic awareness that makes you fall in love with those people and objects you consider to be beautiful, so you can be fooled by a pretty face. However, Venus in this sign also enables you to present yourself well; like attracts like so you need to find a partner (and you can’t imagine life single) who reflects your own ideals of attractiveness and charm – a mirror image of yourself would be perfect. You are romantic and creative, and this is often reflected in your surroundings. You hate ugliness and disorder; they play no part in your life.

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Venus in Scorpio

So, here we have the sexiest Venus sign – or so we are told. The truth is more complex; Venus represents the things we love and whoever – or whatever – you love, you do so with passion and intensity. Sometimes obsessively too. It’s those ‘all or nothing’ qualities that make you attractive – and they are qualities you are also attracted to. However, it means that you can be hard to handle – and you may find your own passions hard to handle too. In relationships your jealousy is easily aroused. So, you have to decide between a lifetime of manipulation and vengeance, or true intimacy and trust. It’s likely you’ll experience both.

Venus rules your finances, and Scorpio is associated with wealth, so does this mean that you’re destined to be a billionaire? That’s unlikely, however, with Venus in this sign, you’re able to use your intuition to work out the best ways of making – or saving – your money. If you experience troubled times financially, you’re usually able to turn things around. You can exercise the self-control and discipline needed to change any bad financial habits into good ones. However, no-one will ever know. Except you. You love to keep secrets and you’re intensely private – especially where love, sex and money are concerned.

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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius loves to run free. You love fresh air, travel and wide open spaces – and many of you will enjoy horse-riding/racing too. So, where else to find your Venus but outside, preferably somewhere exotic, pushing yourself to the limit – and beyond. You love adventures and your life may be filled with them – both large and small. You love spontaneity because micro-management takes the fun out of life. In relationships, you hate to be tied down, so the ideal partner needs to either give you free rein to be yourself or be prepared to drop everything and join you on your latest voyage – at a moment’s notice.

You may even fall in love with someone while on one of your adventures – or your partner may be ethnically or culturally different from you. You may even meet your partner overseas. This is an intellectual sign, so you may be attracted to your partner’s mind as much as anything else. You love to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you – and you may do this formally through academic study; it may be the way that you earn your living. Outgoing with a vast network of social contacts, your love of life will impact on your finances. You spend large amounts – but you’re unlikely to worry about it. Easy come, easy go…

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Venus in Capricorn

This is the Venus sign that loves status – high status – and you are prepared to do all you can to achieve it. In relationships you look for quality and commitment – and you may be attracted to power and wealth. Such things are often associated with those who are – how can I say this – more ‘mature’ and you may partner up with a person who is considerably older than you. You are likely to be a traditionalist in relationships and you value things that are classic and timeless. This applies to your own sense of style; good tailoring is always going to win over disposable fashion.

Your partner in also likely to meet the traditional mould; someone with a solid career and good prospects is likely to be your preferred choice. One of the reasons for this is that you’re not comfortable with risk. You prefer the known to the unknown – and this applies to your finances too. You’re ambitious with your career plans – but cautious with your spending. You keep your finances under control and you like to save for that rainy day. You are also likely to make long term investments – saving for a pension probably started early with you. It’s the responsible thing to do. And responsibility is a quality that attracts you.

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Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius loves a meeting of minds. But you also value your independence. Walking the tightrope between those two positions can make you appear contrary – but you love that too. You love things that are different – and you love to be different too. This can make you challenging – especially in relationships – but it can also make you someone who values originality, honesty and risk taking. It takes guts to be unconventional and you admire those who are willing to take that chance. Your ideal partner may challenge the relational norms of your family or cultural background, but you embrace difference with open arms.

Of course, it may be your relationship itself that’s unconventional. Frequent separations may be part of the pattern, or the relationship may be based more on shared ideals than hearts and flowers. In fact, idealism and activism may play an important part in your life together. You’re likely to be attracted to someone who is strong minded – and beware as they may be opinionated too. You may be happy with that but relationships with others may suffer as a result. Financially, Venus here may go either way; you may claim to be non-material, but ideals need to be paid for, or you may have a genius for making cash – in your own way.

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Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is one of the most romantic placements. You want a soul mate. You’ve probably already imagined who your perfect partner may be. All you’ve now got to do is turn the dream into reality. That’s the hard part. It may be easy for you to look at your partner and see what you want to see, rather than what is really there. You’re also likely to be in love with glamour and illusion. The world of film, dance and the creative arts allow you to escape for a while. There will always be something about escapism that attracts you and you may need to ‘get away from it’ all more than most – especially to the sea.

In partnerships, you’re adaptable. You go with the flow and will tend to agree with most things as you prefer an easy life – and you hate confrontation. This is a gentle Venus sign and an intuitive one; this can make you surprisingly good with money. Though you’re more than capable of spending to excess, you also have a keen sense attuned to where the next penny is coming from. Venus here can be shrewd without appearing to be so; you may be savvy at business, but you need to be aware of a propensity to become delusional if things stop going your way. Pretence is no defence.

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