The New Moon in Pisces signals a shift from the depths of winter, to that transitional time that heralds the coming of Spring. The signs of change are in the air; even if we can’t yet see nature at work, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes – and that is so typical of Pisces. Nothing seems to be happening then, suddenly, everything seems to happen at once. It’s a magical time of the year.

However, most of you will know, that it’s also the time of year that seems to shift from winter to spring – and then back again – as if it can’t make a decision about which season it wants to be. This week, I’ve enjoyed spring sunshine and been happy to see a few green shoots start to poke their way through the earth – the forecast for next week? Winter frosts. It’s tough being a seedling.

And, in a way, we are all seedlings at this time of year. When it’s warm and sunny, it’s wonderful because we feel the same creative impulse that awakens the natural world. It takes hold of our souls too – yet we are aware of how cruelly that nascent life can be taken away. Pisces is a spiritual sign; let us hope that the New Moon in Pisces heralds our own personal springtime.

New Moon in Pisces: The Essentials

The New Moon is always associated with darkness. It’s the darkness of the cold earth that holds the dormant seed, and it’s the rich soil that enables the seed to germinate. That duality is typical of Pisces. This is one of the most fertile New Moons of the year, because the New Moon symbolises the sowing of seed – and Pisces signifies the moment the earth begins to warm, ready for new life to break through winter’s barren wastes.

It’s a potent image, and it’s one that will resonate with anyone who suffers from light withdrawal during the long winter nights. However, the New Moon in Pisces reminds us that although it’s always coldest – and darkest – before dawn, the human spirit gets you through the tough times. As the saying goes, ‘hope springs eternal’, and the New Moon in Pisces contains the seeds of hope that, planted now, will sustain us through. the coming months.

This New Moon will be found at 1˚ 21″ Pisces at 07:05(UT) on February 20th – and it’s a ‘supermoon’. This means the New Moon is at perigee, the closest point to the earth – and this makes its effects more powerful than usual. The ‘seeds’ that are sown now, will have a considerable impact on your life – and we can expect them to come to fruition when the Full Moon falls in Pisces in August this year – the time of the harvest.

At a personal level, a New Moon is always a good time to start something new. If there is a project you want to initiate, now is the time – and with the New Moon in Pisces, those activities that encapsulate the ‘essence’ of Pisces are likely to be most favoured. If you feel drawn to explore issues like healing and self-care or the creative arts and all forms of imaginative expression – now is that time. The important thing is that you are able to contact your soul – the spirit that moves you. That is how Pisces energy manifests at its best.

Those of you with planets and points in this sign – or in dynamic aspect to this New Moon – will feel its effects the most. However, Pisces is a fluid sign, so if you have a water sign emphasis in your natal chart, be prepared for some emotional undercurrents to affect you too.

New Moon in Pisces: The Chart

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New Moon in Pisces: The Aspects

The chart for the Full Moon in Pisces shows it in a disassociate conjunction with Saturn, that planet close to completing its journey through Aquarius. It’s a chart dominated by a minor grand trine (two sextile aspects connected by a trine) involving Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. However, it’s the Venus-Pluto sextile that grabs our attention; the lunation tunes into the sextile aspect with a pair of semi-sextile aspects and becomes the focal point of that combination.

New Moon in Pisces Conjunct Saturn

The New Moon in Pisces is an emotional lunar placement, but Saturn’s presence is a steadying influence. Where the Moon in Pisces know no boundaries, Saturn provides containment. It contextualises, protects, defends and provides anchorage; if the New Moon in Pisces contains the potential for getting carried away with a myriad of possibilities and fantastical notions, Saturn requires you to look at those feelings in the cold, hard light of day.

So, if events around the time of the New Moon have you in a tailspin, or you’re finding it hard to pin a few things down, Saturn can be incredibly helpful in that context. This may be the moment you sow the seeds of your future dreams – and that gives you a choice. You can leave them in the realms of fantasy – and watch them fade and die – or you can work hard to make them a reality.

If you pursue the latter option, you will give yourself the chance to make progress and see some results for your efforts. You may not achieve your aims at lightning speed (Saturn) and that can leave you feeling disillusioned (the Pisces effect), but if you cut through that fog you will reach your destination eventually.

However, doing nothing is not a good option. If the universe is opening up your consciousness – and your dreams, intuition or imagination may be leading you in a new direction. Don’t let your unwillingness to confront reality leave you in a state of paralysis; you need to work with this influence to create some shape and solidity in your life – and to do so in a manner that brings you deep emotional and spiritual contentment. If you fail to do so, Saturn can be depressing – and in some instances you may only have yourself to blame. Being unrealistic is always a recipe for disaster.

Overcoming self-limitation and emotional barriers may be a major driver in your life over the next six months or so. However, given the wider context of this Full Moon in Pisces, you may feel unable to do so. The power to make dreams a reality may not be in your hands; if that describes your situation, then you may have to do only those things that you can do – let go of the rest of them. And try not to feel bad about it. There’s no need to beat yourself up.

Regular subscribers will know that I usually comment on the wider implications of lunations – how they may be observed playing out in wider context. This particular lunation may set something important in motion that happens further down the line. That’s something they all do, but this New Moon in Pisces has a real emphasis on time itself; age, limitation, obsolescence, employment, governments and power – they are all associated with Saturn, and Saturn is still in revolutionary Aquarius at the time of this lunation.

However, Saturn’s ingress into Pisces is not far away – and it will meet with the degree of this lunation on March 19th. When that happens, any major issues that are seeding in the darkness at the time of this lunation, will start to get real in a very visible sense. There may be a few reality checks heading our way.

New Moon in Pisces Semi-Sextile Venus

The New Moon in Pisces lies at the heart of the Venus-Pluto sextile found in this New Moon Chart. Sextiles are generally considered harmonious and co-operative. In a predictive chart, they often point to those moments when we have a choice to make – an opportunity may present itself – and we can choose to go with it – or walk on by. There is no compulsion in a sextile, though the spirit of enquiry will always be there.

The New Moon is in a semi-sextile aspect to both Venus and Pluto – and I’m going to deal with Venus first. This is an aspect between placements in neighbouring signs, so to getting along together involves making a few compromises. Like all neighbourly relations, when it works well thinks are okay – but when it doesn’t, it can make life really uncomfortable. You may feel as if you’re being held to ransom – and that’s an uncomfortable place to be.

Venus is amiable – but she’s also demanding – and during this New Moon in Pisces we may experience this as people being charming – as long as they are getting what they want. With Pluto in the mix, there may be many opportunities for people to be manipulative – or be played by those who are determined to get their own way. Your neighbour may be complaining about your behaviour, or you may be doing everything you can to show them some consideration – but it’s likely to be a one way street. And Pluto is to blame.

New Moon in Pisces Semi-Sextile Pluto

The semi-sextile aspect between the New Moon in Pisces and Pluto can be a tricky and upsetting one. It’s manipulative – and at worst it can be criminal – but however it works out, there is a threatening side to this aspect that cannot be ignored. It’s as if you can sense someone following you – even if you can’t see them.

So, there’s going to be some level of emotional discomfort with this New Moon in Pisces; you may have to do something you don’t want to do – or feel forced into a situation that you’re uncomfortable with. And that’s why it’s so important to use the rational grounded qualities of Saturn to maintain a cool emotional base – and contact with reality. There may be relational or financial implications in the choices you make.

If you scale that up to identify how this lunation may work in the wider world, you’ll appreciate how power plays, money, manipulation and blackmail are going to play their part in shaping our world in the months to come. When Saturn moves into Pisces and confronts us with the reality of this lunation, be prepared to take cover – but hold onto your dreams. They may be the thing that gets you through.

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