Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Introduction

So, what can we expect with Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn? Late last year I began writing about the powerful stellium taking effect in Capricorn, Saturn conjunct Pluto, and since then the situation in the skies has become more intense. Jupiter also entered Capricorn in December 2020 – and I’ve written here about the effects of that transiting over your natal chart.

Only last week, I wrote about Mars joining the party – and, true to form, we’re now really beginning to see things kicking off. With Coronavirus spreading across the globe at high speed and leaving political crises and economic panic trailing in it’s wake, there’s no doubt we are living in extraordinary times – as if we could have had any doubt with Uranus in Taurus holding our values up for painful scrutiny.

We can see our social structures are undergoing massive, and sometimes painful change, but what does this celestial confrontation do to our personal lives? Before I get down to answering that question, I want to elaborate on how things are moving around up there in the heavens as, even at this stage, we’re going to be getting a taste of things to come later in the year – and this is why.

Right now we have this big stellium in Capricorn – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. However, there’s a split taking place. On March 23rd, Saturn crosses over the cusp of Aquarius until July 1st, when it then returns to Capricorn for the rest of 2020. So, though it’s still in orb in the stellium, it’s out of sign – and will be giving us a flavour of the big move into Aquarius in 2021.

I’ll be writing about Saturn in Aquarius soon (and that’s now published) but, for now, lets take a look at what Saturn is leaving behind – a close conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn that will be in effect until the end of 2020. And this month, as I mentioned earlier, we have Mars in Capricorn kicking things off. It’s going to be one hell of a game – but getting back to my original question, what does it mean for you personally? Let’s take a tour of the houses in your birth chart to find out – and note – you can apply these analyses to your solar return houses too. Just remember the experience will be more intense.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 1st House

Let’s get back to basics here. When Pluto transits your first house, you can expect changes to occur – but not without the most intense pressure. Everything will feel deeply personal and with Jupiter conjunct Pluto during this year, you may feel under attack in a big way. You may feel vulnerable and over sensitive as others seem to be able to rock you to the core – and that can truly undermine your self belief.

You could feel fragile about your appearance, possibly because of weight or confidence issues (Jupiter) and one of the types of problem you could encounter is having to deal with a variety of matters that could feel existential to you. They may not be, incidentally, but that will be your perception. And it’s this perception that becomes the catalyst for the changes you need to make the transition into a new you.

Jupiter’s presence is fortunate. He may make your issues seem larger than they are but you will also be blessed with the ability to look at the big picture. This makes it easier for you to look at yourself more critically and be honest with yourself about the changes you need to make about your approach to life. You will need to leave the old you behind – but embracing the new you? You’re in control.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 2nd House

Pluto transiting the second house can often seem cataclysmic (Pluto) as far as your personal finances are concerned. You may be hit by some major unforeseen expenditure of a magnitude (Jupiter) that stops you in your tracks as you simply have no idea how you’re going to meet the amount demanded of you. This could be event related – a course of action you’ve taken goes badly wrong and you end up having to foot the bill. That’s usually how it goes.

So, in this situation, with Jupiter conjunct Pluto, you have no alternative but to stop wringing your hands in despair. You need to take affirmative action and that can be anything from bankruptcy in extreme cases to a whole financial restructuring, maybe even taking a second job to make ends meet until the mess can be cleared away. No-one is going to pretend it will be easy – in fact the bad news may seem relentless at times. However, you’re going to have to dig in. And guess what? The more you do so. the better the outcome will be.

Just when things seem unforgiving, you’ll notice things will start to go your way. But, you’ll also notice your financial and earning capacity has also radically changed. Sometimes this will mean you can earn more, sometimes it’s a case of trimming the fat and accepting you’ll have to live on less. However, what you will see is a profound change of your values and a transformed attitude towards your own self worth. Sometimes there is a silver lining in the darkest of clouds.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 3rd House

with Jupiter conjunct Pluto transiting your third house, there will be a huge transformation in the way you think and communicate. You may initially feel threatened and vulnerable when you express yourself – whether that’s in written or spoken form – and you may also be conscious that your usual thinking patterns are not what they were. Your mind can seem out of control and it’s not unusual to feel dark and even depressed. Jupiter can make this feel even more extreme. You seem to react to everything.

So, what kind of external events could you experience? You could have issues with neighbours, misunderstandings with just about anyone and with Jupiter in the frame, they could have a legal basis on certain occasions. Whatever happens, you’ll find it hard to keep things in proportion as Jupiter has a habit of letting things get way out of control. However, there is a saying that within every problem you’ll find the solution – and with this transit that’s certainly true.

First, you need to look outside yourself and develop a sense of proportion. This will help you to control the worst excesses of your mind and help you to take back control of how you react to information and interact with those around you. You do not want other people to have to walk on eggshells around you, afraid of your uncontrolled outbursts – and neither do they. Use this transit to gain self control. It’s better for everyone – including you.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 4th House

As Jupiter conjunct Pluto moves through your fourth house, you can expect your life to shift on it’s foundations. This is the time for deeply personal earthquakes and sometimes, you will be the one to make them happen. In astrology, the fourth house represents our base in life – our home, family and even homeland. So, Jupiter here often makes us restless and Pluto? You may find yourself wanting to throw things over and start again.

So, it’s not uncommon to experience events that make this a necessity. In extreme cases, you may have to leave your home, family and even homeland. I say extreme as in war and natural disaster but realistically, very few of you will experience that. Most of you will, however, experience this transit as one of major life change (Pluto) – but in a way that also contains the promise of opportunity (Jupiter) and that’s much easier to deal with.

However, the road to change and opportunity may not be easy. It may contain divorce or other forms of separation from loved ones and your usual family support system, and if that has been imposed on you, you may find it hard to see opportunities for the future – they are there, it’s just you can’t yet see them. But, if it’s your choice to maybe relocate overseas, move for career or educational reasons then you know you’re in control of your own destiny and are prepared to embrace the as yet unknown. You’re in control – and that’s how it should be.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 5th House

When this pair come together in your fifth house you’ll begin to have an almost uncontrollable urge to get more out of life. You may experience something gnawing away inside that’s making you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Everything seems dull, the lights seem to have gone out and you’re convinced there must be be more to life than what you have now. This is the classic transit where the grass always seems greener on the other side.

So, what can you do? Jupiter conjunct Pluto here indicates you need to reconsider how well you’re expressing yourself. That doesn’t mean, by the way, you need to go shout from the nearest rooftop. What is happening is you most likely have been doing the things you feel you should be doing in life, rather than the things that mean the most to you – the things that are a measure of who you really are. In short, you need to up your game.

It’s not everyone else’s fault you feel the way you do – they’re not on this earth to keep you entertained. If you want to get more out of life then you need to put more into life. You need to discover – or rediscover – the things that make you feel good and sometimes we need to reconnect with our inner child to recall what those things could be. Children believe all things are possible – and so must you. There is more to life so give yourself permission to go out and play.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 6th House

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in your sixth house is going to remind you that your work life balance is, most likely, not balanced at all. Even if you have been going about your daily life in your usual way, it’s likely something will affect you and cause you to question whether things have been going in the right direction after all. The sixth house traditionally rules out work and health, but that’s too superficial a label to really understand whats going on in this house – so lets look closer at what could be.

With either of these planets, it’s safe to say you may experience a major health issue – directly or indirectly – that causes you to rethink how your life has been organised to date – and how it could be better organised in future. In conjunction, the message is you have to take these things seriously. At best, ensure you have a health check to catch anything that may be hidden (Pluto), that way you usually have a better prognosis – and the best prognosis may be that it simply puts your mind at rest.

However, you may find yourself having to be responsible for the health and welfare of others – either in a personal or professional capacity. This will mean your daily routine will need to be reconfigured. You need to accept that this is the case as to ignore your own needs could result in a breakdown, physically or emotionally, and you must safeguard yourself against that. Whatever happens, you’ll discover it’s time to re-organise your life to get more out of it. That’s the true meaning of Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 7th House

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in your seventh house will be felt in the arena of your one to one relationships – personal or otherwise. What’s happening here is this transiting conjunction is putting your commitments under the microscope – and that’s not just your marriage or committed personal relationship, but also business, professional and legal and contractual relationships too.

You may experience a breakdown in any of these relationships – and with Jupiter’s presence, maybe more than one. That clearly is not an easy situation to live through and you may find yourself dealing with situations like divorce, litigation, therapy for example – situations where you experience relational issues, but also need to initiate new relationships with, for example, lawyers, counsellors or therapists, to deal with them. What’s happening here is Jupiter conjunct Pluto is demanding you stand back and reappraise your relationship needs – in all contexts.

Of course, as the seventh house is the house of relationships, events that force you to reconsider those issues could come at you through your partner. They could be the ones dealing with some of the problems mentioned above but, because of your commitments to them – their problems become yours too. Regardless of what happens, you need to reconsider the terms of your engagement so to speak. Stand back and try to find a compromise that works for both parties – and if you can’t? Maybe it’s best to walk away after all.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 8th House

The eighth house is not an easy house and, with Jupiter conjunct Pluto transiting here, you’re likely to discover that sooner rather than later. The eighth house is about power and control and with this transit, you are likely to experience something you that makes you feel powerless. This could be traumatic in a very deep sense. Bereavements, major financial upsets such as poor investments, bankruptcy and criminality are associated with this house – and remember it’s ruled by Pluto.

So, now I’ve stunned you with the awful possibilities contained in this house, I have to say most of you will not die or suffer foreclosure. However, during this time you are likely to have to face up to things you would rather ignore and that may not only be an external event but the psychological repercussions that it leaves behind. You could become extreme in your psychological responses as often, in the face of difficult issues, we seek to control the world around us as much as we can – and that can lead to problems in the way we relate to others.

It’s almost impossible to discuss the eighth house without mentioning power, control or sexuality. So here goes. Jupiter conjunct Pluto may indicate you have a huge need to reform your approach in any of these areas. Again, confrontation may be the key to bringing what’s buried to the surface – and you may need professional help in order to transform your understanding. However, transform you must. Accept nothing will be the same again – and that’s not always a bad thing.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 9th House

I feel I cannot stress enough how major this transit is. Jupiter conjunct Pluto travelling through your ninth house is likely to prompt a reconfiguration of your world view. Now you are no doubt asking, what kinds of events lead to a wholesale change in your outlook on life and outlook is what we’re talking about there as Jupiter rules the ninth house and our understanding of the world. So what you need to bear in mind is you’re being pushed to find a new way of looking at things because what you thought you knew is about to be demolished.

Now that’s something to get your head around. But look around you. We make sense of the world through the things we believe to be true. But what if those truths seem to be fake news? Some of you are going to find your political and religious beliefs suddenly open to question. Even those of you without any particular faith are going to discover the things you thought you understood about the way the world works are no longer valid – and you may experience a feeling of huge uncertainty and alienation as a result.

You are right, however, to question the things you’ve assumed were the way things had to be. An honest and profound appraisal of your attitudes and prejudices is what’s needed right now as you’ll find it difficult to maintain beliefs that seem irrelevant and out of touch with reality. This is the time you realise things cannot remain as they are and you need to re-educate yourself to take your place in a new world. The world moves on – don’t be left behind.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 10th House

The tenth house is an important house and Jupiter conjunct Pluto transiting here will not go unnoticed as it affects your status in the world. It’s tempting to think of the tenth house as only relevant to career matters – and while that’s certainly true, we shouldn’t ignore it’s wider meanings. However, it’s likely you will see a major shift in your career and whatever occurs, it’s likely to require some getting used to so let’s begin.

If this transit comes at you from the outside, be prepared for events such as redeployment, redundancy, retirement – or even a forced rethink of your career choice or direction. With Jupiter, the shock to your system could be huge. However, it’s not all bad news. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto here, there is often a sense that this could be your time. You could be intensely focused on your objectives in life and able to maximise any opportunities that open up for you.

This can be a truly positive transit – but only if you’re prepared to work with it. It does require you to dig deep and not give up if the going gets tough. Importantly, you’ll need to be prepared to leave things behind in order to more forward – and you can be sure that this won’t be easy to do. Regardless of how your change of status comes about – choice, coercion or plain old inevitability – you have the opportunity (Jupiter) to redefine yourself in the eyes of the world. Do it on your own terms.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 11th House

As Jupiter conjunct Pluto transits through your eleventh house you’ll experience some big disturbances in your social world. A little upheaval once in a while is perhaps a good thing, but this is much more far reaching (Jupiter) and profound (Pluto). You may lose friends, however don’t assume there will be a great tragedy. It’s more likely your friendship groups will change to reflect something much more significant – the realignment of your life to better express your core social values and do what you feel is right.

Sometimes, it takes a major external event to inspire us to take up a cause or align ourselves with a team we think is worthy of our support. Equally, you may become disenchanted and no longer associate with the things you did in the past. Whatever happens, you are likely to feel the need to take sides on an issue that you feel is more than just personal to you but affects all of us – particularly at an existential level. You’ll care deeply and may become fanatical. Pluto does that – and Jupiter ramps it up.

So, are you destined to become an eco warrior? You’ll certainly concern yourself with something that’s new to you and that opens your eyes in some way. The eleventh house is radical. The big picture (Jupiter) is a new picture here and by stripping away the non-essentials – or having them stripped away for you – you may come to realise that it’s not all about you in this life. And that feels good. Eventually.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 12th House

‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’. It’s a well known phrase and sums up Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the twelfth house. Except, this transit is about peeling the scales from your eyes and that may hurt. In the twelfth house, you’re about to discover your worst enemy – and discover that it’s you. Pluto loves to make you face up to the awful truth, and as truth goes, that’s fairly bad. So what brought you to this situation? Let’s run through some possibilities.

I suspect you may have been feeling fairly hopeless about life. Or pretty good at not taking your own advice. You may be mystified about why your efforts fail on a regular basis. It doesn’t seem to happen to others only you. In other words, you’re a victim. So, during this transit it’s likely that something big will happen (Jupiter) to make your victimhood so bad even you can’t bear it. Even worse, and much more cruel (Pluto), someone is going to call you out on it and hold the mirror up to you.

So, what’s to be done? First, you need to own up. Then you really need to work on understanding how you undermine yourself so badly. This is about you transforming yourself from being your own worst enemy into being your own best friend. This will need honesty and soul searching on your part, as well as an admission of guilt. You may feel judged and denial is always easy. But only in the short term. A permanent fix takes single mindedness and a positive outlook and that’s what you need more than anything.

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