So, as the year dawned, I published my astrology forecast 2020 and as I sit here, feverishly, writing this I think it’s time I had a look at my predictions and review them in the light of the things going on in the world right now. I said I was writing this ‘feverishly’ and I meant that quite literally as I have a sore throat, my temperature is slightly raised and I feel as though I’ve been hit by a truck. I live in a city that is a coronavirus ‘hotspot’ so I thought I would take a look at the epidemic in the context of 2020’s forecast. Coronavirus astrology if you will.

In my astrology forecast 2020, I focused on the big stories in the sky – and it soon became apparent all was not well with 2020. Back in January I wrote the following:

So, expect earthquakes (of the metaphorical kind – but don’t rule anything out), more climate revolution issues and global financial shocks and surprises. Personally, many of us may feel a need to hold on to what we have – largely because circumstances may change so quickly, however, that may be hard to do as Uranus demands you adapt to changing circumstances – and fast.”

Sara Shipman

So, what can I unpick from this? Well, the world has certainly had an earthquake of sorts. In my recent article focusing on Mars triggering the huge stellium in Capricorn that’s the harbinger of all this doom, I noted that this period felt like a turning point in history – and indeed it does – and I’ll sum up where I feel we are now with a quote from that article:

we need to look forward to some other big celestial events I’ll be commenting on soon, The Jupiter Pluto conjunction, Saturn moving into Aquarius and the Mars and Venus stations happening later this year. I had already commented in my astrology preview of 2020, that by the end of the year a new order will be in place – but getting there won’t be easy or pleasant.

Sara Shipman

Going back to my astrology forecast 2020, I feel good that my prediction that this would not be an easy year was pretty accurate – but this epidemic? I’ll admit it’s caught me by surprise but if I look back at the signs, surprise is something well starred for this year. I’ll summarise that here. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are blitzing our social structures and Uranus in Taurus is upending everything we thought was stable. When Mars entered Capricorn in February and trined Uranus – that process went crazy – and is doing so at high speed.

So where does that leave the astrology forecast 2020 going forward? I’ll admit I hadn’t focused on the Mercury retrograde in Pisces in the context of this pandemic – or Neptune in Pisces for that matter. However I’m going to do so now. During the Mercury Retrograde, which began on February 17th, Coronavirus has really grabbed the public’s attention. But at first, it seemed like something we wouldn’t have to worry about – just yet. How very Pisces.

However, with Mercury in Aquarius, we’re certainly now in a state of shock. And now Mercury is on it’s way back to Pisces at the end of this month. Let’s think about the symbolism of Mercury in that sign. Mercury is the God of contacts. Of medicine, doctors, hospitals. And Pisces? Miasma, mist, infection and not a little neurosis. Pisces also rules the twelfth house – where we find hospitals, seclusion, isolation. I think we’re getting the picture.

Pisces is also rules by Neptune – and It’s Neptune I want to look at next. Neptune has been drifting through Pisces for some time. However, this year this quiet planet seems to be having a critical role to play in our fortunes. Neptune, signifier of infection, has been in a sextile aspect to the stellium in Capricorn, thanks to the presence of Jupiter and Mars which have triggered the aspect and increase it’s effects. Ancient astrologers regarded sextiles as potentially evil if not used well, though nowadays we see them as benign.

I tend to think they provide an open door or opportunity. So what kind of opportunity has that sextile provided in the context of the astrology forecast 2020? Coronavirus seems to have opened the door to the kind of massive ‘no turning back’ kind of change indicated by the stellium in Capricorn. In my Mars forecast I wrote:

Mars is the great initiator and in March is running with Jupiter and Pluto to really get things moving. There could be a big event that prompts a change of view – and if this conjunction hits you personally it could be an event in your own life – or it could be a major event in the outside world.”

Sara Shipman

I think we’re in no doubt about the big event. So, moving forward, how do I now see the rest of the year? In April, the Mars Saturn conjunction in Aquarius speaks to me about social restriction, maybe imposed by force if necessary. For may of us it will be, as I noted earlier in the year, a new way of experiencing the world. The Jupiter Pluto conjunction also gets tight – expect Coronavirus and it’s knock on effects – to be a really big deal by the end of the month and, for that matter, the rest of the year.

And May? I wrote about the Venus retrograde indicating economic instability. I’m happy with that prediction from my astrology forecast 2020. I say ‘happy’ in a loose sense as we are beginning to see the impact financially on the world economy, businesses, our jobs and personal finances. Retrograde Venus isn’t giving us much comfort here.

As I look again at June, I’m much more concerned than I was before. I am worried we will not have seen the last of the virus by early summer. Mars in Pisces approaches a retrograde Neptune and I’m concerned out health services may be at breaking point and beyond. We need to take serious action against this (Mars) but will we be able to (Neptune)? One problem we have is the enemy is invisible – and that makes the battle very difficult indeed.

I’m going to end this in the summer as we reach, I feel, a potentially climactic moment. Mars enters Aries, it’s own sign, and stays there for the rest of the year. You all know Mars by reputation and in my original astrology forecast 2020 I wrote:

Heat, fire, aggression, rash behaviour, war – you name it – are all part of the Mars/Aries combination. So, incidentally, are bravery, leadership and independence. I feel we will see all of those things from this summer and into the months ahead. Danger or pioneering spirit? It could be both.

Sara Shipman.

I cannot help but feel however, that the ‘hot summer’ indicated by Mars in Aries could see civil unrest as populations react to weeks – if not months – of containment, shortages and financial hardship. There’s a massive square aspect between Mars and the planets in Capricorn. Whichever way up you hold the chart, it doesn’t look good. I don’t want to go further with this – partly because I think we’ve got enough to contend with. However, when I revisit my astrology forecast 2020, it’s as if the summer is going to being things to a head one way or another.

I feel certain I’ll revisit the year before it ends – meanwhile, stay safe. It’s all we can do right now.

© Sara Shipman March 14th 2020

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