The September 2023 horoscope takes effect shortly after the year’s brightest supermoon, The full moon in Virgo (also a blue moon) and there is a real Virgo emphasis this month – more than you would usually get even with the Sun in this sign for most of the month. Mercury – Virgo’s ruling planet is currently retrograde and reaches its declination point early this month and the Mercury station is one that you’re sure to notice – especially around the time of the new moon in Virgo that occurs mid month.

Mercury is not the only retrograde planet in town; every planet (with the exception of Mars) is in retrograde motion this month, with Jupiter joining the retreat on September 5th. However, Venus – currently retrograde in Leo -also turns direct in the first week of September. Venus’s station is one of the big stories during the first half of the month – and it really appears to be a month of two halves, divided neatly down the middle by the new moon, in true Virgo style.

So, in the September 2023 horoscope, I’m going to focus on what the big astrological events mean for you. As usual, you can read this horoscope for your sun sign, your rising sign – or both. Whatever your horoscope says, I hope you all have a healthy, productive ‘Virgo-style’ month.

September 2023 Horoscope: Aries

The blue moon shone on your daily routines, so health, exercise (or lack of it) and your attitude towards work, (dis)organisation and personal improvement may have been laid on the line. Usually there is a specific issue that forces us to pay attention to things that we would rather disregard. Whatever that issue may be in your life, this month you’re not going to be able to ignore what’s being pushed in front of you. Mercury’s station means you’re going to have to pay attention to any details that you may have overlooked – or chosen to overlook – in the recent past. Fortunately, Venus moving direct counters any negativity you may experience by having to deal with the fine print.

There is a lot of creativity and happiness around this month, as you’re going to be focused on whatever makes you feel good. Unfortunately, it may run in the expensive side, as Jupiter retrograde has the potential to make you spend more than usual. It’s possible, that for some of you this major outlay is connected to a particularly happy event. For Aries folks who have nothing like that in the diary – I suspect the opportunity to spend will come in another guise. All of this is likely to occur during a hectic first half of September; take it easy after that – by the end of the month the focus will be on you.

September 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

The blue moon shone on your creative side – and it may have awakened something in you that had been dormant for some time. If you need to do something for fun, or want to develop your own self-expression, now is the time to think hard about how you’re going to do so. The first half of the month is geared towards you doing things for yourself – in the most positive and pleasurable sense. It’s a great time to plan or schedule a program of visits to shows, events, cultural experiences of all kinds – or whatever it is that excites your imagination.

Jupiter retrograde is going to to add to your belief that some quality ‘me-time’ is long overdue. What we tend to forget, is that doing the stuff that brings you pleasure is so important to developing your self-confidence. It’s even better if you can co-opt your family into sharing the love. This month, you may not have to travel too far to find all the love and support that you need. Incidentally, if you decide that a home improvement project would be just the thing to to bring you creative joy – go right ahead. Mars is well placed to give you all the energy you need for the task.

September 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

As a Mercury ruled person, you’re highly susceptible to Mercury retrograde – particularly when it’s in the fellow Mercury ruled sign of Virgo. The blue moon in Virgo at the end of last month shone its moonbeams on your home and family and it may have revealed some issues that you’re going to have to get your head around. Fortunately, this month you are at the top of your game, and that’s just as well as you’re going to be the one who’s expected to go through the detail, take responsibility and be uncompromising when it comes to turning things around. Someone has to take the lead and, this month, that’s you.

Jupiter retrograde is going to make you examine how you’ve been presenting yourself to the world. If you’ve been over-promising and under-delivering, now is the time to make amends. It’s a great time to deepen your understanding of yourself – and that will help to ensure that your growing confidence comes from the right place and isn’t simply some outward show of bravado. What the first part of the month is pointing towards, is the creation of a secure foundation. That will evolve following the new moon in Virgo, as the detail will begin to fall into place. The Venus station sees your mind at its creative best – use it well.

September 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

The blue moon took aim at your contacts and communications at the end of last month – and this month, you’ll be thinking hard about some of the things that you’ve recently seen and heard. Mercury retrograde makes us question some of the information that we’ve been fed – and being fed information is something that makes you sit up and take notice. if something isn’t right or doesn’t pass the ‘sniff test’, you’ll notice it immediately, as your intuition rarely lets you down. However, you may be feeling that this is one of those moments that proves the exception to the rule.

The issue that makes you stop to reconsider a few things may be financial, but with Venus turning direct this month, you should be able to deal with any concerns. It’s also possible that a few things have been ‘piling up’ and suddenly you ‘re going to find that you have a lot of information to process. It could be easy to to take a negative view of things over the next few weeks: try to look on the bright side – a couple of weeks going through the backlog will do more than clear your in-tray, it will also re-organise your mind. By the end of the month, you’ll be back in control.

September 2023 Horoscope: Leo

When the blue moon shines on your finances, you know it’s time to take stock of a few things. Leo has a reputation of not being the best organised when it comes to handling money; this month is a good time to review your financial position. However, there may be a few things stacking up in your favour – Venus symbolises money (as well as love) and this month Venus turns direct in the best place possible for you. You are likely to be in demand and you may have the gift of being able to present yourself well. This can be advantageous for you and it will certainly boost your self-worth.

Jupiter is currently retrograde in the career sector of your chart, and this means you may be feeling restless about your current position. If opportunities come your way, consider them carefully, as sometimes things may seem too good to be true. You may also be wondering whether you’re ‘re in the best place to achieve your career goals. In both cases, you need to be honest with yourself and keep things into perspective. It could be easy to be carried away this month – and if anyone tries to deflate your balloon, you could overreact. Keep an open mind; by the end of the month, you’ll have the answers you need.

September 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

The blue moon at the end of August was shining on you. It may have put you in a self-reflective mood and there may be a few things about your approach to life that have come up for examination. You’re great at detail, less good at the big picture but, this month, Jupiter is giving you the opportunity to focus on exactly that. The Mercury station shows that there is a big discussion to be had – or a decision to be made – and you need to ensure that your voice is heard. Jupiter is going to impact on your future direction, so you need to have all the facts at your disposal.

Venus has you in a benevolent mood, but there is something you must not overlook – and that’s your tendency to try and keep other people happy at your expense. That may be something you’ve been mulling over during the Venus retrograde period; make sure that equality is the basis of any mutual agreement and don’t assume others will have your best interests at heart. If your plans involve a partner you need to make sure that any agreement between you is both reasonable and practical. By the end of the month, it may be too late to change things – even if you want to.

September 2023 Horoscope: Libra

If you’ve been feeling as if your head is all over the place, the full moon at the end of last month may have made you wake up to that fact – and a few more besides. The Mercury station in Virgo is forcing you to admit to a few home truths – and you may not enjoy the confrontation, as its simply not your style. You may have been avoiding dealing with a particularly difficult situation, hoping it would go away. Sadly, that rarely happens and Jupiter turning retrograde is going to make a big issue of everything you need to own up to. If you’re wondering how you got here – look in the mirror.

What’s the message here? Sometimes we need to shoulder some of the blame before we can let go of the past and move on. If you want to turn the corner, you need to keep hold of the wheel, but there may need to be a fundamental realignment before that can happen. Fortunately, there is the opportunity this month to make a significant change; if an opportunity comes your way – take it, but be aware, that it’s unlikely to happen unless you go through ‘step one’. The ease with which you can negotiate change will depend on your receptivity to it – Venus moving forwards may save the day.

September 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

Where do you belong? The blue moon may have had an unsettling effect on you as it prompted some questions about where you see your life going. As time stretches ahead of you (or you’re more conscious of its passing) you now feel the need to get into the granular detail of where you go from here. For some of you, that may involve making long term plans – the Mercury station is going to make you review any ideas you had and prompt some changes. The aim is to make your life work out better in the long run. Adapting to changing circumstances (or feelings) is not a bad thing to do.

The Venus station occurs at the top of your chart, so career issues could be a priority this month – fortunately, in a good way. Venus attracts – and you could attract attention or a raise. If that doesn’t come your way, you could be focused on your desire to make those things happen. Put on your best ‘work face’ and focus on expanding those relationships that are going to be most beneficial to you. As a Scorpio, you know how to play the game – and you have a good opportunity to make connections where it matters. By the end of the month, those improvements will be be evident.

September 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

The August blue moon has put your career in the spotlight and the Mercury station is giving you the opportunity to work out how you’re going to achieve your goals – both immediate and long term. There is nothing like having a plan – and Virgo is the sign of the planner; use this time to design a strategy that plays to your strengths. Jupiter retrograde may be forcing you to look at certain career issues even if you hadn’t planned to do so. You may have become aware of an opportunity – or had one presented to you – and this requires you to make a decision.

It’s one of those moments that couple push your working life in the direction you want it to go. It doesn’t happen every month so make the most of it when it happens. The Venus station is going to grab your attention too: if you love travel go – especially as your financial situation is starred to receive a boost. Something long distance may also be coming at you through your partner, but be aware – things at home may be limiting your options. The thing is, you’re going to have to make a choice, and it could be difficult to accommodate everything. Make that choice – and by the end of the month you’ll be happy you did so.

September 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

The blue moon opened up a whole new vista for you, and the Mercury station is going to help you to identify a few of the things that you can see in the distance. Mercury is in Virgo – and that’s a hard-working, practical and literal sign – so, this month, if you want those big ideas to become real, you’re going to have to work out how to do so. Fortunately, Jupiter is about to spend some time in your creative zone. Retrograde planets focus our attention; if there’s a particular project or activity that you want to become a bigger part of your life – now is the time to start working on it.

The Venus station is opening up your desire for significant change – you may realise that it’s a good thing to leave certain things behind. Try and lighten your load and rid yourself of those things that are really not giving you any pleasure. Your focus needs to be on the future and developing a fresh perspective on life. The freedom to be yourself is a wonderful thing, but it’s part of a deeper process of change that is transforming how you see yourself. By the end of the month, you will be able to see how far that journey has taken you, as you may feel more settled and secure than you have done in years.

September 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

At the end of last month, the full moon shone on a sensitive part of your chart and you became aware that things will never be the same again. That can be a difficult moment of realisation, even if the reason for it is a good one. This month, the Mercury station is going to help you get your head around some of those momentous changes and how you’re going to deal with them. Being realistic and practical always helps – and that’s where your focus needs to be. If your domestic situation no longer suits your needs, you may think about remodelling or relocation as an option.

That’s a serious move – and not one to do on a whim. Fortunately, you and your partner are likely to be of one mind about this – or whatever else it is that you decide to do. Venus is stationed in your relationship sector and this makes it so much easier to reach an agreement. So, have the discussion, make some plans and put your energy into working out where you want to go. If you treat change as a new adventure with limitless possibilities , it always seems a more attractive option – especially if your options are limited. By the end of the month, you’ll be buzzing with ideas.

September 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

The full moon at the end of last month may have left you in the dark about a few things. The light was shining away from you, but you’re a creature of the shadows – and maybe that’s how you prefer things to be. However, the full moon also shone on your partnerships and closest relationships – and with Mercury also stationed in this sector, your partner may be giving you a lot to think about. Matters you thought were dealt with may be resurrected around now, as some business was far from finished. You have a chance to get to the heart of the matter and put any unresolved issues to bed.

Jupiter retrograde may help – or hinder – this process; if you’ve been headstrong about a certain matter, be big enough to admit that you were wrong. Fortunately, the Venus station is giving you the desire to work things out and ‘grace under pressure’ may be the message this month. It may seem as if you’re being asked to take responsibility for a number of things – even if other people could easily share the load. Someone has to be the adult in the room – and this enables you to push through some big changes. Things settle down by the end of the month – be glad of that breathing space.

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