Welcome the the Big 2022 Horoscope: Part Two which runs from July through to December. This is the second instalment of my annual horoscope that looks at the big picture – and as I’ve broken the 2022 horoscope into two parts, it gives me the opportunity to review the things I predicted at the end of last year as I was writing the The Big 2022 Horoscope: Part One.

What has struck me forcibly, is that so many of the big themes I predicted would be so current throughout the first part of the year have been exactly that. The celestial symbolism suggested January 2022 through June 2022 would be dominated by some really big issues and three of those have been stand-out for their accuracy.

First, one of the main issues has been economic – particularly the rise in inflation and prices that is hitting hard on so many fronts – news today in the UK is that for the first time it now costs over £100 to fill the tank of a modest family car – for US readers that’s approximately $125USD. Prices are rising everywhere we look and there has been a great deal of anger in the UK (where I live) about the massive increases in domestic energy bills – over 50% rises have been common. How I wish I had been wrong on that one!

Second – and right from the January forecast – I spoke of the possibility of ‘diplomatic arguments’ and ‘internationally aggressive actions’. None of us will need reminding what happened in Ukraine on February 20th; the violence and bloodshed has been horrific – and so it continues seemingly without resolution. I also mentioned there would be the emergence of a charismatic leader; I think President Zelenskiy of Ukraine fits the bill, as his bravery and that of his people is an example to us all.

Third – and this is heartbreaking. As Mars approached Aries – and its conjunction with Jupiter – it entered the anaretic degree of 29˚ Pisces on May 24th. I wrote of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the Big 2022 Horoscope: Part One –

expect a heatwave when Jupiter enters Aries. Or large fires. However it manifests, the heat will be turned to to the maximum setting. And when Mars enters the picture, it’s as if someone fires the starting pistol.

Large areas of the world have experienced severe heatwaves. But the massive violence that took the lives of innocent children and their teachers on that day is a chilling reminder of what may happen when a hateful belief system (Jupiter, Mars in Pisces) and unchecked violence (Mars, Jupiter in Aries) combine. May they rest in peace.

So, what else happened? I said that women’s issues would be a major talking point this year – and in the US that has certainly been true. I think, in truth, that wherever you live, the dynamics that I described in The Big 2022 Horoscope: Part One will have played out in various ways. Fraud and corruption? We can tick that one. Politicians being caught out for their lies? That’s been a big one too. If you want to revisit the first part of the 2022 horoscope you can do so here – I think it still makes an interesting read…

So, what about the 2022 horoscope for July through to December? One of the reasons I split this year’s horoscope was that there was so much going on in the heavens above. The astrological saying goes, “As above, so below”, so let’s take a look at how the rest of the year may evolve for those of us on Planet Earth. It’s a long read so use the contents table to check out the month that interests you most.

July 2022 Horoscope

I ended June’s forecast with the following words, “a period of reflection; a period of reconstruction”. I’m honestly not sure how accurate that was – those things may be needed but I’m not sure that they are going to happen. But hang on… perhaps in the grand scheme of things, that may be a process that’s underway.

Events in the outer world can provide the opportunity for us to reflect on how we may have contributed to those events, or have been affected by them. And reconstruction – the notion of rebuilding or re-making, even in the abstract sense of the world of ideas, as well as in the physical or societal sense, is perhaps something that needs to be borne in mind as I write this during the month of June.

However, it’s July we’re talking about here – so what’s changed? At first glance, not a great deal, but as we get into the detail, a few things need to be noted. In July, the major planets are where we left them. Jupiter is in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius is in retrograde motion, Uranus in Taurus continues to cause havoc, Neptune in Pisces will continue to obscure and Pluto in Capricorn is grinding its way through the process of long-term structural change.

This suggests that not a great deal will change this month. Jupiter in Aries will continue to increase the possibilities for violence and arguments – it’s a pattern that was established as soon as the gas giant arrived in that sign in May and, in the US in particular, it suggests that the issue of firearms (Aries) is going to remain big (Jupiter) and contentious during this month. However, Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries at the end of July and this may signal a period where all of the issues in connection with that come under the spotlight.

Jupiter retrograde also suggests a limit may have been reached; Jupiter also represents the law, so it’s possible that lawmakers look closely at a particular issue that involved violence or abuse of some kind – of course, it could also imply that they simply have huge arguments about it without anything being achieved. This dynamic – of Jupiter inflating Aries-related issues – is one that will play out during July, wherever you are. It speaks of things like ‘opposing sides’, major conflict and taking sides – ideological positions are likely to become entrenched as Jupiter turns retrograde.

One other notable feature of the July forecast in the 2022 horoscope is an approaching conjunction from Mars to Uranus in Taurus. Technically, this does not become exact until August, but Mars moves quickly – and when it enters Taurus on July 6th it will begin to make an approaching conjunction to Uranus. This is a potentially violent and destabilising combination, as Mars and Uranus in combination are dynamic, provocative and confrontational. It’s combination that can be destructive. It breaks things.

So, is that always negative? There are positive potentials – like breaking a deadlock for example. However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. It’s an unpredictable combination and, though the conjunction is not exact until August, Mars and Uranus have a reputation for striking early and producing unexpected result. Shocking events – a blow up – may occur as the conjunction approaches, rather than the moment it becomes exact. Look out for political tensions, industrial unrest, unexpected violent acts and civil unrest. It’s a truly destabilising force.

Also, a word of warning for early July; as Mars approached Uranus, it also makes a square aspect to Pluto. Mars is a ‘trigger’ planet and a dynamic aspect to Pluto is suggestive of a power play – and it could be violent too. When Mars and Pluto square up to each other, there are often control issues and power struggles. It’s another confrontational aspect. Mars also passes through the anaretic degree as it leaves Aries (and begins to form a separating square with Pluto) on the 4th and 5th July – that is always a powerful moment. Watch out for a sting in the tail…

July 2022 Horoscope Summary: ‘same old, same old…’; reaching the limit; conflicted positions; a conflict of ideas; violent destabilisation; dynamic change; things break up; things break down; shocking events; rapid change; power struggles; dynamic confrontations; powerful moments in time; force a change of direction; a breakthrough moment.

August 2022 Horoscope

By August, things are beginning to change – and this may be as a result of the explosive combinations of Mars, Uranus and Pluto that blew up before – or at – the beginning of the month. However, those changes may seem familiar as, this month, all of the outer planets are retrograde except Uranus – and Uranus will also hit reverse gear by the end of the month.

It puts us in a place we have been before. What this suggests is that the things we have taken for granted, or accepted as ‘normal’ are going to be challenged. However, the biggest influence on this month is going to be Mars. Before leaving Taurus, Mars aligns with Uranus. The tension that’s been building during July reaches breaking point – or boiling point.

These are the zodiac’s impulsive bad boys – so watch put for a fight breaking out at anytime about almost anything. Early August will be volatile. Civil unrest is a possibility with this conjunction, as are violent attacks and disputes of all kinds including strikes and industrial disputes. Transiting Mars is often the trigger for such events.

This month, Mars makes contact with all of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – so the process of change is going to be traumatic. One side will be pitted against the other and that’s a dominant theme for the second half of this year. Before leaving Taurus, Mars also squares Saturn in Aquarius. A Mars – Saturn transiting square aspect is a determined, controlled and focused energy – it’s the kind of energy that’s needed to get something back under control.

Look out for situations where this dynamic plays out – authorities (Saturn) could use force (Mars) to gain control (Mars, Saturn) over certain situations. They won’t necessarily be violent, but ‘assertion’, ‘force’, ‘power’ and ‘control’ are key themes to watch for. It’s a frustrating combination because resolution is often delayed. Frustration, of course produces anger. Perhaps that Mars-Uranus combination that occurred earlier in the month, will give us a clue where that’s likely to happen.

Mars also moves into Gemini this month – where it stays for the rest of the year. Mars turns retrograde in October and will not leave Gemini until March 2023. This is one of this year’s big astrological events – and I’ll be writing about it soon – but right now Mars in Gemini is likely to spark a few Gemini related things as it expresses itself in that sign. A war of words? A war of ideas? Both of those would be typical of Mars in this sign.

There are potentially some much bigger issues that could arise with Mars here. Information Wars. Cyber wars. A fight to be heard. Mars in Gemini suggests disagreements of the kind that lead to industrial disputes – particularly in the education, transport and general communications sectors – and there is also the potential for military interventions. The dynamics include dealing with the results of things that were said in the heat of the moment. Saying the first thing that comes into your head. Aggressive communications may be in evidence at this time.

All of this is reinforced by Mars’s contacts to Jupiter in Aries. This is a massive fire energy – and the sextile aspect between Jupiter and Mars may open the door to situations becoming blown out of all proportion, or becoming difficult to control. Jupiter likes to blow up – and Mars in Gemini may function like pouring petrol on the flames. Things like inflation, massive price rises and the price of fuel in particular, may be part of the problem. It’s a highly inflammatory combination in all senses. It’s definitely going to be a hot summer.

August 2022 Horoscope Summary: challenges; civil unrest; industrial disputes; things getting out of control, frustration and anger; conflict; taking sides; explosions of all kinds; heated words; the heat of the moment; assertive communications; battle of ideas; heated criticism; incitement.

September 2022 Horoscope

After an explosive August, what does the September 2022 horoscope hold in store? The signs are that things may calm down as the emphasis during the month is on the air signs as well as fiery Jupiter and Mars. There’s also an emphasis on communication – though things may not be quite as they seem on first appearance. September is, however, the month when we are likely to notice a change in the air – and when the tempestuous nature of this year’s events will need to be discussed in serious terms.

Astrologically, by the end of the first week, Mars will enter the shadow period before turning retrograde in October, followed closely by Mercury turning retrograde in Libra. What this suggests, is a real push towards looking closely at recent events. When Mercury turns retrograde it’s time to re-visit and re-examine some of the things you thought you already knew. All pre-conceived notions come under the spotlight. It’s time to question what you have been told and, with the emphasis on Libra, issues of truth, justice and the law may figure at this time.

With Mars in its shadow period, its energy is also becoming more focused. This month’s action (Mars) may involve things like legal challenges or taking disputes to court. As Mercury moves into Virgo, there may be a sense that we need to work out a few things, or start putting the pieces together – and that may be true when it comes to certain explosive facts or contested information. The September 2022 horoscope suggests an active month with a focus on working out the details.

Towards the end of the month, Mercury opposes Jupiter, so there is a sense that a great debate is taking place. We need to know the details and understand the bigger picture. This is an aspect that suggests there may be attempts to understand a volatile situation, or negotiate a fair settlement to a dispute. It’s also the kind of aspect that indicates an investigation into a contentious issue – and that could also involve a legal investigation into violent or unethical conduct.

This month, there may be attempts to resolve an international dispute – but the feeling is that this will only occur after some seriously bad behaviour. Someone is going to be brought to account because they have broken international laws, or an important agreement, or even the kind of moral obligation. We have had some savage aspects this year and may be seeing some of the fallout this month. It’s a month for big news, major announcements and fierce arguments too – particularly in legal terms.

September 2022 Horoscope Summary: big investigations; major lawsuits; legal challenges; contested issues; attempts at resolution; legal arguments; active lawsuits; opposing sides; major adversaries; difficult negotiations; explosive opinions; difficult relationships; ethical judgements; moral outrage.

October 2022 Horoscope

This month, the emphasis on communications between sides continues. One of the effects of Mars in Gemini is that it speeds up the news cycle, so the October 2022 horoscope suggests a continuation, in many ways, of the themes we saw in the previous month. With air signs prominent in October’s skies, we have a ‘trine by sign’ between Mars in Gemini, Venus in Libra for most of the month and Saturn in Aquarius. Air signs communicate, inform, think, analyse and socialise. This is a month where intelligence (of all kinds) may dominate.

With Venus powerful in its own sign, and associated with diplomacy and peace, this is the month where negotiations may make significant progress. Intelligence in this context may be the kind of background information that enables a few good calls to be made. So, the drive in October is geared towards finding compromise, resolution and furthering negotiations. How successful is that likely to be?

The issue we have this month is that Mars is slowing up. In many respects that’s a good thing – it’s easier to focus when energy becomes more concentrated. When questions are asked this month, they are likely to get straight to the point. Saturn’s presence in this combination is also one that hints at the ‘official’ or governmental nature of the debate – and it’s likely to be in connection with a matter that happened a while ago; in fact an enquiry could be regarded as long overdue.

Of course, it is also possible that public opinion will call for an investigation into a matter that seems to have stalled. The momentum may be such that nothing can prevent the debate from taking place. This intensifies towards the end of the month when Saturn moves forward in politically minded Aquarius. Expect the debate to be vigorous (Mars in Gemini will see to that), but fair minded too – as you would expect with Venus in Libra.

As we move to the end of October, the mood changes. The intensity I mentioned earlier comes into sharp focus as Mars turns retrograde. Jupiter is also retrograde and retreats into Pisces. There is the feeling that we could be covering old ground by the end of the month, so expect old issues (or past events) to be re-examined at this time. To get at the truth – and Jupiter is concerned with truth – you often need to re-focus (Mars) on your understanding of events (Jupiter). The truth may have been obscured (Pisces).

At this time, information and knowledge is re-visited. It may be time to see things from a different perspective. It’s also possible that sharp questioning will reveal previously unknown or secret information. As October closes, there may be a period of reflection needed as we contemplate one of the month’s more evident tensions: as Mars has slowed down, it has formed a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune’s journey through its own sign has not been an easy one; lies, misinformation – and the pandemic itself – have characterised that planet’s progress. With the square aspect from Mars, those themes are likely to form part of the debate once more – and they may be the subject of the enquiries I mentioned earlier. September may mark a moment when we get to ask long overdue questions, but it may also mark a period where old wounds are re-opened.

That also makes it a rather tense month – and that’s no surprise as our old friends Saturn and Uranus make one last square aspect – the final movement in their transiting square that was so dominant last year. It’s reminding us that all of this is part of a larger process of social change. As change is inevitable, we have to make it work for us rather than fight against it. Of course, our instincts may be to do otherwise, so expect to see tension, resistance and confrontation during this month.

October 2022 Horoscope Summary: debates; national enquiries; public enquiries; the past comes to light; revisiting the big lie; pointed questions need to be answered; finding a way through the debate; trying to reach a consensus; inevitable change; tension between old and young; tension between old and new; the final confrontation.

November 2022 Horoscope

The November 2022 horoscope shows that October’s tensions carry over into November, as Saturn and Uranus (now separating) continue their celestial association. During this time, the square aspect between retrograde Mars and Neptune also becomes exact. So, we have two dynamic, tense aspects that are going to demand our attention this month – and because of the connections between Mars and Saturn (an approaching trine), the links between the those transiting aspects will become more evident towards the end of the month.

So, let’s look at what this means. Saturn and Uranus symbolise processes of change that are both inevitable and exciting. Or inevitable and chaotic, depending on your point of view. With Saturn in Aquarius, we experience structures being revolutionised. With Uranus in Taurus, we experience events that bring chaos to our stability – and the square aspect between them demands a dynamic response to those events.

At certain points in this process, things get critical – and this month is one of those moments. So, watch out for situations that reach breaking point. It may be about ‘revolution’ but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Revolutions can bring about a new and improved set of circumstances; unfortunately this usually occurs after a period of destruction. Let’s hope the destructive phase of that Saturn-Uranus square has come to an end.

It has, undoubtedly been a destructive aspect in many ways – but right now it’s also connected to the Mars-Neptune square. Mars is a trigger, but in association with Neptune our energies can be sapped. What this hints at is a certain level of apathy to what is happening right now. Whatever events occur around this time – the response may be more muted than we would expect.

Apathy is something that occurs when certain behaviours have become ‘normalised’. The stuff that would usually shock us, no longer does so – and that’s because we have usually been subject to so much of a certain thing that we no longer notice how inappropriate it is. Apathy is dangerous because it can legitimise things that we would normally find unacceptable.

So, this month may be both demanding a response to events – and failing to get one. Or, at least, failing to take action that may be so desperately needed. There may be real trust issues that undermine our ability to know the best way to respond. The Mars-Neptune square is always indicative of lies, deceit, scandals of all kinds; all of those things undermine trust in a big way and they may be prominent this month.

Taking the two aspects together, it’s likely that trust in public figures may reach an all-time low. For example, If there are elections, things like voter apathy could be an issue. However, there may also be a recognition that this is already a huge problem – so also look out for efforts to combat apathy, lack of trust and the chaos of change. Astrology always brings us both sides of an issue to deal with. Hopefully we recognise where we have the power to make visionary and constructive changes. Being inspired is better than being tired.

November 2022 Horoscope Summary: scandals; deceit; lies; voter apathy; an inability to trust; overcoming issues with trust; taking actions based on inspiring ideals; powerless in the face of change; a need to wake up and deal with new challenges.

December 2022 Horoscope

Finally, the year comes to an end. It’s been astrologically strenuous – but how is it going to close? It’s tempting to hope that we get a celestial truce over the festive season – and there may be the feeling that we know what we are dealing with after the tension and chaos of the past few months. Yet, how much do we really know?

It’s encouraging that Jupiter is now heading back towards Aries. As it moves forwards, there is a sense of coming to terms with things that have been discovered – and the anticipation that we will be in a position to take action soon. That feels positive – even if we also know that Jupiter in Aries will undoubtedly blow up a few more things in our face. The world is moving on this month – and as Jupiter changes sign, it may do so at speed.

However, Mars is still in its long, slow retrograde motion. Is this a bad thing? It certainly focuses its energy – hopefully in the right place – yet because the semi sextile to Uranus in the next door sign of Taurus, it may provide the initiative to get things done. The retrograde action may focus Mars’s energy in specific areas – or specific ways – and Taurus signifies the effects this month with be focuses on the economy.

Economic chaos has been a feature this year – and in December it will be a dominant issue. So look out for actions and protests (Mars, Uranus) against things like price rises and inflation – and demands that governments tackle urgent (Mars) economic issues in particular.

We may also find that Governments are considering new economic polices. Some of the ideas that are in play may seem bizarre – or they may simply contradict some of the previous economic policies or ideas that we have become used to. At the end of the year, it may seem like a cliche to state that we need to have faith in the future – but the astrology is telling us that faith is one of many available outcomes at this time.

The results of that faith may depend, however, on the following: first, we will need to be realistic about the future. Second, the future is not going to be the same as the past. Those uneasy neighbours, Saturn and Neptune, are reminding us that life is not all about material gain – and neither can you live in a dream world. At some point, you need to make space for your dreams – and work hard to realise them. I suspect it’s a message we will be hearing as the year ends.

Whatever your beliefs, have a happy Christmas and I hope you’ll join me in looking at the prospects for 2023… When the time comes!

December 2022 Horoscope Summary: major economic issues; new economic policies; having faith in the future; change becomes solidified; political new direction; cautious optimism tempered by realism.

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