Venus retrograde in Leo is the latest celestial body to go into reverse gear. Venus retrogrades happen every eighteen months or so and provide an opportunity for us all to re-examine our value system and the things that we really want. . They are often about getting life in balance and the sign Venus occupies provides a clue as to how a Venus retrograde is going to play out. With Venus retrograde in Leo, ‘playing out’ is the thing to watch out for – in more ways than one.

Venus Retrograde in Leo: The Basics

Venus retrograde in Leo. If there’s a retrograde that sums up the height of summer, it’s got to be this one. Venus is about pleasure, leisure and having a good time – and Leo is the sign of the party animal. Venus in Leo in forward motion is exuberant, fun-loving, playful, dramatic creative and charismatic – but retrogrades have a habit of making us look closely at the reasons why we’re so caught up in the drama that accompanies love, money and all that Venus represents.

There’s a basic question that you’re going to need to ask yourself – and it’s this: are you doing Venus (spending habits, holidays, personal style, relationships) simply to keep up appearances – or are you truly happy with the way these things are playing out in your life? Leo is about play and the way things play out – or even if you feel you’re being played – are going to come under the microscope between now and September.

Venus retrograde in Leo is going to demand that you face up to to a few home truths – and that takes courage, something for which Leo is renowned. Will there be scenes? Possibly, though handling matters with dignity and grace are also Venus retrograde in Leo attributes that you may be called on to use during this time. It’s not all negative or disappointing by the way; Venus retrograde often shows where we would benefit from a more creative response to life – and in Leo, the need to re-vitalise certain aspects of your life will be paramount.

What I’ve set out here are the basic Venus retrograde in Leo themes – but every retrograde needs some fine tuning – and that’s found in the retrograde chart…

Venus Retrograde in Leo: The Chart

Venus Retrograde in Leo: July 23rd 2023 - September 4th 2023 1
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What does The Venus retrograde in Leo chart add to our understanding? The aspects show Venus lies midway between the Sun and Moon and opposes Saturn (currently retrograde in Pisces). Venus is also at the apex of a ‘Yod’ configuration, with inconjunct (quincunx) aspects to Neptune (retrograde in Pisces) and Pluto (retrograde at 29˚ Capricorn, the anaretic degree). Let’s look at the implications of those three important contact patterns:

  • First, midpoints between the Sun and Moon are – rather appropriately – symbolic of relationships and the desire for close connection. It’s sensitive; it’s an awareness (the Sun) of feelings (the Moon) and a need to integrate – and that may have a broad application as well as a relational one – for example an integration or ‘a coming together’ of inner feelings with external events. Relating doesn’t have to be between two people or entities – it may indicate how the various parts of your psyche are getting along – or not. ‘Are you happy?’ may seem like a simple question – but it’s a big one and often not easy to answer.
  • Second, Venus retrograde opposite retrograde Saturn is a sign that things need to be taken seriously. There are questions of commitment, structure, form, being realistic – and these affect all matters connected to the Venus function in your life – money, love, relationships, style, appearances, creativity, pleasure and your deeper value system. Saturn retrograde is in Pisces – the sign of mist and blindness. It affects how you see things. If you’ve been overlooking something, or refusing to see the obvious, you may feel pressured into seeing something for what it is, rather than how you want it to be.
  • Third, the Yod. It’s an aspect pattern known as the ‘finger of fate‘ because decisions made now may change the direction of your life. That sounds fairly major – and it is. The Yod in a predictive chart indicates some tough choices need to be made – particularly when outer planets – like Neptune and Pluto – are involved. Often, it’s event driven – and that event will carry the Venus signature, as Venus is the planet at the ‘top’ of the aspect pattern. Whatever the event may be, your response will require hope, inspiration, creativity and leaving the past behind.

Venus Retrograde in Leo: How It Affects Your Sign

This Venus retrograde in Leo will affect all of us in different ways and – in a break to my usual retrograde report format – I’m going to look at how this Venus retrograde could impact on you according to your Sun and/or rising sign:


Venus retrograde in Leo is making you reconsider your perspective on life. So far, life may have been fun, indulgent – and you may have been prone to getting things all your own way. But what have you got to show for it? You may have been putting yourself first, but where has it got you? Those are the things you will need to face up to over the next couple of months. To extend your range, and voyage into the unknown takes courage – and resourcefulness. To get more out of life you need to be resourceful – or use your resources wisely. You need to understand that you only get what you give – so give more to get more.


Venus retrograde in Leo is making you look again at your ambition. Whatever you do, you need to feel good about it, otherwise your motivation disappears. We all need a little applause to keep us going – and you may feel that the applause has been sparse. If you feel under-appreciated in your career, you may want to use the next two months to work out why. Is praise so important to you, or are you able to validate your own performance by knowing you’re sincere in your efforts? Doing your best is a better way to garner attention of the right kind. If that’s your aim, use this time to steady your hand. Events may demonstrate this.


Why is everyone else having more fun than you? Or being appreciated more than you. Or being paid more than you. Venus retrograde in Leo may make it seem as if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and you may feel that the fence is too high to climb. Why do you feel as if you’re entitled to belong to the herd on the lush pasture? Standing aloof is not clubbable behaviour – if you want to join in, you need to present your attractive side and be generous, likeable and warm hearted. If events have made you feel excluded, swallow your pride and open your arms. It takes courage to embrace change.


Cancer is a retentive sign that hates to let go. Venus retrograde in Leo is challenging you to do exactly that – let go – and and you’re likely to resist. Sometimes we have to give up on something – either with or without a struggle. Sometimes things give up on us. Money and relationships have value, but sometimes there are things more precious that we have to part with – and do so with good grace. You may have a choice or decision to make – but be assured; love transcends everything and letting go with generosity and dignity is priceless. Use this time to reflect and adjust emotionally. Acceptance is a gift.


Venus retrograde in Leo is a big hitter in your sign and it impacts on the way you present yourself and how you see yourself. If you’re not happy with your self image, you have the next two months to work on that. External events may make you aware that you need to revitalise your presentation; an injection of positivity, charisma or making a dramatic style statement may give you a much needed boost – but you need to ensure that what you’re projecting is authentic. Use this time to ensure that your approach to life is value driven, rather than one of seeking gratification or affirmation. You will gain more by being true to yourself.


Venus retrograde in Leo impacts you in a material sense. For Virgo, the events that force you to look again at your resources may be financial in nature – but that’s not to say relationships won’t come into the picture. You may find yourself making adjustments or compromises – and the question will be, which course will you choose? You may not be in charge of the situation, but it may be down to you to make things work out. Time may be best spent working out whether you can afford to do something – or whether the cost of not doing something will be greater. It’s a value judgement – and it may involve a change in your priorities.


Venus retrograde in Leo may be hard for you to get your head around. Libra is the sign of relationships, but you may be having a complete re-think about the ways in which you relate – and how others relate to you. External events may prompt a period of reflection; if you’ve been guilty of telling others what you think they want to hear, or if you’ve been reluctant to listen to what those closest to you have been saying, now may be the time to swallow your pride. Grand ideas and big promises mean nothing without some follow through. Use this time to develop trust instead of rejecting those who have your best interests at heart.


Venus retrograde in Leo forces you to stop and reconsider how you’ve been relating at the most fundamental level. You’re not the most expressive of signs – and maybe that’s the problem. Events may involve your home and family, and you may have to take the lead in dealing with situations where someone is making life uncomfortable for you or the rest of your clan. Of course, there is the possibility that the guilty person is you. Getting more from your home life often involves an honest appraisal of what you can live with – or without. You may find more joy in familiarity in the coming weeks than anything else.


Venus retrograde in Leo has a creative impact on your life. This is an outgoing, fiery sign – and you’re going to be in a fiery retrograde period. It may be easy for you to go ‘OTT’ when you’re having fun – overindulging, overspending or ‘over-everything’ may be your usual practice. However, that’s what’s being called into question; if you’ve been lurching from one drama to another, or your happiness depends on running with the crowd, it may be time to discover that true happiness comes from within. Use this time to work out what makes you feel good – it will boost your confidence in a good way.


Venus retrograde in Leo is having a material impact on your sign. You have a significant decision to make and it will affect you a long way down the line so some prudence is required. Issues like work, health and productivity loom large over the next two months; how you respond is going to be critical to the balance of your life in future. You may have to choose between a financial or a relational outcome – but either way, you’re going to have to go with whatever seems the rational choice. Being childish is not going to work for you, but a sensible approach brings dividends. Everything has a price.


For the next two months, Venus retrograde in Leo is having an impact on your relationships. You may feel under pressure to make things fun – but in a meaningful way. You may be more conscious of your commitments than usual, or of commitment in general. Events may provide you with a pivotal moment which leaves you seeking a place of equilibrium and a desire to face the world with courage, determination or child-like enthusiasm. For the next two months, you may feel that little else matters to you other than your partner – or partnerships. Value this time and bank those feelings.


Venus retrograde in Leo really is a time of adjustment for you. You may feel at the mercy of events, but the truth is that you do have some choices to make. The issue is that they are all going to move your life in a new direction – and that means letting go of a few things. You may feel as if you’re not in control – but the reason for this is as follows: sometimes you need to feel that way in order to regain control. If your finances or relationships have been a little one-sided, it’s time to regain the upper hand. Things may be transactional, so set some boundaries. Trust is essential – but it needs to be earned.

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