Capricorn: Introduction

Capricorn the Goat. If you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn you will be used to climbing mountains – figuratively and sometimes literally too. So, is life always an uphill struggle for you, Capricorn, or do you relish the giddy heights that make the long climb to get there so worthwhile? One thing is for sure, you’re quite happy to butt anything – or anyone – who gets in your way.

in this section, I’m going to give you the heads up on the keywords associated with Capricorn and the things you may find pop up in your life if you’re a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon or have Capricorn as your Rising Sign. Also, If you’re in love with a Capricorn and want to know what they’re really like – read on. Capricorn qualities can also be seen if you have a strong Saturn in your natal chart – for example rising in the First House or in the Tenth House – Saturn’s natural domain.

Capricorn: Key Qualities


Earth signs do as it ‘says on the tin’ and you, Capricorn, are a typically down to earth, no nonsense Earth sign at heart. What makes you stand out, however, is your ambition. You were, like the mountain goat you are, born to climb high yet never lose sense of where you are – or where you came from. You’re also a great builder and thus combine the Earth’s material and constructive qualities. You don’t want to achieve for it’s own sake but have a fundamental need to leave a lasting and durable legacy.


Cardinal signs are always out in front as they mark the beginning of each season. Your season is winter Capricorn and you know intuitively the importance of self preservation during uncertain and hard times. Your instincts are geared towards survival and building structures to weather life’s storms and this quality gives you the lead when it comes to being seen as a protector, not just of your own interests, but those of your family and humanity as well.


For a sign perceived as being so strong, Capricorn is essentially feminine and represents the strong, resilient and determined woman. Capricorns are often regarded as the bulwark of society and family. The people who – often quietly but firmly in the background – ensure that the family that plays together, stays together. Nothing is more important to a Capricorn – male or female – than structure. Capricorns derive their strength from the structures they build whether that’s families, businesses or homes. It’s this collaborative strength that makes Capricorn such a dominant female sign.

Capricorn: Ruler

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Old Saturn is not exactly a feminine archetype – far from it – but his qualities of discipline, hard work, taking the long view and being in it for the long haul are quintessential Capricorn traits. So, however, is a more surprising quality – the cool, dry and surprisingly sharp Saturnian sense of humour. With Saturn, it’s often overlooked that your hard work will be rewarded with good times and Capricorns can let their hair down with the best of them – as long as everything has been ticked off the checklist before they go.

Capricorn: Keywords


Achievement, Ambition, Authority, Business-like, Consistent, Conventional, Conservative, Determined, Disciplined, Down to Earth, Dutiful, Hard Working, Humorous, Orderly, Organised, Patient, Practical, Productive, Prudent, Punctual, Reliable, Respectable, Responsible, Secure, Sensible, Thrifty, Traditional.


Careerist, Cautious, Cynical, Depressive, Dry, Insecure, Limited, Mean, Miserly, Narrow Minded, Pessimistic, Reserved, Shy, Social Climber, Stern, Unemotional, Unimaginative.

Capricorn Sun

The Sun represents your sense of identity and with a Capricorn Sun, you really identify with Capricorn characteristics. So, Capricorn, at heart you are sensible, cautious and know the value of things that are durable and long lasting. You are ambitious and determined to make the best of your life, however, you know there is no such thing as a quick fix so you are prepared to work long and hard to get where you want to be. Your natural conservatism ensures no corners are cut – or stone unturned – in your journey through life.

If this makes you sound like an unimaginative plodder, don’t be fooled by appearances. Your naturally humorous disposition makes light work of hard work and your talent for reliability and solidity is truly appreciated by many whose grip on reality is far more tenuous than yours. You are the one others lean on in a crisis – or otherwise – and your supportive yet sensible and unemotional solutions to life’s problems make you the go to person for practical and trustworthy advice.

Capricorn Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone, but with a Capricorn Moon our perceptions of comfort become somewhat challenged. It’s not uncommon therefore to find those with a Capricorn Moon among the ranks of the workaholics as you seem to need to be working towards something – all of the time. The term ‘Corporate Hospitality’ seems to have been invented for Capricorn as it encapsulates that Saturn/Moon combination – hospitality and leisure attached to purpose. There is nothing more antithetical to a Capricorn Moon than wasting your efforts – or time.

Your Capricorn Moon gives you a deep need to conserve, build and achieve and this is true even if your Sun Sign gives you a completely different character. Don’t be surprised therefore if this Moon Sign – by house – gives you the urge to be working on a project or giving your time to worthy causes in what is supposed to be your ‘down time’. You don’t really do ‘unproductive’ so ensuring your time is well spent is what you do to relax and feel at one with yourself. Don’t feel bad about it.

Capricorn Rising

With Capricorn on your Ascendant, you no doubt came into this world as a well behaved sensible child. You will have been the one your parents didn’t have to worry about – or maybe you were a late addition to the family and most certainly worth the wait. You would most likely have been diligent and dutiful and never late for school. All of this may make you seem perfect, but underneath it all you have a streak of mischievous humour and this – together with your natural empathy – make you friendly and popular.

So, Capricorn Rising, the way you view the world is essentially Capricornian in nature – even if your Sun Sign is of a completely different persuasion. Capricorn things come easily to you and you express the qualities of your Sun Sign in a Capricorn manner – with discipline, patience, reliability and a sense of humour. Your Capricorn Ascendant gives you an air of authority and can bestow leadership skills as you naturally display the seriousness of intent that can take you far in many fields. You can be patient, fair yet uncompromising as you play by the rules and expect others to do the same. Your world is ordered and your mission? To reap the rewards of it staying that way.

Capricorn In Love

Where relationships are concerned, Capricorns are unexpectedly romantic. They are more than happy to invest their time and energy in a partner they feel is worthwhile – and by that they mean a good long term proposition for life. So, don’t expect a Capricorn to waste time on the flighty, needy and profligate – let other Zodiac Signs run the risk of experiencing second best, financial ruin and deep disappointment. It must be said, therefore, that Capricorn – though romantic – is romantic with a sense of purpose and a goal in mind.

So, what can you expect in a relationship with a Capricorn? Unsurprisingly, it’s unlikely to be a whirlwind romance. Capricorns are highly selective and though they are dutiful and faithful partners, they can take a long time to commit. Ten year engagement? That’s Capricorn. More than most they need to be absolutely certain they’re doing the right thing and are quite happy to take their time about it. They have high standards and even if you’ve been together for a long – and I mean very long – time, that doesn’t mean it will end in marriage. Don’t be surprised if the relationship ends because after all that time you weren’t the right one after all.

Capricorn: Things To Look Out For

Architects, Architecture, Builders, Old Buildings, Stonework, Bricks, Stones, Mountains, Mountaineers, Bones, Ossification, Hard Surfaces, Hard Luck, Hard Work, Public Works, Public Authority, Local Government, National Government, Civil Service, Public Administration, Business Administration, Management, Support, Supporters, Common Sense, Coaches, Mentors, Bosses, Hierarchy.

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