The July 2022 Full Moon is the second Full Moon of the summer and is one of only two super Full Moons this year. Super Moons occur when the Full Moon is at its closest point to the Earth – an alignment known as perigee – so look out for the Full Moon being bigger (about 14% bigger) and brighter than usual too. There will be a moonlight increase of around 30% over the usual amount. This year, the weather forecast tells me that, here at least, there will be no clouds to spoil the view.

This Full Moon is also known as the Buck Moon. It’s a name that has its origins in nature; the antlers of male deer are shed and re-grow every year and, around this time, the antlers are in full growth mode. I’m not expecting to see any deer on the night of the Full Moon (though I have seen them in the woods and fields close to where I live), but it will be great to sit outside in the moonlight on a warm summer evening.

My mind, of course, will be on the astrology of the event. It’s been an eventful few weeks and as a Full Moon always brings things to culmination, I suspect we will see more than a few things reach the point of no return. Culmination occurs when things reach a summit – and that’s an appropriate image for a Full Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is a steady and ambitious sign – so will this lunation keep us grounded or set us on the right path? Let’s take a closer look.

July 2022 Full Moon: The Essentials

The July 2022 Full Moon is situated at 21˚20′ Capricorn and will occur on 13th July at 18:37(UT). Capricorn is an earth sign; it’s grounded, reliable, conventional and as disciplined as you would expect from the sign ruled by Saturn. The Moon in Capricorn suggests that our collective mood is likely to be realistic. Common-sense is likely to be in abundant supply – and if you need a moment to deal with something you’ve been avoiding for too long, the July 2022 Full Moon in Capricorn may gift you the ideal moment.

All of that accords with the principles of this sign and the Full Moon suggests that the time has come to make an effort and put in some hard yards. Whether it’s in your personal life or out there in the big bad world, the Full Moon in Capricorn suggests that a reality check is due and you – and we – need to be more disciplined and productive. Events come to a head around the time of the Full Moon and this one is likely to be no different – expect things to get serious.

Of course, the devil is always in the detail, and those of you who have been paying attention to the skies will recall that Pluto is also traversing through Capricorn. Pluto’s presence makes the July 2022 Full Moon a significant one indeed. When Pluto makes contact it suggests that this is a moment to draw a line and move on – but to see where that may take us, let’s look at the chart for the July 2022 Full Moon.

July 2022 Full Moon: The Chart

July 2022 Full Moon in Capricorn: A Super Moon 1
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The first thing to notice is the big opposition, with a pair of trine/sextile aspects to both ends of the Sun/Mercury – Moon/Pluto opposition. The opposition/trine/sextile configuration is often called the ‘triangle of potential’ because it holds the potential for resolving the conflict or ‘stand-off’ that’s so often suggested by the opposition aspect. It suggests there’s an incentive to find a workable solution to a problem – and with two ‘triangles of potential’ there may be more than one problem to resolve. The nature of the issues will be shown by the individual aspects to the Moon.

The chart for the July 2022 Super Full Moon shows the Moon and Pluto in an approaching conjunction – and Pluto is also retrograde. The Full Moon also opposes Mercury (which is conjunct the Sun) and it’s also sextile Neptune retrograde. There is also a trine to Uranus – and, although this is not a lunar aspect, the Venus-Pluto quincunx could prove interesting. There’s a lot to unpick so let’s look at the aspects in detail.

July 2022 Full Moon: The Aspects

I’m going to begin by looking at the aspect that jumps out – and that’s the Moon- Pluto conjunction. It may be unconventional to do so , but as the conjunction is the most powerful aspect, it makes sense to start there. As usual, those of you with important planets or points in aspect to the July 2022 Full Moon are more likely to notice a personal impact – but events out there in the public realm will also carry the signature issues of this Full Moon.

July 2022 Full Moon Conjunct Pluto

The July 2022 Full Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It’s dramatic, it’s extreme and it’s intense. It’s dark dangerous and explosive and it signifies undercurrents that can break out and destroy the things we take for granted. The Moon is a creature of habit and Pluto signifies that some habits need to come to an end. So, whatever reaches culmination under this Full Moon, could be overpowering. At a personal level, feelings could be overpowering – and in the wider world, there could be situations that involve being overpowered.

This is especially so, as Capricorn is a place of power and control in the Zodiac. In mundane astrology, Capricorn represents governments and heads of state – or simply those in power. At local through to national level, expect to see instances of power struggles that will often be emotionally based. The Sun-Mercury conjunction suggests that there will be communication and information relating to scandals, manipulation, subterfuge and good old-fashioned plotting and scheming.

What we see around the time of the July 2022 Full Moon may be the result of some of those plots and schemes and cover-ups that may be now coming into full view. Pluto marks both beginnings and endings – if you think about it one always involves the other – so this is a time that could be regarded as a turning point or change of direction. However, it will be contested; there is no such thing as an easy ride with Pluto. Someone may burn the house down on the way out of the door.

July 2022 Full Moon Opposite Mercury

On the other end of the opposition aspect we have Mercury (in conjunction with the Sun). The July 2022 Full Moon is no different from any other in that the Sun and Moon are always opposed, however, Mercury’s presence shows that part of the issue that needs resolution may be connected to those who are blind to either their own – or another’s – faults. When the Moon opposes Mercury, there also can be a lot of mental confusion and emotional bias in play. Reason and emotion are in conflict here.

This makes the July 2022 Full Moon potentially dangerous; when you need rational analysis of a situation, that may be hard to come by. Instead, power games and accusations are likely to be the choice of first resort, leading to conflicted situations becoming even more confrontational than they would have been otherwise. What this planetary configuration suggests is that both sides consider a particular issue to be existential; this leads to a ‘blame game’ and may also lead to things like ‘dirty tricks’ and smear campaigns. Your secrets may not be safe around this time.

At a personal level, watch out for the kind of misinformation that may be criminal in intent, such as fraud, and the kinds of deception that rely on you (or those you love) being tricked into giving away information such as pin numbers and account details. If that happens – try and avoid ‘victim blaming’ It’s surprising how easy it is to be manipulated into doing things you would usually avoid – especially when emotions are involved. Emotional blackmail is also a possibility at this time; ask yourself what kind of relationships result in this type of behaviour?

July 2022 Full Moon Trine Uranus

The July 2022 Full Moon does suggest, however, that there are ways of working around whatever comes into the light. When problems that are highlighted by the full Moon come into view, the Moon-Uranus Trine (and Mercury-Uranus sextile) offers one of the possibilities for a solution. The Mercury-Uranus sextile part of the pattern opens the door to new ideas and new ways of approaching a problem.

Some of the things you hear may seem crazy, but within the madness lies a way forward. It’s not inappropriate; the Moon is associated with ‘crazy’ – especially when trined with Uranus – and this is an aspect that may make you receptive to things that are more ‘off the wall’ than usual. In our personal lives that is a real possibility – especially for those of you whose charts are touched by this particular lunation. However, how does this work out in the world out there?

It may seem that certain situations have led to a place of madness. Wild ideas may be thrown around in the public sphere; decisions may be made that seem to contradict all of the things we thought we knew. We could see events that strike us as chaotic. However, there’s also scope for the announcement of something new – and that may be much more positive. Often in stalemate or unproductive situations, striking out in a new direction is the only solution – and that may happen now,

July 2022 Full Moon Sextile Neptune

The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Neptune. Neptune is also trined by Mercury. I want to look at the Mercury-Neptune trine first as it contains themes that have been well worn in recent times. Mercury-Neptune combinations are well known for their effects on truth and reality, often not in a good way. However, it’s also a sensitive aspect, as it sensitises us to injustice and situations where people are suffering. We all need some comfort sometime – and this may be a time when someone or something is able to offer us that.

The two things are not mutually exclusive; situations exist where the truth is concealed because someone lies about it – and when that’s revealed, it hurts. Confrontation may not improve certain situations, but insight, empathy and the ability to visualise more creative solutions could bring about some resolution – or at least a way forward. The keyword here is ‘hope’. Hope is an acknowledgement that you want something to happen. You want a situation to change for the better – and you expect it to do so.

The availability of hope may become more evident in both our public and private lives around the time of the July 2022 Full Moon. In this way, you can see how all things are connected; hope is born from the leap of faith it takes to go with a new direction. Hope is released when you choose to leave a bad situation behind. However it manifests, hope is what enables us to face the future with confidence – though beware of hope being misplaced. Failures of hope could be revealed at this time too.

Venus Quincunx Pluto

Though it’s not a direct aspect from the July 2022 Full Moon, Venus quincunx Pluto is part of the Full Moon aspect complex as the Full Moon is conjunct Pluto. Yet, when we look at the meanings associated with this aspect, it may hold the key to the situation that is lit up by the Full Moon. Venus quincunx Pluto is often an aspect that signifies an abusive and toxic relationship or situation. Spite, disappointment and bad tempered exchanges are a mark of this aspect; it indicates a situation that is best left behind.

So, with this quincunx as part of the July 2022 Full Moon chart, it’s possible that this is the kind of situation that is triggering the confrontation and change lit up by the Full Moon. Quincunx (150˚) aspects are problematic and often indicate an adjustment is required. They also indicate a movement to a new and different situation – which is often why we need to adjust in response. It’s an aspect that says, “This is awkward. Enough is enough”. Maybe the July 2022 Full Moon is the moment to do something about the toxic situations in our lives – and get things back on track.

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