As I write the July 2022 horoscope, we find ourselves in shocking and turbulent times. When I put the monthly horoscopes together, my focus in always on the personal implications of the movements of the spheres. However, this month, I can’t help but look back at some of the things I wrote in the Big 2022 Horoscope: Part One that I published late last year.

In the write up for June 2022, I wrote, “There will be questions asked, such as who is really in charge at the top? In whose interest is the country (all our countries) being run? Aquarius is a revolutionary sign, so we may see issues with power and control. We may find new restrictions imposed on our lives and we may see rebellions against those in authority.”

Well, it certainly seems to be working out that way. If you want to get an astrological overview of the rest of 2022, I’ve now published The Big 2022 Horoscope: Part Two, and I have to say that the confrontational dynamic continues for the rest of the year. So, on a more cheerful note, let’s look at your individual horoscopes for July 2022; as usual, check them out for your sun sign, rising sign – or both.

July 2022 Horoscope: Aries

This month sees Jupiter camped in the early degrees of your sign – and those of you born on the first decan are likely to feel more confident or impulsive than usual – in fact it may be hard for you to restrain yourself at all. Asa Mars, your ruler, moves into Taurus this month, the implications of that may be financial. Aries, if you’re going to impulse spend, now is the time, but beware as you may change your mind – suddenly – about the thing you purchased, or be faced with some unexpected additional expenditure later this month. Do what you need to do – but don’t ignore the consequences.

Mid-month, issues may become more complicated, especially where your career is concerned. The full moon is shining on this sector, and if there are any issues at work that have been bubbling under, this is the time that things may come to a head. It could get nasty – as Pluto is also involved – and whatever happens, things will not be the same afterwards. However, there is also the possibility that events may provide you with the opportunity to transform that part of your life. A difficult moment may be a blessing in disguise; use the momentum to move your life in a better direction.

July 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

The July 2022 horoscope suggests that this month will be a hectic one for you. You’ve been dealing with some stressful long term changes for a while now, but this month the pace of change seems to accelerate as Mars races into your sign. Some things are going to be ‘in your face’ this month and you may find it difficult to keep your temper as a result of that. However, here is a lot of upside this month too as you will have a lot of energy at your disposal – and that means if there is something you need to achieve then now is the time to take action. Luck is also on your side.

It may surprise you that mid-month, you appear to have a complete transformation of your perspective on life. However, this is the culmination of a process that’s been going on for some time. What is really happening is that you’re making the connection between the way your outlook on life affects your ability to achieve the goals that are truly important to you. A deeper understanding of how your world works is also something that would benefit you right now – as you may be confronted by an event that forces you to take a stand. Stand up for your beliefs – or change them.

July 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

You may have begun the month feeling that all was well with your world, but that glossy spin you put on things may wear a little thin as the month progresses. It’s not too long before money matters grab your attention – though this month you may attract resources as much as you spend them. One issue you may have is your aspirations may be more than you can afford. Setting a goal in life is a great thing – but you have to make it a realistic one. This month, you are going to be reminded that you have to take a more realistic perspective on life; ultimately, that may be a good thing.

Mid-month, you sense the need for radical change more acutely than usual – the problem is, however, that you haven’t yet worked out what changes are necessary or, if you have answered that question, you may find you haven’t worked out how to go about implementing those changes. Two scenarios (how Gemini!) are possible. Either events will force you to transform your position on some issue, or you will be transformed because you realise you need to take responsibility for a certain situation in your life. It’s a situation that may be cathartic – and that’s most likely the best outcome too.

July 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

For many of you this will be your birthday month – but if you’re feeling as if all things are possible, that may not be the only reason why. The universe seems to be smiling on you – particularly where your career is concerned. You may have great cause for optimism, or you may experience an upsurge in your personal ambitions. Either way, you could be recognised for your efforts and an upturn in your status could be the result. However, over-optimism is also a risk; make sure you don’t take on too much or make promises you can’t keep as this is also a risk at this time.

Mid-month, the July 2022 horoscope suggests that one of the things you may have to deal with relates to, well, relationships. If all is well with your other half, then you may need to take a closer look at business or professional involvements, or contractual obligations. It is possible that this could be an argumentative month – someone in your social circle may take exception to something said or done. You may not be the culprit – in fact you’re the one most likely to be peacemaker – but it may make you reconsider your involvements all the same. There are things that come to light and cannot be ignored.

July 2022 Horoscope: Leo

You may be feeling adventurous this month and it may be a great time to cultivate a sense of optimism. Anything is possible – if you put your mind to it – so hold onto that feeling as you may need that approach to deal with the stress that you may be feeling in the career sector. Where this is concerned, you may have been plagued with uncertainty for some time. Some of you may be feeling that your life direction is in a state of flux and some of you may feel you need a completely new approach to your vocation. Uncertainty is never a good thing – and something may occur this month that annoys you at work.

So, what can you do about it? Sometimes you need to get your energy moving in the right direction. Put your efforts into making the constructive change that you need. Get organised and work out how to make your job work for you – or get a new job. You may have to respond to events that make you change your ways – or change direction, but it’s far better to be in control of the process and take the initiative yourself. It’s actually a great time to work out what is going to be most productive for you – and work towards it. It may involve significant change – but it will be worth it.

July 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

The month begins with you feeling much more content about your career than you have felt in some time. Everyone loves you, and as the month progresses, you’ll benefit from the goodwill of your wider network of friends and colleagues. That’s a good thing, but you also need to ensure that you don’t get too complacent. There are major changes going on in your world right now and you need to be alert to any opportunities that come your way. You may be faced with some major decisions this month – the good news is that luck will play a big role in what you decide to do.

By the middle of the month, the July 2022 horoscope suggests that you will realise your personal creativity and enthusiasm for life have been transformed. It’s what you have been waiting for, so use that personal empowerment to make any changes that will benefit you in the longer term. It’s a month to devote your energy to moving things forward and expanding your world, but it’s also one where you need to be aware of how quickly things may change. If you’re travelling long distance at this time, watch out for unforeseen changes to your travel plans.

July 2022 Horoscope: Libra

The July 2022 horoscope suggests that something may come at you out of the blue this month – and it may have the potential to rock your world. That may be great (or otherwise) but be prepared for some surprises, as you may find that your energy is devoted to dealing with either a crisis or some significant changes this month. Some of those changes may be deeply personal – and some may be financial. It’s possible that the two things will be related, so watch out for any arguments with your ‘other half’ relating to money – or anything else. One way or another relationships are a big issue this month.

If you’re single, you may find yourself focused on relationships in another way; you may have a surprising romantic encounter this month – or the nature of an informal encounter may evolve. It’s possible that some of you will take the initiative to start a new romance – and luck will be on your side. It’s also possible that the emphasis will be business or professionally oriented – you may form a new partnership and be involved in discussions and negotiations in that context. From mid-month, you will find your home base transformed in all senses – you can be sure of that.

July 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio will also see a lot of action on the relationship front; the July 2022 horoscope suggests that things may be busy – but they may also be tense. What is likely, is that you will want to take the lead in your partnerships (of all kinds) and drive things forward. Sometimes you have to be the one who takes the initiative, and mid-month, expect some intense and deeply honest revelations about how you are really feeling right now. You could be the one opening up – or it could be you partner. Or both of you. The important thing is to do so without things becoming difficult between you. Use this energy to deepen your bond.

It’s also a month where you are going to be concerned about how your life is organised. If you’ve been over-indulging of late, it may also be a good time to embrace the gym with a degree of enthusiasm. However, do watch out for complacency; It would be easy to make the assumption that everything you do this month will fall into place without much effort. That maybe so in some cases – but there’s also a danger that you will spend this month eating pizza on the couch – even metaphorically speaking. Use those positive influences to make life better in a meaningful sense.

July 2022 Horoscope: Sagittarius

There’s a real relationship theme to this end of the Zodiac – and you’ll be delighted to learn that Sagittarius is the one who is coming out best. As the luckiest sign, your relationships may be sweetness and light this month, but you are going to have to put a lot of effort into making sure that life in general is heading in the right direction. Work is going to keep you busy – and that’s something you may not have factored in as the month starts. You may have to roll up your sleeves to deal with a changeable or chaotic situation. There’s only one thing to do – and that’s meet it head on.

And that’s exactly the right thing to do. Your limitless enthusiasm makes this a fun and creatively rewarding month for you too. However, it’s also a month where you could easily overdo the good things in life. It may be a fun time but it’s also a time where you will need to keep one eye on your finances. Of course, it could be that you have a good reason to party – your value system or your finances could be transformed in some way and that may be worth celebrating – but don’t assume that will happen until it does, as things could easily go the other way.

July 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

You may feel as if your home is too small for you this month. If you’re considering a relocation or an extension to your living space, this is the month to go ahead. The July 2022 horoscope suggests that, at the very least, you’ll feel in need of some open space. This could result from inner restlessness or it could be the result of your house being overcrowded – even on a temporary basis. This could be a month for house guests (those distant family members?) and good times too – things could get a little indulgent on the home front.

This month is also the month that you will want to be in control. If the kids are arguing and out of control, or you’re feeling irritated, stressed and unable to be yourself – then it may be time for you to give yourself a little space. There are times in our lives when we need to be honest and admit that maybe we could do with a ‘make-over’. I mean that in the most fundamental sense, as a new outfit or hairstyle may not be enough to produce the deep personal transformation that you need right now. If things aren’t working as well as they could be, then fix them. But it if it ain’t broke…

July 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

What’s happening on the home front? Someone has woken up this month and decided it’s time for some DIY – and that person is you. If you’re good with a toolkit that’s fine, but if you’re not, then the domestic energies could be a bit unsettling this month. The July 2022 horoscope suggests that family life will be anything but peaceful in July – and, of course there could be numerous reasons for that. Chaos and arguments are one way to let that energy out. So are repairs and maintenance – and there may be a few surprise breakages and accidents to look out for in July.

What happens in the outer world is often a manifestation of inner trauma – and that may be true for you this month. What is needed is not so much a repair on the home front but a transformation of your personal foundation. if you’ve lost track of where you’re coming from, events this month may stress the importance of getting back in touch with yourself at a deep inner level. If something gives you the push you need to engage with that, you’ll discover it’s easier to go with it than resist. In fact, resistance may be futile. Allow your soul to be transformed; you won’t rest easy until you’re spiritually in a better place.

July 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

Ah, the joys of spending. Money and values become a big issue for you this month as the July 2022 horoscope suggests that the urge to acquire may be overwhelming. If there’s a big ticket item that catches your eye, you may find temptation is hard to resist. On the other hand you may find some large bills heading your way – though a few of you may find some extra cash heading your way. If that happens, you’re more likely to spend than save. There is a thing called ‘retail therapy’ and if you’re indulging in comfort spending, there may be a good reason why.

Mentally, this could be a stressful month for you. You may experience your mind racing – yet be unable to put together a chain of coherent thoughts. Finding your focus may be difficult and here may also be a less pleasant reason for that as you you may be caught up in arguments more than usual this month. Perhaps this will be a good month to stay at home – as even your usual social networks may prove more challenging than usual. Home, fortunately, is where the heart is; if the world is not your friend right now, then enjoy your time with those you love most. Your family will be your greatest admirers in July.

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