Astrology Forecast 2021: Introduction

When I was preparing my astrology forecast 2021, I breathed a sigh of relief that 2020 was soon going to be over. As I write this at the end of 2020, there is a sense that change is in the air – however the issues of 2020 (pandemic, political upheaval, economic gloom, climate change) appear to be clinging on – even if we can now see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Last year, the heavens were filled with stressful planetary transits. The big Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn dominated 2020, Mars sparked all kinds of aggravation – and has just completed its own retrograde period as I write. Neptune and Uranus also made their mark – and will continue to do so this year. However, the big question is, how are the heavens shaping up for the year ahead? My advice? Saturn and Uranus are the ones to watch. Earthquakes of all kinds could be on the cards…

The skies may not be as hyperactive as they were in 2020. However, like the aftermath of a wild party, we’re likely the begin the new year with a hangover. The Jupiter Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’ ushers us into 2021 as it meets in Aquarius to signal that we have crossed over into a new age. Things will be different, but how? In my astrology forecast 2021 I’m going to take a month by month overview to see how 2021 works out. The good news? It’s not 2020. The bad news? It’s not going to be as easy as we would like it to be. Welcome to 2021.

Astrology Forecast 2021: January

Before you get too optimistic, my astrology forecast 2021 indicates we’re going to start the year tying up the loose ends of 2020 – and there are plenty of them. Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius – and this is both the ‘beginning of the end’ of events that have been ongoing for the last twelve months and more – and the ‘beginning if the beginning’ of a new era being ushered in as 2021 dawns. However, much as we may see the New Year as a moment of relief – don’t get too excited.

First, let’s look at the nature of Aquarius. It’s the sign associated with science and technology – and I think it’s likely that we will be more focused on both of those matters in the coming year. If we have learned anything from 2020, it’s that we are going to need new and innovative ways of conducting our lives – so expect news and announcements about progress and advancements in those fields – especially as we have Mercury in Aquarius too.

That sounds good news – and some of it will be – however, this is also likely to be a tense month, particularly where the economy is concerned. Mars joins Uranus in Taurus and squares the planets in Aquarius. There is the feeling that there is going to be a huge price to pay for the changes that are going to be thrust upon us. This is an angry combination and, with Mars as the trigger, there is the prospect of conflict. We are looking at real structural changes starting to take effect and it won’t be easy. Harsh words, rash actions and tough choices are likely to be a feature of this month.

My astrology forecast 2021 also suggests this is also a month where political upheaval and change is indicated – some of this may be welcome but there are two sides to everything and there is no indication that the battle lines we have become used to seeing are going to be redrawn any time soon – in fact, divisions could intensify. Expect drama towards the end of the month with that full Moon in Leo – and Mercury turning retrograde in Aquarius…

Astrology Forecast 2021: February

One of the celestial features we need to get used to this year is the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. They are going to be a feature of my astrology forecast 2021 and this month, we find out that Saturn is our reality check. We are having to get real about a world that has changed dramatically. We may be learning to live with Covid-19, but we’re also going to find it hard to live with the economic cost and there will be real conflicts of interest coming to light.

One of the issues that we may see is a conflict between those who want to restructure society to make more fair and relatable to people at a community level and those who are ideologically opposed to that. With Uranus in Taurus, money also comes into the equation. The main thrust of the argument is likely to be this; can we afford to make changes or can we afford not to? My astrology forecast 2021 suggests that this is going to be a matter of contention all year – and maybe beyond. It’s certainly going to be one of the big debates of this year.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius this month really emphasises that – there may be a focus on the things our politicians have said and promises made – but not delivered – could be a theme here. There is also a hint of big legal issues as retrograde Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius too. Jupiter is always big, so expect big news this month – but it’s likely to be about something that’s being re-examined or reviewed. It’s the combination that speaks of legal or ethical enquiries and we may find some big questions being asked this month.

Astrology Forecast 2021: March

During March, my astrology forecast 2021 suggests those underlying tensions continue much as they will do all year. However, the month begins with Mars moving into Gemini – and thats a really critical placement when it comes to ‘angry words’. As Mars trines Saturn this month, it’s going to make it easy for disputes to come out into the open – watch out for verbal aggression and posturing, for example, in connection with the fall out from the epidemic or any restrictions or social changes that have resulted from the events of 2020. Whatever the contentious issues are, they will be a hot topic.

Aspects between Mars and Saturn are often a sign of frustration and a build up to conflict – and that could be a key element of this month. We’re starting to get the feeling that, this year, things may not happen as fast as we would like them to – particularly when it comes to the things that would make our lives better. So, for example, we may be frustrated at the speed it’s taking to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine programme. Or we may feel frustration that there are still too many rules or restrictions in place preventing us from living our lives as we want to. Or that not enough is being done to repair the economy.

On a more positive note, there is a new Moon in Pisces towards the middle of the month – and it’s close to Neptune, Pisces ruling planet. When I was compiling my astrology forecast 2021, I thought that would be a really peaceful New Moon – and I hope it will be as we could use something to bring down the tension we’ve seen so far. The Moon, Venus and Neptune in Pisces speak of money, ‘big pharma’ and the public mood. Ideally we will see the Covid-19 vaccination programme implemented. However, I think there is also likely to be misinformation spreading as effectively as the disease itself – and there is no cure for that.

However, the New Moon also represents a new beginning – and this may be the moment when we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel – particularly as Venus and Neptune are in Pisces too. This is an artistic, entertaining and creative New Moon – could this be the month the creative industries resume their work? And will those sports programmes resume? Let’s hope so. There is a real need for pleasure and entertainment and this would be a welcome relief for so many of us.

Astrology Forecast 2021: April

April marks a moment when we are reminded that this is a year of change. The astrology forecast 2021 reminds us that the pace of change steps up this month as Mars in Gemini triggers some big news. This month, the ‘big revolution’ we’ve been seeing unfold around us starts to take shape – and if we thought that was going to be an easy process, I suspect we couldn’t be more wrong. There could be fireworks this month and not in a good way.

I suspect, however, that what we may see is a war of words – if we’re lucky – though with the New Moon in fiery Aries, there is always going to be the potential for something more confrontational to break out – particularly as this month is likely to be the time when any illusions we were holding onto are going to be shattered. This is also the month when scandals and deceptions may come to light – especially if they involve love or money – as most scandals do.

The main problem we have here is we can’t escape the underlying tensions that are going to persist for the entirety of this year. There will be themes of suspicion, lies, slander and disappointment this month with Mars squaring up to Neptune. This simply builds on the disputes we are already seeing because of ongoing economic and ideological changes – and their social and economic costs. The astrology forecast 2021 suggests the Mars Neptune square is likely to result in underhanded, and aggressive acts associated with subversion and deliberate deceit and confusion. It’s not an easy time…

Astrology Forecast 2021: May

…And there may be an intensification of the tensions in May. Saturn turns retrograde this month – and when he does so it’s like doubling down on doubts and fears to the extent that you feel like giving in. Of course, what you have to do is become realistic about any situation you find yourself in. We may have our dreams but we inhabit the real world and it demands our attention. Every time. That is the lesson of retrograde Saturn.

So, if we scale this up, what will that imply for May in our astrology forecast 2021? Well, the world has been going through a period of flux and our societies have been going through massive changes – perhaps to the extent we feel we can’t take any more. There is also sometimes the feeling of acceptance. ‘It is what it is’, as the saying goes, and this month may be a moment when we simply have to come to terms with everything that has happened so we can prepare to move our lives forward once more.

My astrology forecast 2021 suggests that things are not going to be ideal – but we need to be taking stock of where we are in the present. That’s going to mean being patient. There is the air of delay and frustration this month – and some resignation too. I suspect that the reality of how much work there is to do to repair the post-Covid world (if that’s where we are going to be) is going to hit home sooner or later. Saturn in Aquarius may be slowing the revolution just a little over the coming months – but taking time to plan is never a bad thing in the long term.

And this month’s other big news? Jupiter makes an early foray into Pisces. And that injects a note of faith where we may need it most. Jupiter here can offer a glimpse of a better future – and in Pisces there may be the feeling that possibilities are endless. However, Jupiter here also points to a more humanitarian future – and that may be a focus over the next couple of months. We may need that, as Jupiter in Aquarius this year will have been overloading us with shocks and surprises – so be prepared for that too.

Astrology Forecast 2021: June

Jupiter in Pisces continues to be the big celestial story in June, and the astrology forecast 2021 points towards this month giving us a glimpse of the healing process that’s going to be necessary for the world in which we live. Collectively, there has been the most enormous stress – we have seen it not only in our economic and social structures, but in out own health and wellbeing too – particularly our mental health – and one of the effects of Jupiter’s move into Pisces could be to highlight that issue.

This may come about as a result of events we may find shocking. The solar eclipse in Gemini aspects both retrograde Saturn and Neptune in Pisces and it suggests an event (or events) that touch on governments, leaders, social structures – and social strictures – and events demand a response. The solar eclipse comes hot on the heels of Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto. I hate to say this but there is a suggestion of violence and victims in such astrological placements and this may be a month where headline writers use the word ‘devastation’ with more accuracy than usual. The relationship between the eclipse and Neptune accentuates a feeling of collective loss and a need to heal.

Jupiter in Pisces turns retrograde this month too – is this the time we need to examine our conscience? There is a feeling some things may have become out of control and we truly need to reflect on the things that are going to be important to us as a society. This, incidentally, applies to all of our concerns – it’s the shape of the future we are contemplating now – even if we’re not in the place we need to be to make change possible.

Astrology Forecast 2021: July

So what of July? Last summer, 2020, many of us missed out on the traditional summer holidays, but my astrology forecast 2021 suggests that this year will be different. However, before you get too excited, I need to point out that the ‘background noise’ of tension and dispute is still in place. Neptune is still doing a great job of creating uncertainty and confusion and Uranus is still causing financial upheavals – and maybe even earthquakes of a literal kind. Overall the year is about knocking things down to build anew – so, in short, there is no change there.

However, this month, Mars and Venus come together in Leo. Leo is dramatic and fun and needs the sun – as do so many of us. The feeling seems to be that we are going to party come what may. Sports, entertainments and holidays are what the public wants. However, is it a collective mood (rather like the one that saw 2020’s Xmas trees go up very early…) or are we going to see a public celebration of some kind? One of the things that strikes me is there is a hint of rebellion this month – but in a pleasurable way. It’s as if we may be advised not to ‘over-do’ – but do it anyway.

The astrology forecast 2021 also suggests there may be wider implications to these actions. Actions have consequences and as you know, we all want things we can’t afford. Some of you may book that holiday – whether you can afford it or not. Others may scale down their vacation expectations – but enjoy it anyway. It’s likely to be a month where expenditure and fun are the main issues – in a controlled way of course. And the powers that be? Well, their budgeting issues are off the scale – perhaps that’s why we feel we can indulge ourselves. Let’s party like it’s the end of the world!

Astrology Forecast 2021: August

That theme continues into August, but there is a shift in tone this month as retrograde Jupiter has returned to Aquarius. The period of reflection is over and the cry, once more, is for liberation. But liberation from what? Aquarius is a rebellious sign and the new ‘Age of Aquarius’ is exactly that – a shift into new ideas, conditions and ways of experiencing life. Aquarius is also the sign of society and social concerns. Jupiter’s return here suggests that this month, those concerns need to be revisited.

Saturn and Uranus are also retrograde this month and this month could be a time we see people ‘digging their heels in’ as the old saying goes. In other words, compromise could be in short supply, as we see the potential for dramatic announcements, some of which could inflame tensions during the long hot ‘dog days’ of summer. The full Moon in Leo, which conjuncts Mercury and opposes Saturn in Aquarius seems to be a moment when things could come to a head.

As we’ve discussed, Aquarius is about throwing out the old and bringing in the new – a major theme this year – and Saturn is about process and, as you know, it’s always a slow process with Saturn. Change becomes crystallised and new structures emerge to replace old ones. You need patience with this process – and patience is what’s lacking here. Change is not easy – there are winners and losers every time. My astrology forecast 2021 suggests some drama this month as people demand some accountability from those in charge.

Astrology Forecast 2021: September

September is the month where we thing of things as ‘getting back to normal’. We are, however, in a state of ‘the new normal’ so we’re not quite sure what normal is. This month, all the big outer planets are in retrograde motion and there may be a distinct feeling that we’ve been here before. It’s worth looking more closely at the outer planets as they truly are the harbingers of change – and they are now lined up, in successive signs, like the carriages of a train – even if that train now seems to be shunting back into the sidings.

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is at it’s opaque best this month, as the way ahead may be obscured. Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius is feeling hugely rebellious and Pluto in Capricorn is demolishing everything we thought we knew about the world. It’s as if, this month, we’re going to have to face up to the fact that things will never be the same again. The astrology report 2021 for this month also hints at something much deeper here. Having to face up to mistakes, interrogate lies and establish the truth of any situation is not easy – and this month that may be particularly so.

I have said this before and I’m going to repeat it here. This year has a theme of facing the realities of change – that’s what the big ‘Age of Aquarius’ label attached to 2021 means. This month this is a big issue, as Mercury slows down before turning retrograde and we have to start taking a few things very seriously indeed, particularly in the field of our relationships – whether that’s personal, business or international treaties. And the big picture this month points to events of international significance.

Astrology Forecast 2021: October

It’s in mid-October that things get more interesting. This month is the month when things start moving forward again. The astrology forecast 2021 suggests that the train starts moving forward again as Jupiter and Saturn move to direct motion together with Mercury. This is important, as it’s a real sign that issues are – at last – being addressed. Or at least the promise of it is there – and that’s what counts right now. However, to reach this stage, it’s likely we had to hit a low point in order to work our way back up.

The Mercury retrograde takes place in Libra this month (well, from the end of last month actually) and Libra is the sign associated with equality and fairness as well as relationships between countries as well as between people. If international relations have been strained recently – and they may well have been – then hopefully there is now scope for agreements to be successfully negotiated. The whole year is likely to have been a time of political tension, but it’s never a good sign when there is international conflict. Let’s hope that this will be averted – or resolved – now.

Astrology Forecast 2021: November

I had hoped November would be peaceful, but early in the month there is a difficult Mars Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. As I’ve mentioned before this is the classic ‘war of words’ combination – and in Scorpio? This has the potential to be linked to serious matters such as crime – particularly financial crime. It’s also connected to the secret services and other underground organisation – legal or otherwise. Mars is combative and aggressive and we may have news of serious misdemeanours – and those misdemeanours may be associated with those in high office as this conjunction is square Saturn in Aquarius.

There is, however, the potential for something more violent or threatening. This is always so with Mars – and this is a difficult planetary combination. There could be issues about press freedom and attempts to restrict that. There could also be industrial unrest and government force used against that. More disturbingly, there is a sense of loss – perhaps violent loss involving governments or heads of state. In this astrology forecast 2021, I have to note that this is a combination that we see in state funerals – that combination of military marches, sorrow and wall to wall journalistic coverage. I’m glad I’m just a regular person!

It doesn’t end there. On its travels through Scorpio, Mars also opposes Uranus – and that’s a volatile combination to say the least. Mercifully it’s a brief contact – and I say mercifully, as it’s the archetypal riots in the streets planetary aspect. Come what may, November is likely to be a tempestuous month in what has been a tense and sometimes volatile year. As we approach the year end we may feel we’ve made progress on some fronts – but are having to face obstacles on others.

Astrology Forecast 2021: December

Finally, the last month of the year and the season of goodwill is not shaping up to be that good according to my astrology forecast 2021. One of the underlying factors for this is the square aspect between Saturn and Uranus becomes exact again. A quick word about transiting aspects here. The ‘square dance’ between Saturn and Uranus is going to be played out during the whole of 2021 and 2022 (and a post about this aspect will be coming soon). During this period the aspect will become exact approximately four times and when it does so, the underlying tension that these planets represent will become more acute.

One of these particularly tense periods where we see active stress between the Government and a rules based society, and disorder and economic upheaval, is this month. And, with a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, things may come to a head – that is what Solar eclipses often do. In this instance events could be connected to deeply held belief systems. This could be orthodox religion, but it could relate to political ideologies too. Sagittarius is also connected to the law ,and there is the potential for a legal case to trigger some disturbing outcomes.

The solar eclipse on December 14th is followed by Venus turning retrograde on December 19th – and this is a significant Venus retrograde, as Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn as she goes into reverse gear. Venus in Capricorn speaks of traditional attitudes towards women (among other things), and one of the ways this could be an issue this month is because it also speaks of women in positions of leadership. My astrology forecast 2021 suggests the conjunction to Pluto shows a significant power shift that puts a female leader in the spotlight.

However, there are other things to consider too. Venus in Capricorn is concerned with money – public money – and the conjunction with Pluto again suggests fraud and criminality are big issues this month. There is a wider implication too concerning the wider economy. Pluto is the ‘no turning back’ planet and we may see commitments to significant public expenditure. Alternatively we may see cutbacks and recession. Taxation could become an issue. The choice is in the hands of those in power, but there may be major financial shocks to the system one way or another – that’s for certain.

So, if there is one thing to take away form the astrology forecast 2021 I think that it’s this. We are now in a period of major restructuring and realignment – whether we like it or not. This year will contain unrest, shocks and surprises – but there may be some seeds of hope there too. Meanwhile, may I wish you a Happy Christmas for 2020 – and 2021 when the time comes.

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© Sara Shipman 2020

Picture Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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  2. Thank you, Sara. So much to think about here. I assumed 2021 would be generally challenging, and now I will be very curious to see how things work out as the year progresses!

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