Jupiter transits Taurus with an almost stately progress – and has been doing so since May 17th. The planet of opportunity and expansion is in Taurus for a long stay – until May 2024 – and that seems appropriate for a sign famous for being unhurried. Jupiter in Taurus expresses the principle of increase in ways that are appropriate to this sign and, as Jupiter inflates everything it makes contact with, how are we going to notice the changes compared to Jupiter’s recent progress through Aries, a journey of less than six months?

A quick reminder of what Jupiter did while transiting Aries: it turned up the heat in more ways than one. It would be easy to blame Jupiter’s presence in that sign for the high temperatures, high prices and high tempers that marked the period between May and October 2022 and December through to May 2023. Life is complex and it takes more than Jupiter’s influence to raise the stakes a degree or two. What Jupiter did, however, was raise our awareness of all things over-inflated – and raise our response levels to match. Seeing red has been the order of the day.

Now Jupiter is about a third of the way through its Taurus journey, so how have things changed? In this post, I’m going to look at Jupiter’s progress through Taurus to date – and as it’s a social planet, I’m going to look at the big picture. When you’re looking at Jupiter, it helps to maintain your perspective, So, in this post, I want to remind you of the fundamental principles of both planet and sign – and apply them to the the world in which we live – in other words, bring Jupiter, the King of the Gods, down to Earth. After all, that’s what happens when Jupiter transits Taurus.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: What Does It Mean?

First, let’s get the most important thing out of the way: as Jupiter transits Taurus, it represents the next phase in the new cycle that began with Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries amplified all of those things we associate with Aries – speed, conflict, and escalation. A lot of things became ‘critical’ or received the red light when Jupiter was in this sign. Jupiter increased the pace of life, so it may have felt difficult to keep up with that. The pace of change can feel overwhelming – and Jupiter does overwhelming in a big way. There can be a lot of general rage with Jupiter in Aries.

So, now that we’re all annoyed about something, what are we going to do about it? To get to grips with that, we need to understand how Jupiter in Taurus functions, so let’s look at the first principles of planet and sign. As Jupiter transits Taurus, life may seem like hard work. In fact, Jupiter in Taurus is suggesting that a lot of hard work will be needed over the coming months – especially if this transit has major contacts with planets and points in your natal chart – and in a societal context, as major planetary transits impact on all our lives.

Jupiter is a social planet, so the themes we associate with Jupiter in Taurus are evident in the events we see unfolding around us. As Jupiter transits Taurus, the economy will be in sharp focus up to May 2024. There may be growth. There will be debates on issues of greed, ownership and shared values. Belief systems may appear fixed and intransigent. There may be big legal issues (Jupiter) concerning money, ethics, ownership and security (Taurus). Economic (Taurus) growth (Jupiter) – or the lack of it – may be a concern.

This is a long transit, and a lengthy process is unfolding before us. It’s also working as a good reminder of how transits actually work . There is a beginning, a middle and an end to the transit process – and we’re already through the first phase. So, what happened?

Jupiter Transits Taurus: The First Direct Phase

Jupiter’s first direct phase in this sign occurred between May 17th 2023 and September 4th 2023 – and increased the price of everything. This marked the time for issues to become big issues and escalation and inflation of things we associate with Taurus. Economically – a big Taurus concern – none of you will need to be reminded that everything costs more – often more than you can comfortably afford to pay. Food prices, transportation costs and insurance premiums have soared. Not a sector seems untouched. And being Jupiter, this inflation is global – though that’s little consolation when you have bills to pay.

And while you’re having to work harder and longer for your money, there’s another big issue. The environment and natural world belong in Taurus’s domain. This year has – again – seen record levels of global warming. Wild weather, floods, fires, typhoons and hurricanes seem to grow bigger every year. Of course, the weather gods have been inflicting pain on humankind since the dawn of time but, as Jupiter transits Taurus, those issues seem to be overwhelming (Jupiter)partly because there is such a big public debate on the environment – and concern over where it’s headed.

Price rises and storms may be the surface manifestations of the current Jupiter in Taurus transit but, deep down, the fundamental issue is sustainability. The question being asked is this: is your direction of travel (Jupiter) sustainable (Taurus) in terms of the resources you have at your disposal – or is the price too high? That basic question applies globally and personally – and its one the retrograde phase of this transit is putting under the microscope.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: The Retrograde Phase

The retrograde phase of a transit marks the the sustainability question is examined in detail. Jupiter signifies abundance and Taurus is the indulgent ‘luxury’ sign. Our results of excessive indulgence are being held up for inspection. Are they sustainable? Globally, I think many of us know the answer to that one – though opinions differ – and Jupiter contains a wealth of opinion.

The retrograde phase was ushered in as Mercury retrograde in Virgo made a trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. The message contained in that aspect was loud and clear: you need to start planning for the future – and clean up your act (Virgo). Mercury retrograde in Virgo focused our minds – and the debate – on what needs to be addressed and improved. The debate (Mercury – Jupiter) concerns our future sustainability – on all fronts. It’s a comprehensive (Jupiter) audit (Taurus) and it will report in full by May 2024.

This is a process you may be undergoing at a personal level too. You may be asking yourself questions about the sustainability of your own lifestyle; how it impacts on your job or health (Virgo) or the stability of your finances. What can you no longer afford? You may have concerns about your own environmental footprint (Taurus). Jupiter increases your awareness of matters that you may not have previously explored. If you’re having a debate about eating meat, curbing your air miles or installing a ‘green’ heating system – this Jupiter in Taurus transit is working. Your personal concerns are a reflection of global concerns.

This transit’s retrograde period draws to a close in December 2023 and, as it does so, it makes an approaching sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. I’m currently working on a post about that transit that will be published soon, but it’s an important aspect because it takes us back to the cycle that began with ‘The Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn in 2020/2021. The forthcoming Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect will dominate the heavens for the first part of 2024 – and it will play a big role in how the Jupiter in Taurus transit completes and resolves.

There is one further – and important – aspect that takes place at the end of the retrograde phase of this transit. Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn, and trines Jupiter in Taurus as it does so. Capricorn is a conservative sign. It’s sensible, disciplined and realistic – and it’s Capricorn’s realism that may be the thing uppermost in our minds. That aligns with the meanings contained within the Jupiter – Saturn sextile. I cannot describe them any better than Jamie Partridge (The Astrology King) has done here:

Jupiter sextile Saturn transit brings sustainable growth through cautious expansion. An optimistic yet realistic outlook, good timing and sound judgment help you choose the right option at the right time. Patience, perseverance, and a strong work ethic help you reach a significant long-term goal.

Astrology King

The influence of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter sextile Saturn shows we need to think carefully about our options. We are at the stage in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle where important long-term decisions need to be made. Our choices affect the shape of the future – but we need to beware of the dangers present in the sextile, as it’s not a compelling aspect. Decisions are ours (and yours) to make, but you can also duck the responsibility. Let’s hope Capricorn and Saturn’s responsible influences overwhelm (Jupiter) an abundance of caution – for all our sakes.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: The Final Direct Phase

The final phase of a transit is usually concerned with resolution – and by January 2024, the path to resolution should be clear. This will have been a transit with the earth signs emphasised – and in astrology, earth is stable, grounded and practical. Resolving the issues raised by this transit demands the patient, serious and pragmatic approach you would expect at this stage in the Jupiter – Saturn Cycle, and from having Mercury in a realistic frame of mind.

As the Jupiter – Saturn sextile is such a major influence during the final stage of this Jupiter transit, we have to assume that any resolution of the sustainability question will proceed in accordance with its influence. Realism and good judgement are called for and – as Capricorn is a cardinal sign – there should be no lack of ambition or sense of urgency about what needs to be done. Capricorn energy is best directed towards long-term goals. Nothing is ever built without a firm foundation – and that’s what is required now.

And ‘now’ may not be before time. Jupiter’s transit thorough Taurus ends with another significant aspect. From March 2024, Jupiter closes in on Uranus in Taurus. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus has the potential to be a huge revolutionary moment – in all senses. It’s rebellious, disruptive and indicative of rapidly changing situations – and it has ‘freedom’ at it’s heart. Events that occur in the spring of 2024 will be concerned with ‘liberation’ in some form – and that will be true at a personal level as well as in the wider world.

What does liberation look like in a Taurus context? Freedom from financial worries would be good. Freedom from fossil fuel dominance would appeal to many people. However, I feel that what this aspect is telling us, is that a revolutionary new approach is required to resolve those issues that are so prominent while Jupiter transits Taurus. It’s a big realisation and – as the conjunction falls on an anaretic degree – it’s likely that creative (Taurus) and radical solutions (Uranus) will be part of the big picture (Jupiter). There are ‘exciting’ times ahead.

Finally, we need to talk about Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto spends much of 2024 in Aquarius and makes its final ingress into this sign in November. As Jupiter transits Taurus, Pluto has a significant influence because it’s making its presence felt in a new sign. We had glimpses of this last year when the planet of irrevocable change first entered the sign of revolution. This, however, is a much bigger celestial event – and it indicates that compromise is in short supply. That is going to affect many of us in a material sense because events that occur will be uncompromising in their nature.

There will be no going back from whatever happens by May 2024. Or will there? Pluto makes one last dip into Capricorn between September and November 2024 – though I suspect that may be a moment when our resolve is being tested. Jupiter enters Gemini in May 2024 – and as it does, it forms a trine with Pluto, retrograde in Aquarius. And those heavenly motions will be written analysed next year… Meanwhile, brace yourself for the rest of the time that Jupiter transits Taurus. Everything will change in 2024.

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