In January 2019 I wrote about how the political upheavals such as Brexit in the UK and Trump in the US really reflected the growing challenges to the world order as Uranus transits Taurus. (Uranus? Brexit? Trump? Chaos Has Come Again). Since then, the world become more crazy and chaotic by the moment and I have to ask, is this the new normal?

At the beginning of this year, 2020, I posted my horoscope forecast for 2020 and even though we’re barely halfway through January, some of the words I wrote only a few weeks ago are already coming back to haunt me – and I quote:

However, in January, the one to watch is Uranus which moves forward again in Taurus. The planet of revolution (please don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed) will bring another round of blowing up those things represented by Taurus – our stability, financial systems, the things we value – even the ground beneath our feet.

Sara Shipman 2020

So, here we are, two weeks in and as Uranus transits Taurus in 2020 we see quite a few things blowing up already – Australia, a volcano in the Philippines, an Iranian general, an airliner carrying over 170 innocent people – many of whom were young students, scientists and academics. With the law of consequences – intended or otherwise – and the operating at full throttle, probably the chances of world peace got blown apart too.

As Uranus transits Taurus, the incidence of diplomatic incidents owes it’s steep rise to the the incidence of ungovernable behaviour in our governing classes. I’m naming no names here but presidential decree by tweet is having a lot to answer for…

And back in the UK, where I live, we see that ultimate bastion of stability, the British Royal Family, rocked to it’s core by ‘Megxit’, as Harry and Megan decide unilaterally to break with centuries of tradition to do their own thing. Moving to Canada is for most of not the most extreme action you can think of but if you’re a Duke and Duchess? With Uranus transits Taurus it’s suddenly way out there and is shaking the foundations (what’s left of them) of a nation already in the grip of revolution.

So, let’s get back to the planet in question, Uranus, the planet that upends the world like no other. As Uranus transits Taurus is having spectacular effects. I’m not going to even attempt to re-run the encyclopaedic list of crazy and unexpected events that have made recent history unnerving for many yet exhilarating for some – and surely one of the most unprecedented in living memory. And the reason for that is simply this. The thing we need to focus on is not event driven – it’s the process of change itself. And to understand this, we need to take a closer look at what Uranus represents.

And what Uranus represents is this. Whatever the established ‘norm’ is, Uranus will overturn it. Anything that represents the old order? It has to go. I think it’s also very important to get our heads around something we’re going to find really difficult to handle – and in fact we are probable already finding this an issue – Uranus has very little in the way of a moral compass.

So, you may feel you occupy the moral high ground. You may be aghast at the values being promoted by others. Uranus cares not one jot about that – or the rights and wrongs of any situation – he’s about change and that’s all. And if that change is revolutionary? So much the better. Turning out the old guard and letting in what exactly?

Again, forward planning is not Uranus’s strong point either – hence his association with chaos. With Uranian chaos, you know change is happening but you have absolutely no idea how it’s going to turn out – that is one of the most essential qualities of Uranus. All of our expectations based on previous experience are totally confounded.

And, if that’s what Uranus represents, to us that’s the most shocking thing of all. We have no idea how this Uranian revolution will finish. However, what I have noticed so far is this. Many of us have become remarkably battle fatigued. We have become almost immune to the chaos around us because it’s now becoming normalised. Things that were unacceptable now seem commonplace. Things that were held to be unlikely, if not impossible, have come to pass. And it’s reached a stage where, despite our misgivings, many of us seem unable to do anything other than utter a collective ‘whatever’.

But I have a question. Is it the process of change that’s becoming normalised – or the results of that change? Personally I think it’s the former. What Uranus is asking is for us to look forward to other possibilities and other ways of being. Once you get used to the shocks and surprises it becomes easier to accept the process of change. If that’s so, why do we seem more divided and polarised than ever? To begin to understand that one, we need to take a look at Taurus.

Why does Uranus seem so much more shocking in Taurus than he did in Aries? The simple answer is that Taurus is more ‘real’. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Taurus represents those things in our lives that seem permanent and tangible – so when they’re affected we sit up and take notice. Taurus is fundamentally about values – and that’s everything from money to morals.

Do we value materialism, the established order, capitalism, comfort, security and pleasure over conserving natural resources, the earth, culture, growth and investing in the ‘green’ movement? All of these things – on both sides – are associated with Taurus. However, if your values clash with my values then we’re going to find ourselves on opposite sides – and Taurus is extremely stubborn. Compromise will not be easy – and that’s fine by Uranus as he doesn’t do compromise anyway.

As, in 2020, Uranus transits Taurus, we are having to ask the questions – what kind of values are important to us? Now, the values being espoused by some of the older ‘revolutionaries’ seem a bit on the retro side – backward looking, insular, seeking the security of days gone by.

The values owned by the young revolutionaries also seem threatening to an establishment that has failed to take seriously the wellbeing of the planet and future generations. The situation is surely that our existing social structures have failed too many people on all sides – and this is the real point being made as Uranus transits Taurus, albeit through the medium of chaos.

So, as Uranus continues to transit through Taurus, get used to the new normal of shocks and chaos. Get used to not knowing what the future holds and get used to having your values questioned – and ultimately replaced with new ones. It’s clear there will be casualties in the process – but it’s equally clear that revolution will only succeed if we open ourselves to a process of evolution.

‘Adapt or die’ may seem an extreme perspective but Uranus is extreme – and so let’s hope we have the courage to find and implement radical solutions to solving our problems – rather than simply being radicalised by political extremists who are fighting for ideological supremacy and who care little about our collective future. The new normal may be a frightening place at first. But maybe we’ll get used to it.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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