May is a beautiful month – but will we still be thinking that after reading the May 2021 horoscope? The month begins a few days after the afterglow of April’s ‘Pink Moon’, a ‘Supermoon’ in Scorpio that brought a lot of things out into the open. Pluto has also turned retrograde, so there will have been a real ‘turning point’ feeling about life in the past week or so. However, focusing on the month to come, there seems to be an ‘eye of the storm feeling about it. It may begin relatively quietly, but, in astrological terms, the pace picks up as we get close to the end of the month…

So, a few things we can look forward to… The New Moon in Taurus makes a trine aspect to Pluto and so continues the theme of emotional turmoil, secrets and scandals that we saw with last month’s Supermoon. Jupiter makes his first ingress into Pisces and Saturn – still casting his gloom over Aquarius and still at odds with Uranus in Taurus – turns retrograde. Mercury moves into Gemini and begins to slow in preparation for a retrograde phase beginning at the end of the month.

And if that’s not enough? The month ends with a ‘Blood Moon’ – a lunar eclipse – suggesting we’re not out of the emotional storms quite yet. So, if you want to know how may is going to shape up for you – then read on. As usual, you may read this for your Sun sign, Rising sign – or both.

May 2021 Horoscope: Aries

Dear Aries, the May 2021 horoscope suggests your finances may be somewhat erratic this month. This may have seemed like a pattern in your life of late, so the thing you need to do is ask yourself why. It may be time you put the brakes on your social life a little or maybe looked for a more economical gym membership. Either way, this month you’ll be thinking a lot about money – and how to get more of it. Your bank account isn’t keeping up with your desires – and you’ll be in trouble if you think you can continue in this way.

So, what can you do about that? Instead of ignoring the signs, it may be useful for you to take some advice – and you may find it helps if you inject a little reality into this aspirations of yours. Do, while you take a time out from the social whirl, use your abundant energies doing some useful stuff around the. house – it’s better than feeling frustrated and picking fights with those you live with. You always ned to work off your energy – so do it at home. It’s free.

By the end of the month, you’ll be aware of a couple of things. First, if you need a financial boost it’s probably a good idea to be deeply honest about your approach to responsibility and your career – maybe you beed to work hard at transforming both. Second, you may be lucky and find the cavalry arrives just in time to help you out – however, we make our own luck and if the universe doesn’t see that you’re making an effort, then it may not be inclined to help out. Your call.

May 2021 Horoscope: Taurus

So, Taurus, this month sees you feeling stressed or even a bit wired. Your May 2021 horoscope suggests that you’re still in the process of dealing with feelings of frustration at work. Has your career stalled or are you simply bored with it? You know things need to change – and as a fixed sign that makes you nervous to say the least. One of the things you’re being asked to do this month, is look at things in a radically different light. Forget the way you’ve always thought about the world – that’s clearly not working out for you.

With that in mind, this is a great time for you to really think hard about how resourceful you can be. You’re a practical soul and not afraid of hard work – or tough decisions. This month you may be thinking hard about your cash flow. Some of you may be experiencing a deficit in that department – hence your need to address the issue – and some of you may simply feel the need to review your income and expenditure – a prudent thing to do.

If you are engaged in some financial planning, you’re not likely to come up with any workable solutions until late in the month, when the lunar eclipse makes your way forward much clearer than it is now. The door may be open for you to improve your career options – but it’s something you need to take seriously and there won’t be any rapid results. If you want to profit from your efforts – and you have the opportunity to do so – you’re going to have to make those plans now.

May 2021 Horoscope: Gemini

The May 2021 horoscope sees you with a serious mindset this month. Gemini is supposed to be the flighty one of the Zodiac yet, here you are thinking seriously about your future. Some of you may even be a little pessimistic. Why is that? Well, You know you need to take action to bring in some extra cash – yet you may find it’s going out faster than it comes in – and that could be a trigger point for you. It’s an issue that seems to be taking over your life and you can’t sem to get your head around it at all.

That’s not surprising with Mercury about to turn retrograde. So now is the time you need to start thinking seriously about your relationship with money as things may get serious quite quickly unless you take action now. The problem is there may be issues that you simply don’t see coming – and that can apply to your most intimate life too. If you’re currently suffering from a ‘blind spot’ in your life then you’re really going to have to increase your self-awareness quota.

By the end of the month, you may become all too aware of the seriousness of the situation. A full moon has a habit of bringing things to a head – and as this one is a lunar eclipse, you can be sure to feel its effects more powerfully than usual – especially as it’s in Sagittarius. That means it’s shining on you more than anyone. So, all I can say is, step up to your responsibilities as it’s the only way to present yourself in a good light – and that’s what you need right now.

May 2021 Horoscope: Cancer

For Cancer, the May 2021 horoscope suggests a month where you feel your nerves a a little shredded – and you can’t put your finger on why that could be. Naturally touchy, you could be somewhat temperamental this month and all you want to do is retreat from the outside world and indulge in a little self care. There may be very valid reasons for this, but what it suggests is that this month you need to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing in a conscious way.

Your friendships and social contacts may be a cause for concern for you this month. I’m not suggesting that everyone hates you – but this month you may want to review your relationships and transform your priorities if you’re finding it difficult to engage as fully as you would like. This may be for many reasons, but one of those that maybe you’re having to deal with is to do with your partner. There may be pressing issues or major changes you’re having to deal with on that front – and they may be deeply personal or professional.

So, by the end of the month you may be wishing that you could get away from it all. That’s not a bad idea as you could really use and emotional recharge right now. If you want to get away then it could be a good idea to at least plan to do so – even the thought of a break will be good for your soul. And if you’re not in that position? The lunar eclipse at the end of the month may bring about events that inject a real note of optimism in your life – and give you something to look forward to.

May 2021 Horoscope: Leo

For you Leo, the May 2021 horoscope finds you feeling frustrated. You have a lot of energy but don’t know how to direct it, and this could be causing you some stress. On the other hand, you may find that you’re being put in a position where you can’t say what you really feel or perhaps express your anger openly. This may make you restrict your social life or social networking this month as you take a time out to work out what is really important to you.

You’re a naturally bright and sociable creature so this may not be easy – but I get the feeling that in future you need to focus on quality rather than quantity with your social contacts, and this month may be the time to start. Meanwhile, the other issue you’re going to be dealing with this month is work related. The New Moon is a dark time and you may feel in the dark about how you’re going to progress your work commitments and your career. You need to make some changes – that’s for sure – but maybe you need to focus on reorganising what you have rather than starting something new.

By the end of the month, Mercury retrograde and the lunar eclipse combine to make you realise you need to make some big changes in how you see your future. That may not be a bad thing as you may have been taking too narrow a view of your place in this world. By opening yourself up to new influences, or coming at life from a different angle, you may see new possibilities that could be life changing. Get used to the idea – and make plans to move on when the time is right.

May 2021 Horoscope: Virgo

Virgo is a hardworking and organised sign and, this month, the May 2021 horoscope sees you putting a lot of effort into networking and reaching out. As ever with you, social contacts always serve a useful purpose, and as the month progresses you’ll be focusing on adding to your contacts list through your friends and social network. This could be good for you in career terms and it could be good for your social profile – but be careful you approach this in the right way. No-one wants to be stepped on as you climb your way to the top.

Mid month, long distance travel could be on your mind as you feel a pull to reconnect with yourself. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of who we really are, and this could be the right time for you to do just that. Transforming your perspective on life is often the key to happiness, so if you feel it would help to travel, study something that really interests you or simply allow your mind to wander – go right ahead. It’s always good to be yourself.

By the end of the month you may find you have some serious decisions to make – and they are likely to involve your partnerships. This could be business or professional – or even romantic – but whichever one applies to you, things could be brought to a head. Issues such as commitment – or lack of it – or contractual obligations become something that can no longer be ignored. So, whatever it is you need to deal with (and it may be a very good thing by the way) you will need to take action. Do it.

May 2021 Horoscope: Libra

Libra, the May 2021 horoscope suggests you’re having a busy month as work and career demands seem to be at the top of your agenda. Unsurprisingly, this means that your mind is wandering elsewhere, as you can’t wait to get some time away from your work responsibilities. Some if you may be having to put a lot of energy into trying to keep up with what’s expected of you – and you could be feeling burnt out. No wonder you need a break.

The problem is, all you can do is think about it – and this month is a great time to plan a holiday. I’m sure many of you will be checking out the availability of your favourite vacation hotspots. However, I would say hold on a moment. The world is still in pandemic mode so you need to check the small print – especially regarding cancellation policies. Don’t hit the button yet – you know the havoc Mercury retrograde can cause… And the New Moon mid-month indicates there may be serious issues closer to home you need to deal with.

That could be frustrating as you feel your longed for leisure time is going to be put on hold. By the end of the month, the lunar eclipse suggests you may have to start putting a few things in perspective as you’re going to need to take action to improve your work life balance and the way you organise your life. You may have been taking on too much – so before you decide to run away to sunnier climes, you need to deal with the real issues rather than run away from them.

May 2021 Horoscope: Scorpio

You’re going through a period of surprises in your relationships Scorpio – and surprises come in many guises. Your May 2021 horoscope suggests that process is far from over. If you think that things are getting a little predictable at home, then this month, your partner may surprise you. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but – whatever the surprise may be – there may be some deep, soul searching conversations that last well into the night. In your Scorpio way, you may be thinking, ‘What is he/she up to?’.

This may prompt you to think about the balance of power in your life – and that may be linked to who holds the purse strings. Household expenditure and budget constraints may be a issue this month – particularly if one of you has been running up big bills. Even if that’s not the case, this month is going to be a good time to go through your accounts and ensure that you have everything you need to pay your way. One reason for this is that you may be keen to take a holiday or make a large purchase – though make sure you read the small print before you buy.

One of the reasons you’ll need to do that is that Mercury retrograde coming up. You’re going to need to pay attention to detail, so don’t sign anything until you’re confident there is nothing hidden from view. Your energy focus is definitely looking to the future this month, and by the time of the lunar eclipse at the end of the month, you’ll be feeling as though you can make those plans and give yourself something to look forward to.

May 2021 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Sagittarius, I don’t know if it’s possible but your May 2021 horoscope suggests you may be more disorganised and untidy than usual – and that’s saying something! Your mind is clearly on other things but even you must be feeling a sense of frustration that you can’t find the things that you need to find. Clearly a revolution in your daily routine is called for – if only your mind wasn’t so set against it! However, mid-month, you may find events prompt you to have that re-think.

In many ways it could be an uncomfortable month for you. Obligations to others could cause you some anger – or you may find yourself being needled by other people. Perhaps it would have been a good idea not to stuff your utility bills in that drawer? Being called to account is not easy for you this month – and you may also find, as the month progresses, that you start to have doubts about your partnerships too. I’m not suggesting your nearest and dearest is heading for the door, but you may become aware that your relationships need to evolve..

By the end of the month you will be in no doubt about how things stand between you as communications may become strained. If you find yourself in this situation, then use your Sagittarian good humour to re-open the lines of communication and make amends. It may seem like hard work but it will be worth it in the end – and some of you may even want to take your relationships to another level. Even Sagittarius can do commitment.

May 2021 Horoscope: Capricorn

So, Capricorn, with Pluto in your sign, you’re currently going through a period of deep personal transformation – and it’s not always easy. This month may also have its difficulties as Mars runs through your relationship house. So, there could be unexpected flare-ups with loved ones or even a few rages due to any business partnerships or contractual obligations you may have. A few things may seem to come ‘out of the blue’. You may feel dissatisfied with things as they are, or you may be the one who is blindsided by your other half.

The problem is, you’re not sure what you want right now. Your May 2021 horoscope suggests the things that used to feel pleasurable no longer appeal to you and as a result you feel you’re going through the motions. This month, however, that seems as though it’s a pretence you can no longer deal with, so you’re going to have to do some real work on your attitudes and approach to life if you want to turn things around. Fortunately, this month is the perfect time for a major re-think along those lines.

One of the issues you may have is your ‘work life balance’. You may have been feeling you need the money and overdoing things to satisfy that need. Or, you may feel you lack the confidence to do the things you really want to do. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will bring this to your attention – and you may find yourself ready and willing to make a root and branch review of your priorities. That’s something that may be long overdue.

May 2021 Horoscope: Aquarius

The fall-out from last month’s ‘Pink Moon’ has been affecting your friends and family, but by the time of the New Moon in May, you’ll really feel like withdrawing to your comfort zone. Aquarius, I’m not suggesting you have some wounds to lick – but for some of you it could feel that way. Your energies may be best spent getting your life back together again. That ‘work life balance’ may have become somewhat unbalanced of late, so now is your chance to correct any mistakes. Be aware, however, that you could be a little touchy from time to time, especially with family members.

Your May 2021 horoscope suggests that it’s a good time to have a rethink about how you spend your free time. Are you getting as much fun out of life as you feel you need? You may ask when was the last time you felt you were able to be yourself – and rightly so. Personal creativity and satisfaction are big issues for you right now. The run up to the Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to ask yourself some big questions – and this may come about due to a real sense of frustration that’s been bugging you all year.

The lunar eclipse at the end of the month may bring things to a head – however don’t rush to change your course just yet. Realistically you will need to finish up before starting anew. Now is the time to make those plans if you’re going to be able to truly get your act together. Be prepared consider relocating if necessary, or at least make some changes at home that will better suit your needs. It’s a ‘must-do’ for you – but it may not come cheap. Prepare for a little extra expenditure this month…

May 2021 Horoscope: Pisces

For you Pisces, your May 2021 horoscope suggests, you may start to become aware of some issues regarding love or money. They’re not likely to be existential by the way, so don’t worry too much about that. However, there is the feeling that you may have been ignoring an important matter and you’ll need to deal with it this month. Your home and family are in the mix with this one and there may be discussions – and expenditure – concerning both.

The kids may be playing up more than usual (if you have them) and, if that doesn’t apply to you, then you may be suffering from a lack of quality ‘me time’. Your energy needs an outlet, so make some space in your diary for exercise or you may end up being taken over by feelings of defensiveness and hurt. That’s especially so mid-month when you may find issues with your ‘in-laws’, friends – or your own personal ambitions – roll down the track towards you too.

Will no-one give you any quarter this month? It seems not – you may feel frustrated, but end up simply having to bite your tongue. By the end of the month you will have had your fill of small incidents and petty squabbles – but the best way out of this for you is to be forgiving and magnanimous. That will be a lot easier after the lunar eclipse at the end of the month clears the air and you can be more optimistic about life.

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