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Calm Before The Storm?

October’s horoscope opens with the Sun in Libra, however, the personal planets are now spreading their wings – Mars has yet to leave Virgo and Mercury and Venus are about to move into Scorpio – so, at long last we have a month with more of an elemental balance and perhaps, with Libra being the sign of equilibrium, that’s exactly what you would expect. Getting life in balance is what Libra is about. This Sun Sign has a reputation for being calm, fair and reasonable, but will we see those themes in our charts over the next few weeks?

Well, People, the short answer is ‘Hmmm, maybe not’. When the personal planets Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio the opposition to Uranus in Taurus is triggered – and Uranus as anything but calm – so expect some tension and surprises with love, money and communications, particularly with Uranus being in Retrograde motion.

Once this Uranian tension has passed, Mercury and Venus continue to travel together in Scorpio and in the middle of the month they lighten the mood – well, as much as you can in this intense sign – particularly as there is also a very tense Full Moon in not so peaceful Aries.

In addition, Mercury is slowing down in preparation for next month’s retrograde motion – more about that later. By the end of the month don’t be surprised, therefore, if a few frustrations start to surface. Mars squares Saturn – so will we be banging our heads against a brick wall?

Mercury Retrograde: Pre-shadow Phase (11˚35″ Scorpio)

On October 11th, Mercury enters the pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde on 31st October. During this period Mercury appears to progress more slowly in the heavens and during this time, we start to get a flavour of things to come during the actual retrograde phase. So, for those of you with planets in aspect and orb to the above degree, you may start to notice a few of your communications being out of kilter. Take note, be aware and prepare yourself for what’s to come next month.

The Full Moon (20˚ 13″ Aries)

The Full Moon in Aries on October 13th is incredibly tense, forming an exact ‘Tee-square’ aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. It really doesn’t get much more powerful and profound than this so whatever comes to pass it will be a real page turner. At a personal and social level, if planetary placements in your chart are in aspect to this Full Moon you will notice it that’s for sure.

In addition, there is a less tight ‘Tee-square’ aspect from the Full Moon to Saturn in Capricorn – however, as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a major background noise in the heavens at the moment, so don’t assume the impact will be less. I’m currently thinking ‘rock and a hard place’, but if I can strike a more positive note, sometimes we need a little adversity to force us to recalibrate our lives – and this could be one of those moments for those of you with planets in orb to this Full Moon.

If there is a ray of light, it will perhaps be found in the trine from the Full Moon to Jupiter in Sagittarius. I say ‘perhaps’ advisedly – Jupiter is more than capable of being a knight in shining armour but this aspect could simply make the Pluto/Saturn effects bigger and faster – so watch carefully to see how this one works out.

The New Moon (4˚ 24″ Scorpio)

When the New Moon comes around on October 28th we will most definitely be in new territory. The New Moon in Scorpio is in exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is, of course, a signifier for things that are new – as well as sudden or unexpected. Look out for a ‘break through’ of some kind – though at a personal level it could signify a break-up as the Opposition is an aspect of relationship. Again, look to the aspects and orb to important planets in your natal chart. One thing is for sure – things will not be the same.

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Aries, the month starts so peacefully – but don’t be fooled. As Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio, your discussions about love and money will become tense as the two are closely connected. Does someone owe you or do you owe them? Either way, you could find yourself having some awkward and unexpected conversations about cash and, at a deeper level, what you really value in life. Don’t lose it.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mercury goes into the pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month. This means you may start to notice some wires being crossed and don’t be surprised by any surprising news you hear – particularly about joint finances or your partner. Your other half could unleash a curve ball at you – this may not necessarily be bad news – it’s just you won’t be expecting it so the possibility for misunderstanding is high.

When the Full Moon hits you on October 13th, things will feel really personal. The Full Moon is always a sign of things coming to a head and this month, if you’ve been trying to change things in your career you may reach a turning point. It’s always better to be in control so make sure you’re the instigator of change and not on the receiving end of it if you possibly can. If you’re at all frustrated with your career path you can do one of two things – dig deep and get more focused or throw things over and start again. The decision is yours and yours alone.

However, one thing that may help you make your choice is the prospect of bigger and better opportunities elsewhere – and that may include overseas. Something you feel is better for you may come to your attention – if so, pursue it. Some of you may feel that your time is better spent re-training to improve your career prospects. This may be through your existing employer or you may decide to go back to college. Either way, this could be a move you need to make so don’t say no.

By the time the New Moon arrives at the end of the month you will feel you’re in a new place. With any luck you will have worked out what you want to do moving forward and how this is going to impact on your relationships and your obligations to others. What will be noticeable is the realisation that you’ve got no choice but to apply yourself to sorting out your priorities if you want to realise your full potential in life.

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There’s a bit of a tug of war going on with you Taurus. Long term, your view of yourself is undergoing some radical change, and this month, that process comes up against the reality of your most personal relationships. When Venus and Mercury enter Scorpio, you and your nearest and dearest will be discussing your relationship – or at the very least, you’ll be thinking about doing so. This ‘we need to talk’ moment isn’t necessarily bad – it simply means you need to update each other about what you both want out of the relationship.

It’s likely this situation has arisen because Mercury has entered it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month. You may be noticing things about your relationship that you hadn’t noticed before. Alternatively some things may have been said that have upset you in some way. They’re not necessarily big things, perhaps only minor niggles you wouldn’t ordinarily notice – don’t let them grow or come between you.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, it will be a real sign you need to get your emotional house in order. It will be very easy for you to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to sharing responsibilities in your relationship. You’ll be feeling as if you’re under intense pressure to look at life in a different way – in fact you may well be forced to. Don’t close your mind to different perspectives on life – going with the flow is a lot easier than stemming the tide.

Fortunately, you will have the resources you need to transform your life. It really is in your gift to take control of the situation and push it in a new direction. If you had been feeling uncomfortable about confronting some of the very big issues that may have been hanging over you, then this feeling should resolve as you begin to believe in your own capabilities rather more than you’ve done before.

When the New Moon arrives your closest relationships will be in a new place. You may not have expected to be in this position but moving forward, you can see how liberating it is to let go a little when it comes to personal relationships. This month will be a learning curve for you when it comes to working out how you fit into your partnership – if at all. And, you’d be well advised to direct your efforts into re-organising your lifestyle to suit the new you.

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Gemini, when Mercury (your ruling planet) and Venus move into Scorpio, your ever busy mind starts thinking about whether you’re really getting any joy from your work and daily routine. If you’ve been feeling stressed or unfulfilled then it’s time for you to start thinking rather more creatively about how you spend your day – and what rewards you’re getting for your efforts – financial or otherwise. If you’ve been losing a little sleep lately, that’s nature’s way of telling you to stop procrastinating and get your issues sorted out.

When Mercury enters the pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month, don’t expect to come up with any immediate answers. It’s more likely you’ll become increasingly aware of any problems and you may feel panicked if you can’t think of the solutions. Don’t worry. This month it’s about working out your options and thinking them though. Don’t take action until you know for sure what you’re dealing with. Adjust your routines to give yourself plenty of breathing space before you move on – and you’ll know what I mean when the New Moon arrives at the end of the month.

However, when the Full Moon shines on October 13th, it shines on your friendships. If you’ve been feeling a little alone in the world, how about renewing some old acquaintances? If you make the effort, this could be a socially rewarding month – and as a Gemini, there’s nothing like getting out there and meeting people to transform how you feel about life. The long term transits of Pluto and Saturn may have been making you less outgoing than usual – but hey! Less is more so make the most of your friends and enjoy.

One benefit from reaching out socially could be an important meeting for you if you’re single. Even if you’re not, you could meet someone with whom you could form an important alliance – either personal or professional. You or your partner could benefit from this in some way, It’s true to say we often get what we need rather than what we desire but where partnerships are concerned, your needs will be well met this month. However, Jupiter can often act in ways you don’t expect so your ‘luck’ may be also a ‘lucky escape’!

When the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, you may feel you’ve just gone around in a circle. You’re beginning to realise how important it is for you to start making changes to your life/work balance and make changes that will benefit you in the long term. For the sake of your health and wellbeing, now is the time to start thinking radically about how you organise your life. Take action where it’s needed – sort out your home and family as a priority and don’t feel that things are your sole responsibility. You can’t do it all on your own.

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Cancer, you’re one of the signs unafraid of the depths so when Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio you will be thinking about just how much you’re able to really enjoy yourself. You’re a self effacing sign and often put others first so now it’s really about time you spent some cash on yourself – though knowing you you’ll most likely be spending it on your kids, But hey, if it makes you happy then do it!

On a more serious note, when Mercury enters it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month, your mind – and communications with others – will start to turn towards those things that float your boat. You may find yourself questioning whether you’re enjoying life as much as you feel you should be. Are you able to do the things you want to do? Are you creatively fulfilled? Could you do more? Are your children okay? Do you even want to have children? You will have questions – regardless of your time of life – and don’t expect to find the answers just yet.

These are big issues, but when the Full Moon shines mid-month, it does so on your career. This sounds great but any decisions you make career wise may have a profound impact on your partnerships. Will your partner – or your relationship – have to forego something so you can go ahead with your ideal job? Or is it you who has to make the sacrifice? The decision won’t be easy but it may be life changing for both of you. The direction life takes you in will alter your partnerships completely – and that could be professional as well as personal.

However, where your lifestyle is concerned, any changes can only be considered a good thing – even if they are major changes – which is likely. You will find significant benefits from putting your lifestyle in a new perspective. Often this means simple things like paying attention to your health – taking exercise, eating well. The signs are you would do well to pay attention to this area of your life – no-one wants to go up a dress size at this time of year!

By the end of the month with the New Moon, you’re likely to find that you have a more clear idea of how you can express yourself more and fulfil your own creative needs. At least, you’ll be feeling much more of a need to explore the possibilities out there – even if you haven’t quite decided what (or who) it is that’s right for you. You’ll feel more able to take risks and could easily explore taking up new hobbies or making new associations. Please do – you’ll never know until you’ve tried – and there’s no harm in that.

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So Leo, when Mercury and Venus roll into Scorpio, you find yourself thinking and communicating about all things domestic. Maybe you’re thinking about deep family connections, or how you can afford this month’s rent. With Scorpio your thoughts are likely to be either stressed or about large sums of money – or both. Some of you may be considering making a large financial investment at home – and that’s quite a game changer for anyone.

In truth, whatever the issue is it’s likely to be something that’s been bubbling under for a while. When Mercury enters it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month, you’ll start to chew over the issues in your head – don’t expect to make progress or find answers by the way – you’re simply becoming conscious of the issue itself – and that’s probably no bad thing.

However, when the Full Moon shines mid-month, it lights up your mood. It’s showing you that there’s a big world out there and if you’re going to be able to make the most of it, you really have to transform the way you approach work and a invest in a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be blunt. You can’t make the most of life’s opportunities from a sofa. Unless you sell furniture that is. So Leo, take a look at your daily routine and see where there’s room for improvement – you won’t regret it.

Fortunately, you’re likely to be enthused by the opportunity to really express yourself creatively in ways that people will notice. Put simply – if you ever needed luck then this month it’s yours as you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time to maximise your creative potential. One thing though. This month you’ll also have a lot of opportunities to party and flirt. Don’t overdo it – fun is fun but you have more important things to think about right now. Put your energy into making the right contacts and get yourself organised.

When the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, you could quite literally be in a new place. Surprise events in your career will have an impact on your home life and you’ll be spending some time trying to reconcile the two. It’s not impossible – and actually, the changes that are coming are probably something you’ve been wanting for a while – the only thing is Leo, perhaps you didn’t expect things to change so quickly! Don’t let the pressure make you angry however – it’s very easy to lash out and regret it later.

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When Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio, your mental focus is on two things. Love and Money. And it’s likely you’ll be finding it difficult to focus on other things as your mind will be preoccupied with trying to work out what it is you desire in life. If that’s not a ‘who’ then it’s definitely a ‘what’ as cash, values, art and pleasure will be on your mind. You could of course, be thinking about a major clothes spending spree for the Autumn season – who are we to judge?

Part of the reason your mind is in uncharacteristic disarray is Mercury entering it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month. You may be feeling that fun things have been missing from your life – and you’re working out how to redress the balance. Being a Virgo, your route to satisfaction is more methodical than most so, if you need to get your head around things with a planner or spreadsheet then go for it.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, it’s shining on your house of resources – other peoples that is. If you’ve been trying to arrange a loan or mortgage – or repay one – you may find this is the time you succeed in getting your hands on what you need. Nothing is for free however and the deal may be tied to you having to work so much harder to pay for it. Of course, if you’re repaying a loan you can take your foot off the gas – what a relief! Either way, the impact on your working life is transformational.

The opportunity, however, is there for you to make a big difference to your home and family life. If you’re considering relocating – whether you want a bigger home or move to another town (or even country) now could be the time you really start to give things serious consideration. You’ll feel the need to expand your home and family in some way – though paradoxically you could take in lodgers if you need the cash!

When the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, your head will be in a different place. Though Mercury will be shortly retrograde, you’ll find yourself having loads of ‘off the wall’ ideas for moving your life forwards. That’s fine – however don’t rush things until your brain cools down a little – the urge may be to spend and hang the consequences but though it may frustrate you, now is not the time.

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This month sees you contemplating your value system Libra as Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio. Your personal finances are likely to be under scrutiny as well as your talents. The big question for you is are you making the most of your abilities Libra? And it’s quite a polarising question as you can see that to strike out in a new direction could put your personal and financial stability at risk.

However, it’s safe to say this subject has been bubbling under in your subconscious for a while and with Mercury in it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month, the issue is starting to filter into your conscious mind. The answers to your questions are not for now – in fact the questions themselves are probably only partly formed. Mull things over for a while and evaluate your responses – you’re good at that.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, it will shine on your partnerships. This could be personal or professional but one thing is for sure – something will come to a head as the Full Moon implies a culmination in this area of your life. This is not always a bad thing however. This Full Moon may be tense but it’s transformational too and major shifts in your home or family could have an impact on your close relationships. You could be remodelling your home – or remodelling your family – just make sure you have enough in the tank to attend to your partner too. And pay attention to any contracts or legal matters – especially those affecting your domestic life.

This is something you should note as there will be a lot of communications and general ‘busyness’ for you this month Libra. Some of those communications could have a legal basis – so careful you don’t get a speeding ticket! Otherwise, you could be investing in a new phone or an upgrade to your laptop. Clearly you need to equip yourself to deal with an expected increase in your contacts list!

When the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, you’ll feel you’re in a new place when it comes to your values and cash. This however is only the beginning as it starts to become clear to you that you need to work out how you feel about risk and reward. Sometimes we need to look at these things out of the box and this New Moon is asking you to do just that – and quickly! And though you may feel compelled to rush things, make extra sure you keep your foundations solid and reliable – just in case.

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Dear Scorpio, the planets start moving towards your sign this month, led by Mercury and Venus. When this pair enter your Sign, you become very aware of your powers to attract the things you need into your life. You seem at ease with the world Scorpio – even if underneath you’re your typical seething mass of contradictions. This month you seem to to be comfortable in your own skin – and after a turbulent period you’ll be happy to take that.

However, when Mercury enters it’ s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde in your sign at the end of the month, it’s fair to say you begin to suspect all is not as it seems. You may start to have little moments of self doubt and question yourself a little more than usual. That’s not a problem in itself – far better to reflect than charge ahead recklessly. Take these moments to get to know yourself better – getting in contact with yourself is never a bad thing.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, it shines on your lifestyle. If you feel your health, work and wellbeing are not what they could be or things are not as well organised as you would like – take this as a message from on high that you need to step up to the plate. The tension in this Full Moon has a very clear meaning – the problem with your lifestyle is in your head. You need to get out of that mental rut and junk your worn out excuses. Mentally, a whole new approach is needed. You’re a Scorpio – and you have the power to do this.

Fortunately, one thing you are aware of is your need to increase your resources. This month you could be lucky and see an increase in your income – however it’s just as likely you need the extra to pay your bills! All of this reaffirms what I’ve said before – you need to get yourself straightened out. Do that and you’re far more likely to benefit in terms of your finances and financial security than you would otherwise – you have a great opportunity here.

By the end of the month when the New Moon arrives, you will feel like a new person. New partnerships – either personal or professional – will make you feel as though your life is about to be revolutionised in some way. And it’s about time – use this moment to take a risk and embrace the new things coming into your life. You may sometimes feel frustrated or beat yourself up for not doing this sooner. Don’t. Use your energy reserves to give yourself mental focus – which you will need in spades in the coming months.

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For you Sagittarius, when Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio, their influence is subtle indeed. One thing is guaranteed however – a good night’s sleep is most certainly on the cards – and if you’ve been suffering in that department that will be welcome news I’m sure. However, though you will sleep you will also dream – and this month your dreams will really be trying to get some vital messages across to you.

With Mercury entering it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of this month, it’s likely your dreams will help you to focus on any of the subconscious issues you’ve been failing to address by daylight. This may seem disturbing at first – however, bringing such things to light is a key step in making you aware of the things you need to do to keep yourself emotionally, psychologically and spiritually healthy and happy. This month you’ll be learning to draw a line under the past. Closure is key.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, you’ll really feel as though you can enjoy life again. You have wonderful child-like qualities Sagittarius and this Full Moon will allow your inner child out to play. However, to benefit most from this, you need to incorporate your inner child into your outer adult in a positive and responsible manner. This is about transforming your value system so it works for you – and hopefully transforming your earning power too.

Fortunately, you’ll find your ruling planet, Jupiter, gives you a great boost this month. Your confidence should be high as your luck seems to be in. As I often say however, you do need to be careful with Jupiter. Don’t be overconfident or cocky and don’t think all good thongs will come to you without effort. You’ll have to make your own luck – but a change in your outlook should help you enormously.

By the time the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, you should be starting to see some benefits from a period of good sleep and mental reflection. It’s time to initiate some radical changes in your working life and your work life balance – essential if you’re to achieve some equilibrium in your life. Use your newly rediscovered energy to get out there and further your cause – social contacts could prove useful and if you want to transform your financial security , you will need them on your side. Network!

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You’re going to have to press the flesh this month Capricorn. Fortunately, when Mercury and Venus enter Scorpio you will feel very sociable and if you need to impress others with your charm and mental powers – now is the time to do so. Witty and funny are some of the less publicised traits you possess – as we know many ‘dour’ Capricorns have a great sense of humour. Use it well as you may need it over the next few weeks.

One thing to be aware of Capricorn is that you can have too much of a good thing. With Mercury entering it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month, you may soon discover the social scene is not all it’s cracked up to be. Gossip, unreliable ‘friends’, invitations turned down? You may decide it’s not worth the hassle and lay low for a while. Your true friends will always be there for you whatever you decide.

If you do end up spending time at home, don’t be surprised as the Full Moon shines on your domestic arena mid-month. If you need to pay attention to home and family matters, now is the time. However, this is a stressed Full Moon and it may be that you’re spending time at home – but not through choice. Be aware that this is a possibility as you may be experiencing some great changes in your life and taking a time out – even if it’s a temporary thing.

However, you may feel that you deserve to get away from it all – and may even consider a distant holiday. In truth, it could be just what you need to recharge your batteries and it should allow you to get your head around what you need to do to move your life forward when you emerge from your confinement. Use the time well to develop a more philosophical attitude towards life – you’ll find that things will seem so much more positive if you do.

By the end of the month and with the advent of the New Moon, you’ll discover your social networks are revitalised with new contacts being surprisingly beneficial to you. You’ll be able to express yourself in ways you wouldn’t have previously imagined and will surprise others with your renewed vitality and zest for life. Moving forward, put your energies into your career – you have more than enough drive and ambition to get where you want to be.

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So Aquarius, when Mercury and Venus change signs early this month, what does that mean to you? The simple answer is to look at what’s happening with your career. You mind will be on making it better – whether that means more personal satisfaction, a promotion, more money, more recognition – you get the picture. Now, if you’re already on the receiving end of those things – great. If not, you may start to wonder why not as something deep within you is itching for change

This will become more of an issue as Mercury enters it’s pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of the month. You could find your current position frustrating and you could start to experience some crossed wires with your superiors that cause you to feel uncomfortable with your job or uncertain about your prospects. Now is perhaps the time to start looking around – you won’t necessarily find anything yet but getting your head around what you want and need is a good start.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, you’re likely to feel enough is enough. You’re a very loyal fixed sign Aquarius – often stubbornly so – but even you have your limits. It’s time to let go of the attitudes that have been holding you back and open your eyes to the opportunities that are out there. Start looking around in earnest – or at least get the groundwork done by polishing up your CV and reaching out for advice. The Zodiac’s most independent sign, even you can’t achieve everything on your own.

Fortunately, one area where you’re likely to hear of good opportunities is through your friends and even professional or social networks. Not only that but it would probably be a useful counterpoint for you to ramp up your social life this month and let off some steam – you know you want to. Time spent with like minded people will make you realise you’re not alone in your endeavours.

When the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, career-wise you could be in a completely new place. Some of you may have secured that new position, others will be actively looking – but the important thing is your mindset will be focused on finishing up the things you need to finish and focusing on the task ahead. Put your energies into looking forward to the future Aquarius – you may have to work hard at overcoming any low feelings but it will be worth it in the end.

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Right now Pisces, you would love a holiday and when Mercury and Venus change signs early this month, you could very well go out and book one as you feel it would really be money well spent – though you would do well to check the details. You’re not fond of the cooling Autumn weather as you hate the cold but, if you don’t manage to grab some sunshine you could find yourself planning a later holiday or even amusing yourself by reading travel books – anything to broaden your horizons.

And that, Pisces, is the more serious point. Frivolity aside, when Mercury enters the pre-shadow phase before turning retrograde at the end of this month, you will begin to feel compelled to ask yourself why you feel your life is so restricted. You always have a penchant for escapism that’s for sure – but this seems more than that. As the month progresses you could find yourself questioning your attitudes towards the world, wanting to know more about life and even considering further education. Your mind is in a whirl.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, however, it will be shining on your resources. You always have big dreams Pisces – but do you have the cash to pay for them? There are so many things out there that you want – and spending on a holiday could be one of them, however, don’t let friends or acquaintances persuade you to part with more money than you can afford – and don’t you attempt to manipulate others into letting you have what you want. Either way it won’t end well.

If you want to up the ‘ante’ then the most beneficial way for you this month is through your career. Opportunities for advancement could come your way this month – and that route could provide you with the changes you need and help you to satisfy your need for financial security longer term. Be careful however that you don’t tread on other people’s toes as you push for advancement – people don’t appreciate being walked over – even with your gentle feet.

By the time the New Moon arrives at the end of the month, you’ll be full of new ideas about how you can expand your sphere of influence and improve your mental faculties. You’ll feel ready to take the risk when it comes to broadening your horizons – hopefully in a way that is much more productive for you and mentally and intellectually stimulating. You may be learning more yourself – or you may be in contact with new and exciting people – either way you will feel more of a buzz about life – and that’s fine for now.

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