Astrological Overview

A Down to Earth Month

September opens with the Sun and all of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – in tight formation in Virgo. Add Saturn and Pluto ploughing through Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus and that’s a grand total of seven celestial bodies in the Earth Signs. With such an Earth predominance – certainly in the first half of the month, what can we expect?

Well, It’s fair to say we will be brought down to earth that’s for sure. Earth themes include duty, responsibility, reliability, steadiness – in short, dealing with what’s right in front of you. So this month expect to be rolling up your sleeves – especially when Mars, the action planet of the Zodiac, contacts the big planets currently in Earth Signs during the month.

Mars trines Saturn in Capricorn and Squares Jupiter in Sagittarius during the second week of the month. This combination emphasises our need for perseverance and luckily, gives us the abundant energy we need to tackle those issues we need to address. Use it well, as when Mars trines Pluto in Capricorn, it will be much easier to focus on – and achieve – those goals even though you may feel discouraged when Mars opposes Neptune in Pisces. Try and keep things real – you’ll be much less disappointed that way.

The Full Moon (21˚ 04’Pisces)

On September 14th, the Full Moon in Pisces shows that the actions being taken now will give you the opportunity to transform your life in some way – and that could happen quickly as there is nothing to get in the way. The Sun, in close contact with Mars, forms a close trine to Pluto, gives us the drive to make an impression on people in power and any problems that have been lingering can be dealt with now – as now is always a good time as the Full Moon represents an issue reaching culmination.

The Full Moon also shows something else. Take the actions indicated and you’ll be rewarded by a sigh of relief but, Neptune’s presence in this Full Moon chart means it could be very easy for some of you to coast this one out. Don’t do that. Have faith and follow your instincts as the opportunity to get your life back on track – whatever your personal pathway is – is right here, right now.

Saturn Moves Forward (13˚ 55′ Capricorn)

There will also be a sigh of relief on September 18th as Saturn reaches it’s declination point and begins – though it will take a while for most of us to notice – to move forward again. Saturn is the great frustrater, and many of you will have felt, that despite your best efforts, life seems to have become stuck in some way. So, this Saturn station prior to forward motion offers us a breathing space to truly examine any difficult situations we are in and work out how to best apply ourselves to the job in hand.

As we go through this process – and Saturn is all about process – we will soon feel much more confident that we’re doing the right thing. Remember however, there are no shortcuts with Saturn so if you try and cut corners you can bet your house things will not go to plan. Focus instead on learning from mistakes you have made in the past – you’re less likely to repeat them if you also acknowledge the things you got right too.

The New Moon (05˚ 19′ Libra)

When the New Moon in Libra occurs on 28th September, the month will have shifted in emphasis from it’s earthy beginnings and we will all be ready for a breath of fresh air following the Sun’s entry into Libra on 24th September. This New Moon however, could be a breath of fresh air in a quite disconcerting way unless handled well. With only a quincunx (inconjunct) aspect to Uranus in Taurus, the potential for disruption and unexpected events is very real. Sudden emotional adjustments seem a possibility – however these could be good or otherwise as you can never tell with Uranus!

We may, therefore, have to try hard to take this New Moon in our stride. Keeping the peace may prove a challenge, as will keeping a sense of perspective about the way life is working out. However, depending on where this New Moon falls in your natal chart, you may find you are suddenly presented with unexpected opportunities. Whatever happens, it will require a quick evaluation, decision or adjustment – you can be sure of that.

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The Horoscopes


So, Aries, with so many planets in Virgo, the message is coming at you loud and clear. Your focus for the first half of September is about how you look after yourself. This includes your paid employment, managing your health, diet and fitness and organise your daily living responsibilities and yes, that includes taking the dog for regular walks. This will become even more apparent when Mars, your ruling planet, makes contact with the outer planets in quick succession during the second week of the month as Mars will stimulate any issues you need to deal with – and deal with fast.

You’ll find yourself putting a lot of energy into your career – whether your career is physically demanding or whether you’re thinking of proactively moving your career forwards, this month you’ll find it easier to dig in and do what you have to do. Never averse to risk taking, you may feel this is the time to use your initiative to improve your prospects. Go ahead, this is indeed a great time for you to achieve your aims but, to do so you will need to remain focused and be realistic. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Full Moon in Pisces underscores your need to follow your dream. Your imagination is being given free rein however, you need to turn your mind to creative envisioning and not escapist fantasies. Do this and you will impress others with your take on matters – particularly relating to your career and it’s potential advancement. You will present yourself with a certain amount of charm but be careful not to appear superficial – the issues at stake are far too important for you personally to be glib or negligent in your approach.

However, Saturn making a station before going forward in your career sector, once more makes the point that frustrations you may have felt with things the way they are can start to be resolved. To do this means you need to start taking life seriously and work hard at ensuring you make the right moves from now on. So, to do his you really have to be honest with yourself about where you’ve made mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up however – you will have also enjoyed a few victories and learned a few things along the way – it’s the positives you need to take forward with you from now on.

So Aries, by the time the Sun moves into Libra later this month you should have had the breathing space to plan your moves and even put some of those plans into action. Now is the time you may begin to see changes – and they may happen fast. When the New Moon takes place in late September, you’ll find yourself having to make a few adjustments – and that could include emotionally. That new contract may be there for the taking but what are the financial implications?

With Uranus affecting your cash flow and values the outcomes could be uncertain but not necessarily problematic. A new contract, business or personal relationship could mean an adjustment to your finances or, indeed, your personal esteem. We would like to think you’ll find an improvement in both – but think on this. Could you be selling out your values for cash? It’s your call Aries.

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Taurus, your focus, as the month begins, is on the things that give your pleasure. Since March, Uranus has been transiting through your Sun Sign and revolutionising the way you see yourself. This month, you’re keen to push this further and as the month begins, so does ‘me-time’ for Taurus. So, what could this mean for you? You’ll be enjoying life in all it’s forms from your social contacts, romantic liaisons, sporting interests and if you have children they will bring you pleasure too. It sounds too good to be true? it’s not. Uranus has been challenging your self awareness with some radical shifts and the result is you no longer need to sweat the small stuff. Relax.

So Taurus, as September unfolds, you’ll find it easier to consolidate changes to your world view. Your opinions about life seem to have been fixed for a long time but your increasing awareness of your own creative powers and ability to change things are a revelation to you. You’ve had to work hard to regain a sense of control in your life – and in September you will have to continue to do so as success only comes from conscious application. As the month moves forward you will realise that you have made real progress and your passion for life has been completely transformed.

However, don’t get too carried away by imagining the future to be more rose tinted than it realistically could be. Fortunately you’re a practical person and one way you could express your need to be yourself is in the company of other like minded souls. This could give you the space to be yourself and feel socially useful, which as an Earth Sign is important to you. You may have an idealistic view of the world but it’s rooted in a desire to improve life for yourself and others. Just don’t allow such activities to give you a ‘Messiah complex’. Enjoy them for what they are.

With the Full Moon mid-month, you’ll find your efforts to become more involved in social activities – and society at large – are both rewarding and personally fulfilling. You may realise that you’re now achieving the thing you have always wanted – and that’s simply to get more out of life in a way that not only benefits yourself but others too. You feel transformed – rightly so – and are now confident enough to persuade others to your way of seeing things. Being able to stand up for yourself and others has renewed your sense of purpose – and you can allow yourself a moment of satisfaction when you reflect on that.

When Saturn stations in Capricorn, you will realise your efforts to improve your life have been worth it. You’re not a risk taker and you have worked hard – but safely within your limits. You feel absolutely certain you’re on the right track and are doing the right thing. However, don’t turn your certainty into zealotry. Your world view may have changed but try not to make your new position as fixed and inflexible as your old one. Instead, try to build on your past experiences to take a more nuanced viewpoint going forward.

As the Sun moves into Libra, you’ll find yourself looking more closely at how you’re organising your life and this will be emphasised by the New Moon at the end of the month. Is there a new you who is having to adjust to perhaps applying your new self to your old mundane life? You may have to make adjustments, whether it’s your job, routines, diet, fitness, who pays the bills. However your daily life was organised previously, the new person you are will be the one in charge and others will have to take you as they find you. It’s also possible to readjust life to fit your new needs – try it for size – and if it fits? Wear it.

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Ah, Gemini, as September opens, your focus is on your home, family and property matters. Last month’s Black Moon made that abundantly clear. Now you have to roll your sleeves up and start dealing with the practicalities – and that involves making plans, working out how much things will cost and taking action accordingly. You can’t avoid your responsibilities in the real world – and this may involve dealing with the ongoing issue of your financial liabilities and commitments. Unless you take action, matters could be taken out of your hands. I don’t have to tell you it’s better to be in control, than have others take control from you.

Shared responsibilities will be a big issue this month for sure, and contractual and relationship obligations will play a large part in this. These will demand your attention. Don’t take any risks and try and keep your temper even – though you may be sorely tried at times. Pick your fights carefully if you want to win the war. If this sounds strenuous – it’s because it is and it will be easy for you to feel discouraged by the events happening around you – particularly where your career or personal status is concerned. Take the long view – things always need to be demolished to be rebuilt.

The Full Moon will bring things to a head – and that means emotionally too as all things are connected. However, the Full Moon will also bring resolution. Whatever you have to let go of, in terms of career or personal status, will enable you to find you way through the roadblocks you’ve been up against in recent months. Strange as it seems you may feel a sense of relief as the pressure eases. You may have been unrealistic in the past – and that may have cost you dearly – but you’re now being given the opportunity to recalibrate your life. Take it with both hands.

When Saturn makes the station prior to moving forward, you will have the opportunity to reflect on things that have happened – and the events leading up to them. Don’t beat yourself up over any perceived failures – learn from your mistakes and move on. If your promise yourself anything, make it this – to be more realistic and prudent in your dealings in future. You have turned the corner – even if you don’t yet realise it and events to come will move your life in a much more productive direction.

So, Gemini, this is likely to be a strenuous month for you but don’t despair. When the Sun moves into Libra you will find your sense of fun returns and you’ll be able to enjoy life again. The intense pressures you faced earlier in the month will ease – even if the issues that caused them are not fully resolved. As a result you may still be feeling some mental strain and stress. That may feel odd to you and you could find yourself chewing over recent events in spite of the fact they’re being sorted out. Be kind to yourself – life is what it is and the worst is over.

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Cancer, for you September will be busy. For many of you that means mentally so as your mind will be occupied with a range of issues – including love, leisure, pleasure, phones, cars, shopping, spending and cash in general. How to get it, make it and spend it may be at the top of the many lists you will probably be making during the first half of the month. Your mind will be active, your communications plentiful and to the point and you may find yourself taking a proactive role in dealing with important financial, professional or business decisions or, indeed, initiating contact in relationships of a more amorous nature.

With Mars making rapid and unstoppable moves where contracts are concerned, you may find your actions pay off as the month progresses. However, you’ll need to ensure you get your priorities straight when celebrating your successes – too much indulgence may leave you with more than a headache! You are likely to want to see some concrete improvements to your lifestyle and once again, you’ll be tempted to book yet another holiday – and if you’re not set to travel? The urge to escape will be very real – make sure it’s not from your responsibilities.

By the time the Full Moon shines, you’ll feel your efforts have yielded a result. You’ve talked your way into the good books of people who can provide you with better opportunities and as you are quite a quietly ambitious soul, that’s likely to feel very satisfying. You’ll feel vindicated for placing so much faith in your own efforts, however, try not to seem so smug as you don’t want to create bad feelings with those less fortunate than you. Your world view may have altered as so many more possibilities seem within reach – but you are still the same person. Remember that.

When Saturn makes the station before moving forward again, you will feel your partnerships are secure. You’ve worked hard to get to this position but now your task is to apply yourself to making the partnership work. Achieving a goal is one thing but sticking with it through thick and thin is another – and that is what you now have to start working towards. If you truly believe what you have has been worth the wait then that is something you should be willing to do.

So Cancer, when the Sun moves into Libra later in the month, your focus shifts to your home and family. This may seem like a welcome break for you as you love to feel secure and happy in your own space. However, you may be looking at your home this time around from quite a critical perspective. Given you seem to have had a well travelled summer, it’s possible your world view has altered as a result and you now feel your home space doesn’t feel quite as comfortable as it used to. Your future needs may seem suddenly very different to what you expected them to be and your itchy feet?

With the New Moon, you may, Cancer, begin to feel you need a new home. Your dreams and aspirations may well have changed and your sense of belonging may now mean something different to what you used to think it meant. Your friends may play a part in this – perhaps you want to be closer to them or maybe they have been instrumental in introducing you to new places or lifestyle choices. Whatever it is, home may not be such a sweet home as it was and you Cancer, could be on the move again.

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How much do you value yourself Leo? With all your personal planets in Virgo, you need to ask yourself that question in a very practical and material way. Your self esteem and self worth are linked to the rewards you obtain in the real world – your job and how that makes you feel about yourself. Right now you need your worth to be tangible, something you can count – and preferably count on having in your bank account. Venus is strong in this sector of your chart and the presence of Mercury and Mars means not only are you aware of the issues but you should be able to get your head around them and take action to improve your lot in life.

The second week of September will be key for you as it’s the time you’ll want to take action to improve your self worth – in whatever way is most effective for you. Fortunately, you’ll be driven by a burst of creative energy and that will help you to apply yourself to working out what you need to do to get your work and life balance in order. If you need to be more disciplined in your approach to life then be so. If it’s a question of just getting down to it and doing things you need to do? Then get on with it. A no-nonsense approach could work wonders for you right now – not everything needs to be a drama Leo.

You may long to escape from taking responsibility but, by the time of the Full Moon, you’ll realise that expecting others to shoulder the burden is not a realistic approach. If you do this you’ll find it’s much easier than you think to get your life under control. If you need to make a good impression on others who can assist you on your way you should be able to do so now. If you do enter into a personal or professional relationship at this point, it will involve considerable trust and possible a financial commitment too. However, it should be a transformative relationship which will change your life in some way – and this could be just what you have been waiting for.

When Saturn stations before moving forward again, you should have a much better idea of how your life can be better organised – and more rewarding. You can begin to see how you’ve not been making the best of the things you have at your disposal and you will find that you’re actually far more grounded and resourceful than you imagined. The trick for you Leo is maintaining that firm grip on your daily needs. The ordinary things in life can bore you but they need your attention and you’re beginning to realise you can’t have the glamour without the grind. They work together for you – not against you.

When the Sun moves into Libra and the New Moon falls in late September, you will feel you’ve begun to see your way more clearly. You may well, however, have some interesting communications and these could be related to your career. Though this is connected to your sense of self worth, by the end of the month some rapid or surprising moves take place, with you receiving unexpected – though possibly not unwelcome – news. There is the potential for you to have to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances career-wise and you may have to make a quick decision or two. Don’t worry about it too much – just be impulsive for once and go for it.

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So Virgo, you will notice this month for sure as all the action impacts on your Sun Sign. With all the personal planets in your sign, you are going to be a whole range of things as the month begins, Self aware, Self possessed, assertive? Virgo is not normally viewed as a egotistical sign, but this month you will feel things are all about you – but in a very Virgo way of course. You can therefore expect your intellect to be on display, your sense of personal style to be noticed and to perhaps be uncharacteristically forward is asserting your own interests – particularly where you feel there are gains to be made.

When you express yourself you’ll be taken seriously this month and that’s very useful to you as you are a natural hard worker who takes a business like approach to everything you do. Your energy levels will be high and, if well directed, you should be able to establish a firm base for yourself that you may have felt was lacking in your personal life until now. This may be especially true when it comes to your home and family – you may now have the opportunity to improve or enlarge your home – and you may even decide a new or better home would be appropriate for you right now. Just take care to include your partner in your plans – being dynamic doesn’t give you the right to ignore the feelings of others.

When the Full Moon lights up your relationship sector mid-month, you could be presented with the opportunity to move an important relationship onto another level. This could be personal or business relationship – or even of a contractual nature – and the opportunity arises simply because the other person has been impressed by the way you handle yourself in all the dealings they have with you. You have expressed yourself powerfully and well – and in your usual down to earth manner. This should pay dividends in the future and help you get back on track during the months ahead.

As Saturn stations before moving forwards again, you will start to reflect on how you can best realise your creative vision in tangible ways. You’re a great ‘doer’ Virgo, and you’re never happier than when immersed in some creative yet practical project – especially if it bears your signature. You prefer to be recognised for the things you do rather than what you say or think – when you do something however, it has to be reflective of who you are and you may crystallise plans for an important new project at this time.

As the Sun moves into Libra and the New Moon occurs on September 28th, you could start to see some change in your self worth or even your income as a result of your creative efforts. This sounds great but be prepared to make some rapid or unexpected adjustments to your earning potential. Uranus could bring some surprises that change the pattern of your life. This is not necessarily a bad thing – you could experience a change in the way you see the world which either results from – or leads to – a change in your values. You could also have to adjust perhaps to coping with more long distance travel. Whatever it is will require an adjustment on your part – but you’ll cope Virgo – you always do.

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Libra, as this month opens, there is so much bubbling under for you. You can feel changes coming, you sense it in the air – but it’s not quite within your grasp. However, where your intuition is concerned you may be absolutely spot on with quite a few things. Are you being told the full story or do you sense information is being withheld from you? Are you hearing what you want to hear perhaps? Maybe you’re getting fired up at the wrong target or feel frustrated you can’t see the way forward. Perhaps you’re feeling unloved or taken for granted – or maybe it’s you who doesn’t love yourself enough.

With such a planetary line up affecting your unconscious this month, you could be experiencing all of the above – and what that means, Libra, is you really need to get to grips with some of the unconscious complexes you find it so easy to fall back on. It’s often so difficult to see how your own bad habits and unconscious responses hold you back – and this is really the thing you need to get to grips with as this month begins. If you’re sensing unease – it’s likely to be down to you as much as anyone as you just let those buttons keep getting pressed.

So, where are the red flags for you? Well, your home and family may seem like a huge source of frustration right now – and unless you’re careful some harsh exchanges could be on the cards. What you need to realise Libra, is if you put your mind to it, you can make huge strides at making your home life stable and secure. You need a firm foundation right now – and home is where it’s at. If you’ve been feeling uncertain about your life or work – or even feeling under the weather – you will be glad of that support and as the month moves on you’ll find your home has been transformed into a place where you feel much more in control.

As the Full Moon shines mid month on your work life balance, you’ll realise how important it is to look after yourself. You can only do that if your head and your heart are in the right place. Getting to grips with your health, exercise, diet and work/life balance is something that’s well overdue for you and you need to spend this month getting back on track with that. Sometimes a moment of realisation isn’t pleasant but it’s always necessary to spur you into action.

When Saturn makes a station before moving forward, you’ll begin to realise how important it is for your life to be on a firm footing. Home and family life are important to you and you could find yourself looking at how you’ve dealt with your responsibilities in that department. You may feel overburdened at times but perhaps you need to start looking at things in a different way. You benefit so much from your family and home – why do you feel so fed up with your responsibilities towards them? Accept your duties with your large stock of Libran grace and don’t bottle up your feelings so much – you’re doing okay.

When the Sun enters your sign, you’ll start to feel more in charge of your life. The New Moon in Libra at the end of the month will certainly help to ease your underlying fears and help you with addressing any lingering bad habits. However, be aware you may have to adjust rather rapidly to some unexpected changes taking place in your world. These could have financial implications or move your life on to another phase. This all sounds quite serious but it’s not necessarily unpleasant – life is a series of stages and maybe for you another one is around the corner.

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What does the future hold for you Scorpio? The future of everything seems under the spotlight this month for you Scorpio as the changes that have been promised start to arrive. For some of you, you’ll find yourselves involved with new groups of people. Perhaps you join a new team – not necessarily sporting I assure you – whose goals are more aligned with your own life objectives. For others, you’ll be considering your own future direction – your health, wealth and happiness are under review. Perhaps it’s time you made a conscious decision to strike out and follow your own desires rather than do what’s expected of you.

However it plays out, you’ll be giving things some serious thought this month. Sadly, some of you could find things quite depressing – try not to. Your thoughts and communications will need to be disciplined – and you may find you have a lot of money at stake in the discussions you have. At the very least, your value system and sense of worth will be affected – and if you handle things well, your actions will lead to positive results. You’ll be very tempted to get away from it all – you feel you’ve lost your sense of fun of late. Well, if you can manage a break, go for it. If you can’t? Just give yourself a break and enjoy life when you can.

When the Full Moon shines mid month, you will be reminded how important it is to be yourself – and enjoy yourself. Without pleasure we are incomplete. Make time to incorporate time to express yourself and have fun in your life – and with those you love. All you have to do – is decide to do it and any excuses you’ve been making to avoid doing so are really not acceptable if you want your life to be more fulfilling from now on. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel with a little light relief.

When Saturn makes that station, you’ll see how heavy your mindset has been over the past few months. Events may have contributed to that – but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If things have been difficult of late it’s best to deal with them in an orderly and disciplined way. Where problems are concerned, follow due process towards their resolution – often working within a framework is the best way to proceed and what seems like constriction can actually help restrict your fears and worries from spreading in your mind.

When the Sun enters Libra, followed closely by the New Moon in that sign, you may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Emotionally, you may feel that some matters are now out of your hands – and that could be a good thing. However, you may have to accept that there may be still some shocks and surprises coming your way from your partner – either personal or business, or maybe even both. Something may come out of the blue at you and you’ll have to adjust to it fairly rapidly. This doesn’t mean it’s bad by the way – just sudden and/or surprising. However, where contracts are concerned – dot the i’s and cross the t’s, just in case.

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There is such a huge focus on your career this month Sagittarius. Now is the time for you to really get on with the tasks in hand – moving your career forward, thinking about how to make progress, speaking with people who can help you, making a good impression, going for that promotion and really working hard and being proactive to ensure your progress matches your ambitions. Ever the expansive optimist, the sky has always been the limit as far as you’re concerned, however, the emphasis on Earth Signs at the moment means your visions and dreams need to be rooted in reality in order to make them happen

So, Sagittarius, in order to make progress you need to take a good hard look at your skills and talents. If you’re sure you have what it takes to reach the top – great. If not, review where you’re at now and take action to make improvements where necessary. Hard work will pay off and you will find your self worth – and potentially your pay packet – transformed as a result. With application you’ll find you have the reserves of energy and enthusiasm you need to make things happen. However, if you let your ego run the show – and that’s always a risk with you – you’ll become frustrated and angry. A sense of entitlement will get you nowhere.

When the Full Moon shines mid-month, it does so in your home and family sector. Your focus on your career may mean you’ve been neglecting this area of your life of late. However, there is also another possibility. Your career has the potential to make great strides right now, with you being in a position to impress your superiors and make real progress. It’s a big effort however – and home seems the perfect counterpoint to it. Your home and family offer you the perfect space to relax and chill out. If you have taken this part of your life for granted in the past, right now you could come to appreciate just how important it is to have your own private space and a place called home.

By the time Saturn makes his station, you’ll have some time to reflect on the best way to move things forward. You know how you’ve done things in the past and you’ll need to reflect on any changes you feel could improve the way you approach life in the future. You’ve spent a while feeling you were’t able to get what you wanted from life. Maybe you felt circumstances were blocking you in some way. However, you may come to realise that it was your own approach or lack of acceptance was the problem. Learning to value what you have can be a great lesson to learn.

When the Sun moves into Libra, and the New Moon in that sign occurs late in September, you will be looking to the future with renewed optimism. The opportunities you’ve been working towards may well come your way. Be prepared to make a quick decision – but be aware you’re probably also going to have to adjust to a new schedule and possible disruptions to any established routine. As routine is not really your thing, that shouldn’t worry you too much Sagittarius and you may feel really excited by the revolution in your work and lifestyle. It’s what you wanted after all.

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Capricorn, how are you feeling about the world these days? Your world view is under the spotlight this month – and being called into question. As September gets underway, you may find things are ‘getting your goat’, as the things you felt were a given in your world seem rather less certain than they were. For someone as stable as you Capricorn, you may also seem a little restless. You feel a need to take more into your world – culturally and intellectually – and are proactive in doing so. Need to study? Go ahead and book a course. Want to travel? Book that plane ticket. You’ll benefit hugely this month from expanding your world – and you’ll tend to do so for a purpose.

Why? this month you could be feeling very determined. That could work out as ambition or stubbornness – or both – but here is no doubt your self sufficiency and resilience will come to the fore in making you quite a force to be reckoned with. This is because, right now, you can also call on a really ‘can do’ attitude. Any mental or emotional blocks you may have had preventing you from taking control of your life can now be overcome if you make just a little effort – and this month you should find it both easy and rewarding to do that.

When the Full Moon occurs mid-month, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your life as you’ll have the information you need to get out here and be seen. You could be meeting – or in contact with people – who could be influential in setting out the direction your life will travel but remember, it’s up to you to make the final decision as only you will know what is right for you. You will have to follow your instincts on that one but – this is a good time for you and regardless of your decision, you will find significant opportunities came you way – in all areas of your life.

So, when your ruler, Saturn, makes a station before moving forward again, you’ll be able to look back at the progress you have made with a quite dispassionate eye. Your focus has narrowed down to those things you feel are essential and you’re able to weed out the things that are not going to be as important to you in the future as they were in the past. However, as focused and inclined towards hard work as you feel right now, try not to forget you need a lighter side too – and one of the benefits we tend to forget with Saturn is the ability to laugh. Don’t forget your sense of humour!

When the Sun moves into Libra followed by the New Moon at the end of September, you could find a new chapter opening in your career. For you Capricorn, that’s fantastic as you’re among the most ambitious of signs. However, it’s going to mean some changes in your life. The emphasis will be on adjustments to new things – maybe unexpectedly connected to your career. This could include – if you’re at that stage in your life – unexpected romance, new friends, new hobbies and interests, new ways of expressing yourself. It could simply be that you find any career changes unexpectedly satisfying in many ways. And that Capricorn is a real bonus.

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Batten down the hatches Aquarius – the winds of change will be reaching hurricane force this month! With all the personal planets in your sector of significant change, you may find your life turns a corner – but it won’t be easy. The indications are you’ll be busy discussing issues related to finances. Maybe loans or mortgages are an issue for you at the moment – either taking one out or repaying one – and you could be wading through piles of paperwork and correspondence to process that. If that’s not applicable to you, you may have issues closer to home such as an inheritance. If you owe money to a partner – or vice versa – you could be involved in heated discussions regarding the terms of your agreement. This could also apply to love relationship issues also.

Clearly you’ve reached the point where matters need to be resolved – and that can be quite stressful. You’re going to have to dig deep to find the emotional resources to cope with, what could be a very demanding situation. However you’re absolutely determined to get through this one way or another as your finances in particular would benefit from some improvement – as would your self esteem. And you’re determined to move your life on. You want things to be better in the future and though it seems difficult now, you know that with some effort you will get there. You may also find friends are supportive to you at this time.

With the Full Moon mid-month, things may come to a head, especially financially. You’ll now know exactly how much you have at your disposal and the problems you’ve been wrestling with over the past few weeks now seem to be on their way to being settled. Things seem to be falling into place and you have a much clearer idea about how things are going to proceed. It’s important however, you keep the momentum going with this. Much as you would like the world to cut you some slack, now is not the time but don’t worry, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel. And, if you’re prepared to transform your attitude towards the issues you’re dealing with now it will make things a bit easier for you.

This is especially true when Saturn makes the station before moving forward. This could seem like your darkest hour and it could be all too easy for you to dwell on all the things you’ve done in the past that you feel have contributed to where you are now. Even those of you on a more positive track could feel some irrational fear about the things life is asking you to do. Don’t worry. This soul searching is necessary for you to make the right decisions in moving your life forwards. It’s also essential for you to clear out your own negative thoughts and feelings. You need to draw the line Aquarius – and move on.

When the Sun enters Libra and the New Moon occurs at the end of the month, you’ll feel way more optimistic about life. A weight will have been lifted from your shoulders, however you will have to come to terms with sudden and radical changes that could affect your home and family life. This could happen in many ways – some of them unexpected. Perhaps you find yourself able to purchase a new home, or you suddenly decide to relocate to somewhere new. Maybe you’re forced to move – or other family members strike out on their own to become independent. Things will change Aquarius – and when you look back you’ll see it was for the best.

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Whatever happens this month Pisces, it’s not about you. It’s about us. Or more particularly, the focus is on your relationships – personal or otherwise. There is a range of partnership possibilities out there Pisces – depending on where you are in your life. Actively seeking love? Thinking about romance? Romantic interlude planned in your life? You can tick all of those boxes. However, there could also be a little tension and perhaps few cross words between you at times – though kiss and make up could all be on the cards. Partnerships are not all romantic – you could experience tensions and good times with business or professional partnerships too – and with this type of arrangement, financial negotiations could form part of the picture.

However it happens, your relationship sector will be active – and you will be the one taking the initiative. This could include – for some of you – taking the plunge into internet dating. If you’ve had reservations, these could be overcome. With romantic and non-romantic relationships, you could form associations through friends or interest groups – but take care to maintain your good reputation. Do this, and you could transform your network of business contacts – or your attitudes towards dating if nothing else! Beware though, of viewing your other half – in any context – through rose tinted spectacles. You can be quite vulnerable to people less scrupulous than you so take care of your own interests first.

When the Full Moon shines on you mid-month, people will be looking at you in a new light. You have all the goods available to be making the right impression on the right people. However you need to make an effort to be the one in the driving seat where your relationships are concerned as it’s very easy for you to appear as a rather passive personality. You can be alluring, giving, glamorous or gentle – but please don’t be a doormat. Whatever the nature of the relationship, remember it’s between equals and you will do well to remember that.

By the time Saturn makes a station before moving forward, you’ll start to notice a distinct change in your social life. Where you’ve felt like an outsider looking in because you may have been alone, you now have the opportunity to become a fixture in your various friendship and social groups. However, you would also do well to erect some boundaries where necessary – and that’s something you sometimes need to be much more conscious about. You can be part of a group but don’t let people take advantage. It’s healthy to have a great time with people – but maintain your own identity too.

When the Sun moves into Libra late in September, followed by the New Moon at the end of the month, you will start to learn about the give and take that is an essential part of our interactions with others. It doesn’t matter how old you are, for you Pisces, this is a lesson you need to be reminded of. Learn to give when necessary – and say no when you need to. You’re such a giver that doing that can be awkward for you. You may feel uneasy at first but you will adjust to it – and you will need to as you’re likely to receive communications and have conversations that are not easy for you to deal with. Just remember to put yourself first – no-one else will if you don’t.

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