The November 2022 horoscope promises to be interesting. As I write this, I’ll be taking a short break in about 20 minutes to observe the solar eclipse in Scorpio (weather permitting) and I’m sure that none of you need reminding that Mars is turning retrograde in Gemini on October 31st and Jupiter returns to Pisces, making this a rather eventful time in the skies. November, therefore has a few hard acts to follow – and the question to ask is how much do the celestial events of late October set the scene for the next few weeks? The Lunar Eclipse early in the month may set the tone.

Scorpio season is always a time to dig deep. Autumn may be a season of flux, but Scorpio is a fixed sign. I think of it this way; when the world around you is changing, you tend to stick with what you know. That way, it doesn’t matter what happens, you’ll be certain of who you are and what you need to do in order to survive. And, of course, as all Scorpios know, there’s the suspicion that change is only going to head in one direction – and usually they’re right. At this time of year, the weather may be mild – but winter is on its way.

As usual, you can read this horoscope for your sun sign or rising sign. And if you were lucky enough to see the solar eclipse – I hope you did so in a safely.

November 2022 Horoscope: Aries

The Sun, Mercury and Venus stick close together this month, and they do so in the sector of your chart where the big decisions hang out. Your mind may be on money or pleasure – but either way, you’re going to have to get both of these things into focus, as you need to make some significant changes about how you handle those matters in your life; things can’t go on in the same way as they have done until now. The lunar eclipse early in the month will put the spotlight on your personal resources; you may discover where the problem lies – and be prepared to be surprised.

However, there’s nothing like being in control, and your challenge this month will be to stay in control of both your communications and your desires. With Jupiter clouding the issue, it may be difficult for you to feel comfortable with cold, hard reality and your ruler, Mars (now retrograde) may make for a few difficult conversations or decisions at this time. Let the fall-out happen; as the month progresses and the planets pick up some fiery energy, you’ll begin to feel more confident and comfortable. The New Moon in Sagittarius will shift your focus in a new direction – and you’ll be happy with that.

November 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

It’s a watery month in so many ways and that can work two ways. Either you feel that the ground is fertile, or you’re bogged down with stuff – you may feel both of these things this month. Let’s deal with the fertile territory; the Sun, Mercury and Venus begin the month in your house of partnerships. Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, you’ll find yourself focusing on some meaningful communications that are designed to improve the situation between you – and the lunar eclipse suggests that you’re the one who is likely to be taking the lead in this.

That may take a few people by surprise – including you – but there’s also a real focus on material resources this month and that always gets your interest. Mars retrograde in this sector of your chart gets you active and focused on what you need to do – and you may be dealing with financial contracts or negotiations. If that’s so, you can expect to be dealing with the small print for the rest of the month – that may be where you feel ‘bogged down’ as I mentioned earlier. However, It will be for a good reason; the New Moon in Sagittarius signals an exciting new change in your life. Enjoy!

November 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

This month, you really want to focus on getting your life back into some sense of order. Whatever’s been happening in your world, it’s left you feeling that life is a bit ‘left of field’ at the moment, so your challenge is to get things back on track as best you can. Fortunately, Venus and Mars are going to make this a pleasant process – and one that is fairly easy for you to get your head around. It also helps that your energy is well directed this month, as Mars is focusing your efforts just where they need to be. You’re assertive this month – just make sure you’re happy with the direction of travel.

However, that buzz that’s getting you going could also result in some sleepless nights. There seems to be a lot going on in the background that’s hard to shake off, so it may not be the most relaxing of months – even if you would like it to be. There may be big uncertainties about your career direction, or something big happens that you didn’t see coming. Towards the end of the month, you may need to use your communications skills to reach out to one person in particular. Your partner may also need you as a sounding board; together you may be discussing your ideas about the future. Forward is the only way.

November 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

The water vibe is perfect for you during the early part of this month and, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your pleasure sector, it’s looking like the next couple of weeks will be spent thinking about how best you’re able to do exactly what you want to you. You’re not an obviously assertive person, but there’s a lot of determination behind that gentle exterior. This month, that may be even more so, as Mars retrograde is making you feel a little frustrated, yet determined to focus on your own emotional well-being. Be prepared to feel even more defensive than usual.

The Full Moon always affects you and this month it’s an even more powerful lunar eclipse. You may be surprised at what this does to your sense of belonging. Friends may surprise you, or your feelings about your usual round of social engagements may differ from what you would normally expect. Jupiter may not be helpful as the way ahead – usually not an issue for you – may seem unclear. Have patience. The New Moon in Sagittarius signals a change of emphasis for you; there is some inner and outer work to be done. Getting your head and your heart in the right place is your challenge this month.

November 2022 Horoscope: Leo

The Sun, Venus and Mars in Scorpio are in your domestic sector, so things may be intense at home. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as home is where the heart is. This month you may be happiest in the place you call home – and there may be some discussion about home improvements (a good thing) or even the cost of living (not so good…). It’s a sad fact that many of us will be talking about budgets and you are likely to be one of those people. Take heart; dealing with such issues is better than ignoring them and being in control of your cashflow beats the alternative.

Unfortunately, this may be a necessity as Jupiter in Pisces may be diverting your attention from how important this really is; if Mars retrograde is focusing your energy on your social life then you need to be in a position to pay for it. Use this energy boost to work out who or what is worth your time and effort. The lunar eclipse is also going to shine on some career issues; there may be some surprising events in store early in the month, however, the New Moon suggests that things will be more relaxed as the month draws to a close. Fiery energy invigorates you; you’ll be back in the groove before you know it.

November 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your communications sector, so you need to focus on the emotional content of your communications. You’re a down to earth person so if that doesn’t come easily to you, try to keep things light hearted; it’s not the time for soul searching or heavy conversation – but it is the time to be honest, both with yourself and others. Jupiter is making things hazy where partnerships are concerned, so clarity may be a challenge at this time. Aim for that, but try and be understanding if that’s the best you can do. You may need to know where you stand.

It’s also a busy month. Mars retrograde is stuck in your career sector; that’s great for focusing your energies on a particular work project, but you may also encounter some abrasiveness in the office – or even at home if your schedule causes a conflict of priorities. One issue you may have is the lunar eclipse highlights a shift in perspective for you. You may need to alter your opinions on a certain matter – and you may be surprised at how out of touch you’ve become. A radical revision may be necessary – but by the end of the month, you’ll be back in your comfort zone. Sometimes change is worth it.

November 2022 Horoscope: Libra

The sun is shining on your material resources this month – and with Mercury and Venus in the same sector, you’ll be thinking about how to improve them. Uranus has been transiting through this part of your life for a few years now, so your approach to the material world and how you deal with it may have undergone a few twists and turns along the way. When the lunar eclipse lights up the opposing house of wealth, big decisions and permanent change, you may have to dig deep and realise what a resourceful person you need to be – it may be ‘crunch time’ in more ways than one.

This is an important time for you; Mars turns retrograde in your house of opportunity, so don’t be surprised if a few things you thought were moving ahead suddenly appear to apply the brakes. It may be frustrating, but it’s an opportunity to focus your energy and pursue those opportunities that are truly worthwhile. Instead of scattering yourself, identify the one thing that you want, or the one place you wish to go to – and work out how to get there. The New Moon, Venus and Mars are going to make that process profitable – and enjoyable too.

November 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

This is the Scorpio month with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign. The focus may be on you, but your focus needs to be on developing a fresh approach to life in the weeks ahead. Birthdays bring the direction of your life into sharp relief; right now, you need to think about making a few improvements and it may be a good idea to begin with loving yourself a little more. If you appreciate your good qualities, so will everyone else – so do yourself a favour and present your best face to the world. Mars retrograde in the house of everlasting change will focus your attention where it’s needed.

The lunar eclipse impacts on your relationship sector and, it goes without saying, any self-improvements will have an effect here too. If you’re unattached you may benefit from the new and more attractive you – and those of you already paired up will know exactly what to do to keep things going well. However, it’s also a business-like lunar eclipse; this is a month to be savvy about your financial affairs and that retrograde Mars is going to focus your energy on making a few significant changes to your long term financial position. Take some investment advice – and don’t rush into things. If it looks too good to be true – it will be.

November 2022 Horoscope: Sagittarius

On Halloween, Mars turned retrograde in your house of relationships and this suggests you need to focus your energy in that direction for the months ahead. Mars likes to move forward – but for the moment you may need to make some significant changes before you do so. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s often a good idea to thrash things out before you make a move. Whatever you do, it’s something you’re going to aver to do together – and the importance of togetherness may be the thing that’s easy to overlook as the month begins. be careful that those changes don’t come about as the result of a fight.

The lunar eclipse, however, will ensure that you do the right thing. Sagittarius is an adventurous sign – but even you have to work hard at making sure that things are working well for you. If things have been getting out of hand, this month you’ll have the opportunity to get things back on track – some of that Jupiter-style enthusiasm would be well deployed closer to home. As the month progresses and the Sun moves into your sign, your outlook will be characteristically optimistic; use that energy to flesh out the plans for your next adventure.

November 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

This month’s lunar eclipse hits your house of fun – but it’s also so much more than that. For a while now, you’ve been engaged with a process of creative change – and the solar eclipse is one of the important staging posts on this journey. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are going to make this a sociable month too – but Scorpio is deep and you’re unlikely to be satisfied by superficial interactions. This would be a great time to work out what – and who – really matters to you. Thinking about your values in a social sense would be a great place to start.

Mars retrograde is going to affect your best laid plans… or maybe make you look again to see whether or not they were feasible in the first place. However, if there is a project that need your full attention – this is the month to make a start. All of your energy is going to be focused in one place in the next few months, so roll up your sleeves and start the preparation work right now. Don’t expect to make rapid progress – this month it’s all about making sure that things are going to be done well rather than quickly – and in the long term, that is what matters.

November 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

The lunar eclipse shines its light on your home and domestic life. For a while now, you’ve been feeling restless, but unable to decide what to do about it. Now is the time to either accept that things ‘are as they are’ – or do something about it. Fortunately, Mars retrograde is going to focus your energies on discovering what suits you best. You need to be able to express yourself creatively and be yourself – but that means more than signing up for art classes or joining a local sports team. At a deep level you need to re-connect with your sense of purpose – this month it’s time to do just that.

The Sun, Venus and Mars in Scorpio for most of the month mean that you’re going to be concerned with things that are important to you. Whether that’s your career – or some other indicator of your social status – you’ll be minded to make some improvements. In some cases, those improvements may come to you in the form of a promotion or some other form of reward. Make the most of it as Jupiter in your house of resources suggests that although your income may increase, your expenditure may do so too. It seems the universe gives – and takes away…

November 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

Are you out of your mind? As the lunar eclipse strikes this month, that may be the question you need to ask yourself – let’s hope that other people don’t ask it too. You’ve been mentally restless for a while and this month brings things to a head. If a few crazy ideas arrive with the eclipse then don’t be surprised… And those ideas may involve some travel – preferably long distance to somewhere exotic. A ‘spur of the moment’ vacation to some distant shores may appeal at this time – the thing is, you may have to ask yourself why. Is it for pleasure, or do you feel the need to see the world from another angle?

I suspect it may be the latter as Mars retrograde is stuck at home for the next few months – and that means your home may not be the most peaceful place to be right now. Thee’s a lot of energy that needs to be dealt with – and dealt with positively. So, rather than run away from the scene of the crime, it may be more beneficial to look at your domestic situation from a different angle. The best things begin at home, so use your energy to start something afresh in your personal life. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling more optimistic about life in general.

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