Virgo: Introduction

Virgo the Virgin. If you have a Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon or Rising Sign in Virgo you will, no doubt, be tired of the old jokes about your allegedly virginal status. So, Mercury ruled Virgo, is there anything virginal in your nature? As far as purity is concerned, we need to look past the sniggering jokes and discover a bunch of people who generally have a clear sense of purpose, solid values and self discipline. Where’s the problem with that?

In this section I’m going to give you the lowdown on the keywords associated with Virgo and the things that often appear in your life if you’re a Virgo Sun, Moon or Ascendant. If you’re in love with a Virgo, you’ll also need to know what makes them happy. Virgo qualities can also be seen in those who have a Sixth House emphasis in their Natal Chart or Mercury rising in their Natal Chart – particularly in an Earth sign.

Virgo: Key Qualities


Earth signs are solid reliable and conservative. You are happiest when your life is well organised. Colour coded, alphabetically high to low or low to high – it doesn’t matter. What matters to you is your life, bookshelf, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe are arranged according to your own meticulous system and woe betide the person who upsets your arrangements.


Mutable signs are found at the end of each season as the world prepares for change. Virgo falls at the end of summer as the world cools down and prepares for Autumn. You know instinctively, therefore, how important it is to be prepared. You make connections by strategic forward planning, preparing the ground and organising events so there are no surprises, accidents or unforeseen happenings. If you need a micro manager? Virgo is the sign.


Feminine signs are considered to be more subtle and gentle in their approach to life and Virgo the Virgin is often portrayed as an innocent, maidenly female archetype. Do not be misled, however, as Virgoans of all persuasions are rarely virginal in the biblical sense.There is however a purity about them in the sense they are clear sighted about their place in the world – even if they are often stubborn and dogmatic at times.

Virgo: Ruler

Virgo is ruled by Mercury the messenger God. Mercury is – quite appropriately – one of the planets ruling two signs, Virgo and Gemini, and where you are concerned, it’s the earthy qualities of Mercury that come to the fore. If Gemini is the spin doctor then Virgo is the fact checker – a natural editor who uses words with precision – concisely and analytically. This also apples to Mercury’s famed dextrous qualities. Virgoans are good with their hands – they seem to know how things work and how to put things together. Flat pack furniture holds no fears for you – you even read the instructions. Twice.

Virgo: Keywords


Adaptable, Analytical, Careful, Communicative, Conscientious, Cool, Detailed, Diligent, Discerning, Efficient, Fastidious, Hard Working, Helpful, Humble, Intelligent, Mentally Agile, Meticulous, Modest, Neat, Observant, Organised, Practical, Precise, Productive, Sensible, Skilful, Unassuming.


Cool, Critical, Cynical, Fault Finding, Fussy, Highly Strung, Hypochondriac, Irritable, Narrow Minded, Nit Picking, Over Sensitive, Pedantic, Restless, Sceptical, Self Doubting, Self Critical.

Virgo Sun

The Sun symbolises your inner self and with the Sun in Virgo you truly identify with Virgo characteristics. Even if your Rising sign gives you more outgoing veneer, at heart you are orderly and play by the rules. You are naturally intelligent and often very practical, being one of the Zodiac’s great ‘doers’ and you’re never happier than when you’re fully occupied or solving one of life’s more intractable problems. Analytical and maybe a tad pernickety – there isn’t much that escapes your attention.

If all of that makes you sound reliable and dull, don’t worry. You have a wickedly dry sense of humour and a talent for bringing the best out in others with their kindness and encouragement. You may be steady and exciting as a rock but you can be sure it’s very much appreciated. You bring order into chaos – and that’s a real talent. We all need someone useful who knows the right thing to do almost all the time. Virgo, that someone is you.

Virgo Moon

The Moon represents out comfort zone – it’s where we go to chill out and relax. Except the Virgo Moon doesn’t really relax. With this Moon sign you need to feel useful and productive. So for you, relaxation is literally hard work – for you hate to be underemployed and keeping busy for you, Virgo Moon, is better than a holiday. When you do take holidays they are meticulously planned with a very full itinerary. Just don’t expect to enjoy the strange, exotic food and take some antacid with you.

Your Virgo Moon gives you a deep need to understand everything around you. Your need to learn and absorb as much information as possible means you deconstruct everything that comes your way – words, objects, people. That can be a great talent but don’t let your knack for problematising everything turn in to a problem for you. Sometimes you need to see the woods – not just the trees.

Virgo Rising

With Virgo as your Rising Sign you came into this world, no doubt, on time. As you picked off your developmental milestones, one by one, you will have impressed your elders with your facility for learning, talking and understanding and your, no doubt, excellent behaviour. So far so good – but you may also have been the pickiest eater and probably won the prize as the youngest vegan on the block.

So, the way you view the world is Virgoan in nature – even if your Sun sign is completely different. Virgoan things come so easily to you and you express the qualities of your Sun Sign, whatever it may be, in a Virgoan manner – precisely, diligently and with considerable forethought. Your ascendant sign can make you an authority on any subject that catches your undivided attention – for you will research anything that interests you to the ‘nth’ degree. As a Mercury influenced sign, you are also very happy to communicate your interests to the world at large – with excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation of course.

Virgo In Love

When it comes to relationships, Virgo is great at analysing them. Not outwardly romantic, Virgo may be intensely so on the inside – but very afraid of displaying their vulnerable heart and soul. So, what is it you’re so afraid of? Whatever is, it makes you cautious when it comes to making the first move. So, given you can be somewhat slow off the mark, how do any of you Virgoans get into a relationship in the first place?

The answer often depends on your partner. You can be coaxed into letting down your guard by a gently flirtatious partner, one who more importantly has the potential – in your eyes – of becoming the ideal mate. So, Virgo is as picky with their partner as they are with their food but once the perfect – and it must be perfect – match has been found, they commit hard. But not fast. Know a few people who have had ten year engagements? That’s Virgo.

Virgo: Things To Look Out For

DIY, Craftsmanship, Handicrafts, Manuals, Books, Non-Fiction, Journalism, Research, Libraries, Teachers, Laptops, Smartphones, Quizzes, Problem Solving, Organisations, Organisers, Diaries, Time Management, Exercise, Health, Healthy Eating, Organic, Vegetables, Vegan, Vegetarian, Special Diets, Stomach Upsets, Dieticians, Doctors, Medical Professionals, Ecology, Nature, The Natural World.

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