The Sun in astrology symbolises your power and vitality. If you ever wondered where that fire in your belly came from – look no further. Let’s look a little closer at the significance of the Sun in your Natal Chart by looking at the keywords associated with The Sun in astrology and how The Sun’s energies are expressed in each Zodiac Sign

Regardless of your Sun’s sign, the Sun represents your need for self expression. It’s the energy you radiate out into the world, your personal star at the heart of your unique solar system. The Sun represents your ego – it lights up your self esteem and if you’re that way inclined, your self importance. It governs your pride – and we all know the difference between being proud of our achievements and, well, just being proud.

Understanding how your Sun‘s energy works according to its Sign is the key to you becoming aware of how you express your Sun. Solar traits can be acted out in both positive and negative ways. The more conscious you are of your own character, the easier it is to combat the expression of negative traits by bringing them to light and accepting yourself as you are.

The Sun: Keywords

Authority, Consciousness, Confidence, Creative, Dignified, Ego, Faithful, Father, Gold, The Heart, Individual, Life force, Male Role Model, Masculine Identity, Nobility, Personal Identity, Power, Potential, Self Assurance, Self Expression, Sense of Self, Vitality, Will.

Aries Sun

The Sun governs your sense of self and with an Aries Sun, you really identify with Aries characteristics. They are essentially ‘you’. So, Aries Sun, at heart you are thrusting and independent, need to be ‘first’ in all things. You love approval, hate authority (except your own), call the shots, are goal oriented and like to do your own thing without interference wherever possible. Thankfully, you’re also outgoing and sociable, though your quick temper and relentless honesty – and energy – can be too much for some. Subtlety and tact are not your strong points – yet you can be extremely kind to those in need of your support.

No-one can doubt your courage and ability to fight your corner – and the corner of those you feel are in need of need your protection; you love to be admired as a brave and noble hero. People with the Sun in Aries often have excellent leadership skills – just make sure ‘the boss’ doesn’t become bossy. Aries gives you a strong and forceful character and a desire for an exciting, yet uncomplicated, life. You’re a simple soul really; the things you loved as a child probably set your course for life – and you will always follow that path with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Taurus Sun

The Sun governs your sense of self and with a Taurus Sun, you identify with Taurus characteristics, such as being patient, reliable and trustworthy. Deep down you are honest and dependable and know that if anything is worth having then its worth working for. You like to ‘plough your own furrow’ and really have your own ideas about how things should be be done. This can make you appear stubborn – but the flip side of stubborn is the kind of single mindedness that really helps you to focus and achieve your goals – unless, however, you get stuck in a rut.

What really stands out with you is your desire for ownership and control of your own life. You are a ‘giving’ generous person who has high standards and you demand the best from those you love and those you associate with. You strive for perfection and can be harshly critical if you feel someone is letting your side down. However, you are tribal and loyal and always want the best for those you love. Wanting the best is a Taurus characteristic that is at your core. When it comes to the good things in life, you’re rather indulgent, but you’re happy as long as your physical and material demands are met.

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Gemini Sun

The Sun represents your core self and with the Sun in Gemini, you really identify with Gemini characteristics. Even if, for example, your Rising Sign gives you a less outgoing disposition, at heart your need to know is paramount and your need to express that knowledge no less so. Mobile in the truest sense, you make sure you get out and about as often as possible and you will never, I repeat, never leave the house without at least your phone and probably your laptop in your bag. For you, knowing the nearest wifi code is as essential as breathing

If all of this makes you sound like either a geek or a gossip, be aware Gemini has blessed you with a great sense of humour, the ability to fit into most social situations, get on with all kinds of people and do so usually without judgement. Leave that to the other Signs. If there is a downside to that it is perhaps that you can be all things to all people, however, if anyone has a talent for mediation it is you Gemini. You truly are the bridge between the gods and we mere mortals – choose your words well.

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Cancer Sun

The Sun determines your sense of self. It is who you are at a deep level and the fire that keeps your spirit burning. With a Cancer Sun you really identify with Cancerian traits – they represent who you are. So Cancer, you are instinctively protective – of your home, your family and, most of all, your feelings. Your need to protect makes you ambitious and shrewd. Money to you is the best way of ensuring you have all the comforts you need – and you’re not averse to using it to manipulate those around you into a state of dependency as you really like to get your own way.

However, Cancer, you are also blessed with a great deal of emotional intuition and kindness. You have a knack of knowing when to say or do the right thing – and you’re very aware of your own, often fragile, emotional state. You see exercise, not as a way of achieving bodily perfection, but more as a way of easing your nervous tension. It doesn’t come naturally to you, however, and you prefer to frame it as a means to self care – because if you can’t care for yourself how can you even begin to nurture others?

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Leo Sun

The Sun determines your sense of self. It is who you are at a deep level and it is the fire that keeps your spirit burning. With a Leo Sun you really identify with Leonine traits – they represent who you are. So Leo, the Sun lies at the heart of the Solar System – and that’s where you like to be, at the centre of everything. You thrive when you are the centre of attention. Always the star performer, you find it natural to command an audience. However, it’s just as easy to demand attention if you feel the world isn’t taking enough notice of you.

There is no doubt, however, that you are naturally warm and creative. You will find yourself with many friends and admirers as your generosity and enthusiasm lights up the life of those around you – but watch out Leo, that you don’t get too overenthusiastic as some people may find your boundless positivity just too much. However, your loyalty, ambition and sense of fun are never far from the surface. You are, at heart, a happy and spirited soul who, more than most, finds endless joy and pleasure in life itself.

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Virgo Sun

The Sun symbolises your inner self and with the Sun in Virgo you truly identify with Virgo characteristics. Even if your Rising sign gives you more outgoing veneer, at heart you are orderly and play by the rules. You are naturally intelligent and often very practical, being one of the Zodiac’s great ‘doers’ and you’re never happier than when you’re fully occupied or solving one of life’s more intractable problems. Analytical and maybe a tad pernickety – there isn’t much that escapes your attention.

If all of that makes you sound reliable and dull, don’t worry. Virgo has a wickedly dry sense of humour and a talent for bringing the best out in others with their kindness and encouragement. You may be steady and exciting as a rock but you can be sure it’s very much appreciated. You bring order into chaos – and that’s a real talent. We all need someone useful who knows the right thing to do almost all the time. Virgo, that someone is you.

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Libra Sun

The Sun represents your core self and with the Sun in Libra, you really identify with Libra characteristics – even if your Rising Sign gives you a completely different personality type. So Libra, regardless of appearances, you’re one of life’s ‘people’ people with a natural flair of getting to know others, what makes them tick, and making them more effective together than they would be apart. For you Libra, the sum of the parts is never more than the value of the whole.

Did I say ‘regardless of appearances’ back there? In a figurative sense only as appearance is so important to Libra – how they look, their partner looks, their homes, kids and pets look – the fashion, beauty and design industries would be lost without Libra. Without Libra the world would be an ugly place – and I mean that in the broadest sense – we owe Libra thanks for intellectual, moral and societal balance – not just this season’s favourite colour.

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Scorpio Sun

The Sun represents your core self and with the Sun in Scorpio you really identify with your Scorpio traits – even of your Rising Sign gives you a completely different personality type. So Scorpio, what is the nature of your essential being? Tread softly – but carry a big stick. That mantra that should be engraved on every Scorpio heart was it really defines who you are. Always aware of your personal power, you tread purposefully through this world with your radar on red alert for those who would do you – and others – down.

You have an instinct for natural justice and fighting for the underdog – and you know power means everything which is why you spend your life seeking it or challenging those who abuse it. You know how easy it is to both inflict and suffer pain and yet you know deep down that suffering is also a catalyst for growth. It must have been a Scorpio who coined the phrase ‘No pain, no gain’, a phrase which gives insight into your mindset and your qualities of endurance.

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Sagittarius Sun

The Sun represents your core self, and with the Sun in Sagittarius, you truly identify with Sagittarian characteristics. Even if, for example, your Rising Sign gives you a much more mild demeanour, at heart you will be an expansive outgoing archer directing your arrows at any target that catches your eye. Ever the explorer, you simply cannot bear to be in the same place for more than a moment and so you seek to expand your breadth of experience – and sphere of influence – as wide as you possibly can. It is said of you, Sagittarius, that you know no bounds – and never were truer words spoken.

If this makes you sound untamed or untameable – then that’s because you, perhaps more than any other sign, follow your instincts and desires without any fear or concern for those less bold than you. You are truly the child of Jove – but your quest to include ever more experiences into your life is often born of a searching intellect and a personal bravery that sees you go where others fear to tread. Without you, Sagittarius, the world would undoubtedly be a smaller and more fearful place.

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Capricorn Sun

The Sun represents your sense of identity and with a Capricorn Sun, you really identify with Capricorn characteristics. So, Capricorn, at heart you are sensible, cautious and know the value of things that are durable and long lasting. You are ambitious and determined to make the best of your life, however, you know there is no such thing as a quick fix so you are prepared to work long and hard to get where you want to be. Your natural conservatism ensures no corners are cut – or stone unturned – in your journey through life.

If this makes you sound like an unimaginative plodder, don’t be fooled by appearances. Your naturally humorous disposition makes light work of hard work and your talent for reliability and solidity is truly appreciated by many whose grip on reality is far more tenuous than yours. You are the one others lean on in a crisis – or otherwise – and your supportive yet sensible and unemotional solutions to life’s problems make you the go to person for practical and trustworthy advice.

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Aquarius Sun

The Sun represents your core self – the things that make you who you are – so you really identify with Aquarius characteristics regardless of the influence of your Ascendant which is more than likely to be in a completely different Zodiac sign. For you Aquarius, this means being true to yourself – and that can take many forms. Being independently minded you value your personal freedom above all else and will not countenance believing in anything or behaving in any manner that betrays what you feel are your core principles.

If this makes you seem selfish on a personal level, so be it. However, Aquarius, you are deeply concerned with fairness and equality at a societal level. Social justice, humanity and the wellbeing of people and the planet mean a great deal to you and you can become – in both big and small ways – an activist for the rights of others and wellbeing of all. You are conscious that society matters and in your conscience you believe such matters cannot be ignored – even if all you do is give vent to your opinions on social media from time to time.

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Pisces Sun

The Sun represents your inner self and for you Pisces, you really identify with your Pisces traits – even if you have a hard time acknowledging what they are. So Pisces, who exactly are you? The answer is usually whoever you want or imagine yourself to be – and that’s your answer regardless of your Rising Sign. Whatever maintains your self image is important to you – and that can have both positive and negative connotations as it can lead you to be the most positive and creative person – or lead you to the depths of despair as you chase an illusion.

If this makes you seem like a hopeless case then that’s not necessarily so. It’s true that some Pisceans have real issues with boundaries – between themselves and others, between truth and lies and between reality and illusion. However, what really matters to you Pisces is a deep inner truth and more profound reality. At your core you perceive profound spiritual connections between all living beings that most of us cannot even begin to understand. You were never meant to be grounded – your feet are simply not made for it – often literally so as you can be a martyr to them!

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