The Moon in astrology represents your soul. I realise that’s a big ask of any satellite, however, as we look at the symbolism of our nearest neighbour in space, I hope things will become as clear as the skies on a cold moonlit night.

As the Sun gives out, the Moon takes in. According to it’s sign, the Moon governs your emotional responses, your sense of security, the things that make you comfortable – and otherwise. It’s pretty clear from this that getting to know your Moon is a great way of upping your levels of emotional intelligence. However, the Moon is unconscious and instinctive and it’s not always easy to bring your deepest emotions and needs to light – especially as the Moon has a dark side – those emotions and feelings we are happy to repress as they’re sometimes to hard to deal with.

So, a great way to learn to use your Moon wisely is to understand that it’s sign gives you the clue how to best process your responses to the world around you. Being comfortable with life and emotionally balanced is always preferable to hiding your more difficult feelings away on the ‘dark side’.

The Moon: Keywords

Ancestry, Sense of Belonging, Comfort Zone, Comfort Eating, Cooking, Emotional Wellbeing, Emotional Responses, Family, Feelings, Females, Feminine, Food, Digestion, Gut Feelings, Habits, Heritage, Home, Instincts, Memories, Mirrors, Moods, Mother, Nourishment, Nurture, Nurses, Passivity, Past, Receptivity. Reflectivity, Reflections, Roots, Safety, Security, Silver, Stomach, Digestive System, Womb.

Aries Moon

For such a tough guy (or gal) you are surprisingly easily wounded. With this moon sign, your emotional make up is volatile, excitable and your temperament is ‘temperamental’ in the most basic sense. This can make you overly defensive – and attack is often your preferred form of defence. You can’t help but get your shot in first if you’re feeling threatened in any way. You tend to take things personally, one moment being the brave Aries soul that you want to be and the next lashing out at something or someone who’s fired you up in the wrong way. You cannot disguise your emotional responses and you may become headstrong or childish if emotionally challenged.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. If ever there was a phrase to describe your emotional make-up that’s it. With the directness and honesty of a child you see things in black and white and you cannot understand the emotional complexities and undercurrents that seem to dominate the inner lives of other Moon signs. For you, emotions may be simple but they are felt intensely and with great immediacy. This may make you seem impulsive and explosive to others, but you make up for this with your emotional honesty and up-beat positivity. Try to channel your emotional needs and passions positively; you need an active outlet for your feelings.

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Taurus Moon

The Moon represents our deepest needs, and with a Taurus moon, your needs and comfort zone reflect the characteristics of that sign. Emotionally you are a child of Venus and you need to feel secure. That means stability in your family, relationships and living situation, taking care of yourself physically and making sure you have enough cash in the bank. And of course, indulging yourself once in a while. With this moon sign, you may over eat or over spend if you’re feeling low. Conversely, when you’re content, you are generous and warm hearted to a fault.

While this seems laudable, remember the Moon is passive – and while you need stability, trust, creativity and calm at a deep emotional level, you may have to work hard at achieving emotional satisfaction as you have a habit of holding onto bad habits or emotional hang-ups, as you’re not at all flexible in your temperament. This is very important, for if you can’t satisfy your emotional needs you may feel as though your world is falling apart. More than anyone, you need to keep emotionally grounded and aware of your basic physical needs in order to let go of any attachments that are dragging you down.

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Gemini Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone. It’s where we go the switch off and relax – which is of course complete anathema to you if you have the Moon in Gemini. You need stimulation, mental stimulation, and lots of it. You need to be busy, have projects, hobbies, interests, days out and good company. You are not someone who can stand too much time on your own. Left to your own devices you can turn in on yourself. Your thoughts can become overwhelming and your naturally nervous disposition heightened.

So, Gemini, don’t worry about getting bogged down by emotional complexities. I know it’s fashionable for us to gaze at our navels, but for you? Overthinking is not good for Gemini’s as you engage with the mind more than anything else. Learn to keep your thoughts in perspective. This may make you seem shallow and emotionally disengaged to some but learn to accept the words of comfort others give to you Gemini – and don’t shy away from using your facility with language to comfort others too.

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Cancer Moon

The Moon reflects your deepest needs and with this sign your emotional needs are particularly strong as the Moon is exalted in its own sign. So you need Cancerian things in your life. They make you feel content, secure and cared for. So, for you, a comfortable home, your birth family, children of your own, a healthy bank balance and a sense of belonging are essential to your emotional wellbeing. Cooking, walking by the sea and sentimental keepsakes keep you on an even keel – regardless of your Sun or Rising Sign. You are emotionally sensitive and intuitive and may need to collect items of sentimental value for your emotional wellbeing.

You may, however, be prone to hoarding, refusing to let go of the boxes and piles of ‘treasures’, which to many people look like junk. To you they represent a lifetime’s memories and are too precious to part with. Learn to let go and develop a sense of inner security which will nurture you far more effectively. You are blessed with reserves of willpower and kindness so use them well – and don’t feel so sorry for yourself after emptying that closet. You may have a keen interest in your family history, or the history of the place your family came from. That’s a positive way to touch base with yourself, as it helps you to affirm your sense of belonging.

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Leo Moon

The Moon symbolises our deepest needs, all of those things we feel instinctively comfortable with – and with the Moon in Leo, you need Leonine people and things in your life – even if your Sun Sign gives you a completely different character. For you this presents you with a bit of a conundrum as you are a child of the Sun – you need to shine to feel good about yourself. this means that whatever you do, you prefer it to be done with flair, panache and a sense of humour.

You need to be noticed but you also have a strong sense of your own dignity – which is just as well as your ego may be easily damaged and it is all too easy for you to flare up in response to some slight – real or imagined – and cause a scene. Your emotions are nothing if not theatrical. However, once the scene is over your usual happy demeanour returns as soon as you leave the stage – your audience however may be left wondering, ‘What the heck just happened there?’

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Virgo Moon

The Moon represents out comfort zone – it’s where we go to chill out and relax. Except the Virgo Moon doesn’t really relax as you need to feel useful and productive. So for you, relaxation is literally hard work – for you hate to be underemployed and keeping busy for you is better than a holiday. When you do take holidays they are meticulously planned with a very full itinerary. Just don’t expect to enjoy the strange, exotic food and take some antacid with you.

You have an instinctive and deep need to understand everything around you. Your need to learn and absorb as much information as possible means you deconstruct everything that comes your way – words, objects, people. That can be a great talent but don’t let your knack for problematising everything turn in to a problem for you. Sometimes you need to see the woods – not just the trees.

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Libra Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – it’s where we go to chill out and be ourself – and for you there is nothing like a trip to the hairdresser or beauty salon to keep you feeling that all is well with your world. If that sound a bit sexist, let me tell you Libra guys are just as keen on keeping themselves looking good. That bijou salon where you go to keep your facial hair in good shape? So Libra. As is the gym – looking toned is probably higher up the scale of your objectives than merely keeping fit. And it’s such a good place to meet new friends…

You need those things in your life like you need oxygen and as an Air Sign you need loads of that too. Librans love long walks, cycling and fresh air – whether it’s the coast or the country it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the sense of emotional harmony that comes from literally being in your element. You won’t be going it alone, however, as you need people too. Sharing your pursuits with others is, for you, the greatest need of all.

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Scorpio Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – It’s where we go to chill out and relax. So recreational sex anybody? You may laugh at that question but you need intense Scorpio experiences in your life to be emotionally well. Actually, with this Moon you simply need emotional intensity. So, sex, relationships, food, your domestic situation, your relationship with your mother – all Lunar issues in your life are marked by an ‘all or nothing’, passionate, tempestuous or possessive attitude which to you seems completely okay.

To most of us it’s the antithesis of chilled – but it’s what you need. However, for most of you, this doesn’t mean your inner life is a soap opera. In fact, to the casual observer you present a front of glacial calm. However, you rearrange the furniture a lot – and hate it when other people do so. You have a fondness for anchovies – and cannot understand why other people don’t – and you and your mother/partner/whoever have a total love hate relationship you couldn’t do without. But I’ll say this – you love more deeply and passionately than most and will defend those you love to the hilt. And when times are tough? You step up to the plate.

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Sagittarius Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – it’s where we go to to relax or feel safe from harm. However, Sagittarius Moon’s idea of comfort, safety and relaxation would make most other signs hair stand on end. With this sign you have a deep need for Sagittarius themed things in your life and your comfort zone? it’s an adventure far away. At the more calm end of the scale, you will never be without a good book, preferably one that takes your mind to foreign shores or the outer galaxy or any subject that adds to your already formidable store of knowledge. You may even emigrate overseas to satisfy your need for the exotic at first hand.

However, you prefer to spend your down time outside – and as physically active as possible. Your day is rarely complete without sport of some kind – even if it’s only from the armchair – and you’re not averse to betting on the outcome of any particular match. Vacations also need to to be active – you’re a traveller not a holiday maker – and you need to experience the places you visit, preferably on horseback, camelback, elephant back or if you take to water, canoeing or kayaking often floats your boat. Without such activities you’re surprisingly easy to trigger or become low spirited so stay active please for everyone’s sake – especially your own.

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Capricorn Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone, but with Capricorn our perceptions of comfort become somewhat challenged. It’s not uncommon therefore to find those with a Capricorn Moon among the ranks of the workaholics as you seem to need to be working towards something – all of the time. The term ‘Corporate Hospitality’ seems to have been invented for Capricorn as it encapsulates that Saturn/Moon combination – hospitality and leisure attached to purpose. There is nothing more antithetical to a Capricorn Moon than wasting your efforts – or time.

Your Capricorn Moon gives you a deep need to conserve, build and achieve and this is true even if your Sun Sign gives you a completely different character. Don’t be surprised therefore if this Moon Sign – by house – gives you the urge to be working on a project or giving your time to worthy causes in what is supposed to be your ‘down time’. You don’t really do ‘unproductive’ so ensuring your time is well spent is what you do to relax and feel at one with yourself. Don’t feel bad about it.

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Aquarius Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone and the things that keep us content. It’s our emotional centre and there lies the rub if you have the Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius Moons are not that emotional and express their emotions in an intellectual way. This is completely normal for an Aquarius Moon – they hate emotional display and are far more comfortable with considered intellectual responses rather than an emotional outbursts. It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t feel things – they do. They just process it differently – and that’s fine by them.

So in your life you have a need for Aquarian things. Once the world has come to terms with your lack of emotional display, you can concentrate on acquiring tech gadgets, spending hours on line, indulging in singular but meaningful hobbies, and developing your interest in social issues – and your social life too. These are the things you gravitate to quite naturally. For you, Aquarius, having a social life is more than just party time. It usually involves you being part of a collection of like minded souls who perhaps find more connections with strangers who share their particular interests than they do with their own flesh and blood.

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Pisces Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone and with your Moon in Pisces, your comfort zone is filled with wind chimes, bells, paintings, waifs, strays, candles and whatever spiritual ephemera you feel instinctively drawn towards – whether its a colour (your aura) as symbol (a mandala) or a vast music collection that takes you to another place. Quite simply, your comfort zone is where you go to escape the world. You may do yoga at home and make your surroundings a shrine to your spiritual needs. Alternatively you may long to escape from all home and family represents – or decide to live by the sea.

However you express your Pisces Moon, you will, in your life, have a need for all things associated with Pisces. Either directly or through your relationships, you will drawn towards the esoteric and intangible. A lack of certainty doesn’t worry you nearly as much as it would worry other signs and your capacity for acceptance and going with the flow is simply how you habitually respond to the vagaries of life. For an emotional sign you tend not to hold onto your feelings but find it easy to accept and express them – often creatively. However, it’s fair to say that many of you seek emotional escape – and often that’s not so healthy for you at all.

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