Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, determines where and how you make contact with the world. How you communicate in all ways – speech, movement, transportation – even your choice of car and phone – will owe a great deal to the sign that rules your natal Mercury. Mercury by sign governs how you use and enjoy language, and influences the the books you read and enjoy – or not.

Mercury is the planet of curiosity and, by sign, it tells you a great deal about how you take in and process information, organise your thoughts – and organise yourself. You need Mercury to make decisions, to evaluate between one course of action or another, to understand those handy instruction booklets that come with flat packed furniture – and to process and understand everyday life itself. Without Mercury your life would be a lonely place because, hey, we all need someone to talk to.

In this section, check out your Mercury by its position in your natal chart by zodiac sign. This will give you insight into how Mercury performs in your chart – and how you find your natal Mercury will be most easily expressed.

Mercury: Keywords

Breathing, Breath, Clever, Connected, Contacts, Communicator, Communications Commercial, Comic, Comedian, Co-ordinated, Cunning, Dextrous, Eloquent, Expressive, Flexible, Gossip, Handy, Handicrafts, Ideas, Intellectual, Intuitive, Journalism, Knowledgeable, Know-all.

Logical, Messenger, Messages, Mental, Mental Capacity, Mental Health, Mobile, Mobile Phone, Nervousness, Nervous Energy, Nerves, Nervous System, Perceptive, Rational, Speech, Thought Processes, Thinking, Transport, Transportation, Witty, Writing, Writer, Young, Youthful.

Mercury in Aries

With Mercury in Aries, the way you communicate and process information is ‘Arian’ in style. You have a very direct way of speaking – and you’re unlikely to spare the feelings of your audience. You can seem verbally forceful and aggressive, however, it’s not always intentional and you don’t mean to offend. You have an extraordinary amount of almost child-like enthusiasm when you speak and often make the assumption that others feel the same as you. If you sense that’s not so, then you can become overly defensive and pointedly critical as a result. Mercury in this sign may have a sharp tongue but you’re also quick witted. Humour may be your best weapon.

You process information quickly and, though Aries isn’t considered an intellectual sign, you’re no mental slouch and are usually able to grasp things quickly. However, boredom is a key issue for you. Once you feel you’ve got all the information you need you’ll look for stimulation elsewhere. It’s vital for Aries Mercury children, in particular, to feel fully stimulated and engaged by their learning at all times. Disruptive behaviour – in both children and adults – can be the result of mentally switching off due to lack of creative stimulation. You need a lot of mental stimulation, excitement and action though mental ‘burn out’ could be an issue with this Mercury sign.

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Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in Taurus, the way you communicate and process information is Taurean in style – and with this placement you may communicate with more than just words. Taurus is a sensual sign and you’ll often convey information with your body, which gives you considerable stage presence. Taurus Mercury also gives you a down to earth approach to the facts – and strong opinions to match. A certain earthiness can often be expected, as can a considered approach to your verbal expression. You may have a preference for saying it like it is and you may be blunt, but you will often be charming with it. You have a good ear for music and may have a good singing voice.

Those with Mercury in Taurus are often accused of being ‘intellectual plodders’, however, that’s rather unfair. Regarding information, you like certainty and hate embellishment, often cutting straight to the chase. Many of you will have a good memory and excellent fact recall. Mercury in this sign is shrewd and a good decision maker. You’re also good at sticking to a task and seeing it through, as you don’t give up on things easily – if at all. Planning, working out the practicalities and assessing the likely outcomes are your core Taurus Mercury strengths – so make the most of them!

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Mercury in Gemini

With Mercury in Gemini, the way you communicate and process information is Geminian in style – and that can be exhausting for everyone – including you. Eternally curious, you have a huge need to know – which makes you good at learning quickly about a great many things – though a criticism would be you may lack some depth and can get a reputation as a ‘know it all’. It’s not that you’re insensitive at all – far from it – but you can sometimes find it hard to understand not everyone is as mentally quick as you. You are the archetypal bookworm, will read the label on a jar if there’s nothing else around – and the smartphone was invented with you in mind.

The Air Signs are mental in their approach to life – and Gemini is no exception. With Mercury Gemini you will tend to think rather than ‘do’, though you are actually likely to be dextrous as Mercury Gemini people often find it easy to work out how to put things together. You are one of the great communicators of the Zodiac. Disseminating information – whether it’s teaching, PR, or any arena where you make contact with people, discuss or write is perfect for you. Your natural duality also gives you the ability to be flexible with words and concepts – and sometimes that includes the truth.

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Mercury in Cancer

With Mercury in Cancer, the way you communicate and process information is Cancerian in style – and Cancer is regarded as a shy sign of the Zodiac. You consider your words carefully – often as a defensive mechanism. and you can often take things that are said to you very personally too. It can be too easy for you to feel subjective, slighted or sensitive where words are concerned. On a positive note, your natural empathy and intuition makes you a great listener and you can get a real ‘feel’ for where conversations are headed and can offer great insight into any issue being discussed – if you feel brave enough to say so.

With Mercury in Cancer people, it’s this ability to use your gut instincts that sets you apart from more rational souls. You are an empathetic communicator who seems to know exactly what to say. You are a natural in situations that require tact and understanding. Professions such as counselling, nursing, children’s therapy and the helping professions are a natural fit for you. However, Mercury in Cancer is also blessed with great imagination and ambition, so writing about history, historic buildings or communicating information in a way that people can really identify with could also be your talent.

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Mercury in Leo

With Mercury in Leo, the way you communicate and process information is Leonine in style and no-one will ever accuse you of understatement, as dramatic outbursts are your medium of choice. You choose your words for maximum impact and love an audience – though beware of playing to the gallery. Regardless of your natal sun sign, your communications will have a theatrical note – some of you may even be actors or involved in voice work or voice coaching. Your writing and speaking style is never subtle – and can be verbose – but you can be relied on for humour. You will certainly get the audience’s attention for sure.

Your mental approach to life is equally theatrical – and that’s not always helpful as you can perceive things as being much more dramatic than they are. However, you are capable of tremendous focus if something catches your attention and your enthusiasm can be both impressive and inspirational to others. One thing you need to be aware of is, however, a tendency to mental laziness. Mercury in Leo is an intellectual sign and you are unquestionably intellectually confident – just don’t expect everyone to take your word for it.

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Mercury in Virgo

With Mercury in Virgo, you are meticulous about how you present yourself. Whether spoken or written, Virgo Mercury’s expressions are economical and on point. This is unsurprising, as Mercury rules Virgo and Virgo is renowned for a refined and ordered approach to life. The classic bookish, intellectual sign, Mercury here can be the original bespectacled nerd. Don’t be put off by this however, as Mercury Virgo is often an expert – and will read and research to ensure that expertise is maintained. However, beware of becoming a Virgo Mercury ‘nit-picker’ as not everyone is as great with detail as you.

Virgo is also a practical sign and your mental approach is down to earth. Virgo Mercury is analytical and a great problem solver – it doesn’t take you too long to work things out – and though Virgo Mercury can be a worrier, that’s usually because you can have a tendency to look for problems if none are available. In common with Gemini Mercury, you need to be mentally active and are usually just as wedded to your laptop and mobile phone. Information is everything to you and the more you know the better you like it. Nothing makes you happier than arranging your mental library – or even your actual library. Every Mercury Virgo has one.

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Mercury in Libra

With Mercury in Libra, the way you communicate and process information is Libran in style. This means that where communication is concerned, you’re a natural diplomat. You have a way of diffusing conflict and enabling compromise as Mercury Libra likes to make connections between people and ideas and move things forward in a harmonious way. You may have an eloquence to your words that is both charming and persuasive and you’re great at seeing the big picture – and this can make you a very effective activist, writer, counsellor, coach or worker in the creative arts.

However, there is a downside to Mercury Libra. Your ability to see a situation from both sides can make you indecisive. Procrastination is never a good thing and in your case it’s caused by your need to weigh up a situation before you take action. It’s the flip side of your great gift of being able to see multiple courses of action in every situation and working out which one in best – and Libra Mercury always gravitates towards the best. If confronted with your indecision, you’re likely to be uncomfortable as you will go a long way to avoid conflict. Beware of that other Libra Mercury trait – telling people what they want to hear.

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Mercury in Scorpio

With Mercury in Scorpio, the way you communicate and process information is positively Plutonic. Let’s deal with the communications side first. I’ll be blunt. Not always easy for you is it? The most secretive sign of the zodiac, you communicate on a ‘need to know’ basis, as you see little point in giving people more information than you think is necessary – and sometimes, even that is way too much of an ask. You’re not being rude (not always), but sometimes you can be defensive if you think someone is getting too close to the truth. You’re also a little telepathic sometimes – and you simply can’t understand why other people aren’t that way too.

So Scorpio, how does all that subterfuge work when processing information. To be honest, it can get in the way on occasion. Not everyone has an ulterior motive when they’re asking you for information. However, like the other water signs you’re instinctive and this can make you shrewd when dealing with others as you can sense what is true – and what is not. This makes you a great detective – whether or not your pursue police work as a career, you will certainly find that gift useful in almost any line of business – especially those requiring trust in large measure.

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Mercury in Sagittarius

With Mercury on Sagittarius, the way you communicate and process information is Sagittarian in style. That’s to say you probably talk a lot. Mercury in Sagittarius is one of the more garrulous placements of Mercury and one of the most upbeat. Your speaking and communicative style is likely to be light, cheerful and enthusiastic. You’re also truthful to the point of being blunt. You’re also likely to be full of questions as you have a natural need to know and this also makes you a keen debater as you like to discuss and argue more than most. However, as one of the comedians of the Zodiac, you also tend to get away with it more than most.

You’re generally an open minded soul and receptive to learning and education. However, once you’ve absorbed knowledge you become very attached to your ideas and opinions as you believe they represent a universal truth that it’s your duty to impart to the wider world. This makes you a ideal candidate for professions such as law, politics, teaching, academic research, journalism and the media, public relations and any other profession needing you to be mentally agile, charming and persuasive.

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Mercury in Capricorn

With Mercury in Capricorn, the way you communicate and process information is downright Saturnian. Renowned as being pessimistic and taciturn, I’m afraid there is an element of truth in that. You are not prone to leaps of faith and prefer your communications to be evidence based. Realism is your preferred mode and it’s this that can make you appear downbeat, pouring cold water on someone else’s flights of fancy. However, your objectivity is often designed to make things happen in a sensible and controlled manner. You’re not about prevention – you’re about wanting things to be done well – and your mind naturally pushes you in that direction.

Your ability so see how things are best structured makes you purposeful, and often a high achiever, as you’re able to focus on your chosen subject and may become an expert in your field. Capricorn is renowned for abilities in the kinds of areas other people find dull. You will be the one running the business, the department or the local PTA and any profession where your methodical approach makes you a safe pair of hands. You may also have the air of gravitas that is useful in a position of authority. You certainly speak with authority and are mentally prepared for positions of responsibility if required.

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Mercury in Aquarius

With Mercury in Aquarius, the way you communicate and process information is Aquarian in style. You are a radical free thinker whose ideas seem ahead of your time. Or just plain crazy. What is certain is that your mindset can appear to be extreme. This may be because you are inventive and future oriented and often have your finger on the pulse. For more ordinary Aquarian Mercury subjects – and there are some – you will often be logical and scientific in your approach, easily able to understand abstract theories and scientific concepts. Your mentality is rather fixed, however, so you can literally become fixated on topics of interest to you.

Like the other air signs, you would be lost without communications technology. However, rather than just use technology, you tend to be more interested in invention and improvement. You will be the one who truly understands how the internet works and you’ll be happy in the tech world. Coding, developing new apps or organising social media marketing – anything that allows you the flexibilty to work in your own way. Devising new ways of doing things and overhauling outmoded structures lies at the heart of your thinking – but you can be strident and officious with those who are more attached to the status quo.

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Mercury in Pisces

With Mercury in Pisces, the way you communicate and process information is Piscean in style. Your mind is intuitive rather than logical and many of you with Pisces Mercury think in images or sounds rather than simply words or concepts. Your powers of reasoning can, therefore, seem illogical and circuitous to some – but they make perfect sense to you. You base your ideas and decisions on impressions and imagination rather than the fact. This can lead to difficulties in discerning truth from fiction as you tend to believe what feels true in your mind. You find inspiration from many sources – dreams, art, music – and you always dance to your own tune.

Your ability to take in information that’s under the radar means you often have the ability to sense the facts long before they’re known. You can therefore be surprisingly incisive and you’re likely to be a great listener as you appreciate the need for space and stillness in order to understand what is happening in the world. However, when it comes to your communications with others, you can be hard to pin down. Being evasive isn’t necessarily deliberate on your part but you can come across that way as you can find it difficult to give form to your own thoughts and more mundane activities. You can also feel vulnerable – and evasion is a great self defence.

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