Libra: Introduction

Libra the Scales. If you have a Libra Sun, Libra Moon or Rising Sign in Libra you’ll be used to having to balance many things in your life. Opinions, schedules, family and friends – all of them seem to demand time, effort and decisions from you. And that’s tough when Venus ruled Libra needs to see everything from both sides. If only other people could keep their lives in a state of equilibrium then your life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it Libra?

In this section, I’m going to give you the heads up on the Keywords associated with Libra and the things that often seem important in your life if you’re a Libra Sun, Moon or Ascendant (Rising Sign). If you’re in love with a Libra there are also things you need to know to keep your lives well balanced. Libra qualities can also be seen in people who have a strong Venus in their natal chart, for example, rising in the first house, in conjunction with the Sun or Moon or in the seventh house.

Libra: Key Qualities


Libra you are so often accused of being indecisive, but as an Air Sign you’re essentially expressive and have a need to rationalise the world around you. For you then Libra, it’s important to analyse and critically evaluate the information around you, in order to create a rational, ordered and harmonious whole. Libra is therefore a born mediator. You believe in talking things through in order to find a shared collaborative position – and you’re happiest when everyone comes around to your way of thinking. That, dear Libra, is the true spirit of compromise


Cardinal signs lead the way. They are found at the beginning of each season and Libra marks the beginning of Autumn, that misty, wistful time of year when we relish the last of the summer sun and enjoy nature’s bountiful harvest before the frost bites. Those born under Cardinal signs are initiators by nature and Libra is no exception. Libra’s communications skills and social skills make them great team leaders and just the person you need to front a project. Their sense of fairness makes them a good boss and a person others will turn to to get an informed and objective view on the issues that matter.


Masculine signs are active and Libra, though an intellectual masculine sign, is no less so, being self confident, forceful and persuasive but always reasonable in manner. However, such qualities are not exclusively ‘male’ in a traditionally gendered sense. Female Librans are generally quite as comfortable with expressing and asserting themselves as their male counterparts. All Librans are keen on being socially and physically active and have a need to balance work and play.

Libra: Ruler

It will come as no surprise that the sign of balance is ruled by Venus. Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra, and with Libra it’s the airy qualities of Venus that come to the fore. Libra is probably the most aesthetically aware sign of the zodiac with an in built appreciation of beauty, art, design and a great sense of style. Their sense of harmony also drives them to make the world a better place – and many Librans are involved with causes of social justice and peace, as they strive to bring a greater sense of fairness to the world. And of course, with Libra, they love to share their concerns with the one they love.

Libra: Keywords


Adaptable, Aesthetic, Artistic, Balanced, Charming, Communicative, Conciliatory, Congenial, Considerate, Cooperative, Diplomatic, Fair minded, Graceful, Harmonious, Intelligent, Peaceful, Polite, Reasonable, Refined, Sociable.


Critical, Frivolous, Impractical, Insincere, Judgemental, Procrastination, Self-absorbed, Superficial, Vacillation, Vanity.

Libra Sun

The Sun represents your core self and with the Sun in Libra, you really identify with Libra characteristics – even if your Rising Sign gives you a completely different personality type. So Libra, regardless of appearances, you’re one of life’s ‘people’ people with a natural flair of getting to know others, what makes them tick, and making them more effective together than they would be apart. For you Libra, the sum of the parts is never more than the value of the whole.

Did I say ‘regardless of appearances’ back there? In a figurative sense only as appearance is so important to Libra – how they look, their partner looks, their homes, kids and pets look – the fashion, beauty and design industries would be lost without Libra. Without Libra the world would be an ugly place – and I mean that in the broadest sense – we owe Libra thanks for intellectual, moral and societal balance – not just this season’s favourite colour.

Libra Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – it’s where we go to chill out and be ourself – and for you Libra Moon, there is nothing like a trip to the hairdresser or beauty salon to keep you feeling that all is well with your world. If that sound a bit sexist, let me tell you Libra guys are just as keen on keeping themselves looking good. That bijou salon where you go to keep your facial hair in good shape? So Libra. As is the gym – looking toned is probably higher up the scale of your objectives than merely keeping fit. And it’s such a good place to meet new friends…

You need those things in your life like you need oxygen and with an Air Sign Libra Moon, you need loads of that too. Librans love long walks, cycling and fresh air – whether it’s the coast or the country it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the sense of emotional harmony that comes from literally being in your element. You won’t be going it alone, however, as you need people too. Sharing your pursuits with others is, for you, the greatest need of all.

Libra Rising

With Libra as your Rising Sign you probably won the most beautiful baby contest by a mile. Seriously, either that or you were a wonderfully well dressed child as you probably threw a sulk if you weren’t allowed to express your own preferences style-wise. Indeed, passive aggression is something you may have perfected at an early age as tantrums were not for you. Outwardly polite – but you certainly will have learned the art of getting your own way.

So Libra Rising, The way you view and interact with the world is Libran in nature – even if your Sun Sign has blessed you with a completely different character. Libra things come easily to you and you express your Sun Sign’s qualities in a Libran manner – politely, intelligently, gracefully and with due deference to the need to interact cooperatively with others in this world. Your personality is congenial, your partner will be important to you and you will do everything you can to smooth over the differences between people and keep the peace. Those of you with Venus rising in the First House may share some traits with Libra Rising.

Libra In Love

Emotional satisfaction for Libra is invested in their partner as Libra is one of the signs for which co-dependency is a lifestyle choice. Libra needs to be part of a partnership – and finds it difficult to adjust to life on their own. For that reason Libra, you will often immerse yourself in a long term committed relationship and will prove to be the most loyal of partners. Your relationship means so much to you that you will support it through thick and thin – just beware of getting too much ‘thin’ however, as your gift for compromise could be pushed too far.

To get the best out of a partnership you need to value yourself as much as the person you love. So Libra, learn to take as well as give – you have the natural skills to persuade your lover that you’re acting in the best interests of both of you – and actually, you are. Reciprocity is the key to your relationship success and that can only come about with a little loving give and take from you both.

Libra: Things To Look Out For

Hair, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Cosmetics, Mirrors, Fashion, Magazines, Coffee Table Books, Home Decor, Visual Awareness, Arrangements, Sense of Place, Personal Style, Grooming, Grooms, Bride and Groom, Weddings, Wedding Planners, Planning Committees, Architecture, Urban Design, Spatial Awareness, Parks, Open Spaces, Team Sports, Playing by the rules, Referees, Counsellors, Judges.

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