December’s Full Moon in Gemini falls close to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and, unsurprisingly, it’s called the ‘Cold Moon’. It’s around this time of year that, for those of us in more northerly latitudes, winter starts to make its presence felt – if it hasn’t done so already. Outside my window the sky is grey and dark, as at this time of year the daylight struggles to make an impact. The light of the Full Moon will be welcome when it comes.

This month, the Full Moon occurs on an astrologically eventful day. Only a few hours later, Venus will turn retrograde in Capricorn, and it’s a powerful retrograde that is preceded by a Venus station that is conjunct Pluto in that sign. So, if Venus retrograde is giving us some with powerful, intense and dark themes during the festive season, what does the Full Moon in Gemini signify? It may be that it’s shining a light on something that does not want to be seen.

Full Moon in Gemini: What does it mean?

In astrology, a Full Moon represents’ culmination’, the climactic point of something that’s been going on for a while. It follows this month’s earlier solar eclipse in Sagittarius – a New Moon on steroids – that signified there was something of huge importance (or international importance) that we weren’t able to identify at that time. Things lurk in the shadows during a new Moon as there’s no light. However, when the Full Moon shines, whatever it is, it’s there for all to see.

So, let’s look at the things we associate with Gemini. Contacts. Communication. Things that are communicable – like words, rumours, events and even viruses. I have to say this, we may have underestimated the Omicron Covid variant at the time of the Solar Eclipse (when I say ‘we’ I don’t mean astrologers…) but we’re not underestimating it now. It’s spreading fast – and speed is something we associate with a Full Moon. Culmination happens fast because it has the air of inevitability about it. The momentum is only going one way.

Of course, It’s not just the virus (though Omicron fits the bill with the Gemini Full Moon). This Full Moon falls on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and this implies that there will be news and information that may appear to come out of nowhere – but it will have a big impact all the same. There is other stuff going on in the world apart from Omicron, though that seems to be the big message for sure. ‘Big message’ is a great phrase you could use to describe December’s Full Moon in Gemini.

Around the time of the eclipse we may receive a big message from the universe at a very personal level too – regardless of the ‘big messages’ we see in the news headlines – and that’s going to be true for those of us with major planets or points in aspect to the Full Moon – especially if they are situated in a late degree of the Cardinal signs. To get an idea of some of the major themes that may be an issue at the time of this Full Moon, let’s take a look at the chart.

Full Moon in Gemini: The Chart

December's Full Moon in Gemini: The Cold Moon 1
Full Moon in Gemini. Chart courtesy of

Even a quick glance at the Full Moon chart reveals a mixture of tension, surprises – and something big. The Sun-Moon opposition forms a t-square with Neptune in Pisces and there’s an ‘easy’ trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. I always hesitate to use the words ‘easy’ or ‘lucky’ when I’m writing about trines or Jupiter. They can be so – but ‘ease’ and ‘luck’ come in many forms, some of which feel anything but lucky at the time! Finally there’s that connection to retrograde Venus conjunct Pluto. A quincunx. So, not easy at all. The devil will be in the detail…

Full Moon in Gemini: The Aspects

I’m going to look at the aspects in order of ‘seniority’ i.e. the most obvious and challenging one first – though in truth I don’t think any of them will be easy – especially when they are taken together.

Full Moon in Gemini: The T-Square

Sometimes, the things that come to light when there’s a Full Moon are the things that we have avoided facing up to. The communicative nature of this Full Moon and its square aspect to Neptune, suggests such a moment is about to occur. Of course, that’s a principle that can affect those of us on the small stage as well as those of us on the big stage – and it can also manifest at both an inner and outer level.

Neptune is the classic signifier for avoiding the issue. As planets go, it’s the ‘go to’ for lies, dissembling, deception, illusion, disillusion and ‘rose-coloured spectacles’. In a square aspect with this Full Moon, there is the potential for this to be the moment when those spectacles slip off. If there has been something you have been ignoring or refusing to face up to, this is the moment when you really have to take the actions that you’ve been avoiding for too long.

Being confronted with news that you ‘kind of’ expected (but don’t want to hear) is a classic manifestation of this aspect pattern. Also, being forced to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ is another. Moments of realisation are often event-driven but, with this aspect pattern, the things that occur aren’t necessarily going to be a surprise to you. It’s the kind of aspect where claims of innocence are not going to be believed – whether you hear them from someone you know personally or whether you hear them on the TV news.

You may discover that you have been fooled over some issue or – if you’ve been doing the fooling – this may be the time that the truth catches up with you. Full Moons are often about relationships – and that holds true in both a personal and wider sense. Relationships often succeed or fail based on what we know – or what we are told – and attempts to deceive never end well. However, self-deception could also be a problem at this time. The same rules about things not ending well will usually apply.

So, whether its a private relationship between you and other people, or more public social or societal relationships, this is a period where people may find themselves taking sides on particular issues – such as vaccinations and covid related rules and laws – as these are things that not only affect our personal relationships but our social relationships, personal freedoms and so on. So, are you on the side of truth or do you want to ignore it because it’s inconvenient? That could be your call this weekend.

Full Moon in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Aquarius

The Full Moon also trines Jupiter in Aquarius. When the Moon trines Jupiter it’s easy to feel that all is well with the world. Generosity and happiness are easily expressed and you are usually in a good and benevolent mood. This is a great aspect to have at this time because it shows a philosophical mood – and that may be the best way to respond to the events of the Full Moon.

Sometimes, all we can do is go with the flow – something that we may have to do under this Full Moon given its Neptune connection. Whether you like it or not, it’s easier to do so if you do it with good grace. It’s worth noting that when Jupiter is in Aquarius it’s in a sociable sign. On the face of it, that sounds great and, at this time of year, it certainly seems a combination that picks up on the mood of ‘goodwill to all men’.

However, let’s continue to put this aspect into the wider context of the more urgent and pressing t-square. A trine will never force an issue – in fact, trines are usually associated with pre-existing conditions. Something else has to happen to change things, or make people sit up and take notice. And that thing is usually a demanding, tense t-square. The trine attached to this Full Moon in Gemini may, therefore, indicate (among other things) the feeling that everything is okay – until it isn’t.

For example, you may have some plans for a good time this Xmas but the uncertainty present in that Neptune t-square is forcing you to think about things you don’t want to have to consider – like altering your plans because of Omicron for example. That’s just one of a number of possibilities arising from those two aspects to the Full Moon, but it also points towards the other major celestial event going on at this time. Yes, it’s that Venus retrograde I’m talking about – and all things are connected by the final aspect you’re going to read about.

Full Moon in Gemini Quincunx that Venus-Pluto Conjunction…

The connection between the Full Moon and Venus retrograde is a quincunx (or inconjunct), the awkward 150˚ aspect that usually manages to change everything, often at the last minute so you have to make adjustments that may not be easy to make. Getting used to new, unforeseen circumstances is a quincunx speciality and that is something we may all have to prepare ourselves for over the festive period.

The question I have, is how unexpected are those ‘unexpected’ events? The answer, I suspect, is ‘not entirely’. I’m going to refer back to the posts I made earlier about the Venus conjunct Pluto station in Capricorn and Venus retrograde in that sign. When I look at the three events – the station, the retrograde motion and the Full Moon, they seem to indicate a process of culmination – and it goes something like this.

First, there is something inevitable about the Venus-Pluto conjunction. Whether it refers to pleasure, values, money or love, there will be something that encapsulates the nature of Venus that is going to be subject to events ‘beyond our control’ as the ‘dark forces’ of Pluto manifest in ways we would rather they did not. Again this is a process you may have already noticed in your personal life – or in the public domain.

Second, when Venus turns retrograde, those issues – whatever they are and however they manifest – will come under scrutiny. That’s what happens with planets in retrograde motion – we are being asked to think twice about something represented by the retrograde planet before we move life forward once more. That’s a process we will need to engage with for the duration of the retrograde period until the end of January 2022 – and beyond.

Finally, that quincunx shows there will need to be a period of adjustment to whatever changes are taking place – or have just occurred. Pluto is brutal so adjustments may have to be rapid and instinctive rather than the subject of any grand plan. Of course, I have to stress that ultimately making forced changes where Pluto is involved, is often beneficial in in the longer term. Of course, these are transiting aspects and a lunation – but they are they kinds of celestial events that can push you into new and better conditions if you allow them to do so.

So, the message of this month’s packed astrological calendar may be to listen wisely to what the Universe is telling you (Gemini), don’t let your judgement be clouded (Neptune), proceed with grace and good humour (Jupiter) and open your eyes to what is going on around you. It may not be for the faint hearted (Pluto) but sometimes you need to be a little bit brave in the face of adversity. And don’t be surprised by anything you see or hear! Happy Xmas!

© Sara Shipman 2021

Picture Credit:  Friedrich Frühling from Pixabay 

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