Scorpio: Introduction

Scorpio the Scorpion. If you have a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon or Rising Sign in Scorpio I suspect you’re tired of people assuming you’re some weird psychopathic hybrid of mass murderer meets sex maniac. I know. It doesn’t make you the kind of person to take home and meet the parents but actually? Most – if not all – Pluto ruled Scorpios are decent, honest and hardworking citizens. Most of the time. Just don’t ask them too many questions. You may not like their replies.

In this section I’m going to give you the lowdown on the keywords associated with Scorpio and the things you seem to attract into your life if you have the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Scorpio. If you’re in love with a Scorpio, there are also things you need to know. Scorpio qualities can also be seen in those who have an Eighth House emphasis in their Natal Chart – particularly the Sun or Moon in the Eighth House – or Pluto rising in the First House.

Scorpio: Key Qualities


Water signs are intuitive, sensitive and emotional. Not that you’d know it with you Scorpio – except the intuitive part. A Scorpio can tell you what you’re thinking about doing before you’ve even thought it – or done it. Uncanny and unnerving maybe – but that’s the way Scorpio is made. And Scorpio is sensitive – to undercurrents, motives and possibilities. Their sixth sense is finely tuned. Their emotions are deep, passionate and are rarely visible on the surface. And when they are? Take cover.


Fixed signs are exactly that. They do what it says on the tin. Stable, loyal and consistent, they build on the promise of each season – and Scorpio’s season is Autumn. During the time of the Scorpion we feel the seasonal change from the late October sun to the first frosts of winter. Temperature changes can be extreme with the days mild – even warm at first – but the nights are cold and as the season progresses, they can sense the approach of winter and the death of the year. The season provides the perfect analogy of the Scorpio temperament – intense, extreme, equally at home with feast or famine – and aware of the precarious, precious and fragile nature of life itself.


Scorpio is feminine – and that comes as a surprise to many. Feminine signs are usually considered to be more subtle in their approach to life and Scorpio is indeed subtle – but often Scorpio subtlety is used to disguise the realm in which they feel most at home – the realm of power in all it’s forms. Everything from naked manipulation to self mastery lies within the Scorpio domain – and if you have problems processing that as female? Think everyone from Lady Macbeth to Hillary Clinton. And male Scorpios? Add pants.

Scorpio: Ruler

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld. Now Pluto is a God who guards his realm well. You have to try extra hard to get into Hades – it’s not for the casual slacker. So, what is Pluto about? Despite the horror stories, Pluto is about transformation and recognising we all have the power to effect great change – changes that are necessary for us to live our best and most authentic lives. If we fail to do so we end up destroying the potentials we were born with. So, it’s not all about sex and death but something really much more fundamental.

Scorpio: Keywords


Charismatic, Deep, Determined, Driven, Empathetic, Intuitive, Magnetic, Masterful, Observant, Passionate, Powerful, Proud, Psychologically aware, Reformer, Sensitive, Sexually aware, Spiritual, Strong, Survivor, Transformation.


Compulsive, Cruel, Destructive, Extreme, Fixated, Jealous, Manipulative, Obsessive, Possessive, Resentful, Secretive, Self-destructive, Suspicious minded, Vengeful, Vindictive.

Scorpio Sun

The Sun represents your core self and with the Sun in Scorpio you really identify with your Scorpio traits – even if your Rising Sign gives you a completely different personality type. So Scorpio, what is the nature of your essential being? Tread softly – but carry a big stick. That mantra that should be engraved on every Scorpio heart was it really defines who you are. Always aware of your personal power, you tread purposefully through this world with your radar on red alert for those who would do you – and others -down.

You have an instinct for natural justice and fighting for the underdog – and you know power means everything which is why you spend your life seeking it or challenging those who abuse it. You know how easy it is to both inflict and suffer pain and yet you know deep down that suffering is also a catalyst for growth. It must have been a Scorpio who coined the phrase ‘No pain, no gain’, a phrase which gives insight into your mindset and your qualities of endurance.

Scorpio Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – It’s where we go to chill out and relax. So Scorpio Moon, recreational sex anybody? You may laugh at that question but you need intense Scorpio experiences in your life to be emotionally well. Actually, with this Moon you simply need emotional intensity. So, sex, relationships, food, your domestic situation, your relationship with your mother – all Lunar issues in your life are marked by an ‘all or nothing’, passionate, tempestuous or possessive attitude which to you seems completely okay.

To most of us it’s the antithesis of chilled – but it’s what you need. However, for most of you, this doesn’t mean your inner life is a soap opera. It simply means you rearrange the furniture a lot – and hate it when other people do so. You have a fondness for anchovies – and cannot understand why other people don’t – and you and your mother/partner/whoever have a total love hate relationship you couldn’t do without. But, Scorpio Moon, I’ll say this – you love more deeply and passionately than most and will defend those you love to the hilt. And when times are tough? You step up to the plate.

Scorpio Rising

With Scorpio as your Rising Sign your entry into the world may have been traumatic. Born during a storm, earthquake or life threatening circumstances? That’s you. Even if your entrance was rather less dramatic, you will have become aware of life’s undercurrents at an early age and adapted your personality to suit your circumstances. Let me say right now however, that Scorpio Rising is quite often, a master/mistress of disguise, as you like to use your outer personality to protect the soul beneath – and can be quite happy to manipulate your audience to do so.

So, Scorpio Rising, the way you view the world is Scorpio in nature – even if your Sun Sign is completely different. Scorpio things come easily to you and you express the qualities of your Sun Sign in a Scorpio manner – intensely, passionately yet often sensitively and empathetically. You are a force to be reckoned with a charismatic personality. However, your need for secrecy makes you adept at revealing only those parts of you you are comfortable at revealing, so people may find it difficult to get to know the ‘real’ you. This may or may not be a problem depending on your Sun Sign – but it is something you need to be aware of.

Scorpio In Love

Scorpios live and die for love. Not always literally of course – but you will often feel as though your life depends on your loved one and you would die without them. This utterly Scorpio intense reaction to love can be very unsettling for you – after all, it makes you feel very vulnerable and you hate and fear vulnerability more than anything. This can make you very defensive in relationships – you may find it easy to attract partners, but just as easy to repel them too.

So Scorpio, what’s the solution? Well, the power that lies within. Quite simply, you have to inner resources to confront your own fear of vulnerability and letting your prospective partner access your soul. After all, what can they do to you? You’re the powerful one after all. Do this and you will achieve contentment and intimacy – the ultimate goal of any Scorpio, long tired of game playing, emotional scenes, ultimatums and betrayal of trust. Scorpio in love, you need to trust yourself so you can trust others.

Scorpio: Things To Look Out For

Crime, Murder, Thrillers, Film Noir, Detectives, Policemen, Uniforms, Undertakers, Emergency Services, Surgeons, Psychologists, Counsellors, Self Help, Power, Politics, Big Business, Insurance, Protection, Contraception, Sexual Health, Taboo, Sex workers, Evangelism, Religious sects, Zealots, Control, OCD.

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